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Where To Buy Size-Inclusive Vintage Clothing On Etsy

In my early twenties, I went through a very serious vintage clothing phase, so much so that I didn’t consider an outfit good or cool unless one piece of it was vintage. I felt like if what I wore was new or mass produced then it meant I wasn’t creative and therefore didn’t have good style. This sentiment is of course dumb and not true, and I have since ceased caring about wearing vintage clothes just to feel “cool”. That said, vintage IS still a big part of my life because it feels good buying second hand and I do like my clothes to have a little history. The twist is since I am no longer a size 2, buying vintage clothes can be quite difficult. Gone are the days when I could walk into any vintage store and find quaint little dresses and tiny T-shirts in my size. In fact, this feels true for even regular retail stores. I recently walked into an Aritzia (big mistake unless you want to hurt your own feelings) and found that they pretty much only carry up to a size 8 in-store. I digress but the point remains, buying vintage clothes when you are mid or plus-size is challenging. It can make you want to give up trying completely which is why we at EHD wanted to do some research and find the best plus-size vintage shops from our favorite online vintage retailer. So if you’ve been looking for some vintage shops with inclusive sizing, this post is for you. Let’s get into it.

The Curvy Elle

You’ll find: Feminine dresses and skirts, collared blouses, 80s vintage clothing.
Size Range: 12-22

1. Vintage Red & White Polka Dot Midi Skirt (Size L 12/14): Is there anything sweeter than a red midi skirt with little white polka dots? I love how the model styled it with a blouse with that cute scallop collar detail.
2. Vintage Navy Floral White Collar Surplice Dress (Size 12): This chiffon pattern sailor dress is adorable.
3 . Vintage Fuchsia Chiffon Mini Trapeze Dress (Size 22W): This fuchsia dress has cute little prince shoulder sleeves that I am obsessed with.

New Nostalgia VTG

You’ll find: Casual dresses, pants, and tops, 90s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. Vintage 90’s Black Sheer Long Sleeve Dress Size 16: This sheer black dress is very simple but elegant. I love the pleated detail!
2. Vintage 90’s Beige Off White Pants Trousers Size XL: These drawstring pants could be worn for a casual walk on the beach or to dinner for date night. Versatility, baby!
3. Vintage 90’s Red Blazer Size 14: A red blazer is a great staple to have in your wardrobe IMO. This would be really cute with a white tank underneath and a good pair of jeans.

Detour Vintage

You’ll find: Vintage Levi’s
Size Range:
Waist size 21″-35.5″

1. Vintage Levi’s 517 Jeans, 35”: Just as an FYI, Etsy is my favorite place to shop for vintage Levi’s. These are a great find and I love the dark wash that fades lighter up top.
2. Vintage Levi’s 550 Jeans, 35.5”: If you like more baggy/balloon-shaped pants, these are it.
3. Vintage Levi’s 501 Jeans, 35.5”: Levi’s 501 jeans are gods gift to earth. I love the color of these and am tempted to snag them for myself if I am being honest. 🙂

Goldies VTG

You’ll find: Dresses, vintage lingerie, 70s and 80s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. Vintage Terrycloth White Shortsleeve Mini Dress Size 2X: This terry cloth dress would be a really cute swimsuit coverup and I love the little string tie detail on the top.
2. 1980s Woman Within Black Nightgown (size not listed): This dress is so up my alley. If I could drape myself in oversized smock dresses every day trust me I would.
3. 1970s White Polyester Jumpsuit (size not listed): Obviously a white 70s jumpsuit is a must-have, right? This would be great for a Halloween costume too!

Hailey’s Thrift Haul

You’ll find: Casual pants and tops, Y2 K-inspired fashion, 80s and 90s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. Denim Overalls Size 22: Overalls are the perfect garment and these are so nice and affordable.
2. Vintage 90s Patchwork Slip Dress SIze 3X: Coming from a girl who primarily wears black and white, I think this dress is so cute and is giving Farm Rio vibes. So that’s saying a lot!
3. Bill Blass Denim Maxi Skirt Size 10: I’ve given myself over to long denim shorts ever since I saw this image.

Queen Lace Vintage Plus

You’ll find: Slip dresses, pattern dresses, two-piece sets, 80s and 90s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. Vintage Print Dress Size 12/14: The red floral pattern on this dress is so cute and I love the thicker straps so you can wear a bra underneath if need be.
2. Vintage Slip Dress Size 22/24: Who doesn’t love a slip dress? This pink one is really adorable and would be so cute paired with matching pink kitten heels.
3. Vintage Polka Dot Dress Size 20/22: This polka dot dress would be really cute styled with chunky loafers or even a cowboy boot!

Noteworthy Garments

You’ll find: Denim shorts and pants, outerwear, T-shirts, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s vintage clothing
Size Range:
Jeans and shorts waist size 21″-38″, S-XL

1. 60’s LEE Vintage Low Back Dungarees Bib Overalls Size 28″-31″: These overalls are definitely splurge-y but like I said, overalls are the perfect garment so if they are in your budget I say go for it :).
2. Levi’s 505 Vintage Shorts / Size 31: Okay I will admit it, I want these shorts! I love the faded wash and am really into longer hemmed shorts nowadays.
3. Vintage Oversized Teal Denim Cargo Hooded Jean Jacket: This oversized cargo jacket is sooo cute. I love the color and if I lived in a rainy climate I would easily add to cart.

Forever Elizabeth Co

You’ll find: Feminine dresses and jumpers, 60s, 70s, and 80s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. 1960s 1970s Blue and White Romper Size XXXL: Rompers are great because they are a one-and-done outfit. I love the button detail on this one.
2. Floral Print Short Sleeve Summer Romper Size 16: Here is another floral romper that is very 90s in the best way.
3. Baby Blue Dress Size XL: This sweet little blue dress has a really cool geometric pattern and square neck detail.

Priscilla Pearl VTG

You’ll find: Button ups, blazers, business casual attire, 90s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. Vintage 90s Y2K Navy Blue Ribbed Mockneck (Size 30): It’s officially fall, so black turtle necks are in order.
2. Vintage 90s Navy and Gold Scroll Swirl Rayon Midi Skirt Size 3X: This dress has a really cool gold and navy swirl pattern. It would be really cute paired with the above turtleneck!
3. Vintage 90s Navy Blue 100% Wool Blazer Jacket Size 18: I actually think the turtle neck, skirt, and this blazer would make a perfect fall outfit!

Shop Vintij Marqui

You’ll find: Colorful retro blouses, pattern dresses, 70s, 80s, and 90s vintage clothing
Size Range:

1. Plus Size Vintage Black Tee (size not listed): This cropped boxy T-shirt has a silky material so it could easily be dressed up or down.
2. Vintage Mustard Brown Top Size 3X: I love this mustard button-up with the 3/4 sleeve. I would totally wear this with light-wash denim jeans and cowboy boots.
3. Vintage Button Down Shirt Size L: This geometric pattern button-up would be a fun staple for fall. I can see it paired with black trousers and an oversized coat.

Alright, my friends, that’s all for now. I hope this post helped whoever needs it and let us know what other Etsy roundups you’d like to see from us. Happy Saturday!

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1 year ago

What a fun Saturday morning vintage browse! Thanks for the intro to all these great shops.

Danielle Lewis
1 year ago

I can count on one hand the number of straight-size creators who make it a priority to include plus size or size inclusive options. High five to y’all!

1 year ago

Thanks for this round-up! I have been trying to be much more intentional with my purchases and buy used or vintage when possible. But it’s really hard to do as a fat person who loves fashion. Thanks for pointing us toward these sources.

1 year ago

Great post. My $.02 and unrealistic I know, but if clothing was truly inclusive, there would be tall sizes too! (From an older woman who’s body image is still scarred by so few tall sizes available when I was younger. Thank heavens there are more available now.)

1 year ago
Reply to  j

Short 5’0 tall person who feels the same way! XS is not what it used to be!

1 year ago

Great resources! Can you make article about how to incorporate vintage pieces while looking modern and not out of place please? That has been my problem even though I got lots of cool vintage pieces from families.

Louise P-G
1 year ago

Absolutely loved this post! Kudos for highlighting sustainability and being size inclusive!!!!! If anyone is interested in fashion / environment and intersectionality – Aja Barber (plus size WOC) has written an amazing book called “Consumed; the need for collective change: colonialism, climate change & consumerism” – it’s a really interesting and insightful read. It helped me a lot when I started wanting to make changes to the way I shopped and was incorporating second hand clothes.

1 year ago

These are great resources for something that’s hard to find so thank you!

1 year ago

I love the idea behind this post! I’m a mid sized woman and love vintage…but I prefer stuff from the 50s and earlier and wish I could find a resource for things that fit me from that era. Still, this post is helpful and a great idea. Thanks!

1 year ago

Love this post! And as an Etsy seller of vintage jewelry – I really wish you would consider including vintage jewelry in one of your future stories! 🙂 I know you love to hunt for vintage and antique decorative items, furniture, and clothing – maybe it would be a fun post to remind people to shop secondhand fine jewelry as well. Thanks for this one! @luxcharmjewelry