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What I Wore This Week, Atlanta Edition


I am going to keep this one short and sweet, because I traveled both last week and this week to Atlanta so time was a little tight to pull off a new fashion post. But since this week was full of action, we figured we’d show you what I wore during a week of traveling, interviews, and photo shoots. Let’s get into it.


Img 3481 1024

Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Jacket (similar) | BFF necklace 

I’ve given up looking cool while traveling, especially when I have to get up at 4:30 am, so sweats and sneakers it is. Those Lou and Gray sweats are still so soft and comfy but what I really love is that the elastic doesn’t cut in at my waist (why would anybody design sweatpants with a tight waist band???). I, of course, wore my favorite sneakers, though I did regret not having socks on going through security and felt a bit embarrassed (whoops). Also, I am pretty sure I’ve had that same carry on for six years and it’s a piece of garbage so I should probably think about getting a cute one. Suggestions??

Img 3484 1024

Shirt (similar) | Jeans | Shoes (similar) | Sunglasses

Once I landed in Atlanta, I had to meet the client that afternoon and while I warned them I would be in my travel clothes, I decided I wanted to look a bit more pulled together. I quickly changed into my favorite Rag & Bone dre jeans and the smile shirt that you guys have seen a thousand times. The dre jeans are straight leg with a low waist (I wear a 27), are very comfortable and even though I’ve gained some weight (too much travel, not enough soup!), they still feel roomy but also flattering.


Img 3531 1024

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes (similar)

This day, I was on camera for 25 TV and radio interviews but only from the waist up so I wore my comfy jeans, with my Ulla top. You are going to see a lot of Ulla Johnson here. The reason is that I LOVE and wear the hell out of their clothes. They are very expensive, and I do pay for what I buy because I am a huge fan (although I should reach out…Hi Ulla!). For me, their pieces are perfect because they are special without being too loud, and are flattering without being tight. I just feel really good in them which is important for being on camera. I need to feel comfortable and confident.

Image From Ios 1024

Dress (similar) | Shoes (similar)

This dress is also an Ulla number that I’ve now worn to 1 billion occasions. I wore it to the press party on Tuesday with all the other designers and our friends at Invitation Homes. Sadly, they no longer make this exact dress but the good news is I was randomly in a Banana Republic and saw this very similar one. You are welcome. 🙂


Emily Henderson Wednesday Outfit

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

The next day we had the “Finding Your Person Design Style Workshop” (which was SO fun meeting some of you guys) and I debated between two outfits (because, options). I almost wore this chambray top paired with white Levi’s but instead opted for this outfit below:

Img 20871

Shirt (similar) | Pants | Shoes

Yes, that is another Ulla Johnson top (that exact top is not on their site anymore but they do have other styles in the same print). Also, you guys were all in my DMs asking about those white pumps on my feet, understandably so. They are Vagabond that I recently bought at American Rag and I am so glad I did. Normally, I stay away from white shoes because I feel like they make feet look so much bigger, but because these are pointed, they have the opposite effect.


Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

To head home, I wore the same dre jeans and a new chambray top because that’s really want I need in my life/closet—more chambray. So there you have it…7 outfits in 3 days! That might be a record.

Have a lovely Saturday! See ya tomorrow for The Link Up. xx

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My Away brand carryon suitcase is my favorite I’ve ever owned. Great color/size options, built in phone charger and lifetime warranty.

CS Kyle

Another vote for Away; love my hunter green carryon!


I have the hunter green, too! Love it.


Ditto. I bought an Away carryon for my college age daughter and she loves it. Well designed luggage.


Another vote for Away!

ooh! I will check them out xx


How old are you
Laughter, beautiful and handsome


Best outfit is the one you didn’t wear! Super cute!


The buttoned up chambray shirt and white jeans was my favorite look of the week too!


The Ulla Johnson tops are gorgeous on you. For a carry on I LOVE Brics X bag 21 inch size. Comes in lots of colors. Very very well made. Super light. 4 wheels. I can fit in 4 days of clothes and shoes. It easily fits in the overhead, even on those small commuter planes. And they are always on sale somewhere.

Thank you so much xx and I will check them out!


I love your style! So classic and chilled!

Mariya |

Thank you 🙂


The Ulla Johnson shirts (and dress) are so lovely. I’ve been curious to try but the shop nearby never has my size. Do you think that the shirts are true to size? Or size down because off the roomy fit? The outfits are adorable on you!

Samantha Zutler

Hi! I size down a bit in Ulla because of the exact reason you say. I haven’t tried the dresses though, just the tops. Shopbop and Nordstrom have good selections and easy return policies. I love her stuff – flattering and well made. I wish I’d just bought a couple Ulla tops to nail that peasant look, rather than WAY TOO MANY cheaper ones (that fall apart).


Going to go buy those boyfriend jeans! so cute and comfy looking 🙂

yes! they are great xx

andrea taylor

after buying many inexpensive carry on bags that just die after a year or so, I bought the AWAY bag in dark dark green. It’s got the best wheel action of any bag I’ve ever owned–including a Tumi bag from years ago. AND the best thing is that it doesn’t tip when you go from carpet to floor or swing it around a corner or go from the jetway over the threshold to the plane. It stays straight. Very solid construction. I like that it has the phone charger that lasts a day or more. It has straps inside to compress your clothes so you can get more in it (they do wrinkle a little more when you do that). The one draw back is that it doesn’t expand…but that’s not really a drawback because it prevents me from overpacking.


Thanks for this!!

Roberta Davis

I guess even you have to worry about gaining weight. Sigh. Well- you always look stylish and it’s your own style! I appreciate the information about the products, even if I will never be a size 0!


I’m guessing you already know about this brand, but in case you don’t: you might like Rebecca Taylor. Her stuff is not cheap,but it wears well and lasts.


The rstyle links not working through a reader / Bloglovin is super sad now. It just takes you to google every time!


In the black and white collage photo i read (on my phone, so tiny) your shirt as ‘MILF’ haha, definitely raised an eyebrow for a minute there….


Omg. Emily. The picture of you in the tan ulla blouse, took my breath away. Gorgeous!
I’m now thinking I may have to buy a $400 blouse!

Can you please tell us about the necklace with the navy ulla blouse?

Continue to LOVE LOVE the fashion posts!

Samantha Zutler

Another vote for an Away carry on! It took me awhile to get on board because, I guess, I’m a contrarian?? But it’s great. I actually bought a Tumi first because I thought it was THE BEST. I returned it in favor of the Away, because it’s actually just THE MOST EXPENSIVE and THE HEAVIEST. I got tired of looking around the plane for some kind soul to help me hoist that f*cker into the overhead bin. Away!

Lori Murphree

I love the chambray top with the scallops (the one you didn’t wear). Too pricey for me, but maybe Banana Republic will knock off that one, too. I like all of these outfits, Emily.

ariana pham

Thanks for sharing such an amazing post with us it is very informative and helpful.


I know you have posted somewhere Vince platform dups but I can’t find it ? can you help a sister out?

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