Emily Henderson

Sofa Styling

One Sofa, Four Ways

As a stylist your job is to give objects and spaces a personality – to create a context that highlights the piece and makes it, well, more interesting and beautiful. We’ve done this ‘1-object-4-ways’ before (One Bed Four Ways, One Bookshelf Four Ways, One Dresser Four Ways, One Credenza Four Ways) and for the book… Read More …

Want Some Baskets?


In celebration of me, my baby and my new book Bri decided to throw a festival – The DesignLoveFestival!!  JK. Here’s the deal – Bri, lover of plants and parties, decided to throw a festival that is essentially a ‘shoppable jungle’ next saturday.  She’s offering plants, succulents, ceramics, furniture, prints and florals. You often have to… Read More …

Baby Shower #2

Our Baby Sprinkle

You’d think for your second baby there is less excitement but I’ve actually found that there is more. Its because (and i’m sorry I’m a broken record) with your second you know the extreme happiness you really get from a child and you want more of it. With the first I remember thinking this better… Read More …

The New Guest Bedroom Bed

With the baby quickly on the way, things are changing around the house. It’s insanity, actually. New baby, means new (additional) nursery, which means no guest room but Brian’s parents are coming for 6 weeks so that’s not really an option if we can help it. We decided to convert our old studio space which was downstairs and not being used into a new guest suite. Things are almost finished, thank goodness. In a perfect world I would reuse some pieces from the old guest room but stylistically I wanted things to change a lot. My new plan included a dark linen bed (click through to see what we did to ours to make it work)

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