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The Link Up: Emily’s Famous Live Edge Coffee Is FINALLY BACK, Jess’ $25 Fun Yet Practical Bag, And Our Current Favorite Comfortable Shoes

Happy Sunday everyone! Did you catch Emily’s episode on The Better Buy podcast from Better Homes & Gardens? She doesn’t do a ton of podcasts so it’s always really fun to listen when she does. Check it out! Aside from that, it’s been a busy week up at the farmhouse (per usual) and down here in LA for the blog. How was your week? Hopefully good! Ready for some links? Us too.

This week’s house tour is 768 square feet little slice of moody-colored heaven. Originally meant for a “bonafide bachelor,” this one bedroom, one bath bungalow got a lady of the house. With three people’s design styles in the mix (Charlie, Leanne, and designer, Avery), this house is soulful, layered, and cozy. Read about the whole process here!

From Emily: Once upon a time I bought a beautiful sculptural live edge coffee table, then it sold out, then I gave it to my friend because I didn’t “need it,” then I stole it back because I realized I DO NEED IT. Well, it’s back after 4 years of being “unavailable” and if you are in the market I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s heavy. Solid. It’s not a casual hoard, but it’s an INCREDIBLE price for this wonder. And not to be a car salesman but it won’t be around for long. After I gave it away (to a friend) I lamented it daily, thinking I could find something similar. I couldn’t/didn’t. It does the job of a square, rectangle, and an oval at the same time. It visually fills more space than its dimensions. It’s just so good and while it’s already back-ordered maybe if you hit the “add to cart” button you’ll get one before the whole tree is gone.

Also From Emily: Long-time reader (and now friend) Katie Aselton directed a movie – yes a woman, that comes out this weekend with Diane Keaton (remember when I met her at the Pinterest event in 2018?) and we all should go see it.

A note from Katie (the director): “Friends! As you may know, the movie I directed (MACK & RITA, starring legend Diane Keaton) is opening on over 2,000 screens this weekend (8/12) and I can not emphasize enough how important it is for movies like this—women-led, starring women of a certain age, directed by a woman—to perform well on opening weekend. The better they do, the better chance we have of getting to tell more stories like this and more opportunities for directors like me. Let’s do this! Let’s show them movies like this can not only work but hit.”

Sounds like a girl’s night is in order. If you need an excuse to have one with your friends/sisters/moms go see MACK & RITA this weekend (and a huge thanks from Katie).

From Mallory: My favorite sandals ever are on sale! It’s balls hot out here these days so I wanted to share the sandals I wear every day with ya. They’re super comfy and I find myself exclusively gravitating towards these because they’re velcro but not ugly (I’m too lazy for any sort of buckle or lace these days). If you’re in the market for a nude everyday sandal snag these while they’re discounted! Emily has them too in the leopard colorway (sadly unavailable) and loves them too.

From Ryann: I just snagged these clogs from the Lisa Says Gah sample sale where everything is 50% off! I have been looking for a simple brown shoe that I can wear with anything and I am betting these will be it. It was between these brown ones and the colorblock white and black pair and it was a real tough choice, but I went with these because I think they will go with more pieces in my wardrobe. I am VERY excited to get them and will report back.

From Jess: As I said last week, I went to my cousin’s bachelorette in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico last weekend and it was the best. Aside from eating endless delicious food, our big adventure was an ATV tour (highly recommend). I realized that I wanted to get a cute sling fanny pack for it and guess who delivered…Target. This $25 cutie was perfect.

Also from Jess: If you are wanting a getaway, I cannot recommend staying at Encuentro in Valle de Guadalupe more. Not only is it stunning (see above) but the service was beyond incredible. While you should go and explore the area, you won’t want to leave this property. I want to say a special thank you to Tania who went above and beyond helping make sure our stay and ventures outside the hotel were perfect. But honestly everyone there was wonderful. Oh and not that you were thinking this but this is most definitely not sponsored (I wish it could have been!)

From Caitlin: Stop what you’re doing and take 15 seconds to watch these goats eating tomatoes. (Whatever you’re expecting, IT’S BETTER.)

This is where we will leave you for today! See you tomorrow and have a beautiful rest of your Sunday. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Avery Cox | Photo by Lindsay Brown | via Clever

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5 months ago

I’m away this week and nowhere near a theatre, but I’m buying a ticket to Mack and Rita anyway! I want more
movies about women, by women to be made and even though I can’t attend it’ll boost the numbers!

5 months ago

The movie looks amazing, and I can’t wait to watch it … except we don’t go to the theatre during a pandemic, so I’ll have to wait until it’s available to stream.
I’ve always loved Emily’s coffee table.

5 months ago

Goats eating tomatoes – my family and I lol. Sound up!

5 months ago

Caitlyn that goat video was horrifying! So many close-up shots 🤣

5 months ago

I have been stalking that coffee table for YEARS and dammit if it isn’t already sold out again!!! Hopefully it will be back again? If anyone has any hot tips on finding it, please let me know!

5 months ago
Reply to  Samantha

Me, too! Been trying to buy it for at least five years! Already gone again! Lol

5 months ago
Reply to  Samantha

It’s back in stock 8/17 (although backordered)!

Jenny M
5 months ago
Reply to  Samantha

I was able to order it for delivery in February. Since I am in no rush this was fine with me! I have loved this forever too!

Sue Sue
5 months ago

Loved Emily’s podcast!

The Kitten Abides
5 months ago

As someone who flipped an rental ATV and broke my collarbone on Mykonos this past May – I’d really urge folks to only ride them if you know what you’re doing.

Have fun, but be careful out there, y’all!


The Kitten Abides
5 months ago

That emoticon was meant to be this:

The Kitten Abides
5 months ago

GAH – why can’t this forum allow editing/deleting??!!

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