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What You Bought Last Month: Some Spring/Summer Essentials + A Surprising Furniture Pick

Hi friends!! It’s Mal again (I know it’s been a minute, how have ya been?). I’ve been tasked to write another EXCITING (no that wasn’t sarcastic, I swear) blog post about what you all bought from our site last month. We genuinely think it’s fun to look back at the numbers and see “WOW everyone LOVES a _____???” (I’m obviously not gonna give away the list quite yet but you know what I mean). Alright, now let’s boogie.

10. Emilys Tortoise Shell Print Aviator Sunglasses

Can you guess the price on these?? Anyone? Bueler? (That joke is funny on a blog because I’m just writing which is kind of like talking to yourself since no one can respond to you until later in the comments you know?). Okay, drumroll please…12 BUCKAROOS! What the heck??? If you’re shook just know we all were too. These affordable sunnies look expensive (Emily’s friend literally mistook them for designer) which is perfect for a person like me who is too much of a klutz to be trusted with nice things (especially something as breakable as sunglasses). Onto the next.

9. Emily’s Favorite J.Crew One-Piece Swimsuit

I was shooting Instagram stories while Emily was doing her swimsuit post last year and IMMEDIATELY thought this suit was my favorite of the bunch. It’s classic and has a ruffle (I love a ruffle), plus I think it’s super versatile and can be worn to any event that involves water. I love this suit a lot, and apparently you guys do too!

8. Sara’s Brass Rail System

If you’re desperate for extra counter space in your kitchen (who isn’t) then this is the most genius solution & you’ll see why. In Sara’s kitchen she totally maximized her counter space by hanging her fruit bowl, dish towel, measuring cups and more from this brass rod. It’s pretty AND functional (and you know how we feel about that).

7. Emily’s #1 Winter + Summer Cotton Coverlet

This reversible schoolhouse blanket looks good in any home. It’s so classic (Em has had it for YEARS) and it looks amazing at the end of a bed, over the back of your sofa, folded in a basket, or at the bottom of a credenza because the pattern is just that good. We always show you the blue side so if it doesn’t ring a bell, just click the link and you’ll immediately recognize it if you’ve ever been on this site before 🙂

6. Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

We get a lot of random google traffic (which we love) but sometimes that means people will buy stuff from posts that are old & we have no idea where they came from. Introducing this affordable (and stylish) bathroom vanity! We may not know where we linked her, but she’s a real stunner – and it’s good to know people are doing bathroom renos right now! More bathroom reno content coming your way??? Probably 🙂

5. Sauvie Sectional Sofa

Emily posted this on IG stories so if you didn’t see it SPOILER ALERT – the Hendersons have found their family room sectional for the farm. It’s the perfect depth to lounge AND it’s incredibly comfortable…if you’re looking for the perfect movie watching sectional, we highly recommend this one 🙂

4. Ryann’s Cute And Super Affordable Jeans

Did ya know EXCELLENT jeans don’t need to be insanely expensive?? After being a Levi’s person and a self-proclaimed denim snob (she said it first not me) Ryann just found these incredibly comfortable jeans from Old Navy that fit perfectly. They hug in all the right places, plus they’re great for curvier bodies, especially for those that have a hard time finding jeans that aren’t too tight on the thighs 🙂

3. Emily’s Sauna Blanket

This sauna blanket was a bestseller once again!! I personally tried this when I was up in Portland and I’m a HUGE fan. I just love saunas in general and this is an awesome alternative for going to a sauna place or installing one in your house (I mean that kind of reno can cost some serious cheddar). Em also wanted me to tell everyone that she recently got the Red Light Face Mask and has tried it a few times and really likes it so far.

2. Mallory’s Striped T-Shirt

Ah I am so happy to run into my favorite t-shirt on here! This tee is so comfy, light weight (just in time for summer) and transitions well between workout and real life if needed (I definitely cross it over from time to time). Plus I like that it’s casual but cute on a zoom call. Throw it on with your favorite denim shorts and some strappy sandals and you got yourself an easy and cute summer look!

1. Caitlin’s Linen Dress

My visceral reaction from looking at this dress was “oh damn that’s cute” so I’m not surprised to see it here in 1st place. Caitlin linked this a few weeks ago in a link up & we’re all in love over here. This dress is breezy and perfect for spring (Easter anyone??) or summer looks. I love linen and this kind of smock style dress because you don’t really need to wear a bra (this is coming from a small boob lady, if you’re bigger up there you can still wear a bra, as the sleeves will cover the straps!) 10/10 and great rec, Caitlin!!

Thanks for popping by friends, we love you all!! Make sure to come back tomorrow for a very exciting announcement!

Opener Image Credit: Design and Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How Sara Course Corrected Her Initial “Clean, Modern, And Very Neutral” Primary Bath Design Plan Into The Actual Design She Wanted – It’s A Suprise Reveal!

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Erin Dae
2 years ago

Fun post – it is always interesting to see what others bought and see how it compares with my own click-throughs. One suggestion: can these types of posts be more of a mid-week thing? It is a quicker, breezier read so perfect for a hectic weekday. By Friday, I find myself really looking forward to a design-heavy post – a reveal, an update on Emily’s reno, etc. It is a nice way to start out the last day of my work week. That being said, I do realize that not everyone works a M-F job (and that some readers are on the opposite side of the world so time zones throw all of this in a different direction!) Just something to think about. Happy Friday everyone!

2 years ago

These are always fun 🙂 thanks! Love to see the random bathroom vanity on there. May I suggest an online bathroom vanity roundup? Double, single, offset, floating, what to keep an eye out for, pros and cons of custom countertops vs. all-in-one sets, etc… hopefully I’m not the only one who needs this!

2 years ago

Didn’t know JCrew was doing plus sizes now–that’s great! I love the Rejuvenation rail but it is way too pricey for me. Ikea’s HULTARP looks similar and does the job for $10.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alice

Thank you Alice, I’ve been trying to find a cheaper alternative to the Rejuvenation Rail. It is crazy expensive!

2 years ago

Can confirm that those Old Navy jeans hold up! I just bought a different wash in the curvy cut and was pleasantly surprised with how well they fit. I have a 15” difference between my waist and hip measurements. The fit is very similar to Madewell curvy jeans for a fraction of the price.

2 years ago
Reply to  Megan

I can’t speak to that particular style but I’ve had a few pairs of jeans from Old navy for years and they’ve held up super well.

2 years ago

I just want to point out that the brass kitchen rod you linked above is a shocking $686, but you can buy almost the exact same thing at ikea for $8. It’s the brass “Hultarp” kitchen rod.