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Wedding Guest Dresses Based On Bust Coverage (Everyone Should Feel Beautiful AND Comfortable:))

It can feel like a blessing and a curse to have lots of close friends and family once those save-the-dates start rolling in each year, amirite? The curse part, of course, is the fact that you need to get an outfit that you ideally feel great in. And look, you may have options from years past or are lucky and can shop a friend’s closet. But if you are like my cousin who is attending six weddings this year or me with only two (but one is my brother’s so I want to look my absolute best…photos are forever) you might need some new options. Especially when most weddings require at least two dressy outfits!

So as I was about to start pinning for this post, I asked the team what they thought the most helpful angle would be. A “Pretty Wedding Guest Dress Options” post is all well and good but I wanted it to be more serviceable. Immediately we agreed on different coverage options. I think this is how most of us shop anyway. We know how much we are willing to show whether that be bust, arms, legs, etc. Also depending on the type of wedding (for example a family wedding doesn’t have me clamoring for anything low-cut since my chest isn’t small), you might want to go for something different than your typical style. Whatever the reason, I feel pretty confident there is something for everyone in this post from varying styles to a wide range of sizes. I did focus the categories mostly around bust coverage but a few are focused on skin coverage. So with that said let’s get into the first and most complete coverage options of the group…

Total Body Coverage

There are lots of reasons why full (or nearly) full-body coverage is a great and desired option. Maybe you’re simply a conservative dresser, for religious reasons, temperature, or peak comfort – Whatever the reason I really loved all six of these options.

1. Satin Batwing Bias Cut Maxi Dress | 2. Satin Draped Dress | 3. Satin Biased Maxi Dress with Button Detail | 4. Neck-Tie Kaftan Maxi Dress | 5. Curve Exclusive Satin Maxi Dress with Batwing Sleeve and Wrap Waist | 6. Relaxed Gathered Detail Maxi Dress

I love that while #1, #3, and #5 keep everything covered they are still kinda sexy. The silky fabric may have something to do with it:) But also look at that button detail on #3. So good! Then #2 and #4 have beautiful draping that gives them something a little extra special. Lastly, #6 isn’t total coverage in terms of arms and legs, but this would be a great warm spring/summer dress if you want to be mostly covered up.

One Shoulder (A Little Peek;))

I love the look of a one-shoulder dress. It makes it look a little extra special and sexy without showing anything more than a shoulder! What a dream. And aside from one dress that has an open back, I believe you could wear a strapless bra with almost all of these options.

1. Tiered One-Shoulder Dress | 2. Ruffled One-Shoulder Midi Dress | 3. Collection Side-Cutout Midi Dress | 4. Fallen Shoulder Manipulated Tuck Body-Conscious Midi Dress | 5. Pryce Off-Shoulder Satin Column Gown | 6. Oona Dress | 7. Diana Gown | 8. Mondie One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Midi Dress | 9. Chiffon Ruffled Dress

Ok, let’s start with the open-back dress – #3. So fun for a spring or summer wedding as well as #8 and #9. Those colors are so sweet and pretty! I also think for a stylish yet slightly more casual vibe #1 and #2 are perfect. You could also get a lot of non-wedding use out of them too. But for chic, fancier options #4, #5, and #6 are perfect! I personally almost bought #7 for my cousin’s wedding last year but good thing I didn’t because my other cousin wore it (and looked stunning in it:)). Highly recommend and it comes in a ton of colors.

Halter And High Neck (No Cleavage Here!)

I LOVE a halter or high-neck dress. I think it’s such a pretty cut! They can get tricky when it comes to bras so just keep that in mind when looking through them:)

1. Colorblock Halter Dress | 2. Halter Turtle Side Slit Gown | 3. Senna Dress Es | 4. Casette Linen Dress | 5. Mock-Neck Side-Slit Dress | 6. Printed Satin Dress | 7. Metallic Dress With Halter Neckline | 8. Mina Tassel Knit Gown | 9. Slim Asymmetrical Dress | 10. Amiah Knit Dress | 11. Veria Silk Dress Es | 12. Indi Boat Neck Bodycon Maxi Dress

#1 is sooo pretty and could easily be worn casually. #2 is simple and chic and #11 is gorgeous and comes in extended sizes! #8 is incredibly special and a guaranteed showstopper. If you like the idea of the “almost one shoulder” then #9 and #10 are it. I am actually HIGHLY considering #12 for my brother’s wedding. I’m in the bridal party and was told I could pick my own dress as long as it was long and black – check and check. The top says conservative but the slit says, “I’m not dead yet”:) Plus makes dancing easier. I’m trying to be extremely practical…

Short With Covered Tops (Show Them Legs, Baby)

Hey, you might be more in the mood to show off those limbs! The lower limbs of course. But that doesn’t mean you want to show off any cleavage. If that’s the case I’ve got you.

1. Printed Short Dress | 2. Turtleneck Ruffle Skirt Dress | 3. Eveline Knit Dress | 4. Zenni Linen Dress | 5. Alden Knit Dress Es | 6. Erika Peña Off-The-Shoulder High-Low Dress

Sleeves and prints? A great combo if you ask me. #1 and #6 are perfect if that’s what you’re looking for. Plus #6 would also be perfect for any beach vacation. Speaking of summer, #4 can easily be dressed up or down. But to up the elegance, #2, #3, and #5 are all great options!

Square Neck Top (A Possible Hint Of Cleavage:))

I really love a square neckline because usually, that means a strapless or sometimes a regular bra (depending on the bra’s cut) can be worn without a problem!

1. Coming For You Dress | 2. Babydoll Tied Sleeve Detail Dress | 3. Knitted Rib Maxi Dress With Belt | 4. Frankie Silk Dress Es | 5. Relaxed Double-Puff Sleeve Dress | 6. Curve Puff Sleeve Midi Dress | 7. Contrast Panel Mini Dress | 8. Slinky Jersey Maxi Dress | 9. Belgium Linen Dress

For that body con, sultry look, #1, #4, and #8 are perfect. I really love a puff sleeve for some added drama which #2, #5, #6, and #9 all perfectly nail. But if all you want is a slightly thicker spaghetti strap then #3 and #7 are for you.

V Necks (For Some Hot But Respectable Spice)

Of course, a classic neckline is the V! Clearly beautiful and is a perfect way to show off a little (or a lot of cleavage) should you want to. I tried to give a range of “depths” so there’s something for everyone:)

1. Satin Pleated Cutout Maxi Dress | 2. Slip Dress with Feather Detail | 3. Plunge V-Neck Midi Dress | 4. Maxi Embroidered Mesh Button Front Dress | 5. Hadley V-Neck Back-Bow Empire Gown | 6. Collection Bow-Back Puff-Sleeve Dress | 7. Kourtney Dress | 8. Tiered Puff Sleeve Dress | 9. Embroidered Long-Sleeve Dress | 10. Palladio Kaftan | 11. V Neck Rectangle Gown | 12. Silk Ruched-Shoulder Dress

Let’s start by talking about the dresses with a modest v-neck. #4, #5, and #10 all fall in that category from the looks of them. Then if you want to get sultry (one of my favorite descriptors if you can’t tell) go for #3, #11, and #12. Want more of a glam look? Then #1 and #2 are ideal. I personally have tried on #7 and LOVED it. I would say that unless you are really comfortable with cleavage (I tend to not be, unfortunately) then those with larger busts might want to skip this one.

Strapless and Double Off The Shoulder (Easy Breezy!)

Ah, my other favorite style of dress! It’s classic, automatically feels dressy, and can also work great with a strapless bra, What’s not to love?

Here I am at my cousin Becca’s wedding last summer (tbh it may have technically been fall but boy did the heat not get the cool breeze memo). It was a perfect wedding and this was the dress I bought for it (#4). I loved that it felt dressy but that I knew I could wear easily wear it casually because it was linen. Unless a wedding is wildly fancy, I really try to choose dresses (when possible) that I know I can wear more than once. And with this one, I didn’t even need to wear a bra!! The linen was thick and my boobs looked good enough:) 10/10. Here are some other options I really like.

1. Strapless V-Neck Pleated High-Low Gown | 2. Leonara Dress | 3. Archival Dress | 4. Marcella Linen Dress | 5. Aurora Dress | 6. Baela Linen Dress | 7. Agatha Dress | 8. Ruffled Strapless Dress | 9. Strapless Silk Fringe Dress

For those extra fancy weddings, #1 and #8 are incredible. But for me, if I had to pick one dress it would be #2. I am obsessed with how that neckline and those sleeves create the coolest shape. It’s out of my price range now but someday it will be mine! For a much more affordable back dress option, I am digging #5 more than I ever thought I would. Those feathers are just so fun. But just like all of the dresses in this post, I like all of these options…because I chose them. Ha.

Well, that’s it y’all. I truly hope you found this helpful and that they were a wide enough range of good options. Shopping for clothing can be stressful and dress shopping for a special event can be even harder. We should be able to feel both beautiful and comfortable. Don’t forget that<3

Love you, mean it.

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1 year ago

I have that one-shoulder Madewell dress and it’s gorgeous in real life. Question though: is it now okay to wear black to weddings? I was always told no black (or white, obv!) at weddings since black is traditionally a mourning color, but I see people wear it sometimes. Thoughts, anyone?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kat

I think you are good to go if you want to wear black to an evening or formal/fancy wedding. Some weddings specify black tie dress code. I might shy away from wearing black to a daytime, outdoor, or wedding giving off a very spring/summer vibe. Bottom line, though, if you find a dress you love and look great in then wear it! (Unless it’s white and wedding dress-y, don’t wear that LOL)

1 year ago
Reply to  Kat

I wear black all the time (probably 80% of my clothes are black) so I usually wear black to weddings too. I think as long as it is fun shape and you have a pop of colour (pretty shoes, a statement necklace, great clutch etc) go for it! However, if you look at your black outfit and think I could wear this to a funeral or the office it’s probably not right for a wedding.

I have one coming up and I have a full black tulle dress that I’m excited to wear.

1 year ago

These dresses are lovely, but I have to admit I was looking forward to an April Fools post! Emily always has had some of my favorite and funniest!

Lynn W
1 year ago

Fun post and gorgeous dresses! We are going at the end of this month to a family members wedding. The dress code is Creative Black Tie!!
Had to look that up….we are excited to get all fancy🥂

1 year ago

I feel you girlfriend. Pictures are forever 😂 for real why I wear makeup for family events.

1 year ago

Inspiring. Thank you

1 year ago

Some beautiful pieces here – I love a good old v-neck dress for a wedding. As I am getting older though, I find my neck line getting higher! xxx

Cris S.
1 year ago

I have no weddings on the horizon, but I do need to have something fun for an upcoming Taylor Swift concert. This was helpful! Thank you!

1 year ago

Just in time! So helpful, thank you!