Home Style Quiz

Meet your complimentary style


You leave no room for fuss or rules. Why? You’re simply too busy layering your textiles and making sweet love to your Moroccan poufs. You consider yourself a creative type—an artist or writer (by profession or just in practice) and your look is usually flowy and easy, layered and casual, with global vibe.

Because Bohemians have a hard time curtailing their hobbies, multipurpose decor is a must. Want to meditate? Here’s an oversized pillow. Taking a walk? Grab the sarong on the sofa. When guests pop by, floor pillows, ottomans, and occasional tables come to the rescue.

Off The Beaten Path
-Worn rugs and upholstery
-Intricate global patterns
-Handmade tribal accents
-Indoor hammocks
-Distressed furniture
-Hand-dyed linens and fabrics

Style Wheel

Just like a color wheel, the style wheel below will help you choose looks that mingle well together, best together. Take, for instance. Traditional. With its simply by finding a style’s opposite. The wheel progresses clockwise, from the most scaled -back styles (Scandinavian and Minimalist) to the most ornate (Traditional). Remember those first two questions you answered at the beginning of the quiz? Those helped determine which side of the style wheel you sit on. Here’s a tip: If your results fell in the mid- to high range of any style, you probably have a tendency toward its adjacent style, too.
Now that you know your design personality, find it on the wheel and check out its complement.
Because the two styles are so different, they’ll look the best together. Take, for instance. Traditional. With its tufted -back chairs and ornate wallpapers, it might be tricky to combine with another very detailed style like Spanish or deco. Balance it with minimalist elements, like from Mid -Century Modern, which sits opposite to Traditional on the style wheel. Try a retro slim -lined sofa with some more traditional floral and fringe throw pillows. Grab a traditional Persian rug and add Danish modern armchairs—the combo is both unexpected and yet easy on the eye. As you get comfortable with these two styles, try adding another style until you find the right mix.