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15 Design-Forward Gift Ideas For Pets And Pet Lovers

This post is for two groups of people: those who love their pets (same here, hi!) and those who are totally stumped on what to get their pet-loving friend or family member (I can relate). Below, you’ll find a list of 15 fun ideas and tried-and-true recommendations for everything from hamster sofas (not a joke) to design-forward toy storage and heirloom-quality ceramic dishware for the furry companion in your life.

I can vouch for all the products listed here, but you can also grab similar pieces at your local pet store! I’m hoping to serve as a jumping off point – even our four-legged friends deserve a little holiday cheer, you know? Let’s start with a classic recommendation…

1. An Updated Pet Bed

Mattress-Quality Dog Bed | Warm Cat Bed | Classic Pendleton Bed | Vintage-Inspired Pet Bed

We’re long-time fans of the Tuft & Needle dog bed (seen here in this punchy makeover and here in Orlando’s gym!), but I’m enamored with this timeless Pendleton blanket bed! It’s such a classic motif – it’s the kind of bed that says “I know design, but I’m not snobby about it.” Speaking of design – if you’re looking for something really unique, you can’t go wrong with the selection at Funny Fuzzy. How good is this vintage-inspired floral bed? (That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their inventory, too. Can you imagine breaking out something like this gingerbread house-shaped dog tent? Incredible.) Finally, I have to recommend this splurge-y cat bed – I’ve been through a few cheaper options, but this is the only bed I’ve found that can REALLY hold its shape. Mine still looks like new after 2 years of constant use!

2. Stylish Toy Storage

Classic Customizable Bins | Seagrass Pet Storage

You know what makes cleanup a lot easier? A dedicated spot for all your pet’s toys. I love the utilitarian laundry-cart style of these customizable bins (available in different sizes and colors, FYI!), but I’m really charmed by the shape and texture of this seagrass bone-shaped basket. That being said, there are tons of affordable bins and baskets out there – find one you love, toss in a few toys, and you’ve created a slam dunk gift.

3. A Custom Necklace

Custom Pet Necklace

There are a lot of custom pet gift options out there – socks with your pet’s face on them, hand-drawn illustrations, sweet ornaments, etc. – but I love this necklace as a fresh and modern alternative! Personalize your necklace by choosing from 50 different ear styles and a variety of finishes and chain lengths. (The $22 price tag doesn’t hurt, either!)

4. A Modern & Easy-To-Schlep Carrier

Modern Cat Carrier | Rolling Pet Carrier

Know a frequent traveler? Upgrade their pet’s accommodations with a fresh and clean travel carrier. This thoughtfully-designed modern option easily slides onto suitcases and can fold open into a comfortable bed, while this rolling version is a LIFESAVER for heavier pets or for long-distance walking. (PS. My cat’s done 10 flights with me this year – I’m asking for the roller bag for Christmas. It’s a far smoother ride for her and WAY more comfortable for me.)

5. Keep-Forever Dishes And Bowls

Ceramic Pet Set | Bright Pet Set | Glazed Stoneware Bowls

Take it from experience: my boyfriend, Dennis, gifted me that ceramic pet set last year for Christmas and it was the perfect present (it comes in a ton of colors and 2 sizes, too!). I never would have spent that much on pet dishes – the simple ones I’d grabbed at the pet store had been fine – but I love interacting with them every day. The quality is unmatched! There are tons of great styles out there – why not grab a pair of bowls that remind you of your loved one?

6. Chic Pet Furniture

Spiced Mahogany Console | Litter Box Furniture

If you love your pet but aren’t too crazy about the aesthetics of their necessities, might I suggest investing in some specialty furniture? The mahogany console is specially made to hold aquariums, terrariums, or small pet habitats; your guests will never guess that a litter box was hiding inside that blonde Scandi-style cabinet.

7. Or Some Tiny Additions

Small Animal Couch | Fish & Reptile Tower | Swim-Thru Pottery

Speaking of aquariums and terrariums, you can’t go wrong with any of the pieces from Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s Petsmart collection. They’ve designed a curated assortment of accessories and decor for reptiles, fish, and other small pets. (You’ll have the chicest hamster home that the world’s ever seen!)

8. An Easy-to-Clean Litter Box

Litter Robot | Cove Litter Box

Is a litter box an inherently sexy gift? Absolutely not. But these are the exception: they make scooping litter so much easier! It’s like a gift and an act of service all in one. I’ve had the Cove litter box for about 3.5 years now – I don’t know what kind of magic they did to this lining, but it’s still so easy to clean and the construction prevents litter from getting everywhere. The litter box will never be my favorite chore, but it’s painless now! (But for the record, I’d happily swap to a Litter Robot…you know, in case any of my friends are feeling particularly generous this year. :))

9. Classic Collars And Leashes

Novelty Pet Collar | Marine Rope Leash

There’s something so refined and polished about the “woven collar + rope leash” combo, isn’t there? These are both incredibly sturdy (seriously – the leash is made from marine rope, which is durable and soft. If it can hold a boat, it can hold your neurotic dog, too!) and designed to last long-term. I’m a fan of this L.L. Bean collar and Foggy Dog leash because I can vouch for the quality of both, but there are tons of great options at local pet stores, too.

10. Some Special Toys

Dog & Cat Lick Mat | Foraging Tray | Barkbox Subscription

Stuffed toys are great, but I prefer gifting pieces that won’t be torn into shreds within seconds. I’m especially partial to these lick mats (they’re great for dogs AND cats, FYI!) and foraging trays, which keep your furry friend both entertained AND challenged. Beyond that, a Barkbox subscription is a gift that’ll keep on giving all year (and they have some AWESOME Holiday-themed boxes right now).

11. A Scratching Post (That Isn’t An Eyesore!)

Mountable Scratching Post

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: I love this scratching post. Sure, it’s inoffensive and sleek (a far cry from the scratching posts of yore!), but you can also mount it to a wall, which is totally genius. Leave it on the ground for cats who like to get in there and make biscuits; hang it up for cats who prefer a biiiiiiig stretch.

12. On-The-Go Essentials

Non-Scratch Back Seat Cover | Waste Bag Holder | Travel Water Bottle

These are my no-fail recommendations. No one will ever regret having an extra set of poo bags (pro tip: just keep one of these holders attached to every leash!), a travel water bottle (I like this one because any water that isn’t consumed goes back into the reservoir – it’s not wasteful AND it comes in sizes up to 44oz, which is perfect for hiking!), or an under-$40 seat protector that’ll keep the back seat clean and safe (and it makes it a bit more roomy and comfortable for dogs, too!).

13. A Festive Top

Cable Knit Dog Sweater | Matching Dog Pajamas

OH MY GOSH. That sweater! It comes in 32 different patterns (!!!) and runs from size XS through XL, so you’re guaranteed to find a fit that’s perfect for your pup. (I’m obsessed with the ski styles, which are hilarious and endearing.) On that note: how stinkin’ cute are these pajamas? You can grab the matching (human) PJs here – they’d be perfect for family photos or for Christmas Eve. (Kids, in particular, love these – can you imagine how much fun you would have had wearing matching PJs with your beloved childhood pet?)

14. Or An Adorable Accessory

Bow Tie Collar | Hanukkah Bandana

STICK A FORK IN ME BECAUSE I AM DONE. How dignified is this Frenchie?! (He means business.) How sweet are these bandana-donning sweetie pies?! (They’re ready to play when you are!) Here’s a fact: everyone loves a pet in a bowtie or a relaxed bandana – doubly so when those accessories have a festive spin. It’s a simple way to bring some instant cheer to a cold winter night, don’t you think?

15. Pet Stockings

Paw-Shaped Stockings

…because every member of the family deserves a stocking. This is a holiday tradition that I grew up with (paw-shaped stockings and all!) and it’s one I cherish. 🙂 My mom, Brenda, will pack a stocking for each pet – she’ll include toys, treats, catnip, a laser pointer, etc. – and she lets me, her 32 year old grown daughter, open them on Christmas morning and distribute the trappings to each pet in our home. We have a really small family – just the two of us! – so it’s nice to share the love, you know? Highly recommend.

This is where I leave you! Any other ideas? You know where to drop them… xx

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Kaitlin Green

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7 months ago

Oh man, these are so cuuute!!! Do you know the blueboys/Darren and Phillip? They make THE MOST adorable matching Christmas pyjama sets for the whole family as in for Parents, kids, babies and of course doggos (and possibly kitties?) of all sizes!! They also do regular collections of other matching owner/dog outfits that are very chic but the holiday jammies have my heart – plus their instagram is VERY CUTE!!

7 months ago

Such cute gift ideas for pets, I donate to a animal rescue in my dog name.

7 months ago
Reply to  Annie

Agreed, Annie.
Pet rescue organizations would love a charitable donation at any time! Money is preferred, but check out their Wish List too. Often they’ll post urgent needs for food, carriers, gear, blankets, etc. if you prefer to gift something specific. Supporting rescue organizations is a feel-good endeavor year round. 😉

7 months ago

Careful about the knit sweater sizing! They are super cute, but also appear to be super tiny. The XL is listed as a 13″ chest circumference. For reference, my medium-sized dog (50 lbs) has a 25″ chest circumference.