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A Weekend Away + Introducing the Weekly Newsletter…


I had such a good weekend with my family up in the mountains – MUCH NEEDED. But I didn’t do all the work that I was supposed to (including writing yesterday’s and today’s post). WHOOPS. Listen,  I was too busy helping Birdie decorate her treasure box and watching Charlie intensely put together his Lego vehicles to write. It was wonderful and I feel so much closer to my kids than I did on Thursday. Funny how that works. 🙂 Turns out that when you spend quality time with your family, it feels like the quality of your family increases. We spend every weekend together but when we are in the mountains, we aren’t distracted by traffic, social engagements, and just this sense of go, go, go.  More on that later… that left a gap in our editorial calendar.

We are starting a new weekend newsletter full of my random recommendations, so I figured I’d just run that (and use it as an excuse to promote it so that any of you interested in it could sign up). I historically HATE newsletters. HATE. My favorite thing to do on Monday mornings is to unsubscribe from most brands (often ones I even like) that dare to fill my inbox on MONDAY MORNING with uninteresting marketing. The gall. It’s Monday for fork sakes…(yes, I’m also sending a message). So trust me when I say that my “newsletter” won’t just be for me to remind you that I exist. It’s a time/place where I can tell you, like I would any friend, what I’m really into right now. This could be products, experiences, articles, podcasts, beauty stuff, movies, ANYTHING that I like and would typically gab about (sans politics and religion because we know how that goes). Nothing here is sponsored, it’s just good stuff that I’m excited by and want to talk about. I have been resistant to do a newsletter for seven years because, through this blog, I write a daily newsletter and I simply can’t keep up with doing one more thing, but this feels good and fun and easy, and just makes sense. It’s extra for those of you interested, but those that aren’t into reading about the book I can’t put down don’t have to. We are also sending out one on Saturday that is a blog recap of the week for those of you who miss the daily posts (WHY??? ARE YOU BUSY WITH LIFE OR SOMETHING?)

So here you go:

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Into The Water May 2018

“Into the Water,” by Paula Hawkins: This book is GRIPPING and I needed to be reminded that a book can be more entertaining than a TV show. Paula wrote “Girl on a Train,” which had its problems but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This book is up there with Gillian Flynn’s; they are writers who have “reinvigorated the literary suspense novel by tapping a rich vein of psychological menace and social unease” (says Vogue). If you need a reason to get into bed early, pick this one up but know that it’s hard to put down. I haven’t finished it yet, but not because I’m not into it – I forgot to bring it this weekend and I was DYING for it at night.

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Olaplex May 2018

Olaplex: If you are like me and bleach or highlight your hair, LISTEN UP.  I feel like this was kept a secret from me for far too long. I didn’t know that there was a re-bonding serum out there that all the celebrities were using to ensure that their bleached hair wouldn’t break off. Mine started breaking after my first real bleach and recently, I became freaked out at how most of it is honestly chin length at this point (without me cutting it more than a tiny trim). Justin Anderson (who just did my color at dpHUE) had told me about it, but in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep I googled how Kim Kardashian was able to bleach her dark hair and have it remain healthy, and some article said that she slept in it. If she can, then I CAN. I slept in it the next night and in the morning, my hair felt 30% stronger. It’s not moisturizing, it’s re-bonding. Anyway, I didn’t know about it before so I wanted to share (and yes, you can OVER Olaplex, so I’m told to sleep in it once every two weeks).

This might be old news, but I’m still OBSESSED with watching this. As you might know, I was raised LDS and this hit home and makes me SO happy every time I watch (which is often).

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Cardigan May 2018

Anthropologie Navy Cardigan: I’ve worn this cardigan every day and have accidentally convinced two of my friends to buy it. It’s on sale now (almost half off) and I’m debating buying another to keep up at the mountain house because it’s just that good. It’s super comfortable but looks like a blazer because it’s so tailored. The collar has great structure and it’s so easy to layer underneath because it’s boxy, the crop of the sleeves is cute and the short boxy cut is flattering.

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Orlando Book May 2018

Orlando’s Book: If you like one of the following things, then you should buy this book: 1. Funny people. 2. Pretty photos. 3. Amy Sedaris. 4. Self-Depreciation. 5. Reality. 6. Learning new things or 7. Laughing a lot. This amazing person (Orlando Soria) and I used to sleep in the same bed when we were shooting our show together and couldn’t make it home (not sure the homeowners ever new that – they were always at a hotel). He’s still one of my favorite people of all time. THIS MANS DESERVES ALL THE SUCCESS THAT THIS BOOK WILL BRING HIM. I’m incredibly proud and I need you to buy his book because you don’t even know how much you need it.

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Bando Planner May 2018 Planner: My friend Jen founded this company 10 years ago, the summer that I met her. I don’t buy or need these planners. I fear I’m too old for them and ironically use a google cal instead of “writing things down.” But when I flip through it, I LOVE IT as a product. It’s full of great illustration and exudes youth with a decent amount of cheekiness. All six of my nieces love this brand which makes gift shopping very easy. I personally just want one of her Anxiety necklaces as soon as they come back in stock. I’m anxious that they’ll get out of stock immediately but she told me she’d hook me up (Jen is very open about her mental health issues and is bringing awareness to it in a way that is full of humor, humility, pride and grace).

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Dphue Argan Oil May 2018

dpHUE Argan Oil Therapy: Last week, I went to the dpHUE salon where Justin Anderson brought my hair back to a more natural blonde and I was reminded to use this product on a daily basis. My hair is dry (what? Oh the bleach?) so for a day-to-day product, this is my jam/serum. It makes it feel soft without greasy and lightweight but calms the frizzy. There is a lot of good hair product out there right now but I’m into this one a lot and so is my hair. And no, I had no obligation to write about it, I just really like it and Justin (also a lot of argan oils add a tint to your hair but this one doesn’t).

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Target Mule Bone May 2018

Target Mules: As my sister says every time she talks to me (although last week it was in person), “Target is stepping up their game.” Oh really? NO SHIRT. These shoes are GREAT. I wore the mustard version last week for a shoot and they were so cute (and comfortable and affordable) and I had no idea they also came in a bone color. An affordable bone mule? YES.

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Spandx May 2018

Spanx Underwear: I mentioned this in my summer fashion post last week but it was kinda hidden amongst all the chambray and ripped denim so I want to reiterate. I thought my friend was exaggerating when she convinced me to wear them. She said that they make your stomach look flat and they don’t cut in at all. I thought that Spanx meant “discomfort in the name of looking 5% better” but I was wrong. These things are made to feel sexy and cute, and with no cut-in lines. YAY for life without bulging lines or discomfort. I just bought a few more pairs so that I can wear them more than one day in a row.

Emily Henderson Favorite Things Tan Lotion May 2018

Perfekt Matte Tanning Gel: As you may or may not know, I’m a lover of the natural-looking spray tan. But it often fades on my legs in the first day or two which is really where I want it most as I personally don’t love a tan face on someone who is obviously fair skinned. This cream goes on chocolate brown, and you’ll freak out, but once it’s rubbed in, it looks relatively natural (a little darker than I think I could ever be) and washes off hands. It will definitely get on clothes so don’t wear white, but it’s also SPF 30 and stays on well, and showers off at night. Anyway, I LOVE it.

Variety's Power Of Women, Roaming Arrivals, Los Angeles, America 09 Oct 2015
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Lastly, the first Goop podcast, with Oprah: I heard it was good but it’s taken me months to listen to it. It’s inspiring in so many ways. The #1 takeaway is their “disease to please,” which turns out is common amongst women who are entrepreneurs in the public eye. Now, I’m obviously not Gwyneth or Oprah, but I too suffer from this. I care deeply about what people think of me, which I think is generally a good thing because it means that you are trying hard to consider other people’s thoughts and feelings, but trying to please everyone else (especially the wider your audience) can deplete yourself and your ultimate goals. Another nugget – “You are your own greatest competition” in a good way. Focus on you and what you want to do to the very best of your own ability. Anyway, I’m not Oprah so don’t listen to me, but if you are into intention, success and listening to two highly successful women talk about their lives and give advice, I recommend that podcast. Although, I’ll listen to Oprah in any format which also brings me to Super Soul Sunday – of which I HAVEN’T listened to but will this week. 

What’s got you excited this week? I want to hear about anything that you’ve been itching to gab about with a friend (we’re friends so GIVE IT). 

Fin Mark


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A word on the mules – I went in person to Target after the other post and the mustard colored ones are surprisingly neutral in how they function in the context of an entire outfit. I got my normal size despite online reviews saying they ran a bit small and a bit narrow (for me, my normal size was maybe a tad narrow but the wide would’ve been too big). I tried on the bone ones too but for my skin tone (which has a Mediterranean-esque tone) they were not flattering. Thanks for the recommendation – wouldn’t have gone searching for them otherwise.


Love, love, love this format. How do I not miss future editions?

Scroll down and at the end of this post, you’ll see a box to sign up with your email address! Xx

Vicki S Williams

Hi don’t seem to see the sign up box for your newsletter.


Love this new feature! I too hate a news letter, but I love the product round-ups some of my other favorite blogs do during the week, and this reminds me of that. Thanks!


My newest favorite is the Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub. It adds the perfect tint of color while moisturizing and scrubbing your lips with a little bit of sugar – perfect for all day use. And my lips are finally looking less chapped (no amount of Blistex or other chapstick was working!).


Actually woke up this morning thinking of your spa day for the staff blog post. I love that you want to acknowledge your staff with extra perks. Creating blog content out of it works too. As a reader and creative person, I wondered how fun it would be if every season you gave your staff a paid day off and say, $200 in cash to refresh/seek inspiration on their own. The only thing they’d have to give in return is a post telling us about what they did. It would be such a fun way to get to know your group as well as provide inspiration for the rest of us.


I’m in to this! How would they spend it? And why?
Emily too.


Yes, I love this! Also, you guys need another trip vintage shopping!!!!!!


Whoa whoa whoa…
I LOVE this kind of email with tips, tricks and recommendations.!!!!
LGN was doing them
On Fridays for awhile and I’d literally be excited to get it. Now, I’ll have something exciting Mondays from you!


Love this! So much fun to be introduced to random awesome things. Thank you!


What happens if you over Olaplex? Asking because I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong and want to know about the potential consequences.

Separate thought – why not use now as the perfect time to experiment with a different hair length sans extensions (saw the Instastory)? Kind of like a lemons to lemonade situation. After all, why not go for shoulder-length or blorange or strawberry blonde or something else super fun temporarily? Just my two cents – feel free to disregard.

I don’t know what happens, they just said ‘don’t use it too much’. Like can your hair be too bonded? Dunno. And I’m not risky with beauty. chopping and bleaching was a LOT for me and it damaged my hair so much. I already have thin, fine hair so I just want it to be healthy. But I wish I were someone who took more risks. I know that I look the best I can with blonde hair. I’ve had wigs before and it just feels weird and wrong. I’m so fair … but maybe i’m just stagnant and unwilling to budge and I perhaps I’m just chasing youth. WHO KNOWS. 🙂


YES to this newsletter! My old in-the-know girlfriend is demoted. YOU are my new go-to.

Emily Wallace

If you want something more than Google cal but not quite all the way to “writing things down,” you might try The Arena App: Daily Planner ( It helps you think through what you need to get done and when. It’s not another list making app. I co-founded the company and the app because I love paper but don’t like carrying it around. I like digital but needed to see my appointments, my projects, and both together…but sometimes apart. From a kindred spirit also striving for peace of mind and a life well-lived, I tried and deleted all the other apps. This one is different.


You’re the best. I just ordered the Target mules. And the Spanx. Thanks for being my lifecoach. I’m a busy news anchor in PDX and have no time (nor the talent) to figure this stuff out. Now I need a credenza. I will stalk your site for that too.


You’re the best. I just ordered the Target mules. And the Spanx. Thanks for being my lifecoach. I’m a busy news anchor in PDX and have no time (nor the talent) to figure this stuff out on my own. Now I need a credenza. I will stalk your site for that too.

Check out this post for some of our favorite credenzas. It’s an older post (from last year), but hopefully a good amount of the links are still working.


Whoa whoa whoa, I don’t hate these kind of posts. I LOVE them! Your honest tips, tricks, life hacks and loves! Gimme gimme!
I’ll be looking forward to this each Monday!


GOOP, though? Really?


Agreed. Just hearing the name GOOP makes my eyes roll so hard.


Seriously ew. If anyone is looking for a meaningful and great podcast I reccomend “Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom”.

Ooh I’ll listen to that.
I should write a whole post about my feelings towards Gwyneth and Goop. Its complicated for sure….


You should write many of us have these complicated feelings toward Gwyneth and Goop!

patricia blaettler

Yes, please. This would be a great regular feature. Stylish minds want to know, right?
Two things on my mind lately: Hanacure, the facial which shrinks into a tight, tight mask which is all over the internet. Thoughts?
A very good book: I’ll be Gone in the Dark:; the Search for the Golden State Killer. Lock your doors and secure your windows! It’s extremely well written and a very compelling story.


LOVE Orlando, I follow him on Instagram and he is hysterical!! His instastories make me laugh out loud!


Love the newsletter! As for the spanx undies, I have some questions. Firstly, as a person with large thighs I can’t even imagine how unflattering that boyshort length would be on me. I may be able to get past that if they made me look great in my clothes, BUT don’t you get a visible panty line with the way they are detailed? Seems funny that they are shaped like a short but with a panty line basically added on top. Would love to hear more. And while I’m waiting I will search for spanx undies. Maybe they make more than one style…

The thigh part of them is way looser than the waist. I thought the EXACT same thing. Would it cut in? will you see it inside my jeans? its not perfect, but its a really slow transition from thigh to waist, gaining in tightness. does that make sense?


Have to pick up Into the Water again. Had trouble getting into it. Just finished The Wife Between Us. The Girl Before, The Couple Next Door, The Ghost Writer are good ones too!


I signed up for the newsletter, but I check the blog everyday. Will the newsletter have items not on the blog? How should I set my subscription if I check the blog daily? Thanks for the tips!




You are very charming Mrs. Henderson.

thank you. much needed, you have no idea. xx


YES! I actually amazon searched them when i saw them last week and I had all the same questions. It’s my hips I want to flatten a little, but I always seem to get muffin top OR buldging thighs (thighs are not a problem area for me, so I hate turning them into one in exchange for slimmer hips!) with various shapewear, my search lead me on a spanx rabbit trail that ended up with me being too nervous about all of them to actually purchase them. I’m with you on the questions…i need to go to a store and just try on a bunch, but who wants to do that?!


Whoops, that was in reply to Molly.


Okay, I’m back to ponder the spanx undies some more. I haven’t tried anything on yet, but I did see that Soma has shapewear underwear in a variety of styles AND they have very regular sales (like right now it’s buy 3, get 2 free). For panties that cost $22 or more a piece, I am definitely motivated by a sale. I love the idea of getting 10+ pairs so that I can get the benefits of them every single day. Well, as long as they work some magic while not causing a stomach ache.


When I visited the link on Nordstrom’s website, they recommended a “similar” spanx item that seems to compress in the reverse of these — more hips than stomach. That seems more my speed, and maybe yours, so you might want to investigate.


Absolutely LOVE hearing about what my favorite bloggers are into–great idea and totally signing up for the newsletter. Being new to mules–for those who have them/wear them, are they easy to walk in? Like on a scale from– your car to the office, or through an airport, or being a city tourist?

mules are SO EASY to walk in. Nothing is easier. Well maybe sneakers. But if you get a thick heel like all of mine are, they just slip on and off (and perfect for flights so you can head to the bathroom easily).


I’m more devastated than I should be that Anthro cardigan has sold out (in almost all sizes)!!!

oh no! I didn’t get to by my backup!!! Constantly shooting myself in the foot …


hmmmm. I just ordered in medium and looked like they had most sizes and at an even better deal. Maybe they added more? And thank you Emily!…this cardigan looks perfect and like just what i was needing for verging on summer–I’m in Northern California where its chilly in the mornings. I looked at the Spanx but i am too scared it is going to be a wedgie situation which I cannot stand. I have been going for high waist Natori undies with a lace top so no digging in but full tushy coverage and while not technically tummy tightening I find just having a higher waist does give a little support …you might like ’em!


That was fun! I like your suggestions and that family singing and just the little things you’re loving. Thanks for sharing!


I really like this format! Already signed up 🙂

Also, I love Orlando and have tried to buy his book on Amazon but can’t seem to find a store that will deliver to Australia, does anyone know where I can buy it? Thanks heaps!!



Speaking of too many emails, I’m not really a fan of the daily blog post emails. Would much rather get a weekly roundup so I can check in on posts I may have missed on social media. But perhaps statistics say otherwise and I’m in the minority. Hopefully there will be a preference option to only receive the weekly roundup when that starts! (If there’s not already – this is reminding me to check!)

Ooh, we’ll look into it. Seems like there should be that option. I get it. I HATE emails. So if we can send them to you in a way that makes better sense to you then we’ll try. xx


Loved the karaoke family. Very cute and talented. You MUST see the Brad Goreski’s (celebrity stylist) and Gary Jannetti’s (tv writer) version. Google- one day more brad goreski. Watch now and thank me later.
Also, loved this post overall. I’ll sign up, but wondering why not just have it in the blog.


I’ll bet that Oprah watches you. She’s someone who appreciates women who are passionate for what they do and manage to have a life, also. Just as I appreciate your great ideas & the amount of work it takes to bring them
to us.


Love Olapex. It’ a game changer. The new Hawkins book looks good. I may dip in as soon as I’m done the new Jessica Knoll. People are writing them faster than I can read them (which, as a writer, is kind of depressing for me!) Great suggestions, as always.

john richard

lovely place.. nice blog.

Samantha Zutler

I love this newsletter Emily!


Not related to this story but loved the LDS video singing to Les Mis melody. They were featured on the ABC morning show & quite a cute segmant.


Love your newsletter idea! It’s fun!

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