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Emily Bowser

Design Contributor

Emily Bowser

Oldest child, only girl, Emily (Bowser) comes from a huge Catholic family in Maryland (both sides). She literally doesn’t know the number of cousins she has. Let’s just say that if you’re from the Tri-State Area, you are probably related to her. She was one of the only ones to venture west, moving to LA 10 years ago after marrying her highschool boyfriend (19-not totally consecutive-years together). She grew up a dog person but now is FIRMLY a cat person. She hates horror films and her husband makes them. She’s a jack of all trades, master of…some?

What Makes Me Tick

  • Sign/Enneagram/Myer-Briggs/Hogwarts House:

    Capricorn / 9 (The Peacemaker) / INTJ / Slytherin

  • Design Aesthetic in 5 words:

     Livable. Organized. Grounded. Quirky. Vintage.

  • Favorite EHD Room Of All Time:

    This is impossible, though Brady’s living room made me want his job, the Parisian hotel with Sothebys is the thing dreams are made of. OH ALSO Jess’ living room reveal. All the heart eye emojis.

  • Favorite Instagram Follow:

     I mean, every cat instagram I follow? @smoothiethecat is literal perfection. @rickeythompson is the only way to start your day.

  • Title of Memoir:

    Everyone Needs to Calm Down (It’s Going to be Fine!), and Hold a Cat: A memoir”

  • Silliest Secret Single Behavior:

    Not sure, I am kinda a secret gamer? I don’t have a lot of time for it anymore but I love my Nintendo Switch.

  • Most Likely To...

    become a “cat lady.”

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Home Decor:

    Long Beach Flea Market

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Fashion:

    Also Long beach Flea Market, haha. Recently really into Alter in Silver Lake, as well.

  • Dining Room Rug:


  • Reversing Book Spines:

    Yay. Why not? DO WHAT YOU WANT 

  • Wallpaper or Paint?


  • Maximalism:


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