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What I Bought Over The Break

I’m always curious what bloggers actually buy for themselves – not just for projects and not gifted from companies. So I figured you might be, too. Over the break I did some damage, but I felt I was in newborn prison (a quite adorable prison it is) for weeks so my retail withdrawals were in full force, and I needed to shop. Alone.  Have you ever notice how you can spend a lot more when you are shopping alone? Dangerous …

Besides, Brian was STUMPED with what to buy me, per usual, so I went ahead and took care of it for him. I told him that all I really, really wanted is for him to edit all our iphone footage of our kid together, which he gave me me for my birthday (and MUST continue to do so because it made me weep with joy) but meanwhile I shopped for myself and even wrapped 1/2 of this for myself under the tree and did a big song and dance about how much I love it, how well he knows me, blah blah blah. What it lacks in romance, it makes up for in GETTING EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED.

So, without further ado, here is what I bought for myself over the break and why …

1. Navy Vest – I have a million button ups (especially with the nursing situation) that need some layering without too much bulk. This has a super slimming cut that makes me feel smaller in the areas that I’m not feeling as small in right now. Plus it’s kinda menswear, which I always like. So far, it’s worth the splurge as I’ve worn it a few times already and it has solved a lot of wardrobe problems.

2. Leather Heel – Two years ago Brian bought me a gift certificate to DVF and I’ve tried to spend it, but ultimately her dresses are not quite my style. But, I tried again over the break and found these shoes that were on a major sale. But that’s not why I bought them. No, it’s because of that amazing white rubber sole that makes them SO UNBELIEVABLY comfortable. While I won’t be wearing them too much the next couple months, I think they’ll be a Spring/Summer wardrobe staple.

3. Copper Cups – I know they don’t seem that special but the particular tone of these cups are so pretty. I just bought one to use as a vase for that perfect shot.

4. Silk Shirt – Dark green (forest, hunter, jade .. whatever) is a trending color. Meanwhile I had a job where they told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear blue, and this was the perfect solution …. This blouse isn’t SPECTACULAR, but I like the cut, fit, and color.

5. Flared Jeans – The flat front of these jeans makes my front feel flat and for that I LOVE these jeans.

6. Metallic Slip Ons – I joined the thick-soled Van’s wanna be trend. These are super comfortable and were perfect for when I had to RUN through JFK with a baby strapped to me to catch our flight, because it took 2 1/2 hours to get to the airport from our house!!!! LA traffic? HA!

7. Marble Tray – This tray is going to be one of those Target items that goes FAST, trust me. I got a sample of it a while ago for a shoot which they sadly asked me to send back but after seeing it in person I can say that it is awesome and snag worthy.

8. Bottle Opener – I don’t know. I didn’t need this. I even had them wrap that and the corkscrew for a gift which I still might give to someone but I didn’t know who, I just liked them and wanted to buy them. I’m a hoarder and you could market a piece of garbage to me and I’d be like, but its handmade in Oregon!!

9. Corkscrew – See #8

10. Pink Ceramics – ABC Carpet and Home is one of my favorite stores ever, but it ain’t cheap. Opposite in fact. They have the most beautiful tabletop props in the world and I do call them ‘props’ because I picked up a soup bowl (NOT a serving bowl, mind you) that was $126 for just that single piece. Like, not a set. So then an hour later I found a tiny little handmade pink jewelry dish that was $18 (not shown) and I was like WHAT A DEAL!!!

11. Bamboo Lantern – We used this on the latest Target video a couple of months ago and in person it’s this really simple raw wood – so pretty, chic with that mid-century/scandy vibe that I love. It’s going in my living room by my fireplace. Also I know what you are thinking ‘Wait … don’t you work for Target? Can’t you get stuff for free?’ and the answer is sure, I get a budget for projects for the blog but its not like its supermarket sweep every Saturday over here. I far exceed my budget because I spend so much on me, as you do at Target.

12. Pink Pillow – Obviously Elliot needed a faux fur pillow for her room (soon to be revealed). Colored faux fur can be tricky (stay away from really bright saturated colors like purple and cobalt) but this color is actually even more toned done then it looks in the photos. I love her.

13. Necklace – I bought like 1 million necklaces over the break. Here’s why: I have to wear a decent amount of boring button ups and shirt dresses and such things need good styling – good boots, necklaces and of course hats. So I tried to find some that were inexpensive enough that if a baby ripped it apart I wouldn’t be devastated.

14. Shirt Dress – Speaking of shirt dresses … Equipment is one of my favorite brands ever. Their clothes look a little boring, but the cuts are EXTREMELY flattering – especially their silk ones. This dress is great for nursing, layering and generally easy living (and it’s on sale right now).

15. Wood Measuring Spoons – This is what I like to call ‘Instagram Bait’. It’s like these companies make things just for people like me. I don’t know. I’m from Oregon. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. I will probably never use them to actually cook, but I really wanted them, so I bought them. Coming soon to an instagram near you.

16. Suede Potholder – For $18 I think this is a fantastically simple gift and THIS I will actually use in my kitchen.

17. Blue Pants – OK, listen. I didn’t buy these YET. I tried them on and I really wanted them but they weren’t right for any of the shoots that I had. Plus, I still need to lose 15 pounds so “my size” (that isn’t my size anymore) didn’t exactly fit but I didn’t want to go up a size because I WILL LOSE THAT WEIGHT. Also they come in black and blush pink. The black just looked like a big blob to me and the pink was so pretty but I don’t think I can do that big of pant in a light color at this juncture.

18. Canvas Journal – Didn’t need it. Just wanted it. I have a thing for collecting notebooks and then writing like 2 sentences in them and misplacing them. It’s awesome.

19. Brass Pen – Because sometimes chic pens make you feel important in unimportant meetings.

20. Blue Dress – This is part of my ‘don’t-even-try-to-imagine-what-my-parts-look-like-under-here’ wardrobe, typical of a post-partum lady. It actually drapes really well and is thin enough that its easy to layer over. You know how sometimes if its stiff cotton you can’t properly put a sweater over it? Well this is rayon so it’s just really easy to wear.

21. Initial Necklace – I bought one for Elliot and one for Charlie, for obvious reasons. They are so pretty, simple and architectural. Such a good gift, by the way for $38.

22. Leather Slip Ons – Look at me buying TAUPE. I love these shoes. I shall wear them with all my hospital gowns.

23. Brass Necklace – Another cool architectural brass necklace that edges up a simple dress. Just add hat.

Well that’s it folks. Just a little sneak-peek into what I splurged on over the break. What are your favorites? What would you buy? What would you return if I gifted it to you? AND most importantly, is 2016 the year of the hospital gown?

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8 years ago

Love everything! The comment about the journal was hilarious. I do the same thing. I’m dying to see Eliot’s room with that awesome pink pillow.

8 years ago
Reply to  mary

i agree! nursery reveals are my favorite!!!!

8 years ago

i have similar vans. and it was funny cuz my husband got it for me for my birthday last summer, but i hadn’t worn it for a few months. I’m a big believer in tootises being FREEE in the hot months! he mentioned as to whether i liked them or not… i was like yeah i do! i love them! he says, but i never see you wear them. Uhm hello, it’s 90 degrees out. anyway, so once it got cooler, i pretty much wear them all the time. I had him get me the vans no show socks (the men’s kind since those have a silicone tab in the back and women do NOT… why?!) and now i can wear these through the winter too!

8 years ago

You can’t wear blue???? So random

8 years ago

Love the necklaces! And yes, I think 2016 is the year of the hospital gown!

8 years ago

A number of times I brought things up to the register and when the cashier asked if I needed a gift receipt I was like, No, these are just for me. ha! I’m so glad to know someone else was doing some personal shopping during the holidays. I bought some clothes and shoes, along with a backpack full of books. It almost felt illicit!

8 years ago

i think you’re the funniest person in the whole wide world. i had a few good laughs reading this. and now im about to drive to my nearest target and do some damage, as usual. thanks a lot.

i took your style test this past weekend – not knowing at all what “home style” i really was because I love EVERYTHING. kind of. man. it was so spot on. and i heard angels singing. thanks for the book. you did such a good job and congratulations on everything emily – from the new book and the new gorgeous girl … happiest new year to you! <3

8 years ago

Have you checked out ED by Ellen yet? She has some nice quality menswear-type clothing and some great housewares, like these pretty, earthy serving pieces for a steal! I just wish she didn’t name her line “ED” 🙂

8 years ago

Love some of the items on the list. Specially the shoes and necklaces. Great choice.

Emily R
8 years ago

I love both the dresses and all your jewelry picks. I really am into your sense of style and it makes me happy to see you sharing your picks from the break!!
I would buy the blouse and both dresses myself, though the suede potholder doesn’t appeal to me.

8 years ago

Go for the blue pants!

8 years ago

I would add one more thing–and it’s not just because I bought it–and it’s the rattan bar cart from the Threshold line at Target. And that stupidly ridiculous marble tray is so fab I bought three! Just in case I HAVE to give one as a gift…. The tray looks great on top of the cart–or anywhere else. Is it just me or is Target knocking it out of the park with their spring line of rattan accented furniture and accessories?

8 years ago

Love all the Oregon love!!

8 years ago

I just had a baby six months ago and you’re killing me! So much postpartum angst; so right-on.

8 years ago

Please, please, please do a post on how to look cute while still being able to nurse

8 years ago

I love those gold sneakers and those copper cups!


8 years ago

I love those flared jeans. Do you get them hemmed? If so how do you hem them, for heels or for flats? I have 2 pairs of flare jeans both hemmed to wear with heels… I love them but feel like I need an additional pair (or 2) hemmed to wear with flats because I don’t wear heels or heeled boots on a daily basis, especially on days when I’m around the house most of the day (i.e. my jeans that work with my higher heels just don’t work dragging around the floor).

8 years ago
Reply to  Alison

that is so funny you ask that because it was like a 45 minute conundrum in the dressing room with the tailor. Ok, so I bought them at Nordstroms where they do free hemming (within a day, often). I bought three pairs of jeans that day and hemmed two for high heels (Like tall ass boots) then hemmed these for booties – the mid-way. I tried these on with flats and they didn’t look good (I think that on me skinny/ankle length looks best with flats) so these were hemmed for like 2 1/2 -3″ and I think it was the right decision. they are more casual so I don’t wear them with super tall boots, but I think I even could. So that’s my hemming story 🙂

Beautiful purchases! I definitely did a bit of damage too this holiday…but it’s totally fine to shower yourself with a few gifts during the holiday season right? Especially after having a new baby around. Congratulations!

8 years ago

Snagged the marble tray! Love and can so relate to your notebook purchases.
Loved the post!

8 years ago


Also love your recent fashion-y shopping posts.

8 years ago

Hi Emily — What a good santa you make! Love your picks!

Question for you about the Initial necklaces — can you wear them together? I can’t tell on the site if you can — can you imagine the horrors if I wear 1 kids initial and not the other one day?!?!

8 years ago

So speaking of hoarding, I fell in love with a 5×8 rug on the weekend (that I don’t need) but it seems an impractical size, particularly after re-reading your post on rug size. Should I try to forget about it and weight till I find something gorgeous and big?

8 years ago

Okay. I gotta settle down here. First off, I loved this blog post because of the cool new stores you sent us to. KaBling Kabling Kabling! So pretty, so cool.
Secondly, though, “…………………………….This tray is going to be one of those Target items that goes FAST, trust me. I got a sample of it a while ago for a shoot which they sadly ASKED ME TO SEND IT BACK but after seeing it in person I can say that it is awesome and snag worthy………………” Are You F***** Kidding Me Right Now??????? Target made you SEND IT BACK? With all the traffic you send their way, even if that only just included ME???? TARGET!!!! ARE YOU LISTENING? You should give Emily ALL THE THINGS!!! Good grief!
There. Sorry, I hope I didn’t cause problems between you and Target, but seriously.

8 years ago

The leather heels and slip ons is the perfect choice in shoes.

Kate Lim
8 years ago

All girls here love the shoes you picked but lemme tell you men do not find these sexy, they don’t ever understand these shoes… we might think it looks good and comfortable (score!) but our boyfriends and husbands, they are rolling their eyes. lol

8 years ago

#12 OMG

I had to talk myself out of buying that. My boyfriend already complains about the excessive numbers of pillows on the couch. I think a pink fluffy pillow might send him over the edge!

It’s not my fault I need 2x back pillows and also one for clutching during scary movies and also maybe a tiny one for cuteness…

karine semple
8 years ago

I just went down an accidental add everything to your cart spree at the store that the shirt & shirtdress came from – what a great store & find, thanks for the indirect recommendation : )

8 years ago

I asked myself the first question that you posed on this post too but I think it’s also out of a bit of jealousy (oops).
It’s so nice to see this collage of yours. Looks like a nice, decent splurge! 🙂