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Latest DIY

DIY ‘Book’ Bookends

This DIY is on the ‘small project’ side and definitely dings high on the ‘cute-ometer’ scale. But these BOOK-ends are an easy/fun DIY with stuff that you probably already have. There are a million bookends out there, some insanely expensive, but if you are looking for a good (and cheap) craft to do, check out… Read More …

Store Tour

Inheritance Vintage

Inheritance has long been one of my favorites for beautiful, fun, and weird curiosities. It is stacked to the brim (literally) with anything and everything that you have ever needed in your life. Mike, the owner has been kind enough to let us take a peek into his perfectly styled place. Although to really appreciate the beauty of all his finds you’ll have to pay him a visit.

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Orcondo Update

Things have been getting MEGA exciting over at Orcondo. For a while, this renovation of the condo I’m moving into with my boyfriend was super boring. Basically, for months and months there weren’t walls and every time I went to check in on things it would basically look the same. It’s not that my contractor wasn’t working like crazy, but the mid-construction part of renovation is SOOOOOO dull.

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Urbanic Store Tour

The world used to be peppered with brick and mortar stationery stores. I’ve read about them in history books. They sold things such as paper, pencils, lollipops, and stamps. But the internet was invented and changed everything, what with its rampant online options and easy emailing. Slowly many-a stationery store shuttered their adorable doors, burned their left over greeting cards for heat, and left so many pen pals without any pencils with which to write their letters.

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Design Mistakes

Bad Wood Finishes

Sometimes I feel like I write about these design mistakes as if they were Public Service Announcements; saving lives, preventing deaths … getting kids off drugs. But listen up America, don’t text and drive, stop shaking your baby, buckle your safety belt and never, ever buy really shiny fake toned wood furniture (or cabinetry). If… Read More …

A Sneak Peek

The Flea – New Pieces

For all of you that have yet to check out our new shoppable section of the website, which I have aptly titled ‘the flea’ it is time to head on over and check it out. It is filled with some of my most favorite finds. I wanted this area to be a place where you could shop for some of my favorite items, props, and curiosities that I have been using in shoots for years. Basically it is filled with cool shit!

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Family LIfe

Traveling With A Toddler

Traveling with a toddler can be a harrowing experience. It’s like the day before taxes are due, and you can’t find one receipt or W-9. Its extremely stressful, you feel totally helpless, stupid, embarrassed, full of regret, and out of control. You are scrambling for hours and blaming each other for everything that is missing,… Read More …

Sneak Peek

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is almost finished, with just a few small things outstanding (see the ‘before’ here). The construction stopped a few weeks ago so we’ve been able to use most of it, but technically we can’t call it done quite yet. Regardless, I figured that an update was in order. Our contractor was a… Read More …