Emily Henderson

Doctor on Demand

Traveling with kids

Parenting breeds vulnerability. The more you love, the more you have to lose. So, as a parent of two small amazing children, trust me when I say that I feel vulnerable. Traveling as a family for a month means that you are without a few things: 1. Your bed (or crib), 2. Your daily routine, and 3. Your ‘people’, meaning your doctors, babysitters, friends – your support group. You may also be without your sanity or sleep, OBVIOUSLY. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t travel, it keeps us young, interesting, cultured and most importantly socially and emotionally flexible.

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Style Diagnostic

Gift Guide: Contemporary & Minimalist

Welcome to round 3 of our Gift Guides inspired by Styled, a home interior design book you may or may not have heard of. Today we bring you a mash up of the Contemporary and Minimal design worlds. Don’t worry — while it may seem ironic that we’ve combined the two most stripped-down, clutter-free categories to make one (kind of) giant gift guide, you should also know that Contemporary Minimalists happen to love irony, so it’s ok.

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Style Diagnostic: Rustic

Gift Guide: Rustic

It’s time for our second installment of gift guides for all style sensibilities. Each category of gift guides has been chosen from the super scientific Style Diagnostic test results in the coveted STYLED book (available in stores and online now, just in time for the holidays). Based on a number of highly accurate algorithms, we’ve found a way to categorize (pretty much) all humans into 12 style categories. Today we attempt to analyze our rustic friends with a nice little roundup of items that any cozy-loving, wood-chopping, hearth-stoking romantic would swoon over.

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