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2018 Gift Guide: 33 Top Picks for Your Mom, Wife, Sister & Beyond

It can be a lot of pressure shopping for the important women in your life (even more so for the ones that say “your love” is enough of a gift…what material object holds a candle to your feelings, after all?). Well, relax and let go of that stumped stress, because your mom/wife/sister/BFF just got way easier to shop for. We’ve curated over 90 gift ideas for “her” on our big Gift Guide landing page, but broke down all the reasons we love our top 33 picks right here. From self-care goodies for your favorite homebody to ethical and sustainability picks for the lovable hippie, we got you covered with pretty rad products every style-loving woman could want.

1. Candle Holder, $38: This super chic stoneware taper holder has been spotted in the pages of Domino, Architectural Digest, NYT and, now, here. It’s a great, affordable gift for the design-loving female in your life that has an eye for something a little different.

2. Black Pot, $150: Team EHD LOVES a good footed bowl, and one that’s a matte black marble definitely gets our vote for being wishlist-worthy.

3. Signet Ring, $69: Jess (our Senior Market Editor) bought herself this gold vermeil and white sapphire ring for her birthday recently and she loves it and raves about it. It’s available for every sign of the Zodiac.

4. Circle Belt Bag, $140: Two things that are really “in” right now? Circle bags and belt bags (don’t you dare call it a fanny pack). This checks both boxes for the fashion-forward woman.

5. Hoop Earrings, $64: A good hoop can make any woman feel like a boss, and this squared-off version (great for rounder faces) is a modern twist on a wardrobe staple.

6. Wool Cape Coat, $279: Green wool cape. Enough said. (You can also wear it as a traditional coat…options!)

7. Beauty Trio, $29: Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, this Indie Lee discovery kit is a great gift pick for anyone you know looking to dip their toes face into clean beauty (this set comes with a cleanser, toner and face oil).

8. Set of 3 Necklaces, $48: Make someone feel like they just got three gifts in one (that they can wear separately or all together for a very “now” effortlessly layered look).

9. Blush Backpack, $145: This dusty blush vegan leather backpack (which is streamlined and insanely chic, perfect for work or play) also comes in eight other colors. Oh, and if you’ve never purchased anything from Matt & Nat, be sure to check out all about their ethical and sustainability efforts here (the short of it is that all their products are free of animal products, the lining of their bags are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and their staff is encouraged to volunteer as much as possible).

10. Tortoise Sunglasses, $120: Another company with solid ethics, TOMS has a one-for-one policy, meaning with every purchase of a pair of glasses, they help to restore sight to a person in need. Is that the opposite of an eye for an eye?

11. Ring Dish, from $30: A woman can never have enough ring dishes. If you have a little more to spend, consider getting a few (for her nightstand, bathroom vanity and kitchen sink). She won’t even know how much better you just made her life (until she quickly realizes once she puts them to use).

12. Pour Over Set, $36: Coffee, but make it fashion. But more seriously, Fair + Simple works with Craft Link, a non-profit organization, who employs artisans to develop and market their products and earn a sustainable living.

13. Dining In by Allison Roman Cookbook, $30: Is there anything better than canceled plans so you can stay in and order takeout? Yup, and it’s staying in and cooking an awesome meal, taking photos of it to blast on your Insta Stories and feel really good about yourself. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

14. Wooden Tray, from $35: An EHD current favorite. Hurry to grab it before we all buy it and it sells out.

15. Rancher Hat, $78: This wool hat is perfect for anyone who travels often, as it’s totally packable (it just rolls up!).

16. Dotted Kerchief, $13: You may remember this handkerchief from many a fashion story this year (and probably last) and the dotted bandana is still going strong.

17. Black Oxford Shoes, $188: Nisolo shoes have crept into Emily’s Ultimate Gift Guide as well as Brady’s picks for men, so why wouldn’t they also appear in our “for her” gift guide? We’re big fans of the company’s ethics and practices, plus their product is so well made and lasts for ages.

18. Turquoise Terracotta Bowl, $38: A beautiful decorative bowl for a beautiful price.

19. Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, $24: Pair these with the Dining In cookbook to round out the perfect homebody gift bundle.

20. Black and White Striped Vase, $60: Black and white are perennially chic, as are footed vases, so it’s a win-win overall.

21. Abstract Quilt, $225: This quilt is so beautiful it could double as wall art. (A quick side note about the retailer In the Pursuit: Started by two design editors, it’s part digital magazine, part e-commerce experience where every item sold is handpicked and curated from brands and makers with a strong story to tell, check them out for more artisanal goods for sure.)

22. Blue Throw, from $139: Heavy enough for winter, light enough for summer, this yarn-dyed cotton coverlet is the type of piece that could easily eventually become a family heirloom.

23. Art Book, $75: It’s like art for your super cool coffee table.

24. City Guide Book, $12: Who doesn’t want to be the type of person who always has a recommendation for the “cool” spots in any given city? This is the type of gift someone might not realize is as cool as it is until they crack the spine and suddenly become everyone’s in-the-know concierge.

25. Blush Portfolio Case, $40: A super classy portfolio for the super classy boss babe in your life.

26. Striped Crossbody Bag, $138: Two ways to carry, but one big Thank You from giftee to gifter.

27. Beauty Sleep Mask, $50: For anyone who seriously values their beauty sleep. They say silk near your face while you sleep is ideal for preventing early aging, since its natural slip protects some of the most delicate skin on your body from the wilds of tossing and turning.

28. Set of 3 Travel Pouches, $36: Great for travel or everyday. Made of durable nylon, these are easily washable, fit into each other for easy storage, and come in three colorways/patterns.

29. Blue and White Scarf, $55: An easy-to-wear addition that’s neutral enough (in an EHD-approved blue and white pattern, of course) for any woman’s (or frankly, man’s) wardrobe.

30. Parfum, $80: Handmade in LA, this unisex scent is heady, sultry and just the right size for throwing into a bag and rolling on whilst on the go.

31. Belt Bag, $20: Perfect for carrying a pair of sunglasses, cash/credit cards and maybe even a lip balm or two without having to lug around a big tote (a big plus for any regular flea market patrons who need free hands and arms to grab for their dream vintage picks).

32. Set of 3 Canisters, $114: These aren’t just any canister set…a salved iron handle and reclaimed wood top make this trio worthy of prime kitchen real estate.

33. Pronged Bowl, from $68: Basically the coolest fruit bowl on the block.

For 60+ more options, head this way to see ALL our gift picks for her.


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