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Win A FREE Virtual Design Consultation With Me!!

Y’all. I never do this but I do love a contest and If you’ve ever met me in person you know that I LOVE giving out free solicited advice. When asked, I will dig in, insert myself like it’s my life and my house and really try to solve your problem. The book is coming out in a few weeks and we are so excited (and yes, getting super nervous) to have it out there in the world. I REALLY hope you like it. Sometimes I think I just wrote this book for me because I needed it, and I’m honestly too close to it to have an objective point of view. It’s called The New Design Rules and its a guide to renovating and decorating from start to finish (based on my learnings, experiences and perspective). I really, really hope you like it. So to thank one of you for pre-ordering we figured we’d do a giveaway contest for a free 1 hour (or more – I can really gab) consultation. πŸ™‚ Here’s how it works: If you pre-order the book (THANK YOU) send us a photo or screenshot of the receipt by emailing to, you’ll be entered to win a FREE one hour consultation with me. We can discuss (almost) ANYTHING in the design or business realm. Have a design agony that you just can’t figure out? I got you. Want me to look over your kitchen plans and just say yay or nay to your tile? No problem. Or maybe you want to start a blog or get into the design business and just want to pick my brain? GREAT. I have so much to say and HAPPY to get into it with you. And don’t worry – I’ll prep for it, so if you send me your design conundrums and questions with photos/floorplans, mood boards, etc. before hand you’ll get some tangible thought through advice. It will be fun, I promise! I’ve done these for school and charity fundraisers and it’s a blast, actually. I don’t sell consultations as part of a service at all, nor am I with The Expert right now because I have zero hours left in the week. But on special occasions it’s actually so fun to just connect and talk design with a reader.

You have now until Thursday May 5th to pre-order the book online and send through the receipt to Then we’ll draw one of you and email to set up the consultation (Announced May 8th with the consultation late May, early June). And yes, you can order 3 books and enter 3 times (or more!) OR if you have a friend/daughter or sister who is a big reader and you don’t need the consultation, then you could give your consultation away as a gift to them. Or maybe your sisters want the book but don’t need a design consultation – just bug them to buy and have them email their proof of purchase through and they can transfer the prize to YOU. AND if you already pre-ordered a book OF COURSE you can enter! You would have had to buy online so just find proof of purchase and send it through. Obviously no returning it or canceling πŸ™‚

And if you are in the Portland or New York area stay tuned for book signings at Rejuvenation – (the week of May 9th in New York, and the week of May 26th in Portland).

Thank you all for pre-ordering, seriously. It means so so so so so much to me. Thank you πŸ™‚

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2 years ago

As a heads up, on the main book page, the Target link takes you to Amazon, not target

2 years ago

Fun idea! πŸ™‚
Best wishes for the winner!!

2 years ago

Entered! Why can I design for others so much more easily than I can design for myself?!?

Justine Dennen
2 years ago
Reply to  Samantha

I know the feeling Samantha! I help clients make design choices in a minute, but take weeks to make up my mind when it’s my own home! Having the chance to ask Emily for a little help would be a dream come true 😊