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The Link Up: Where Emily Bought Birdie’s First Day Of School Outfit, The Athleisure Mallory Won’t Stop Wearing, And The Perfect Summer To Fall Candle

You know you have likely the greatest boss in the world when she gives you off 3 extra days prior to a national holiday…because it’s HER birthday!!! So yes, we have been off since Wednesday, because Emily Henderson is the best. And while her birthday was a few days ago, we want to wish Em a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We also hope you are getting to enjoy at least a three day weekend and that’s it’s made a little sweeter with these links:)

This week’s “House” tour isn’t so much a house but a very beautiful modern social club, Common House. If Chattanooga were closer, the entire EHD would HAPPILY work in this artfully designed yet extremely cozy co-working space. They even have seven bedrooms. Roadtrip??

From Emily: Last week, Birdie and I went online shopping to pick out her first day of school outfit and found the cutest shop called Little Stocking Co. And not only is Birdie EXTREMELY excited about her outfit, but they are also local to Oregon. She refuses to wear pants or shorts, only dresses and this place has not only adorable dresses, but a lot of cute and cozy cableknit tights and socks for under them. A very happy surprise. Win-win. Go check them out because their stuff is very cute.

From Caitlin: A friend who was cat-sitting recently pulled The Psychopath Test from my bookshelf and devoured it in a day, so I figured it may be up some of your alleys, too. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the author, Jon Ronson, since I first watched him do this interview on the Daily Show over 10 years ago (he also wrote The Men Who Stare at Goats, which inspired the George Clooney movie) and I can’t recommend ALL of his books enough. Check out the interview and if it strikes your fancy, grab the book!!! SUCH a good read.

EHD PSA: If you haven’t seen Malcolm’s bathroom reveal, GO NOW.

From Mallory: I’m VERY into the MWL athleisure line at Madewell, specifically these shorts (which are on sale for $30 right now originally $50!) that I wear every single day. I also usually pair it with this sweatshirt (also on sale for $30 originally $60). This is a 10/10 fit and I love wearing it!! (I have them both in green btw)

From Ajai: I have a love affair with baskets, especially when they are handmade. I’m big on function meeting beauty in a space, and this wire storage basket has my name all over it. 

From Jess: This is by far my favorite candle of the moment. Are you ready?? Ginger Black Tea. It’s the perfect season transition candle because it’s light for the summer but still warming and cozy to get you gently prepared for fall. A total random find that now is in heavy rotation. O and it’s only $10. Dreams really do come true.

Ok now go enjoy your day (and maybe two days!) and we will see you on Tuesday. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Pfeffer Torode Architecture and Studio BOCA | Photo by Ali Harper | via Rue Magazine

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9 days ago

Louisiana could use some love.

9 days ago
Reply to  Holly

Good point!

9 days ago

Hi, Emily
welcome back to portland! Check out Rose & Belle on IG. She’s in Oregon and will custom make all kinds of cute dresses and leggings. My girls have been wearing since they were 3 months old!

9 days ago

LEARNED: about moon towers, something I had no idea existed:
READ: The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris (guess it’s going to be a show on Hulu)
WATCHED: I May Destroy You by Michaela Coel on HBO.

8 days ago
Reply to  Kj

You seem to have an active and curious interest in the world, Kj! It’s interesting to see what you’ve been reading/watching.

Jenny M
8 days ago

Thank you so posting cute yet affordable kid’s clothing! I’m always scared that I’m going to click on a link to a kid’s outfit that costs more than something I would buy myself! Loving these dresses!

7 days ago

the MWL stuff from madewell looks super similar to the stuff from girlfriend collective (but more expensive and girlfriend is known for being super ethically made and sustainable) you want to check them out!!!

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