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Weekend in Review

Sometimes weekends just aren’t weekends, but they are super fun. Thank you all so much for coming out to my Etsy event at West Elm. It was soooo much fun and I spent wayyy too much money.

I’ll take an Instagram of everything I bought later today, just gotta get this post up.

west elm etsy event

west elm etsy event

jessica packard

People that drive up from San Diego to see me are my favorite people in the world. I’m talking about you, Jessica Packard and friends and you Rebecca, thank you so much.

Then yesterday we styled and shot my friends baby shower, and then yes, partied and partied and partied.

photo 3

Thanks to Yeah Rentals for making me/us look like the coolest people on earth. Seriously. Everybody was practically groping me with compliments, and while it was so hard to admit, the truth is 90 percent of this came from Yeah Rentals so we didn’t really do that much except add some textiles and flowers.

photo 1

Obviously there will be WAYYY more on this, these are just my Instagrams (and not terribly good ones). But Monica Wang shot the whole thing and did a VERY lovely job. I can’t wait to see the pics.

photo 2

Oh yes, and you know Geronimo represented … and needless to say we had a blast sucking up the helium at the end of the night, singing “Lollipop Kids” and other slightly offensive songs.

Must sleep now.  I love you.



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