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We’re hiring – designers, photo assistants, admin, writers …

Its time again, folks. We need more help in a few different categories and we are looking for the right people, with the right chemistry to have fun with Ginny, Brady and me. Know anyone?

1. Design writers/contributors. I’m looking for people who know design/style obviously, but who can write about it in a really engaging, fun and just edgy voice. This is EXTREMELY hard to find (online, in general) and who knows, we might not find the right people, but if we could then that would be amazing. So I figured why not try. You’d have a column – and I’m open to anything that is fun to read about. It could be Β tech, interviews, trends, moodboards of personalities, home tours, etc. It just needs to be in the design/style category and engaging and funny. Allowing someone else to write here has been a super hard decision to make, so I’m going to be CRAZY picky to make sure its the right fit. Orlando, is a good example of good and he is coming back more often! The pay depends on what the post is and how much experience you have. If you think you fit these qualifications please send a sample post to us. This is something we’ll always be looking for so if you are just stumbling upon this post don’t think that its been filled. This can be done remotely.

2. Admin/photo assistant. Skills needed are basic admin/organization, adobe suite, and basic photo skills. We have a good camera, so don’t worry about that. Just looking for the right person with the right chemistry to help us run our vintage e-commerce site that will be launching soon and help with admin/emails/blog content, etc. This is entry-level, pay based on experience, and could be part-time (but every part-time job turns into full-time over here).

3. Assistant, junior and senior designers. As soon as the rebrand is launched we will have design services for all budgets and we need more designers to help with the needs. You could work remotely on our new E-design packages, or if you are in LA then you would be in on the LA design projects. This is freelance and project based for now. We need all levels – assistants, juniors (project managers) and senior designers (who have worked at a firm or for themselves and can run the whole project).

We’ll start taking applications and set up interviews in a couple of weeks. Or if you know anyone who fits any of these qualifications please forward them this post. Email:

photo by Stephanie Todaro


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32 thoughts on “We’re hiring – designers, photo assistants, admin, writers …

  1. Pleaseeee have Orlando more frequently! I think some cool guest contributors is a fab idea. Obviously YOU are amazing, and anything to make this blog continue to be sustainable with your busy schedule is a plus to me.

  2. I can’t wait to apply! Should applicants go ahead and email Brady, or should we wait until you start taking applications in the coming weeks?

    1. Did you read the whole post? Not trying to be snarky but I’m pretty sure the last sentence says send in the applications and in a couple weeks they’ll set up interviews. There’s an email address listed too.

      1. Yep! Just go ahead and apply. If its for the writer/contributor then basically send a sample post of what kind of column you’d like, written by you, etc.

        1. Thank you! I misinterpreted the last sentence to mean that you were taking applications in the coming weeks as well as setting up interviews then. I’m very excited for your team expansion!

  3. I’m so excited for you and your current team to be having this growth. Congrats. I will miss not expecting to hear your voice when I go to your blog each morning but I do enjoy Orlando and Brady’s post so I know you will make sure it is all good. I’m so happy for your successes and I don’t even know you although I feel like I do.

  4. Emily I’m so happy for you but really I’m so happy for myself as well!! This is such an amazing opportunity! Just commented on your post on instagram and can’t wait to apply!!

  5. Emily,
    I am wholeheartedly excited for this opportunity to apply as a Junior Designer. Having followed your blog and your brand for some time now, this is a great place to be. I am graduating with my interior design degree come May, so this is the perfect time to reach out to you. Best of luck on your search and hope to connect during this process.

    Ariel Pecoraro

  6. Hi Emily! Do you foresee hiring a producer to your staff in the future, to help produce all your photo & video shoots? I’d love to eventually join your team! πŸ™‚

  7. I would absolutely love to be able to write remotely for you. While my wife and I have had an on-and-off-again, casual design blog as a hobby the past 2 years, I don’t know that it serves as the best example of the slightly more ‘professional’ (yet still fun) writing tone I envision for guest posts on your site. Nevertheless, it is the most design-centric writing I have done and as a result would be the most relevant example. I think I may still select a writing sample and apply anyway, because why not? I’ll be envious of anyone who gets chosen and gladly look forward to additional content knowing it is Emily-approved.

    1. the How to: Styling Credenzas post was so great I wouldn’t be surprised to read it here on Emily – wishing you luck with your application and
      keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Emily,
    What is the best way to send you the sample post, via a link to an actual blog post, attached image or imbedded into the e-mail? Thank you πŸ™‚

  9. Ooohhhh….I’m so excited about these e-design packages you mention. I live in a beautiful house in San Francisco, but I need design help!

  10. Hi Emily,
    Is the writing position, which can be done remotely, also open internationally? I’m based in Australia and super-keen.

  11. Hi Emily,
    Could the admin position be done remotely? I live in Nashville,TN but would the opportunity to work with you and your team!


  12. Did you say vintage e-commerce site?! What a dream come true! I was literally just thinking to myself earlier this week how amazing it would be if there were a shopping section on your blog. I’m going to start saving my allowance. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on the expansions!

  13. If you ever need to add a graphic designer to the mix, I’m basically in love with everything you do (and with you, because you’re adorable)… Congrats on the expansion and can’t wait to see the new e-commerce site!

  14. Just a suggestion here…I read this blog by a girl named Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and she has the funniest blog I have ever read.. in a witty, clever, Wes Anderson sort of way. She also has great taste and is a world class Craigslister. You should check her out!

    1. I second a vote for Victoria and maybe those crazy kids at Young House Love would like to come out of retirement. I’m in Seattle, otherwise I’d love to help.

  15. How exciting for you. In another life I’d love to apply, but I live on an island on the other side of the world and have a completely different kind of career ;). SO, I wish you all the best in finding some awesome new staff.

  16. p.s I just realised you also said design writer…really wishing I could just duck over to that other life right now to apply because that could be a LOT of fun..but alas, here I am stuck on a LOVELY pacific island…So I’ll keep daydreaming but I will stop wasting your time πŸ™‚

  17. Emily!

    I cannot express how excited I am to be a potential employee of your rockin’ team. It’s the like, “pull-your-hair-out-do-back-hand-springs-while-screaming” sort of excitement. It’s a pretty big deal, obviously. Be on the lookout for a bulky, yet resourceful email from me! YAY!


  18. So I was actually coming back here to look up the name of the IKEA bookcase Orlando keeps on spray painting every day, and stumbled upon this post. Can you say Destiny’s Child? Emily. I’m going to write something & email you, and probably make up some kind of blog really quick because, well, I let my domain expire (they send out too many reminder emails) and naturally wouldn’t pay criminals GoDaddy $79 to steal my domain back from them. I’m in OC, yep — people in OC like design — and can come for a meeting here and there. People in OC also do NOT like the 5 or 405 but are willing to battle it once in a while for the sake of something this awesome.

  19. Hi Emily,

    Just happened to come across this post in the ‘Explore’ section of my Bloglovin’ feed, and it’s so timely because I wanted to start being guest contributors for online publications. I’ve dropped you an email about my interest as a writer. Hope to hear from you soon!


  20. Hi there, I’m emailing you with my work history and portfolio! I’m in LA. Will work remotely or in-office. Extensive experience πŸ™‚

  21. Can I just say that I am so FREAKING excited that you’re going to offer e-design services?! I live in San Luis Obispo away from anything cool and would LOVE to hire someone remotely to help with our new house interior. Can’t wait!

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