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We’re Having A Studio Sale!


Hey folks, it’s been an insane week (hopefully you’ve been watching my Instastory). It’s culminating in a huge garage sale tomorrow at our old studio.

Here’s the deal:

It’s happening at our old studio – 1121 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041

Doors open at 10am and we’ll be closing up at 1pm, and it is CASH ONLY.

The studio is pretty small, so we’ll only be able to let in between 30 – 40 people at a time, and each group will get 15 minutes to shop. Once those 15 minutes are up, we’ll let in the next 30 – 40 people.

Here are a few pro-tips based on our sale from two years ago: 1.) If you’re serious about getting the good stuff, get here early. Last time there were people lined up an hour and half before the doors even opened, and those early birds got the best worms. Plus, there will probably be mimosas for people in line. And bring an umbrella if the sun is your enemy. 2.) Bring your own bags (laundry baskets, or shopping carts also welcome). 3.) There’s an ATM across the street from the studio, so make a pit stop there if you need to before you get in line. The sale is cash only. 4.) Come back between 12:30pm and 1pm for the best deals. At that point we’ll probably be giving anything leftover away.

We only had price dots up to $15, so while there are some things that are more expensive (because they actually are valuable), a lot of it is straight up garage sale prices ($1 – $10). If you’re a designer we’re selling a LOT of samples and paint cans. If you’re a crafter/DIYer we are selling a ton of crafting supplies. If you’re a stager/stylist we’ve got you covered on textiles and art. If you’re moving into a new home we’ve got enough dishware to stock your shelves. If you’re just a hoarder (like me), this will basically be your paradise.

Myself and most of the team will be here hanging out, chatting, and pouring mimosas.

Check instastory later today for a sneak peek of what exactly is for sale.


Can’t wait to see so many of your tomorrow!


Fin Mark


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Can I admit something embarrassing that totally ages me (although I think we’re about the same age)? I don’t actually know what Instastory is. I follow you on Instagram but can’t seem to figure this out. I don’t see any videos there. Am I the only one who is totally confused about this? Is there a link I’m missing?


You can only access them from your phone, but just tap on her profile pic, it will have a circle outline on it when she had videos. That’s instastory.


Hi Erica,

When you open your Instagram app on top of your normal feed of photos there should be a row of circles that are pics of the ppl you follow. If you click on the circle it opens straight into the person’s insta story which maybe a snapshot or short video. Insta stories are deleted after 24hrs. Hope that helps!


Thank you!!!


Have you been putting off updating your phone to the newest apple update? If so, that can be the reason you aren’t seeing the newest features on Instagram. They will pop up in little circles at the top of your feed once everything is up to date.


I am so glad you asked this! I didn’t know either.


Thanks everyone! My phone is newish (but Android), but I rarely check Instagram on my phone. Appreciate the responses!

Colleen S

I’m thinking of heading to this sale tomorrow. I live pretty close. But can someone who has been in the past please tell me if it’s an insane idea to take my almost-two-year-old? I don’t have a babysitter lined up and my husband is out of town. Bad idea, right?




Please please please explain what is an “Instastory” ?

It’s mentioned all the time in this blog but it’s a mystery as to what it is and how one would watch an “Instastory”. Where’s the link?

Thank you.


Look up to the first post and the replies there! Instastory explained!

nice post


Any way to buy online? 😀


WELL….I didn’t know about this until TODAY…the day of the sale…so I missed it. CRAP!

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