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15 DIY Projects That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Home Even Prettier (From Decor To Furniture)

It may be for the fact that I am on season 7 of Scrubs in a timeframe that might horrify you or that I’ve done the same puzzle TWICE within the past 8 months (I only have one so that’s on me), but I have been itching to DIY something. My eyes desperately need a break from the screen! But like a lot of people nearly exactly one year into quarantine, peeling my eyes away from that sweet sweet blue light requires a VERY good and engaging distraction. Sooo ya, getting “crafty” for the sake of filling time won’t really be enough to interest me and I have the 1/4 finished cross stitch to prove it. I want to create something that’s cool, beautiful, and that I want to display proudly in my home.

I figured that since I’m likely not the only one feeling this way that it was high time for a good, and dare I say chic, DIY roundup! We’ve done DIY posts before and obviously have featured countless genius projects from EHD alum and our contributors, but I realized I had saved a bunch on my phone from non EHD creators that I really wanted to share. I also tapped the rest of the team because 8 eyeballs scouring the internet are better than one, right?

So get ready to put those hands to work because I doubt you will leave this post without some inspiration to do something cool to liven up your space:)


$15 Large Scale Wall Art By Paper & Stitch

Affordable large scale art isn’t easy to come which I probably why our updated repost of this post last month did SO WELL. The people want big art and I am no different. Cue in Brittni Mehlhoff, a DIY genius. Her site is always one of the first places I go for a great (and great-looking) DIY. You obviously get it by looking at that somehow $15 (!) piece of art she made. Now what you can’t tell about it from those photos is that those blush shapes are sewn on! That means it’s not only beautiful but textured and multi-dimensional. Don’t worry, she has options for people that can’t sew:) Anyway, if one of your walls needs some lovin’, this is a great project that can be as big as you want to fix that asap.

Architectural Planters By Peony And Honey

This one came from Mallory via The Lone Fox Journal (but created by Erika of Peony and Honey) and now I just might be making some planters this month. Man, these are chic, affordable, and would elevate anyone’s home. Actually, they would also make really heartfelt gifts that you could safely drop off to your friends or family. Think how nice and cool you would look!

Staircase Runner Makeover By Rebecca And Genevieve

I mean. What. A. Transformation. The entire space is wonderful but I am focusing on those stairs. If you don’t follow Valeria Jacobs of Rebecca And Genevieve then go do that right now. She is currently renovating her home and it’s full of pattern, texture, and so many great ideas.

As for this stairwell, she doesn’t give a full step by step but if you are handy and look through this post and this reel, I have every bit of faith you will nail it!

Textured Table Lamp By This House 5000

Elena of This House 5000 is another must-follow. Why? Well her home is beautiful and her content is fun/inspiring. So when I stumbled upon this little DIY challenge she did with a few other influencers I was down for the ride.

What started out as a simple little lamp, turned into a completely custom and textured functional accent to add to her already awesome desk. So with some clay, raffia, paint, and baking soda you too could have the cutest lamp ever on your desk too. Here is her step-by-step reel.

Fabric Paper Mache Bowls By Paper & Stitch

Brittni is at it again with these sweet bowls. Want a splash of unexpected pattern? Have some fun fabric you don’t know what to do with? Y’all make some unique bowls! She has a full step-by-step tutorial (as does all of her projects) and if you do them right, after only one hour you will have a great little dish. HOT TIP: As shown in her examples, we think small-scale patterns are probably going to look best for a small dish.

Upgrade Any Vase By Simplicite Design

This great DIY is very much in the same vein as Elena’s lamp by Mansa Krishnamurthy. If you have a vase or planter, just add a pottery texture to it! Mansa, took a couple of pieces and simply mixed baking soda and paint to create a high-end looking finish. Her secret though is adding pepper for added texture. Go to her site for all the info.

Wall Treatments

The Non-Removable Removable Wallpaper By Studio DIY

RENTERS REJOICE! Caitlin get props for this one! I think ALL of us were SO excited about this wall-saving DIY from Kelly of Studio DIY. She basically shows us (and now you) how literally any wallpaper can be made “removable”. This is not to take away from the great companies that sell temporary wallpaper, but when you have your heart set on that one print that only comes in a permanent option it’s a bummer. Well, until now that is! Go to Kelly’s post for how she did and also to happily stare at her son’s closet makeover:)

O and here’s another way that Kelly credits in her post from Amal Iqbal that uses Elmer’s Glue!

Painted Wall Pattern by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Are you surprised this is a Sarah Sherman Samuel wall?? Probably not because it’s chic and effortless (well, effortless-looking… I am sure it took a decent amount of effort:)) I love how subtle it is as opposed to this version which is bolder (which I actually love too). It’s such an affordable way to really make a statement while highlighting something that is already on the wall.

Family Command Center By Anita Yokota

If you and your family have a tough time keeping your drop zone and schedules straight (isn’t that most everyone?) then take notes from Anita Yokota’s command center. It’s a pretty beautiful and straightforward way to keep your life and house in order. Head to her blog for how she made it look so great!


THE One Drink Table By Made By Carli

I know that the holidays are over but I am NOT OVER those one-drink nesting tables by Carli Alves of Made by Carli. They are both rustic and modern, adding just the right amount of warm texture to a space. I typically see these similarly shaped tables with a marble base like in Lea’s reveal from earlier this week which looks so pretty, but this all-wood version is pulling at my heartstrings. In Carli’s post, she shows you exactly what you’ll need and how to do it. This is another DIY that having some power tools and some general handiness is going to help.

Awkward Nook Turned Secret Door By Luke Arthur Wells

Ryann was the one to turn me onto Luke and WOAH, this transformation makes my brain explode in the best way possible. Luke took what was an awkward nook in his dining room and made the coolest looking secret storage closet probably ever. This is for sure labor-intensive (he show you how here) but if you also suffer from awkward nook syndrome then I hope this really inspires you!

Tablecloth “No Sew Headboard By Luke Arthur Wells

Luke again and it’s true… no sewing machine was used for this incredible DIY. Just two H&M Home tablecloths and a staple gun.

I love how he covered the entire frame and not just the headboard. It makes such a cool impact. Tablecloths are not just for tables.

The Cabinet Makeover By Made By Carli

I just. I just sometimes can’t handle some people’s creativity. Here Carli is again (for a Drew Barrymore Show design challenge) and KILLED IT with transforming that very plain dresser into the most cool and functional bar cabinet. She goes into the whole process in this post so you can do something similar if you are up for the DIY challenge. Also, the look of worry and anticipation for what paint color Drew sent her to incorporate is too comical lol. P.S. It’s the yellow hiding in the back of the bar:)

The Cutest Daybed Ever (?) By Panels Of My Home

Imelda is at it again (remember this play kitchen inspired by her personal dream kitchen we featured?). I still can’t believe she MADE THIS for her One Room Challenge. Handmade, this would cost thousands of dollars. But in true Imelda fashion, she was having none of that and did it herself. Check out her process here. She doesn’t go into too much detail but since anyone wanting to attempt this would need some experience anyway, I think there’s enough for you to get the idea!

Arched Headboard By Paper & Stitch

Did you think I would leave you with a DIY post in 2021 and NOT include an arched headboard?? I think we all fell hard for the one in Allprace’s Japandi reveal and now you can have it in your home if you want AND it only costs $150! Brittni of Paper & Stitch is of course the mastermind behind this stunner so you only know she has detailed instructions. I think this is so pretty and especially if you are an arch lover but either rent or don’t want put arches in your home’s architecture then this is your solution.

Inspired? Wired? Fired…Up? Rhyming isn’t my forte so I will leave you here to enjoy your Saturday and hope that you now take a good long break from your screen and maybe even DIY a little (that’s my plan:))

Love you, meant it.


Opening Image Credit: Design by Luke Arthur Wells

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3 years ago

Wow, that upholstered bed frame has me thinking about whether I should deface my wood bed frame with padding and staples so I can upholster it. That makes my heart do little flip flops.

3 years ago

These are so so good! In that upholstered bed picture, there seems to be paneling behind it—but when I click through on your link, it isn’t there. Do you happen to know if there is a tutorial for that too? It is so inspiring!

3 years ago
Reply to  Christina

I think he has a link here:

3 years ago

I wouldn’t mind more posts like this in the future. So many ideas! It’s fantastic.

3 years ago

I adore both the ideas and the exposure to crafty folks.

3 years ago

Love this – so many talented people!
Can you provide a link to the first item, “$15 LARGE SCALE WALL ART BY PAPER & STITCH” When I click on that text, it takes me to an old (now updated) EHD post about large scale art. I

3 years ago

These projects remind me of the good old days of design blogging, and I’m so delighted by all of them. Especially the architectural planters. I will probably not attempt any of these projects in the foreseeable, but I feel kind of energized just thinking about them.

3 years ago

Love this post!

3 years ago

I did an upholstered banquette a few years ago based on that bed tutorial from Brady and it has made me happy every day since. Thanks for the great new ideas!

3 years ago

I just would like to say please proofread your copy. It seems nowadays people just accept incorrect grammar, spelling etc.

3 years ago
Reply to  Robin

Ooooh…I’m tempted to mention (in friendly jest) that your own comment is missing a comma after the word ‘spelling’! 😉

3 years ago

I definitely have the DIY itch these days – probably because I spend all day staring at my apartment! These are great ideas

3 years ago

There’s something very inspiring about DIY creativity, and for that I appreciate this post.

3 years ago

love DIYs, always, but also appreciate the range offered here — something for everyone from beginners to experts!

Rebecca Payne
3 years ago

Great Ideas! Thank you for sharing.

3 years ago

Hi Jess-Eve here (the one who emailed you about the apt for my nephew!) Again, you were/are so nice lady! I am def gonna try 1-2 of these-thanks for the post!!! Off topic, I love Scrubs too, and if you like podcasts, Zach Braff and Donald Faison have the best one about Scrubs-“Fake Doctors, Real Friends.” I seriously look forward to the silliness twice a week. And yes, I have that quarantine thing where they are now my best friends. lol Check it out if you like!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

Re: watching it-Lol me too!!!

3 years ago

Very Inspiring creativity. Thanks for the great new ideas.

3 years ago

Wow! Love this post. So many great, do-able ideas – thanks for the inspiration.

3 years ago

Thank you for a fabulous post! Just what I need to shake off these covid winter doldrums!