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The Link Up: Emily’s Go-To Summer PJs, Caitlin’s GREAT Etsy Pillow Shop, And The Garage Storage Item That’s Super Functional But Also Very Pretty

We’ve arrived at THE LAST Sunday in July! Whew, that was quicker than we could have possibly imagined. I’m sure like us you are trying to soak in every last sun-drenched moment you can so let’s link it up and get the heck out(side)…

Our house tour this week is a burst of colorful joy that also takes the definition of texture to a new level (just wait and see what we mean). You are in for a treat because designer Lisa Burdus gave her client the “party house” they wanted in the most fun yet sophisticated way. The blend of English and Moroccan styles paired with A LOT of vintage and patterns just makes the home a total feast for the eyeballs. Go check it out!

From Emily: I love a workplace gossipy page-turner so let’s chat – 1. The Herd. This is fictional, of course, but I’m pretty sure it was written based on The Wing – the all-female exclusive social club started in NYC. I have a lot of skepticism around these types of clubs, and this book did NOT dissipate that. It’s a fast, gossipy read, set in New York involving a murder, and gives some insight on what goes on inside these “female-empowering” clubs. 2. I  just started The Other Black Girl last night which is set in the publishing industry and so far it’s THRILLING (I can’t wait to finish it this weekend). I’m taking a break from historical romance as we start to think about office culture again and these two are particularly thrilling.

Also From Emily: I just switched from my “spring” pajamas to my “summer set” (I like a matching set and feel so uneasy going to bed if they don’t match). I bought this set two years ago (remember my PJ review?) and they are going strong (I need another set, actually – and I plan on buying the exact same color so I don’t have to try to find the right match each time).

From Jess: Last year I discovered a GREAT hair care company called Briogeo and really loved their Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo and conditioner. However, they send me a sample pack of the Be Gentle, Be Kind Matcha + Apple Replenishing Superfood Shampoo and after testing it out my hair felt sooooo good. So while I was super happy with the first purchase I was also kinda waiting for it to run out so I could get my hands on the other one. Highly highly recommend! Plus on top of their products simply being awesome, it’s also a black-owned company. So all around a really great brand to support:)

From Caitlin: I found the best outdoor (and indoor) pillow shop on Etsy!!! It’s run by a woman in Pennsylvania and her work is IMPECCABLE – I bought this banana leaf print pillow for my balcony and I am blown away by the quality. I wanted a pillow that was made from Sunbrella (because the air out there is filled with gunk from being so close to the road AND it gets blasted by the sun every morning), that was aesthetically appealing (the piping makes it look so luxe), and that wasn’t going to cost a day’s pay (some of the similar pillows I found on traditional decor sites were OVER TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!). I bought the 18×18 version and am now eyeing a leopard print lumbar because I can’t resist an animal print:) I love supporting a small business – especially one with such a great quality:price ratio – and am just SO JAZZED to shoot the space and show y’all the finished product. Highly recommended – bookmark this one for any pillow needs moving forward!!

Also From Caitlin: Does anyone else make monthly or quarterly playlists? This is what I’m listening to right now in Q3 but I’d love to follow your playlists and get some new recommendations from y’all in any genre!! I’m usually a pretty indie-leaning gal with a special love of depressing lady singer-songwriters and dudes who lock themselves in their bedrooms with synthesizers BUT right now, I’m on the hunt for some good country recommendations (the more cliche the better – give me ALL the songs about beer, friendship, going home and/or small towns, Saturday nights, etc.). I’m obsessed with Spotify’s Hot Country playlist but are there any of you out there who can give me some deeper cuts in that same pop/modern vein? (PS. I used to work at a prolific hardcore record label so I have REALLY come full circle in my life, haha.)

From Mallory: I bought this $20 top while we were all shopping for shorts for yesterday’s post (lol I know I should have been buying shorts but it was too good to pass up). It’s crazy comfortable and I LOVE the little ruffle sleeves!! I’ve been wearing it for the last 3 days because it looks great on Zoom calls, is breathable (yes even though it technically is a sweater material), and it looks cute with denim shorts. 10/10 would recommend this top for anyone who wants a good wfh/summer top (and it will transition into fall well too!!)

From Ryann: I really enjoy listening to music while I work, but lately, I have had the hardest time choosing the right playlists or genres to listen to. This means I end up sitting in silence for most of the day which is probably not great for my serotonin levels. But this week, my fiance showed me NTS radio and my work life is so much better for it! It’s free and ad-free and it just has really great curated music that I can turn on and forget about. You can listen live or listen to any previous broadcasts. My favorite playlists are FEELINGS which includes a mix of soul and disco and LOW KEY which plays smooth r&b and low-fi rap.

Also From Ryann: I’ve finally found the best moisturizer for my skin and I am OVERJOYED you guys. It’s Dewy glow jelly cream by Innisfree and I just wish you could feel my skin right now and see how it’s transformed. I used to have chronic dry skin but I literally don’t anymore. It’s wild. I am so happy with this product and it’s only $25!!

From Albie: After six long months of dealing with the kitchen renovation (see the reveal here!), one thing has become painfully clear to us — the garage needs help! Yep… renovating the kitchen, brought to light all of the garage’s deficiencies, so I have doing a lot of design daydreaming. After the announcement that I will be one of The Container Store’s 20 brand ambassadors, I immediately began “window” shopping garage solutions and this track system is everything! It’ll really help us free up some floor space and use the walls to hang a ton of tools that have otherwise just been in the way. 

Ok go outside, soak in those rays, and see you tomorrow!!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Lisa Burdus | Photo by Maree Homer | via The Design Files

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1 month ago

Caitlin, you’re gonna want to add Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter to your playlist. It’s older but a real GEM.

1 month ago

Ryann- try listening to the band Khruangbin. It’s great background music, each album different but most have a good funk sound and not imposing to work activities

Emily- earlier this week I had commented on decision fatigue that was leaving me feeling uneasy at the new property. (I didn’t mean for it to be read from a super serious/negative tone) You gave a long, thoughtful response on your experience with these decisions being fun but you told me that if I feel uneasy to skip the posts. SO that brings me to today’s read about pajamas and if they don’t match you feel uneasy, so can I just say in another NOT serious way?…. I almost spit out my coffee about your uneasy unmatched pajama thoughts 😄 Look who’s uneasy now!
(I’m totally teasing btw)

1 month ago
Reply to  Karen

My husband just shared Khruangbin with me a couple weeks ago and they are great!

1 month ago

BOOKS: Took me a while but finally finished the incredible true story “The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race” by Walter Isaacson. Still obsessed with reading more of Kristin Hannah’s books and just finished “Firefly Lane” and started the sequel “Fly Away”. And I thought I had raced through all of Julia Quinn’s books last year but I found one I had missed “The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy” (such tragic news about Julia Quinn’s family a few weeks ago).

SHOWS: Just finished “Hacks” on HBO Max with Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder and watched “Halston” on Netflix.

Monica Benzmiller
1 month ago
Reply to  Kj

For Country music, check out Thomas Rhett, we saw his first concert post COVID at Billy Bobs recently and loved it. I knew I liked a few of his songs but were introduced to some other ones I liked too. His family is so cute too.

1 month ago

A song for your playlist: Summer’s End by John Prine. Kind of country, sad, yet very moving.

1 month ago

Okay, that house tour looks like the inside of an intestine. Or like it’s covered in old chewed up bubblegum. 🤢 🤮

1 month ago
Reply to  Marian

Yeah as someone who grew up with the 80’s that house tour is a ….lot….Justina Blakely with Junagalow does this look well, but with cleaner lines in furnishings and more coherent color story. This home has crosses a line for me into chaotic twee.

1 month ago

Check out the band Art D’Ecco from Canadian indie label Paper Bag records: Their new album is pure retro glam ✨

1 month ago

The new music struggle is real. Since shared space is now a novelty, and, I am not brave enough to go see live music, yet, my incoming new music has dwindled to nearly zero. Like the old foagie that I am, I listen to the “All Songs Considered” podcast. When I like the sounds of someone, I go to my napster account. Just take it in. Then, I download that album. Just FYI, napster is a paid service. This is not pirating the album back in ’02.

Love that you all shared your music and book finds.

1 month ago

Thanks so much for recommending THE HERD, Emily! I’m reading THE OTHER BLACK GIRL right now and loving it too! x

1 month ago

Innis free, thanks for recommending an AAPI brand! Also, appreciate the outdoor sunbrella pillow Etsy store find. I agree with you! Sunbrella pillows are surprisingly very expensive, thanks for this resource!

1 month ago

Caitlin- I found Robyn Ottolini through tiktok(!!) and her music is country pop leaning. Also, the Spotify playlist Country Cookout is a good combo of new/old and pop/ old school country. I’ve also made a bunch of ‘cringe country’ playlists of songs I listened to in 2000s/2010s.

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