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Cup of Jo Makeover | The Nursery

On to part two of Joanna’s makeover. This time, it involves very small human beings, namely Toby and Anton, who presumably do VERY cute things in here, namely playing house, cars, and restaurant with miniature fake food and other such hilarity. This is the 10th kids room I’ve done this year and I don’t think its possible to get sick of them. They are just so fun to design – perhaps because I’m really immature.

So here it was when they moved in – all empty but with good bones.

Cup of Jo Nursery

Six weeks later, we turned it into this:

cup of jo nursery

The two boys share this room – Toby in the bed and Anton in the crib. And since this is kinda their guest room too they decided to keep the double bed for guests. So this room needs to serve as their bedroom and their playroom. Again Joanna wanted to keep it light and bright and since they are renting it didn’t make sense to wallpaper the walls. Sure, we could have painted but why when we knew we were about to bring in so much color with the toys and accessories.

Cup of Jo Nursery

Jenny made this headboard for their last place which was totally cute and they kept the very adorable dresser as well. We decked out the bed in cute Dwell Studio bedding and topped it off with that adorable Happy Habitat soft knitted pillow.

Cup of Jo Nursery

Above the bed we framed these amazing vintage British solder paper dolls from John Derian. You can’t fully understand how awesome they are from a distance, but they are all handmade and cut out. We mounted them on watercolor paper (which is a go-to for me if I want thick pretty paper without spending a fortune on matting). The frames are from A.I. Friedman for like $10 each – which made it a pretty inexpensive installation. We love how they are all different, but in a clean, simple grid which keeps it from feeling too chaotic. Its quiet, but totally unique.



Cup of Jo Nursery

Hanging plane in the window from ABC Carpet and Home and the handmade fabric sailboat from Tamar Mogendorf – who’s work I can’t get enough of.

Cup of Jo Nursery

Adorable toys (from Land of Nod) on that soft Serena and Lily flokati …. Which i’m definitely eyeing for my nursery and to generally just wrap my body in this winter.
Cup of Jo Nursery

Joanna ordered the Oeuf crib (and bunting) which I totally love – the shape and style is playful, weird and totally cute.

Cup of Jo Nursery cup of jo nursery

And what nursery is complete without a Sharon Montrose photograph? None. Bunny? Monkey? Rooster? Donkey? Lion? Kitten? I want so many!

But maybe i’ll just take this guy:

Cup of Jo Nursery

Clearly Toby is enjoying his new room. Maybe he can invite us over again and tell us some more weird stories. He’s one of those kids that you just want to listen to because he’s bound to say something weird and interesting. (Motorized roller shades from Decorview, again).

Cup of Jo Nursery

Here are all the shopping resources for the nursery, below.  I used ‘Keep’ to collect all the images and items together so then when we purchased we only had to go to one site/source.

Go get your nursery on, folks.

Cup of Jo Nursery

Resources: 1 Blue pouf | 2 Vintage lamp base | 3 Sharon Montrose Baby deer print | 4 Oeuff Stuffed Eiffel Tower | 5 Stripe pillow | 6 Galaxy duvet covers | 7 Wooden camera toy | 8 Bookshelf | 9 Floor lamp | 10 White and silver pillow | 11 Giraffe toy | 12 Red piano | 13 Striped duvet

Cup of Jo Nursery

Resources: 13 Sailboat mobile | 14 Wooden tigers | 15 Crib sheets | 16 Striped blanket | 17 Crib | 18 Toy drum | 19 Wooden radio toy | 20 Changing station | 21 Serena and Lily Flokati rug | 22 Happy Habitat Star pillow | 23 Plant pot 254Leather hippo | 25 Dinosaur backpack

All photographs shot by the VERY lovely and talented Ryan Liebe, styled by me. Once again, thank you so much Sam,  Alex and Will for all your help on this project – I might have died without you, your hard work and your really good imput. xx

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  1. Hey, I love the frame you use for the giraffe print. Do you remember where you got it?