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by Emily Henderson
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So, we have some updates over here at EHD – the last we left you, we announced our site relaunch and that we were looking to fill a handful of spots on the team (Editorial Director, Social Media Manager and House/Family Manager to name a few). We’ve made some moves and have welcomed a new Editorial Director to the team as of this week (say hi to Arlyn Hernandez, who was previously the Design Editor at Apartment Therapy). Brady, who was previously the Editorial Director quit to be the Design Editor for Apartment Therapy, JUST JOKING HE WOULD TOTALLY GET FIRED IF HE DID THAT. Seriously, he was basically doing 2+ jobs – Design Producer, Editorial Director, Creative Director, Art Director, and often writer, so after we realized what we really needed, we searched for the perfect person with a ton of experience to help run this blog. We are all so excited for what Arlyn brings to the table, and hopefully, I’ll have some time to breathe in the coming months. YAY! She and Jess will be heading up the execution of all our content and would obviously continue to love suggestions from you.

Next up, to really ramp up for EHD 2.0, we are in need of contributing writers with strong, compelling voices.

If you are told that you are FUNNY all the time and you like design/style, then this could be you.

Obviously an experienced writer with a long resume would be GREAT and of course we’d love you to have Photoshop skills to help execute the post, whatever it may be. But I can’t stress how important it is that you have a voice that I look forward to reading. Ideal candidates will have previous writing experience and be able to pitch sharp, original story ideas on a continuous basis, as well as be able to fully execute the production of posts from start to finish. It’s a hard ask, but surely someone out there knows someone who writes hilarious yet poignant Instagram and Facebook posts and loves talking about design and style (if you do, send them our way – if that’s YOU, send yourself our way).

These would be remote freelance positions, with a pay-per-article structure – also we might potentially even need another staff writer/editor soon in LA. Contributors should be familiar with WordPress, have excellent copywriting/editing skills as well as have a good sense of what is happening in the design and lifestyle worlds. But if you are the David Sedaris of design (wait, that’s Orlando) and have never touched WordPress, that’s okay, we still want you.

We are open to other lifestyle subjects, too. If you can write about motherhood in an addictive and clever way, please submit. Same goes for fashion, pop culture, culture and politics, etc. We aren’t trying to do everything, but if we can take a unique spin a few of our favorite subjects outside of design, then we might if we can find the right writers.

If you think this sounds like you and you’re getting ants in your undypants from the excitement of contributing to the site, please send us your resume, a short cover letter explaining why we should consider you, any examples of past work/writing samples but, most importantly, 3-5 of your best pitches you’d want to see on EHD and one mini blog post (we’d love for you to flush out one of your ideas so we can get a sense of your voice). Also, please send us links to your social pages (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook) – literally ANYTHING that gives us a sense of who you are.

Email jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com with CONTRIBUTOR in the subject line. I know I keep saying this, but we are looking for different writers – think Orlando and Jen Gotch – two very good friends of mine who are too busy to commit, no matter what my bribe is or how I threaten to slander them publicly (Orlando will contribute after he’s done signing copies of his amazing book, in like 3-4 months). Get creative with your pitch ideas – it could be ‘why toenails are the new fingernails.’ I’m only emphasizing this because we have a lot of applicants who sent samples of their work from other sites and it’s good, but I’m not getting a sense of the ‘voice’ (I only read a few of them, when I realized I needed Arlyn here to weigh in). I also know that a lot of other publications aren’t looking for a really edgy/compelling voice so those samples may not reflect the true you.

And if you are wondering if we are trying to turn into Apartment Therapy by hiring Arlyn and expanding, the answer is that will never be possible…so ‘no.’ Maxwell is actually a great friend of mine, and we had a long, good conversation about both our sites when I called to tell him I was accidentally stealing his Design Editor. We are two different animals and our trajectories are not the same, with no competition even possible. I want a better site than we have right now, with better resources and more good voices, but I will always want it to feel small and intimate – my relationship with you being a huge part of the process and success (despite how sick I feel after a couple of the negative comments from yesterday). I’m terrified of this change – generally loving smaller blogs myself, but I also know that if it doesn’t work and neither of us is happy (you nor I) we can always go back to one post. We aren’t going to put out posts just to put out posts. I want this to be still so good and original, which is why we needed high-level leadership, and we are being super picky about the voice and tone of the new writers.

That’s all to say ‘Welcome Arlyn!’ Hopefully, Brady and I can breathe and focus more on design, creative direction and writing (the day-to-day production/publishing of a blog is insane). And with the help of some of you – you HILARIOUS, EDGY, KIND, SMART AND STYLISH WRITERS – we can hopefully create a cast of characters who you will love reading as much as I do.

We still haven’t hired a Social Media Manager/Producer because we’re figuring out some things on our end and I wanted to wait for Arlyn to start, so if you’ve applied, hang tight – we haven’t forgotten about you. And if you haven’t applied but think you’d be a great fit, don’t be shy. Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com with SOCIAL MEDIA in the subject line. We were previously looking for someone high level with a lot of experience but are open to all levels now that we have Arlyn and it might be better suited to someone with strong copy skills, a genuine love of social media and a ton of creativity and innovation.

(And if you are wondering if we hired a house manager/family helper, the answer is no but it’s okay. We are managing fine, though if there are any former teachers, nannies or students who want to work 2-3 days a week (from 2-6pm) + a night or two in Los Feliz, please email the jobs email above with FAMILY HELPER in the subject. We realized that we really needed less help than we thought since our kids can stay in school longer on some days – which they love).

And in case you’re wondering, the mountain house is good. It’s moving along and we are working on electrical, plumbing, framing, etc. I’m designing the bathrooms and kitchens right now and choosing major finishes asap. Since the Portland house is more of a priority (it will be on the market this summer), I have to give it more time right now, but we are dying to live in that cabin this August with the kids. Just DYING.

Speaking of, we need a faux finisher for our German schmear on the fireplace (and you bet I insert ‘German schmear’ into any conversation as often as possible). This person would be likely LA-based and have a lot of experience in schmears. I’m also open to other ‘schmears’ – Polish, English, Spanish. As long as it ends in schmear, you have the job.

We also need a finish carpenter who can help with the design of the cabinet fronts (we are experimenting with a new cabinet profile and my GC up there is GREAT but it’s hard to really test pieces when we are a couple of hours away from each other). Or more of an artisanal cabinet maker (are we still saying ‘artisanal’ – ugh you know what I mean) – just someone who we can give a drawing and some photos to and say ‘how do you think this could get done and can you make it this pretty?’. We are trying to stain the wood a particular color and I think in order for it to look AWESOME, we need an artist/maker who understands what we want and knows how to execute it.

OMG. This post started out with six sentences. Arlyn and Brady and I were in my office all day, talking about everything, so we didn’t get a post prepped and I said “No biggie, we can skip a day and just do a ‘we are hiring’ post”, BUT NO. Maybe I just needed to talk. I miss journaling. Ever since I started the blog I stopped journaling, for obvious reasons. Maybe when we relaunch to multiple posts a day I can just do a few ‘here’s how I’m feeling’ posts a week or ‘here’s what I really did today’ post. I wonder if that would be fun (what do you think?). A real picture diary of what we did, hour by hour with iPhone shots. No added styling or glam, just a true hour by hour…I guess that’s more ‘storying’ technically, but I have more to talk about than just picking paint colors.

Oh and GUESS WHAT? I finally came up with book concept #2!! I’ve been hounded for a while, but I said no until I had more time and a new idea. It came to me in the shower, but I’m trying to not let myself think about it until one of these houses is done. But man, I can’t WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK. If only it were around five years ago because I could have REALLY used it…Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. Always…thanks for reading. And thanks to my team of amazing creatives who run this blog and bring their creativity, expertise and hard work to the office every day – that’s Brady, Sara, Jess, Julie, Velinda, Emily B, and now Arlyn. I appreciate the heck out of all of you and when the site relaunches you’ll get to know each of them so much better. xx

  1. Go Team EHD! Excited for all the change, and hoping this means everyone will get a chance to breathe and enjoy all the success 🙂

  2. Rebecca Wakefield, would love to hear her voice on EHD 2.0

    1. I’m not sure who Rebecca Wakefield is (I’m sure she’s lovely and a great writer), but I can’t hear the name “Wakefield” without thinking of Sweet Valley High. And I am here for any and all Sweet Valley High references you can work into your design blog.

      Congratulations on your new hire Emily!

  3. Just promise us you won’t go the way of Cup of Jo with so many contributors that you just pop in occasionally. That used to be my favorite blog and I tried to hang on for so long but she lost herself with all the other writers. I think if you do it like you do with Orlando, where it’s so blatantly obvious that it’s a different person writing, and still keep good visual eye candy design, you’ll be good.

    1. You find that distracting? I’m sorry to read that! I think those disparate and distinct voices are what makes Cup of Jo so delightful and inclusive. She’s still there – very much so! – but she’s also covering the experience of so many other types of people

      1. Hey Michelle, I totally agree. I love the new writers on cup of jo. I love getting a new/different perspective. xx

    2. This is an important point! We need to know exactly who is writing what – and exactly when Emily is writing. I’d even love to have little visual cues at the top of the post as to the author – maybe a little cute round thumbnail pic of the contibutor plus first name.

      1. I agree! Not that I dislike posts by other members of the team, but sometimes on like roundups and budget room posts, it can be jarring when I don’t realize until the bottom of the post that it was written by someone other than Emily. In my head, I know Emily doesn’t write all of those, she usually writes the big and/or personal posts, but if no one says otherwise at the beginning, it’s Emily’s voice that I imagine while I’m reading. I think it would help me get a better sense of each team member’s individual voice and style if I knew from the first word who wrote each post.

        I really like that there are other team members writing some of the filler material between big posts – and I mean filler material in the best way possible. It keeps us all entertained while Emily is moving mountains (mountain houses?) in the background, making content for the big time posts. The mix of different types of posts keeps everything so fun and helpful, and Emily couldn’t do this all alone!

    3. Are you serious?

    4. I have to respectfully disagree with Katy — personally I think Cup of Jo strikes a great balance (and +1 to Michelle’s “inclusive” comment). I trust Emily will strike the same great balance even with more contributors!

      1. When we relaunch it will be authored at the top – it will say who is writing. for sure. xx

        1. Now we are going to find out that Bearcat actually writes 60% of the posts!

  4. I would love journaling type of posts. I love your voice even when it is unsure and trying to make decisions! I liked your kitchen post yesterday. Everyone has opinions but you should not let that get you down. I feel like I am constantly trying to reevaluate what is going on with my space, but the difference between you and me is I have less resources available. But if I had more resources I imagine I would think about my spaces like you do! Perfection is so tantalizing.

  5. Exciting stuff! And hello Arlyn. 🙂 Emily – I would love to read posts like that, especially since insta stories aren’t always easy to watch in some places, like if you don’t have headphones on you and are in a public place. Can’t wait to get my hands on the second book whenever it comes out.

  6. WHAT I REALLY DID TODAY posts! Yes!! We love YOUR voice Emily no matter what you’re talking about. 🙂

    1. Yes! I would be so fascinated by the actual day-to-day.

      1. YES me tooooo!! I would LOVE ‘storying’ posts by yourself Em!!

        Congrats team EHD – we love you all 🙂

    2. Me too! I love peeking into the lives of people I admire!

    3. Agreed!!!

      1. we’ll try it and if it doesn’t work we’ll change it. thus is the beauty of digital media 🙂

        1. YAY! I am here for it.

  7. Exciting! Keep up the amazing, funny, USEFUL content. My husband and I reference your blog ALL the time since there is a post for everything – from product roundups, styling tips, and parenthood – and it provides great perspective as we are remodeling and designing our own home. And yes, please please don’t turn into AT – I enjoy it every now and then, but I think people come here for the humor and authenticity you can’t find elsewhere.

    1. thank you! I’m so glad that you and your husband both read. that makes me incredibly happy . xx

  8. How exciting! Can’t wait to see what’s coming! And, personally, I would love to read a “Here’s What I Really Did Today” post.

    1. Hi, I so second that idea, however it sounds like everyone else has already jumped all over the “what you really did, line by line…. thanks!
      Welcome Arlyn!
      Emily, You have been rocking it lately with your lighting and fan collection, I love it when you show a deeply researched post, plus the renovation reconfigurations and lessons learnt, I often read those posts twice slowly, whilst saying thank you in advance from saving me going thru that.

      1. oh good! thank you. we work so hard on the roundups and we personally NEED them, too.xx

  9. Exciting times! Looking forward to the changes and new ideas. My one suggestion is that you continue to bring diversity to your team at EHD as you consider your new hires.

    1. agreed. very, very, very agreed.

  10. I loved your HGTV show and love you blog! My husband love your work too. It is one of the few things I make time for other than taking care of my two crazy kids full time (ages 3 and 9 months). I’m very excited for 2.0 and love the idea of some time line stuff to understand how it all fits together. I think a bit part of loving your blog is that you mix all the style stuff I love with a personal voice. I feel invested in what you are up to! Keep doing you, because you are awesome <3.

    1. Thank you! and thank your husband. I really, seriously, genuinely appreciate your input ( + how much you follow). THANK YOU. xx

  11. I am really sorry that people were mean yesterday. Being as open and vulnerable as you are here, soliciting feedback as you do, I suppose it’s inevitable that people will take advantage. But I wish it weren’t so, and I hope you continue to find way more given to you than taken away with this blog. Beyond the finances,, even.

    1. Oh and if I weren’t trying to write something longform right now I’d be raising my hand and saying “Me, me, I will write for you! I have a voice and it’s quirky, I know because the Internet tells me so!” Also I’d use the process as a way of making myself finish up the rooms in this house so they look like someone meant to live here, rather than showing up 30 years ago and forgetting to leave.

      But those you do find and choose will be wonderful, if you use Orlando as the archetype;).

      1. thanks Lisa. when you are done with your long-form project hit me up 🙂

  12. So excited about the changes because it will mean more to love! (Sometimes the promise of reading your blog with coffee is the only thing that gets me out of bed). Also, good call on looking for a former teacher to be your house manager. As a former teacher, I can tell you teachers are the most organized, efficient, multitasking, able-deal-with-anything-and-everything people on Earth!

  13. Atta girl – your voice is so authentic, honest and open. Thank you for being a model of BOTH sides of the success coin – home and work. It’s messy. It’s sloppy. It’s delightful. It’s REAL. Keep it up!


  14. So exciting! Welcome Arlyn!
    What I love about your blog is that the content emerges from what is actually happening in your life, (or Olando’s, or Brady’s…). Look forward to hearing more real stories.

  15. Emily, I’m sorry you’re feeling sick about the comments yesterday. After reading them it seemed to me (for the most part) that people were really trying to be sincere instead of hateful. It seems a lot of us just miss the more accessible Emily that we used to read! And I can of course only speak for myself here but I think your style is the raddest and your voice is the coolest, and I just miss how that relates to my very much less glamourous lifestyle and how I can incorporate your cool into my life! I think we all just wanna play with you on the playground. And that’s where a lot of this is coming from. 😉 Keep making beautiful shit, lady! You do you. ❤️

    1. Very honest and true. I’m em hendo, ride or die, but I do miss when I could totally relate to you and your design choices. I’m thrilled for your successes. They are so deserved. But you’ve clearly passed me on the road of personal finance. It’s a good thing! It’s just I can’t relate to it and miss it.

      1. I REALLY appreciate this. I don’t totally know how to proceed at times. I want desperately for my kids to not know that yes, in some ways I’ve/we’ve changed but that we’ve remained the same. The tug of both worlds is what creates the most stress in my life. I want to create magazine worthy projects with a normal budget that is achievable, i promise. I will ALWAYS try to make sure that we are offering content for any price point. I will NEVER actually join the lifestyle mafia, fullstop. But I also want to create aspirational rooms for both you and my partners who are help producing them. I really appreciate how much you’ve followed and your opinion means more to me than most others, i promise. I may be more ‘successful’ than I I used to be, but I will try hard every day to be the ”me’ that you came here for. Thank you for following along. I know its a weird journey… imagine being me 🙂 . xx

        1. I can’t even begin to imagine how crazy is to be you! But please trust that through it all your values shine through—you love the hell out of your family and friends and you bring such honesty and joy to us all! We see you being YOU and at the end of the day that’s what’s most important. ❤️

        2. I do have to say (as a college girl who works 2 jobs and still can’t bring herself to check the bank balance at the end of the month) I LOVE how your roundups have something for everyone – you do a great job of showing us that an aesthetic can be achieved in several different ways, and with budgets of all sizes! I have so many roundups saved to my camera roll, so thank you for these Emily!!

  16. HIRE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’m not sure there is an Amish community anywhere in CA, but I found one just 40 minutes from myself in OH and have become great friends with the head of the company/family. He has done many little jobs for us and when we last drove him home, he gave my husband and me a tour of both his home and shop. His tools and abilities are amazing. He can do anything – literally. Maybe you will be able to find someone like that to help with your cabinets. Good luck!

  18. Re: yesterdays comments, all I can say is you keep doing what you want to do and people will follow. I don’t know how you deal with all the critiques and unnecessary negativity but I hope you know that people adore you, believe in what you are doing and will support your blog because it’s YOU. I personally enjoy seeing how you attack your life and business as a designer and am on board for whatever ride you’re taking us on. Keep up the great work and the amazing attitude.

    1. Have you read the comments from yesterday? How would they be considered “unnecessary negativity?” She asked for opinions, and it appears that most, if not all, of the comments not in favor of what she suggested were well thought out and simply honest, sincere opinions letting her know of some frustrations with the direction of the blog recently. How is that unnecessary? We are her consumers/customers/buyers…wouldn’t any business want to know if a large subset of their customer base was unhappy with the business? I really didn’t see any hateful or “mean” comments yesterday…just honest opinions. There is no need to keep it going here, of course, and I’m not trying to do that by commenting, but I have seen a few comments on this post that I don’t think accurately reflect what happened yesterday, so I just wanted to chime in.

      1. I totally agree. I feel like some bloggers only want to bask in “compliments only” ha ha. Maybe they should put that somewhere. “These comments are only to tell me how wonderful and perfect I am. If you can’t do that, please refrain.” Let’s be glad she doesn’t do that. And let people say what they want. She’s already said she deletes the super negative ones.

      2. I agree. The comments weren’t mean and nasty. I thought they were for the most part concerned and well thought out. I hope Emily takes some time to read through them.

        1. Hey guys. There a few reasons why it made me feel bad:
          1. when people hit a sensitive point in my brain, its easy to shrink. I knew that it was crazy to consider what I did. And when people agreed, It made me feel bad. I should have known.
          2. when people don’t actually know me (many of you do) and think that i’m wasteful it makes me feel horrible. I produce waste, of course. Like any other person + some. But I have made a mindful decision to give all of my extra anything to non-profits that help homeless families furnish their new homes. Furthermore we do way more than that and have made large commitments to future projects that are a ton of work for us, to help others. Writing about how you are a “good person” who thinks about service and those less fortunate is gross in its own right. But I wish you knew how much we do, how often we do it and what a priority giving back is in my company. When I change my mind about something, its not waste – we give it to somebody else who needs it far more than we do.
          3. I am feeling more and more like there is a disrespect for ‘content’ creators. lets be very clear – there are so many of us out there, I am just one who strives to be transparent about what I do and how I do it. I know that this ‘job’ seems annoying because it also seems so easy and fun, and obviously it is in many ways, but my job is to inspire, inform, experiment, and tell all the details of my mistakes, successes and regrets. I’m starting to think that people don’t want transparency, despite the insistence that you think you do. It starting to seem like you want honesty, but only if it doesn’t offend your particular life.
          I guess the audience has grown really wide and many of you want a certain person from this blog. Hopefully with the new voices you will all relate to one of them as we hope to diversify and tell many different stories both in budget, race and in demographic.
          Point is: no one said anything cruel. But when you think you are just talking talking openly about a regret and potential change of appliances and people say ‘you’ve changed’ and ‘this is why I stop reading your blog’ you get sad. Yes. Things have changed. I’ve changed, i’m 10 years older with 2 kids and a growing business. But I try on a daily basis to create informative, inspirational and transparent content that can enrich or help your lives as you design or decorate your home. If I fail, I fail. But if we don’t fail on a daily basis it means we haven’ tried to do anything creative or interesting. I hope I fail a lot in the future because being safe isn’t an option. xx

          1. I think you’re right that the issue is the shift from quirky designer who shares her work and life, to “content creator.” Those are two really different things. It used to be: I do and therefore I share. Content creation is: I share and therefore I do. I believe that’s why content creation feels less genuine to some people. No matter how much integrity and transparency you bring to it, it’s sometimes essentially a big commercial. For those who are already disconcerted by your shift to content creator, it’s even more disconcerting to read something along the lines of, I had to put these appliances in because my kitchen was sponsored by this manufacturer and they work great, but I’m unhappy with the aesthetics and want to get rid of them one year later. When you’re making major design choices in your own home based on who’s sponsoring, or rushing the process to meet shoot deadlines then changing things over and over afterwards to course correct, it just feels less authentic. It feels less you. Not because we don’t want to hear about mistakes, but because one gets the feeling that you might not have made some of them in the first place had “content creation” not been hanging over your head. Here’s the thing: the blog industry has incontrovertibly changed and your blog can’t be what it was. You might lose some readers over that. You’ve changed with success and money, as we all would, and you might lose some readers over that. But honestly, the fact that the comments yesterday made you feel sick suggests to me that you’re the one who is struggling the most with the changes. I think the move to include more contributors on the site is a good thing. It will hopefully help take some of the pressure to create content off of you, and maybe you’ll have more space to assess what you need to be comfortable, not just publicly and professionally, but on a personal, gut level. I think you’re a good egg, Emily Henderson, and despite the fact that I’ve stopped reading most of the blogs I used to because content creation just doesn’t resonate with me, I hang in here because I’ve been rooting for you since Design Star and will continue to do so. The direction you go may not ultimately be for me. That’s fine. Just make sure your path does more than look great on paper. Make sure it feels truly right for you.

          2. I just want to add that I think Jen really respectfully articulated some of my concerns and misgivings about content here lately. Essentially, I used to come here to read/see/be inspired by posts from a stylist/interior designer and now I feel like I am only seeing posts from an advertiser. I’ve been an almost daily reader since ‘Secrets’ and will probably always come back from time to time because I do really value your voice and design perspective. I think that some of us readers are hearing and experiencing the same internal struggles and conflicts that you as a content creator, business owner, blogger, and of course, human, are going through in monetizing the content while keeping it “authentic” (obviously, this is an oxymoron). With all this said, even though I only know you through the blog, it is clear that you are a thoughtful, respectful, generous person, and perhaps allowing more contributors/voices to the blog will also help give you a little breathing space. Plus, I think we are all just anxious to see your design work and we are impatient commenters :).

          3. I commented previously (thanks for your reply!) but saw this and wanted to add. To point #3, this is a one reason why I love your blog so much – the unexpected transparency. I remember reading a couple of posts a while back where you were upfront about the need for content and how sponsors came to be and I was like “whoa! I can’t believe she just told us this!” Because nobody does in the honest way you did (at least in my experience). But then I was like “this is actually really neat and refreshing” and was an interesting peak into the operations how to keep the business running – and change with how the industry is changing. I am 110% ok with sponsored projects/posts because it’s necessary and for me doesn’t change your authenticity. I can understand why others may not agree, but for me I can reconcile and understand it.

            The culture around readers and bloggers is SO fascinating to me. Over the years I have read a TON of design, lifestyle, DIY, and motherhood blogs and find myself returning to this and a couple of others as my daily reads. What I’ve observed from all of this is that blogging is BRUTAL, and what is clear is that you CARE SO MUCH. That’s what matters. Thank you for being so honest, real, and open and as others have said, you do YOU.

    2. Your comment Jen was everything that has been swirling around in my head in the past few days.. Emily, I hope you’re ok. I too think you’re a good egg. xo

      1. Thanks Jen. I think you are right in your entire comment. I’m too tired to say more right now but know that I read it last night twice and tonight twice. I think its wise and smart and forward and I appreciate your empathy towards me, regardless of how much I deserve it. thank you (and those who replied to her). xx

  19. Judging from some of the incredibly harsh comments yesterday, I think a re-examination of content is super timely. 🙂

    Here are a few content ideas I’d enjoy reading:

    Trolling Craigslist/Vintage Stores/Thrift Stores/Ebay – what are good buys in the second hand market – items that help your design feel more collected and personal – I’d love contributing posts on this from all over the country as I imagine different regions really have different treasures

    Reader submitted design dilemmas and how you’d solve them

    More nuts and bolts of design posts (choosing paint colors for dark rooms is like my bible)

    Meet the Makers/Tradesman (loved Mel’s Etsy posts but I’d like to meet the artists behind the work – same thing with the skilled folks who tile or lay floors)

    Mixing styles to create truly original, unique rooms (like from your show when partners had different style preferences and you helped them discover something new)

    IRL executed design plans (like the post where you designed your perfect dorm room). I’d like to see inspirational posts of completed rooms even if they are just created for content.

    Styled 3 ways – take a basic room, keep all the furniture the same and style it out a few different ways (maybe seasonally or for different ages of kids as they grow)

    Family Friendly design – love your posts that take the kiddos into consideration

    Nifty Thrifty and Blow the Budget – you often do a great job of offering up budget options. I urge you to also just throw caution to the wind and show us what you’d do if money wasn’t an object – or at least a version that uses slightly higher end stuff than Target yet still accessible to folks with more resources

    Charity Check Ins – ie whats happening with the Pen + Napkin – can they guest blog and show us a few homes they’ve transformed

    Product Sponsorships That Make Sense – I loved the Frame series and the fact that the design happened no where near your home was great – it felt much more authentic

    Real Talk on Budgets: You already do this and I so appreciate it – how much do things really cost

    Discovered Design Inspiration – reader submissions of compelling pictures from out on the world (restaurants, cool architecture, hotel lobbies, etc)

    Things I don’t care to read
    Crappy reader submitted design reveals – sorry but there is lots of crap design readily available. I’m all for reader submissions but it has to be GOOD stuff – super curated.

    Fashion posts – I’m just not here for those, but I don’t get mad when some of the content isn’t catered to me 🙂

    Sponsorships that feel forced or disingenuous

    Tours of celebrity homes or places designed by folks with no connection to you or your brand (love to see Orlando, Mel content, etc) – just don’t care to see awkward partnerships

    Take this all with a grain of salt. I find myself often out of step with the masses so these ideas may not resonate with others.

    1. I generally agree with this post (and boy do I MISS all of these types of posts!!!), but I wonder if many of these would even be a viable option at this point since they wouldn’t involve sponsorships (since she is no longer taking on paying design clients, it appears the only design stuff she could do anymore must be sponsored).

      1. Abby, we aren’t taking on paying clients because they wouldn’t let us blog about them with transparency and they often took years to complete. thats the only reason. We have many projects we are working on that are un-sponsored with the hope that we can actually tell you about them. We aren’t interested in only doing sponsored content. We are just interested in content that we can actually give you the resources, solutions and budgets that we used. many paying clients don’t want to disclose that, understandably. I appreciate you reading and hope you love the posts in the future 🙂 xx

    2. I’d probably read posts on all of these ideas except for the Meet the Makers ones (because Design Sponge already does a good job of that) and the Discovered Design Inspiration ones (because Pinterest and especially Instagram give me more than enough of that already). Also, not to be the tone police, but I think Sarah’s comment could be taken / mistaken as insulting to the creators of the previously posted reader-submitted designs which I thought were all good – it’s super great that people took the initiative to not be armchair spectators but actually roll up their sleeves, take a chance, and try something new. Personally, I found the reader-submitted photos inspiring.

      1. We are doing more of those, i promise 😉 I love reader submissions!

  20. Ah jeez – I had to go back to yesterday’s post since in the morning all the comments seemed fine, and I wanted to see what negative things were written subsequently. It was a controversial post for sure, but still. I honestly do not know how bloggers do it and open their lives up to so much criticism. I couldn’t do it. It’s happened to every other blogger I used to read – they got burned out and reduced the amount they wrote. I don’t think any of yesterday’s commenters had bad intentions – I think they just felt like they wanted to get their point across and maybe steer the blog in a direction that more closely aligned with their interests and values. I think reader surveys (and I know this blog did one a while back) are a good way to gauge overall sentiment and see if people are getting alienated. And maybe doing one or two posts per month that focus on sustainability or eco-friendly practices would assuage some of these commenters (I can’t speak for them of course as I personally think that donating appliances is already very eco-friendly). I guess what I wanted to say is that I could never endure the level of criticism and scrutiny that having a blog like this would bring, and appreciate how hard you and the EH team are working (and all of the behind-the-scenes emotional labor that is entailed), and am very thankful for the current iteration of this blog. For me, it’s already perfect.

    1. Thanks Jess. We actually have some interesting sustainability posts coming up. And as always, I appreciate your thought and comments. Yes, its hard. but apparently i’ve asked for it 🙂

  21. This is timely! I am going to send in my resume. I think I have a very unique voice with loads of experience in some of the more technical aspects of design. Your readers are always asking for some of the nitty gritty involved in dealing with custom fabricators or what to DIY and how to do it vs what to quote out to the pros. I’m preparing my pitches now!

  22. Interesting you feel that way. I LOVE that about Cup of Jo and don’t think JoAnna is lost with all the other writers. It’s what makes it so unique and attractive to many different types of people.

    Emily, I know you will continue to write as I can see how much you love doing so! Oh and I love the idea of an hour-by-hour story-type post 🙂

    1. This was meant to be in reply to Katy above, I’m not sure how it ended up at the end.

      Speaking of which, are there any plans to move to a commenting platform like Disqus? It’s too bad to not be able to delete, follow, or upvote/downvote comments!

      1. yes we are 🙂 lots of new comment features coming at you soon 🙂

        1. I am SO HAPPY to hear that! Thanks for the reply 🙂

  23. I read a LOT of blogs, and one “new on the scene at the time” voice that I really liked (although I have no idea how to find her now!) was Sarah (of Sarah and Adrian’s @waldomidcentury, in Waldo, WI)! She guest posted on Vintage Revivals (https://vintagerevivals.com/?s=waldo) for a bit and then I lost track of her. So funny, and original, but with budgeting and design in mind, just life in general! I loved reading her posts!

  24. It is not “negative” to disagree , particularly when ones opinion is asked. Emily has made herself a public figure and it supports her family, there are always effects. I am grateful for the rich learning we all have when Emily ask to have truth and that is what keeps me coming back, as much as the design. As economic class and racism are american problems, it only makes sense they will show up in open forums. Emily has jumped economic class during her years as a designer, and her social /economic class effects her design.. and readership. I hope you continue to be a designer for the disappearing middle class. I so believe everyone needs beautiful design. rich people can hire designers, most of us can’t…( and can’t afford integrated appliances! ) How can we avoid this decades treands? I always get white appliances, non mainstream tile/ counters. they are less likely to date. Any material that hits mass appeai is unfashionable soon.
    As an active earth advocate, I was VERY happy to see so many women advocating for resource saving. ( think of all the appilances they must have not bought!) I fear everyday what we are leaving our kids. I’d very much appreciate more recycling oriented design ideas from new writers, even a regular column w opportunities for reader ideas.
    Thanks for your open mind Emily.

    1. SO agree with this! In my mind the richest people in this country don’t need any help from a blog to make their homes gorgeous. And the way things are moving right now they only seem to be getting richer at the expense of everyone else. The last thing I want to read about is all the options and ideas they have access to just because they have cash. Besides I think the most exciting design and art is born out of struggle and sacrifice.

      Hopefully these new additions to your team will help keep the content less Architectural Digest and more realistic.

      1. Hey Laur and Joyce, I hear you and appreciate your view very much. We really try to do budget updates, roundups and makeovers for all budgets here. But i’m hearing that you want more real life budget makeovers and i’m writing it down. yes, i’ve gotten more successful. Yes, that is conflicting for all of us (including me). But I hope that our content can be something that everyone relates to. Thanks for commenting and reading 🙂

  25. Don’t listen to any dumb negative comments. Your blog is awesome and it’s always surprising to me how much people want to complain if something is not *exactly* what they wish it was. Live your life, be with your family and keep doing your thing. Otherwise what’s the point?

    1. thanks, kira 🙂 very much appreciated right now. xx

  26. Does the social media manager position need to be based in L.A. or can it be remote?


  27. Love the update. Hope your new book idea is on the process of remodeling from big to small and everything that’s involved! It’s SO daunting.

    And I’m so sorry to hear there were mean comments yesterday. Keep doing that you’re doing b/c you’re doing great!

  28. Just want to say- I only read 2 sites daily and this is one of them. I like design, but it’s not only for the design. 🙂

  29. I would love to see hour by hour picture diary posts!!!

  30. Yes to all new post options – *except* politics and pop culture. It’s already everywhere and come here to escape that.

  31. Ignore the negative comments!! It says more about them than it does about you! And yes I would love to see hour by hour blog posts, just cause I’m so curious how things actually get done and come together in a design setting.

  32. Hey Emily– Thanks for all the fun updates on what is coming down the pike. I love you and your team– welcome Arlyn! But what about design agony?
    What is going on with that?

    1. its coming back! don’t worry 🙂 just figuring out how to streamline everything. xx

  33. Emily…please don’t take commentators’ comments as against you…..I think they were trying to just give their opinions, without being nasty. For myself, I sensed a changed when you moved, and sold that wonderful oriental carpet, which I loved, and also loved in your new space. It broke my heart when you took another direction. But, this is your home…you live there, and should do what you want/need to do. I’m a black and white kitchen lover, and that’s what I feel comfortable with, and in……it would probably bore you…but I add colours in pictures and other accoutrements……we all love your blog. Good luck going forward, jay.

    1. thanks, Jay 🙂

  34. Please tell me someone has suggested Daniel from http://manhattan-nest.com/? He is hilarious, so down to earth and relatable, and would be an amazing add to the EHD Blog Family! I have no clue if he’s interested haha! but I could totally see him and his voice over here – LOVE! 🙂

    1. Yes, Daniel from Manhattan Nest is an awesome writer. I love his posts. But I think he can be more free on his own blog than he could be here. Still would be good to have him guest!

      1. I LOVE HIM. maybe he’d want to do it? likely he’s too busy 🙂

    2. Shawna, Thank you for introducing me to Daniel’s blog!

  35. Welcome Arlyn!

  36. would love a “storying” – what you and the team did today – type post!! thanks for being you and always bringing great content and your genuine voice even when it opens you up to haters. xo

  37. Best of luck to all of you at EHD!!! I LOVE, LOVE SEEING, READING AND LEARNING FROM YOU!!

  38. excited to applybeen wanting to start my own bog but would rther write than do all that a bog is involved in ..will apply thanks for the article!

  39. What kind of timeframe is there on this? Are you likely to be still considering submissions in a week, two weeks, a month?

    1. yep! we’ll keep checking. this isn’t a closed off job. 🙂

  40. Someone mentioned this blogger and I read her yesterday and she is HILARIOUS. Please read her and hire her if she is willing:

    1. OMG. Her writing! How did I now know about her!? THANK YOU for sharing!!!

    2. I love Victoria, but I also love Erin Williamson, who is a designer in ATX. She doesn’t blog much anymore (her blog is Design Crisis), but she is so much fun to read when she does. Plus, she has great style, so it’s a huge win-win.

  41. Yes to the book, yes to A Day in the Life, yes to humor, and hopefully these will suffice until we can watch you and Brian on TV!

  42. OMG A NEW BOOK!! Already so excited! And it can keep the other Emily book and Orlando’s book company!

  43. I am currently house-hunting in Amsterdam and saw your book (styled, obviously!) in an apartment 🙂 it made me feel not so far from home.

  44. Hi Emily – it must be really hard to take all the criticism- constructive or not – the sheer volume of combined voices must at times feel suffocating. None of us are perfect but unfortunately social media – for better or (more often) worse opens us up to being constantly critiqued. I hope you’re doing okay. I have been following design blogs for a 12/13 years now and they all have to evolve or die. Some do it successfully (I put you in this category), others not so much and many have just fallen by the wayside. Be true to yourself and don’t apologise for your success! Good on you!!

    What I would like to see on the blog is an occasional roundup of what is happening design-wise in other parts of the world. How their geography/culture influences those different styles (not trends like Scandi, Parisian chic etc) and what we can take/learn/incorporatefrom their distinct ‘looks’. I am not sure what percentage of your readership is from outside the US (I am in New Zealand) but it would be great to see a more international design perspective if we could. Thanks again for all your (and your teams) hard work!

  45. Emily.

    You need to hire someone who is not a yes-person. Your staff is letting you down by agreeing with you all the time. You should have people on your team who can take a good hard look at your strengths and your weaknesses, and help you with both.

    You are not funny. Your attempts at humor fall flat most times. The fact that your team is letting you down by telling you that you’re hilarious and that you keep posting these cringeworthy unfunny jokey posts. It actually makes you unlikable.

    Orlando is a special case. He is unique. You are not on his plane of humor, and neither is most of the world. Maybe you might find a writer with his flair and likeableness, but you are not that person.

    Most of the time your posts make me cringe. It’s kind of like watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I don’t watch because I admire them. I watch because I enjoy a good train wreck.

    Look for staff who can stand up to you, to help you improve your weak areas. Someone who could say that maybe you could focus on what we originally loved you for – the STYLING. Not renovations. Not ripping out new appliances. DEFINITELY not fashion. How dare you write a post on Art Noveau when you don’t even know what it is?

    If you surround yourself by people who fake laugh when you’re not being funny, think about the other ways they are letting you down as a boss, as a business woman, as a stylist (sorry you are not a designer), and as a human being.

    1. This is an example of a flat-out mean comment…you DO have some constructive criticism in there, but the way you word some of your thoughts is going to turn anyone off to your opinions immediately (“You are not funny;” “I enjoy a good train wreck”)…if you really wanted to influence the direction of this blog, I don’t think that’s the way to do it–truly, I bet she will just tune you out instead of taking your suggestions seriously. Most of comments from Monday were not actually cruel–your comment veers on cruel. And this is coming from one of the people who gave their very honest opinion NOT in favor of Emily’s post Monday and NOT in favor of the direction the blog has taken (I commented several times and did not hold back)! And as someone who isn’t a fan of the recent direction of the blog, I will say, Emily you ARE funny and I do enjoy your voice on this blog. Always have, even if I don’t appreciate the content recently.

      1. what is wrong with this world that people think that this is ok to write? @emilyP please don’t read this blog anymore. You made me bawl after working 15 hours and taking care of my kids. I trust you have a soul but you might need to tap it into it more often. we may need to now monitor comments before they get published because i’m bawling not because of your comment but because it shows me that what I do creates hatred and negativity and that is not my MO. this place is a happy place. its a place where people can share without judgement. you are not welcome any longer. please read and hate someone else.

    2. Emily P,

      You should be embarrassed to be so unkind. But keep watching her “not funny train wreck” because your clicks and views support her and give her a platform to share with the 99% of her readers who actually think she is funny and an insanely talented designer.

      PS – How dare you make a joke about art nouveau and spell art nouveau wrong? Maybe YOU don’t even know what it is?

      1. Thanks Evane 🙂

    3. Humor is subjective, but I think Emily is very funny. She is the type of funny that is warm, relatable, vulnerable, authentic… and NICE.

    4. You obviously do not have anything nice to say about this blog so why are you here?!

    5. What (or who) is Art Noveau? I must have missed that one.

    6. JERK

    7. This. Completely agree with this.

      Of course, the Shrinking Sheilas are already saying you’re an asshole, Emily P, but you are not, you are saying it like it is.

      If we don’t have something nice to say maybe people should listen because we might have a point.

      1. Jillian, please read another blog. sounds like you aren’t happy here.

      2. Why do nasty people always resort to name calling and belittling anyone who stands up for kindness? Shrinking Sheilas for calling a nasty person out on her nastiness, really? Compassionate Human is more like it.

        Chin up, EHD. There are people than like what you do and even people who disagree, like Abby above, that can at least be classy about it.

    8. Say this out loud to yourself, to your mother, to your daughter, to your neice. Call up some cashier at a supermarket, say it out loud to her. See if it feels gross to actually say these words and not just type them. Hopefully that’ll change how you interact online in the future. Cause this comment was very unkind and very unnecessary. And if I’d heard you saying it in real life at the supermarket, you’d better believe i’d stick my nose in in real life too!

    9. Wow. I hope making someone feel awful doesn’t ruin your day because you just did… Sounds like you might need another blog or person to follow – someone who inspires or relates to you more. Have a lovely life. xx

    10. @emilyp – The negativity coming from your comment is depressing. This is one of the few blogs where I read the comments because they are a place for positive and interesting discussion. Your comment contributes nothing of value to the discussion or Emily. It says nothing about the way Emily actually is and only reflects poorly on your view of the world and how you treat others.

      @emily – I’ve been reading your blog for years, have your book and continue to get so much from you and your team. Thank you! I can’t count how many times I’ve LOL’ed while learning something useful. For what it’s worth, I also like your style posts and have bought a few things inspired by them. There’s a reason I still look forward to checking your blog after all these years, and it’s you and your team’s unique ability to create inspiring, relatable content that makes me happy to read. Thanks again 🙂

  46. RE: the new book idea — don’t forget to make the spine a good color. 😉

  47. Congratulations! Exciting times, can’t wait for EH 2.0!

  48. Hi Emily! For contributing writers I know you mentioned that you want to see our voice/ideas and I don’t think in the first call out you did a few months back there was a request for pitches. If we did apply the first time around, should we send in pitches/the sample post/a new application? Or should we assume that we weren’t right for the position the first time around? Thanks!

    1. send new pitches!! please, do. xx

  49. It’s so funny because normally when I read, I hear my own voice in my head but reading this, all I heard was Emily! So great! Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  50. Emily, I have been thinking about all the back and forth going on on here and I was thinking you might want to go the way of Young House Love. STOP asking our opinion. If you had just changed your appliances, and nicely told us where you donated your old ones people would have moved on much quicker. Get opinions on little things, not the big.

    1. I know what you mean. I still love YoungHouseLove even though they did that.

  51. I would apply, but I love being a reader of your blog. I already made one passion a career! I am excited to see who you will hire! Can I nominate someone though? I would love to read Rachel Kohna on here. She’s great. I read her memoir and some of her Playboy magazine things. She has a very strong voice.

  52. Well, after emailing saying “hire me pleeeease” I happily went back to catching up on your blog. I really love resources like this, especially when my architect husband has got me ears-deep in a crazy project. I love the candidness here and I hope some wonderful, patient human makes it through the epic-but-probably-too-long email I sent to your Jobs address.

    Either way, thank you for posting beautiful and real things. Both are very needed in our world. It gives me the courage to take on new challenges in designing my own little corner of the world. Highest of fives to you and your growing team!

  53. Aaaw what lovely post 🙂 I’m all aboard the journaling-post-bandwagon! Also my heart legit skipped a beat when you announced Brady left for Apartment Therapy – don’t play with us like that!! 😀 I’m excited for the new stuff and I trust you – go Emily and lovely team!! 🙂

  54. Yes!!! Would totally be interested in a “What’s Emily thinking?” or an hour-by-hour BTS post around here. Hope to see something similar when you’re all staffed out!

  55. Emily, I’m really sorry you’re having to deal with such negativity. I’m, unfortunately, no stranger to cruel comments. As a real estate developer I have people telling me to my face that they don’t like me (me, the person) because they don’t like what I’m building – or, usually that I’m building at all. Regardless of what you think of someone’s ideas and style, there is no need for cruelty and unkindness. I don’t know if this will help you at all, but it helps me a little. I think about what it must be like to be a person who is so unhappy with their own life that being mean to others makes them feel better. Happy people aren’t hateful people. It makes me feel sympathy for these people who feed off of meanness. And, somehow that makes me feel a little better. It’s not really about you at all. It’s about an unhappy person who doesn’t have a proper outlet for their feelings. So they’ve decided to take out their frustrations and anger on a stranger on the internet. You deserve better. I hope you do have someone else start to filter and delete these unkind comments before they reach you. There’s no reason you should be made to feel bad.

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