Cup of Jo Makeover | The Master Bedroom

By now you’ve most likely seen Joanna’s (Cup of Jo’sLiving/Dining room and Nursery and today we are finishing it off with the master bedroom. One of the things I love about this makeover is the fact that as renters they really didn’t spend money on anything that they can’t take with them when they move next. We didn’t paint, wallpaper, mount TV’s do any built-ins, etc. Not that anything is wrong with that at all and for those of you in New York (or San Fran/London/Tokyo) who may rent for years then go ahead and make those modifications because if they make you happy then you should do it (pretty much my mantra in all of life). But this goes to show that you don’t have to do major things to your space to make it feel like a home. With bright white walls and a lot of light, we really just had to add personality and color through furniture and accessories.

So here was their master bedroom when they moved in:

Cup of Jo Master Bed
Obviously was just a blank box, but they had a lot of great things to work from (see their former bedroom by Jenny Komenda). When we decided to do this partnership it was really just the living/dining room. But since I was going all the way to New York and I know the stores there so well I figured that we may as well style the master bedroom and nursery to make it more worth our while and have more fun. Mainly it’s because I’m addicted to shopping and styling so why stop at just one room when I could do 3?

We didn’t spend too much time or money, but just made some simple changes that would make it feel pulled together in the new space.

And here she is:
Cup of Jo Bedroom

Jenny (Little Green Notebook) had made Joanna this headboard which is totally impressive. You can see the whole tutorial here. I could seriously never do this – I’m way more of a ‘shop for months until you find a vintage one to recover’ kinda girl, but Jenny turns random things from every day stores into gold.  Joanna, Alex and I all still loved it so there was no need to replace it. The night stands were cute, too. But we did add those awesome reading sconces, art, bedding and accessories.

Cup of Jo Bedroom

Joanna wanted it to feel again bright, clean and airy. It’s a small bedroom and she wanted to be able to work in there as well, so everything was kept pretty minimal and simple – instead of doing a gallery wall we did one big piece (from Sharon Montrose). Instead of adding a ton of pattern on the bed we kept with her awesome Scandinavian pillow (which Jenny made and I really want) and added one more pattern with the Dwell Studio pillows and some pretty linen nude euros. My goodness how I love writing ‘Nude Euros’.

The bedding works together because they share the same color palette, the patterns are different enough that you can really see them (watch this video for how to mix patterns) and the colors and patterns echo each other making it look quite intentional without being too matchy.

Cup of Jo Bedroom

The sconces allowed for more space on the night stands (and these aren’t hard-wired sconces so they were super easy to install and remove when they move). If we had done lamps that would have been great, but then where would they put their collection of water glasses and books? As someone who hoards water glasses at night – 4 -5 at least, I need a big surface area to house said collection, so I could relate.

These sconces however are just really good directional light. You still need some fabric shade/softer light in the room for ambience. These are great for reading but less so for just night-time hanging out. I’ve learned this the hard way – I LOVE me some metal shade lamps, but you must have soft fabric shades in order tot get that soft light that we all want to be around especially when its dark at 6pm. The metal shades spot light things but don’t really light up a whole room. So you have to mix, friends.

Cup of Jo Bedroom

On the other side of the room we took the desk that she already had (that we love) and paired it with our extra dining chair which made it feel more updated and modern. We needed a chair that can scoot in under the desk all the way, so armless was the way to go – plus we needed a place to store than 4th chair from the dining room.
Cup of Jo Bedroom

On the desk with styled it out with some pretty garden roses, a pretty tray from Katy Skelton (you know how i love trays) and a gorgeous lamp from Serena and Lily.
Cup of Jo bedroom

Cup of Jo Bedroom

Alright folks. So, if you like this and want to get this look I’ve gone ahead and pretty much the designed the room for you (same with the living/dining and nursery). I created a whole board on Keep with all the products. So Keep is basically a place to collect your favorite things to actually buy. Its much like Pinterest, except Pinterest is for inspiration and pretty shots of rooms, but it’s not for things for purchase necessarily. Keep makes it really easy for you to collect everything you want to buy (I’m doing it for al my gift guides and Christmas/holiday shopping, too) and they link directly to the site that you buy it from. For Joanna’s project I put almost everything on Keep so you can just click HERE to see all of the items in her home in one place.

And yes you can use it for etsy, ebay and one of a kind things (although like Pinterest, people follow you so if its one of a kind and a total steal then I suggest simply purchasing it before someone else does.). One of the best things about it is who you follow. I’m good at home stuff, I truly am, but I’m always behind on fashion and I find that Pinterest shows so many awesome outfits and Sartorialist style pics, but I need product recommendations that I can actually purchase and wear. So if you follow the right people you can actually buy what they recommend immediately. And I have and do and its a problem. It’s like a shopping IV straight to my vein; really streamlining my addiction.

Back to the bedroom. Here are all the resources (or ones that are similar) to what we used in Joannas bedroom:

Cup of Jo Master Bed

Resources: 1 Buffalo print | 2 Desk chair | 3 Pantone mug | 4 Vases | 5 Crab letter opener | 6 Headboard | 7 Long floral pillow | 8 Sconces | 9 Floral bedding  | 10 White bedding 11 White vase

Cup of Jo Master Bed Resources: 12 Brass circle lamp | 13 Acrylic tray | 14 Desk | 15 Pillow | 16 Brass deer | 17 Rug

So that’s the end of Joanna’s makeover. The whole entire thing was so rewarding because all of these factors were there: awesome family that was soooo great to work with, great taste and style, decent budget, well -lit apartment, open to ideas, and most importantly adorable babies for me to hold, squeeze, and pretend are mine.

emily and anton

This is pretty much all I did all week while people were doing this:

bed styling

I’m just kidding. I was helping (thank you again Sam, Will and Alex!!!), and by helping I mean watching Anton smile:

photo 4

I mean….that smirk, that face, those cheeks!!!!!!! …. THREE more weeks, folks and I get that. Well, not him specifically – hopefully a version of him that is younger, and looks like Brian Henderson but maybe with some curly blonde hair but just as cute. Is it inappropriate to pray that ones’ child has a blonde curly mess on top of their head? I’ll love him no matter what but love him more if he’s blonde.

I’M KIDDING. Besides, you can always dye their hair, right? A little bit of bleach on ones head never hurt nobody. (don’t make me say i’m kidding, again … but just in case the sarcasm isn’t translating … I’m kidding).

So what did you think of the Cup of Jo makeover? Any questions unanswered? Any resources unlinked? Any general burning desires you want to tell me about?

All photos taken by the very talented Ryan Liebe with so much help from Samantha Gluck. Sam you were amazing and everyone should hire you.  Also thanks to Alexandra Keating and Will Saks who helped us out in New York and had such great energy, opinions and work ethic. I sooo appreciate you guys. xx

This post was in partnership with but all words and designs were mine. 

  1. victoria

    love the makeover but i really have no idea how you could have gotten anything done with that sweet baby around, OMG, so cute!! and yes, you can definitely hopethat your baby has lots of blonde curls, its a running joke that i married my husband to get red-headded babies and that if our sweet girl (also expected in 3 wks) doesnt have red hair, the hubs is expected to go out and buy some hair dye! :)

    • HA! Yes. Also tanning cream. I will not give my kid the same pain of pale kid that i had growing up. HUGE congrats on the baby!!!! I hope you are feeling super healthy, happy and ready…..can one be ready?? xx

  2. Excellent job Emily. I love this whole house makeover. It’s bright, airy and stylish. Love the fact that you have personalized it to Jo’s taste. I did notice a lot of pieces you have used are expensive, does what you recommend depend on different people’s budget or you work with a certain minimum budget? While i loved every bit of this makeover, I do feel like getting sponsors from DWR made it a bit impractical. But then this whole series is a great source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity with us :)

    • kaela d.

      Really beautiful work! You matched her style perfectly. :) I, too, am wondering how you work with your clients in terms of budget/price points. I love your work and always draw inspiration from it but then I get bummed out that individual items are thousands of dollars hahaha…..I guess I need to start playing the lottery in order to win it, right?!

    • Me three! I am always so excited to see such beautiful makeovers (and this was truly one of my all time favourites) but am then disappointed to see that it was sponsored by some company or that the owners appear to have an unlimited budget. If I had someone paying for everything (do they??) then I could have a designer fly across the country to do it and buy lots of unique individual pieces for thousands as well. Sigh. I appreciate the inspiration part of it, I really do, but it does get a little discouraging.

      • I totally get it. I try to do a mix of budgets. This family was ready for permanent grown up furniture and was ready to pay for that. It wasn’t a high budget and we mixed in some really inexpensive things as well, but for the major pieces they were ready to invest. Maybe i could do a ‘get the look for less’ post about it. Thanks for commenting, regardless:) xx

        • Anna

          I am a sucker for ‘get the look for less’! I would love to invest in grown-up furniture, but I am in a “fake it till you make it” phase of life…

  3. Victoria

    Such great rooms. Your work is fabulous. The larger pieces you use in a room have always popped out. Then I started to covet the smaller details wondering how does Emily find this stuff. Does she scourer places on line for items in addition to shopping retail shops and resale places? Does she pick clients that have some of these insane items already? Case in point….the horse shell crab opener…I love that! And I love getting the sources too so I know immediately if something is budgetable (that’s my own word all you English majors please deal).

    • kaela d.

      I have an English degree and I make up more words than the average person. Ain’t no thang. ;)

  4. Stephanie

    What size is the buffalo print? I love it.

  5. SLG

    OK, I am so curious. In a few of the styling “action shots” you’ve put on your blog, somebody’s holding a vacuum. What is the vacuum for? Are they fluffing up comforters, or just vacuuming the floor, or something else I haven’t thought of?

    • Julie

      SLG- It looks like they’re using a fabric steamer to steam the linens on the bed. I worked in a retail store that sold bedding and most mornings the linens would get “refreshed” with the steamer.

    • kaela d.

      I think they’re just using a hand held steamer and steaming the fabric. :)

      • SLG

        Oh right! Silly me.

        • Yep. Its a steamer although, if I wouldn’t put it past myself to vaccuum the bed instead of washing the sheets :)

  6. Love how everything turned out and thank you especially for mentioning Keep- I regularly shop from my Pinterest boards and never found it inconvenient, but I’m looking forward to checking out Keep.

  7. Sarah

    Oh, I love it.

    I have a ONe Forty One sconce question.
    The ones you used here are less expensive than the ones you used in the guest room/office of Lorey’s. I was about to order the Lorey’s version. Do you think they are interchangeable and I could get away with the version pictured above?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Yep! I love them all, but if you like these are they are less – get ‘em.

      • Sarah

        Yay! You wrote back. I really appreciate that!
        Thank you Emily!

  8. Emily

    What size Buffalo print did you get? I’ve been meaning to pick that print up, as Buffalo’s are our thang. Did you buy it already framed?

  9. Andrea Urbass

    The Buffalo is very nice! And don’t worry about the blonde hair – all 3 of my kids had dark hair when they were born and are all now blonde! :)

  10. Emmie

    SO GOOD. Love the sconces and the lamp. And I am dying over that desk! Thanks to you and some other bloggers I am now obsessed with campaign furniture. In fact, I just bought a pair of nightstands off Craigslist last night!

  11. JO

    you’re a genius. the end.

  12. Stacey

    Thanks for the eye candy! It has been like Christmas around here the last few days. I love this entire apartment and want to move in immediately! I can’t believe you can get all this done so close to your due date! You are amaze-balls!

    • AH, thank you. :) Yesterday was my last day of manual labor and now its just to moving … and paperwork .. and designing my own house … xxx

  13. Alexis

    I hate reading your blog because everything you do makes me want to throw all my own stuff out the window and start again! But the thing is, you post awesomeness multiple times each week which would just leave me living constantly in flux. But really I can’t take it!

  14. Alyson

    Your decorating style is my absolute favorite. And I’m so glad I saw this entry in particular because I saw that buffalo print months ago, have been coveting it ever since, but never knew who the artist was. It’s my plan to have that be my first real big art piece when my hubs finally is done with residency next year. Thank you!!!

  15. wow… your decorating style is so awesome. i love the mix of fabrics, textures and modern/kitchy/retro pieces to make every room feel so fresh and unique. it is awesome to see you transform 3 separate spaces but bring cohesion to the house. now you just need to come to denver and do the same thing for my 1922 brick bungalow!

    – jaime

  16. Eliza

    Emily, you make my heart swell and burst with joy!

  17. Niki


    Has Jo’s gorgeous little guy been assessed by a doc or physio for plagiocephaly? I ask out of tremendous respect for her and her lovely family.

  18. Holly

    I love how you always come up with the perfect mix of colors and patterns. The colors of the pillows with each other and the headboard look so great, but I would never have come up with that. How do you do it? Do you have little fabric color swatches that you put together to test? Do you buy tons of pillows and test the combos and then return what doesn’t work? Do you “just know”? I’m so curious:) as always, looks so great Emily!

  19. Heidi

    I could just eat this up I love it so!

  20. Kathleen

    Great makeover!

    Thanks for sharing the link to mixing patterns. I love the way you identify the basic concepts, which makes it SEEM so simple. Your a genius!

  21. amyks

    Love this room, especially the buffalo art, it is awesome and very unexpected.
    And on a side note related to baby hair color. My eldest daughter was born with streaky blond hair and the nurses nicknamed her “Frosty”. They told me “women pay good money to have hair this color and isn’t she lucky to have been born with it” Kailey is now 13 and I do pay good money to have my hair highlighted to match the awesomeness that is on her head!

  22. veronica

    perfect! could you give a little more details for the “nude” euros. I need them :)

    • They are from ABC carpet and home. They are linen and i think $45 each cover. Unfortunately i don’t think that they link directly to them because they don’t have an ecommerce site, but check out the link we put to them. xx

  23. I think Veronica just wanted to give you the chance to type ‘nude euros’ again! ;)

    Love those sconces and the Buffalo and the pillows and the desk styling and the…! Another job well done.

  24. Jesssica

    I love this! The brass accents are so gorgeous with the headboard and add so much warmth.

    I’d love to know how you dealt with the window coverings in this room. Particularly that one behind the desk that goes all the way to the floor!


    • AHHH!!! I forgot to say. They were by Decorview again. This is the company that comes in and does everything for you. ITs a splurge but man, its so awesome.

  25. Sharon Montrose’s prints are awesome and I fell in love with the buffalo when I saw it in the bedroom of Morgan from The Brick House blog. It was out of my price range, so I created my own by finding an Etsy vendor with an awesome buffalo photo. I had her crop it really close so the buffalo is IN YOUR FACE then change it to black and white. You can see it here in my powder room. (It has since been moved to my living room because I want to see it all the time!

  26. Carolyn

    You are so cute talking about your baby! I wanted so much for my son to have my husband’s gorgeous coppery, just-got-a-spray-tan skin. But when Thor was born, he was fair with blonde hair–he looked just like me! I admit I was disappointed for a second, but as he grew and looked more and more like me and my brothers, I find that I am grateful for the memories of my sweet little brothers that flood back to me as Thor grows older. It has been sweeter not getting my wish.

    • I’m hoping that you are calling him thor because he both looks like Thor and is actually named Thor. He sounds VERY adorable. xx

  27. KathrynJ

    Love your work as always Emily. Just a heads up on hair colour: my blondie (now 21…bless) was born with a full head of black hair but as she got older it turned blonde. By 6 months she had blonde hair with black tips, kinda like a reverse balayage. So don’t be too disheartened at the birth it may change ( Also kidding)

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  31. Alison

    I looooove the sconces. I was seriously about to go buy them immediately but unfortunately they are sold out. :(

  32. Beautiful. Love your designs, and love that you got some baby play time in there to get excited about your own new baby to come!

  33. manasi

    Hi Emily – first of all congrats on your gorgeous baby boy! I have 2 , and you are describing , so well, all the emotions I felt too – enjoy!
    I just adore the Cup of Jo master bedroom and would like to replicate, but live in London so had some questions on colors:
    1. the wall colour – is that a white or pale grey – or other?
    2. the headboard – looks like a mustardy brown to me – is it?
    3. the bedside lamps from onefortythree – I am considering getting them , but the black ones and not the white ones you have. would that work?

    thanks for replying!!

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  60. Why would anyone except a cowboy want a huge picture of a buffalo above a fancy bed? Certainly not conducive to intimacy. Another silly designer idea to stretch the imagination. Pwhew!

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  65. This bedroom makeover is truly amazing! I couldn’t help not to be mesmerized with every detail you made here. From blank space into a very well-staged room. Those pieces of furniture and decoration are all remarkable. Maybe a little bit of design or color of a mattress cover, then it’s totally a bomb.

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