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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Hey Angelenos, what are you doing next saturday? Coming to our garage sale at our old house? I thought so. We should be moving this week (or maybe the week after) but I have a TON of stuff to sell – everything from yards of vintage fabric, lampshades, curtain rods, and enough nic-nacs to turn on the most asexual of grandmas.

I hoard, and then I purge. Hoard then purge. Buy then sell. This PROVES I’m not an actual hoarder because I don’t have strong emotional connections to all my things, but I’m not proud of my actions either.

Garage Sale

My friend Scott, who is a prop stylist and surviving hoarder as well is joining and bringing TONS of extra styling goodies. It won’t be expensive (I’ve already sold all my really valuable pieces of furniture on Chairish) but it will be just full of really good garbage. Plus there will be mimosas … and MOM-osas. Get it. Yes. this is just orange juice in a champagne flute and then you act tipsy and you scare your relatives.

The house is in Los Feliz, the sale is next saturday the 26th 10am – 2pm.


Due to the amount or responses we are now having it at a wharehouse in Silverlake owned by one of my favorite vintage stores DEKOR. The address is 4222 Santa Monica blvd, 90029. Enter on Hoover Street. Saturday 10 – 2pm. Folks

Bring cash, an empty trunk and any small or baby animals that you wish to show us that we may cuddle with. A standard kitten or puppy will do. testtest

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