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by Emily Henderson

Its no secret the 80’s are back. Orlando only has to breathe near me to remind me of it (he is MR. 80’s in the stone washed flesh, its disturbing).  But here’s the thing: the 80’s were pretty dope.  They were fun, colorful and full of partying so while I don’t need to get a perm or peg my pants, I’m no doubt jumping on the boat. 

Design-wise, the 80’s were more geometric and obviously the colors were brighter, more neon and more saturated.  They’ve been back for a while in fashion, as we all know, but its harder to bring neon into you home – you don’t want to commit to hard to something so potentially faddy.  

 Certainly color-blocking is not new to anyone, its been blogged about to death, its pretty much sweeping the nation, but i love how these people/designers are doing it. Its weird.  and good. 

You crazy.  

Uh, huh. why not?

I’m not the biggest accent wall fan, but this is super attractive to me.  




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yeah. its awesome.  the trick about having a blog and having clients is that i want to tell you what i’m going to do  – what my take on this is, but then it could be copied so fast – especially in this case when its just paint. But trust me, its going to be weird and good. And i’ll blog about the pictures afterwards.  but it involves gold and lots of asymmetry.  

So can you hang with a little bit of 80’s color blocking?

Oh and if you didn’t RSVP for the West Elm party tonight but want to come, leave a comment with your name and how many people you are bringing.  


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