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enter to win


    • 5 readers who successfully complete the EHD Site Scavenger Hunt will win a framed Jane Denton art piece, which will be mailed to them at no cost.
    • 1 reader will win a weekend stay at Emily’s Mountain House (3 days, 2 nights), located an hour and half outside of LA. It sleeps 8, so bring your well behaved friends or kids. EHD will only be covering lodging. The winner will be responsible for travel and food expenses.
    • The Mountain House weekend winner will be presented with 4 weekend dates to choose from.
    • If the winner is not able to attend during one of the 4 weekends, or chooses to opt out of the weekend at the mountain house we will randomly select another winner from the 5 other art piece winners. The original winner will still receive a framed piece of Jane Denton art.
    • Also yes, you can drive the bright red six seater golf cart with fringe on the roof down to the lake,
      5 minutes away. We’ll even provide the music – a mixed cassette tape. I hope you like late-90’s jam tunes as much as Brain Henderson does.


  • Follow each clue in the scavenger hunt until you reach the final page, where you’ll be able to submit your email address.
  • This email addresses entered won’t be used for anything other than randomly selecting 6 winners for this specific contest. Each individual email address will be considered one (1) entry, regardless of how many times it is submitted.
  • Because it is my home, I reserve the right to hand-select a winner from a set of randomly selected finalists.
  • Now head back to the original post for your first clue.