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Where To Buy ALL The Best Swimsuits (Affordable, Black Owned, AND Size-Inclusive) – Because I’ve Been Heavily Insta-Marketed, Believe Me

It’s that time of year when you buy one swimsuit and then swimsuits flood your feed on every platform for months. Funnily enough, I actually love this because swimsuits are one of the few things you have to buy online (unless you are near a Pac Sun or other virtually non-existent in-person swimsuit stores). So today we listed them all out for you if you are on the hunt for spring break (or summer). I’m seriously trying to not hoard any new clothes, but when it comes to swimsuits if you find one that makes you feel comfortable and good, I give myself full permission to go for it. Also, I’ll be sure to lather up with my favorite spray tan foam 🙂

The Familiar Go-Tos

1. Aerie Triangle Bikini Top + Aerie Bikini Bottom | 2. Ribbed Wrap Strapless One Piece Swimsuit | 3. Printed Banded Wide Strap Scoop Bikini Top + Printed Crossover High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Price Range: $10-$75
Size Range:

Ryann here! I love Aerie swimsuits because they are surprisingly great quality for the price and they last for years. They have the best high cut high waist bottoms on the market that hug in all the right places. They’ve also started making their bathing suits with REPREVE® fibers made with recycled plastic bottles.

1. Ruffle V-Neck One-Piece in Gingham | 2. Ruched Halter Bikini Top in Polka Dot + Hipster Curved-Waist Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Price Range: $45-$275
Size Range: XXS-XXL, 0-24

Last year when I did a swimsuit review post, I reviewed the Ruffle V-Neck One-Piece in Gingham: “The delicate ruffle strap and the texture of the fabric are so great. My only beef is that the straps are “adjustable” but they come at their max point (the ruffle makes the strap too thick to go through the piece of hardware to tighten it). Now I loved this suit so much beyond that that I’m going to likely sew it tighter to bring the ladies up. But if you have a long torso I’m sure it would fit just fine (I ordered a 6). I still felt supported (but after two kids I enjoy higher support). The legs didn’t cut in, the double-layered fabric masked my layer of tummy warmth (tummy cellulite + belly button indention) which by the way is MY thing, feel free to show that off, I just feel more comfortable with it a big disguised”.

My favorite striped one-piece (no longer available) is still in good shape despite me wearing it SO MUCH last summer in the lake. J. Crew has surprisingly great swimsuits, but I haven’t tried all of them so I can only attest to the striped one and ruffle one above. I do love that their size range is much more inclusive than other big swimwear brands.

1. Textured-Rib Bandeau Swim Top for Women + High-Waisted Ribbed Bikini Swim Bottoms for Women |2. Textured-Rib Square-Neck French-Cut One-Piece Swimsuit for Women | 3. Tie-Shoulder Ruched Deep V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit for Women

Price Range: $5-$50
Size Range: XS-5X

Jess here! While it’s been a minute since I’ve purchased an Old Navy swimsuit, I ALWAYS loved how they fit (especially for the cost). Plus lots of our readers last year recommended Old Navy so if you are on a budget it is not to be missed. Oh and not to mention they are size-inclusive!

1. Ribbed Plunge Front V-Wire One Piece Swimsuit | 2. Ribbed V-Wire Bikini Top + Ribbed Ruffle Cheeky Bikini Bottom | 3. Women’s Tunnel Keyhole One Piece Swimsuit

Price Range: $15-$120
Size Range: XS-XL

The blue bikini is awesome because the top has an underwire and is sized by bra cup size so it actually fits and is super supportive. I also love the bright cobalt blue color (but it comes in other colors, too).

It’s Jess again. You may remember that I bought two (and kept) swimsuits from Target last year because they were great and made me feel great. I am truly a fan and have actually owned a different Target suit I love for about 5 years. The prices and styles are unbeatable.

1. Jenna High Leg One Piece | 2. Skylar Top + Barcelona High Waist Bottom | 3. Sea Snake Jenna High Leg One Piece

Price Range: $86-$325
Size Range: XS-XL

That blue one that I reviewed last year is STILL one of my favorites. The seams/lines across the bodice pull you in and make your waist look smaller (if you are into that). Size up, I’m in a medium or 6 and it’s still tight (and cheeky).

You guessed it…it’s Jess. So Vitamin A‘s suits are quality. They feel like butter when they are on your body and they famously carry one of Emily’s all-time favorite one-pieces. My only beef with them is that their XL is hardly that. I wouldn’t call this brand size-inclusive. I got their XL and it just fit. I was around a size 10/12 at the time. I REALLY hope they make more sizes because the suits are definitely special.

The New Favorites

1. Lailani Belted One Piece | 2. Amanda Plunge One Piece | 3. Crossover One Piece

Price Range: $55-$135
Size Range: XS-3X

Averie is a brand I discovered because Instagram heard me talking about swimsuits. They make really high-end-looking bathing suits that are unique. This would be a great brand to try if you are going to a resort where you will be swimsuits 90% of the time, and they aren’t crazy expensive either.

1. Sweet Victory Top + Wear To Bottom | 2. Pool Days Top + Hi Tide Bottom | 3. Peak Suit

Price Range: $85-$170
Size Range: S-XXL

Here’s another brand I was highly marketed on IG and Facebook. Their suits are cute but made specifically so you can actually swim, surf, or just be active in them. They are comfortable (according to them, the fabric feels like butter but is still compressive) and have medium coverage so you don’t have to worry about slippage. I really love the variety of colors and styles they carry, too.

1. Fruity Floral Kayla Bikini Top + Paulina Bikini Bottom | 2. Lucy Bikini Top + Paula Tie-Up Bikini Bottom| 3. Dainty One-Piece w/ Belt

Price Range: $98-$218
Size Range: XS-XL

Montce is a very fashion-forward swimwear brand that again, Instagram shoved on my feed. I really like their fun prints and they look very cute, but I wish they were more size-inclusive.

1. Maci Neon Pop | 2. Gretta Ville | 3. Cece

Price Range: $69-$109
Size Range:

Hey, it’s Mallory! I’m obsessed with Triangl’s sparkle suits because if you’re into the sparkly swimsuit look, then you might know it’s hard to find one that looks like it’s good quality. I also love that they come as a set so you don’t need to buy the top and bottom individually which I find annoying. Plus, in some of the styles, you can choose a “cheeky” bottom on non-cheeky (I have the cheeky which is honestly not that cheeky, certainly not like a thong, so don’t you worry). I just think it’s nice to have the option and I’ve never seen a swim company do that 🙂

1. Bexy | 2. Paloma | 3. Cara + Cassandra

Price Range: $48-$228
Size Range:

I bought this one and like it a lot. I bought it in red, too and the fabric was weird so I returned it, but the stripe is pretty flattering and elongating (I am short torsoed).

1. Poise High Waist Two-Piece | 2. Verve Shorts Two-Piece | 3. Eva One-Piece

Price Range: $139
Size Range:
Seven sizes in one – will comfortably fit U.S. 2-14 or UK/AUS 6-18

Ryann here! I have a two-piece from You Swim and it’s actually magic. It really does stretch to fit all the way up to a size 14 (but it doesn’t look stretched out at all) and the top is surprisingly supportive without having any padding or underwire. I always get compliments when I wear it which is such a great feeling. This is the best swimsuit to invest in if your weight tends to fluctuate!

Black-Owned Brands

1. Mona Mustard Bikini | 2. Adan Purple One Piece | 3. Akacia Long Sleeve Bikini

Price Range: $140-$210
Size Range:

Caitlin bought a swimsuit from Andrea Iyamah last year (sadly it’s no longer available) and said this about it: “After like, two years of recommending clothes and undergarments by writing, “I have 36F boobs and a big butt,” it feels kind of surreal to be like “AND HERE THEY ARE!” But now, please let me tell you about Andrea Iyamah (aka the only place I will be purchasing swimsuits for the rest of my life – also a Black-owned business!). The Caitlin of yore would have been feeling insecure about posting bikini pics at her highest-ever weight but the Caitlin in *THIS* swimsuit DOESN’T GIVE AN F. Like, uh, WHERE IS MY CABANA BOY? Where are my grapes???? Someone fan me!!! I love it – I’m very pale and the color doesn’t make me look like I’ve recently climbed out of an ice chest in a morgue. PLUS the detailing just feels so special and the top is really sturdy. This is definitely more of a “Vegas suit” (read: to be worn while you’re standing around or sitting in a hot tub) but it makes me feel really good. I got an XL top and XL bottom (which is supposed to be high-waisted, but I have a really long torso, so it tried to be high-waisted and just fell short). Highly recommended.”

1. Nero Top + Talus Bottom | 2. Noa Top + Crev Bottom | 3. Ari Top + Crev Bottom

Price Range: $89
Size Range:

It’s Ryann again. I just have to say I have a similar body type to the model above and she’s making me feel real confident about wearing a string bikini. I have issues with showing my stomach but honestly, I am looking at all three of these bikinis and feel empowered to rock them!! I also love that they go up to a size 3XL and are all $89 which is pretty affordable for swimwear.

1. Top Priority Bikini-Abstract Print | 2. Never Let Go Bikini | 3. Surfside Swimsuit

Price Range: $12-$34
Size Range: S-XL

It’s your girl Ryann again. Icon Swim makes really affordable and stylish swimsuits that will 100% turn heads. I love that even their medium coverage suits like the Never Let Go Bikini are still sexy and form-fitting. I just ordered their Top Priority Bikini-Abstract Print so I’ll report back with my review!

1. Neon Pink Shell Bikini + Neon Pink High Waist Bikini Ruched Bottom | 2. Gatsby Palm Two Tone Swimsuit | 3. Simone Spice Gradient Bikini Bra + Simone Spice Gradient Bottom

Price Range: $98-$248
Size Range:

It’s Jess again (for the last time). I just ordered this swimsuit (#3) and I LOVE it. The cut of this top is super flattering and has an underwire for support and the bottoms are great too but definitely cheeky. I just feel sexy in it and the size guide was spot on. These suits aren’t cheap but they are high quality and beautiful.

1. Sena One Piece | 2. Cava One Piece | Yara One Piece

Price Range: $80-$245
Size Range:

Jade Swimsuits are not only extremely cute, they are also committed to sustainability. They make simple but not at all basic swimwear that are designed to be worn day to night. I can definitely see this one being cute at the beach and also worn with cut-offs for a casual dinner date.

1. Nunu Deep V Belted One Piece | 2. Zala Pouf Top + Zala High Waist Bottom | 3. Lena Triangle Top + Lena String Bottoms

Price Range: $95-$275
Size Range:

It’s Ryann again. I have been a fan of Lem Lem for years now. They make interesting, bold, and well-made pieces but their mission as a brand is what I am most impressed by. They are an artisan-driven brand of beautiful women’s resort wear made entirely and responsibly in Africa, with a core mission of preserving the local art of weaving in Ethiopia and inspiring economic growth on the continent.

1. Liza | 2. Fiona | 3. Karma

Price Range: $35-$85
Size Range: XS-L

Mint Swim was founded by actress/entrepreneur, Draya Howard with all shapes and sizes in mind. You can tell each style is made to make you feel confident and sexy, no matter your size.

1. Rio | 2. Baja Sleeve Set | 3. Amalfi

Price Range: $90-$175
Size Range:

If any brand can make a case for the swim skirt it’s Rielli. They make swimwear that is more than just a bathing suit. Their swimwear is thoughtfully made in small batches at the home of the founder, Arielle Claudine Baril, so you know you are getting something that is one of kind and special.

Size-Inclusive Brands

1. Malibu | 2. The Lagos | 3. The Sicily

Price Range: $35-$125
Size Range:

I just bought #1 in red and LOVE IT (I bought a medium which was too big so reordered a small). It has a shelf, ladies – which is all most of us want to know – DO YOU HAVE A SHELF FOR MY LOVE PILLOWS? Yes, ok thank you. Hey swimsuit brands, can you just be more clear about the level of support for our ladies?

1. Reversible Wrap Top + Reversible Bottoms | 2. Reversible Wrap Suit | 3. Jasmine Reversible Wrap Top + Jasmine Reversible Bottoms

Price Range: $99-$129
Size Range:

Baiia is another brand I discovered via social media promotion. Their swimsuits are award-winning for their innovative and sustainable designs. I was drawn to them immediately because of their fresh colors and the wrap suits, but I am now a bigger fan because of their sustainable practices. Also, all their swimwear is reversible so you can wear them again and again.

1. Saldana Suit | 2. Halter Cross Top + Cusp Bikini Bottom | 3. Delta Duotone Suit

Price Range: $48-$198
Size Range:

Ryann here! I’ve loved Chromat ever since I saw breast cancer survivor Erika Hart walk the runway for them. Their designs are cool and fresh but I am also drawn to them because of their brand ethos and inclusivity.

1. The Balconette | 2. The Plunge | 3. The Scoop

Price Range: $68-$98
Size Range:
30A-42H, XS-3XL

Caitlin here! Guys, I LOVE my Cuup bras – they’re the only brand I wear. I have literally pulled a bra out and shown it to the entire team because they’re SO lightweight but they somehow do SO MUCH for your boobs. The cuts are awesome – they do a really great job of covering my lil’ armpit boob (is there a name for that area? Armpit crease?) and they give a pretty sturdy, comfortable amount of lift. Seeing them expanding into swimwear is just like…a total dream. The only con here is that their shipping is nightmarish and their customer service is not the best…but guys, I’m telling you that it’s worth it for this stuff. Order now and you’ll have your suits when it starts to heat up! (Just be wary that it’ll take 3-4x longer than any time they quote you in your original order confirmation email. It’s frustrating, but you’ll look amazing in the end. Every order experience I’ve had has been a fiasco and I’m still here admitting that they do make incredible stuff. I’m adding one of these to my collection, too.)

1. The Ginger | 2. The Pepper | 3. The Caraway

Price Range: $119-$152
Size Range:

We learned about Honey Mark last year when we asked our readers to share what swimsuits they love. From one of our readers, Tiffany: “I am a currrrrvy girl and finding a swimsuit I feel good and comfortable and confident is the hardest thing for me. In fact, last year I didn’t swim at all because I didn’t have a swimsuit I was comfortable in. FAST FORWARD to this year and the brand Honeymark! Not only is the owner the most darling person I have ever seen, she’s made her line super size-inclusive and perfect for me. For anyone. This swim romper is super modest, comfy, and darling. Every single thing on her site is! I’ve never spent as much money on anything as I did this swimsuit. Not even my wedding dress (honestly) and I’m so excited to play at the splash pad and play in the swimming pool and at the beach in this little thing! “

1. Bright Delight Swimsuit | 2. Bright Delight 2 Bikini | 3. Bright Delight Bikini

Price Range: $120-$130
Size Range:

If you are looking for something fun, bright, and exciting, look no further than Naki Muli. Their bright, color-block styles are hard to miss plus they are another black-owned, size-inclusive brand!

1. The Ruched Backflip | 2. The Long Torso Ruffle Backflip | 3. The Ruffle Oasis Bikini Top + The Ruffle High Leg High Rise Bikini Bottom

Price Range: $45-$145
Size Range:

I bought #1 (amongst others). I returned some of them but kept that one as it’s very flattering (the cut pulls in your waist). The straps are supportive and it has a shelf (could use more support, but I’ll take a shelf). This is a great “playing with kids” suit, plus it’s Brian approved.

1. Plungey | 2. Lacey | 3. Hi Cut Plungey

Price Range: $178
Size Range: XS-3XL

OH GOODNESS. I finally ordered this internet famous suit with the ropes in the back and y’all – I LOVE IT. Especially if you want to wear it with shorts – it absolutely corsets in your waist. Now I know that the word “flattering” is problematic and of course, we shouldn’t be coveting the unattainable “hourglass” figure, but if that’s what you want – then this suit does deliver. I carry more tummy weight than you’d think so it really flattened it and made the waist smaller (and no, it doesn’t make it disappear it just pushes it out the back sooooo…. ). I ordered the red plunge in medium and it’s pretty tight, FYI. xx

Now, there are a billion swimsuit brands out there so there’s no way we scratched the surface but I hope this helped you make some good swimsuit buying choices. If you are looking for even more recs, we’ve reviewed quite a few here, here, and here. xx


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25 thoughts on “Where To Buy ALL The Best Swimsuits (Affordable, Black Owned, AND Size-Inclusive) – Because I’ve Been Heavily Insta-Marketed, Believe Me

  1. My friend has a bathing suit company and they are the BEST suits. Her website is
    They are made to be comfortable and stay in place while you are active and they are great for big boobs. She also makes then custom and they’re made with sustainable fabric. And Rani is one of the most fun, hilarious people on the planet, so I’m thrilled for her success.

  2. Thanks for this! The snow is still solidly on the ground in Canada, but I can’t wait for summer! I’m wondering about high-coverage UPF swimwear, and if anyone has any suggestions on that front. It seems like we are all about keeping our kids sun-safe in long sleeved, full coverage suits, but aside from a couple of suits at Lululemon and one I bought from Boden, it’s slim pickings for long-sleeved suits for women. Plus they’re mostly unlined and have no boob support… This strawberry blonde mama would LOVE any suggestions!

    1. Check out Title Nine! Their swimsuits are made for actual water activities (e.g. surfing) and actually hold up for toddler wrangling. They have lots of rash guard and swim top options!

  3. I just got a Baiia suit and took it for a spin for a Miami trip last weekend, and I’m really pleased with it! It makes me feel very cute, and I LOVE that it has so many style options. I mixed it up each day I wore it, so I felt like I got three suits for the packing space of only one. Also, after two kids, I really like my tummy firmly supported – my friend calls it ‘holding in the life.’ These bottoms do that perfectly, firm but comfy, and not tight around the thighs. The doubled-up fabric is very thick and high quality. My boobs are not huge, so I can’t weigh in there, but the website shows the suits on an awesome range of real bodies and everyone at least LOOKS gorgeous in them. IG ads were correct! I’d definitely recommend it. I followed the sizing on the site and found it was accurate (I normally wear an 8).

      1. The bikini – which I like mostly as a one-piece (personal preference). But I like that I can get varying degrees of midriff peeking out depending on my mood. It was a big leap of faith since I’d never worn a suit like it, and it’s not cheap, but it arrived and I was immediately pleased. The quality is so much nicer than the stuff I normally buy.

  4. For fellow long torso ladies: Andie’s has been good for me with long torso suit options.

  5. I love going to the beach, but I hate essentially walking around in my underwear all day. It’s never made sense to me that men’s suits are so forgiving and women’s suits are so revealing. Even the ones with more coverage. I just bought a modest suit from Calypsa and maybe it’s not the most stylish, but they are size inclusive and I don’t feel like I’m walking around in my underwear and a bra. They’re also good for sun protection. When the first suit I ordered didn’t fit right and I made a return request, they told me to keep it and just pick something else! Customer service and shipping are stellar. I like the idea that I can take a walk after being in the water our hanging in the sun. I’ve disliked girly suits since I was a little kid, so I like having options!

    I also looked into a more modest brand that looks super stylish, but I don’t know if I want to be that covered up.

    1. Aimee, I can relate! Last year my daughter got swim shorts and a swim shirt because she just didn’t see the point of wearing a suit if it’s not comfortable. Not sure why that hadn’t occurred to me, but it felt freeing and I’m going to try this option, too. Here’s to being truly comfortable at the beach this year!

    2. I’ve been very interested in the long sleeved suits (I think Mott is a brand I’ve looked at) because of the sun protection! I go to the pool with my little kids every weekend in the summer, and it would be nice to have less to sunscreen. I’ll be nursing this summer at the pool, so it probably won’t be the best option for me immediately, but I love that there are more options like this available.

  6. I like Lands End suits for their swim skirts & tankinis. I live at the beach so can wear a black, white, or navy one for a lunch break and then pop a cardigan over for a zoom call lol. For weekends I really like Lilly Pulitzer one piece suits as they have really nice lining & are well made.

  7. Thank you for the recommendations! I wanted to add that I bought a one-piece from Boden last year, and it is HIGH quality. Really nice material, very cute print. It was sized by cup size, and to me it seemed to run about a size small, so size up. Their returns are also SUPER easy (like, just seal up the bag they sent the suit in and use the label included, all freeeeee), so I bought a few sizes and returned the rest. I’ll be wearing it again this summer, it shows no wear and tear, and I swim at the beach all summer.

  8. what’s the one piece on the top right in the header photo? it’s a red and pink vintage number and I don’t see it listed.

  9. Thanks for this! Around the world thinking about Putin, What he will make for the world, May be he will make 3rd world war But no problem we will go regular in beach.

    1. Not sure how just sitting at home worrying about a potential world war (if not currently in harm’s way) is any more noble than talking about bathing suits – neither has any effect on the situation. Many people are concerned and upset by what Putin is doing, and nearly all of those people also have to keep living their lives.

  10. I loved that Jess mentioned that XL was hardly size-inclusive in an earlier review. Super disappointing then to read the description of Mint Swim … “with all shapes and sizes in mind. You can tell each style is made to make you feel confident and sexy, no matter your size.”

    “Size Range: XS-L”


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