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We Painted Our Bedroom Blue And Here’s How I Feel About It…

This room is not designed yet. I put it on the back burner because honestly it was good enough and I like really simple bedrooms. We had a bed, our old nightstands, lamps that we’ve had forever, and a huge new mirror. But no, it didn’t feel finished and not a room that a designer had touched. So we needed to move forward with it. After staring at the paint swatches for literally months, I finally made the decision on what I felt was the perfect warm, moody, happy, mid-tone powder blue.

I had two main conflicting fears – 1. That it would feel too gray (a big no no up here) and 2. that it would be overwhelming and be a color that was too blue. And y’all you truly don’t know how anything is going to “feel” until it’s on all four walls – you just don’t. You can do all you want in Photoshop and put paint stickers on all four walls and stare at them at different times of the day, and you can have a lot of experience painting colors – but you simply don’t know how it’s going to “feel” when you walk in until it’s on those four (in this case 5) walls!

So when I made the decision I was at 80% sure (my new metric I try to get to before making a big design decision). But that is still 20% unsure. I gathered so many opinions – my team, Brian, friends, everyone. I felt about as confident as I think I could have. We all agreed that SW 9139 Debonair was the right color. We would do all the walls and trim (flat on the walls/ceiling, satin on the trim). It took a day and a half. We slept in the guest room. Easy Peezy.

After the first coat, I walked in and was SO EXCITED. I LOVED the color, vibe – the whole thing gave me so much hope.

So How Do I Feel Now?

Chair | Ottoman | Rug (unavailable) | Art | Bed | Duvet Cover | Nightstand | Lamp | Bench | Wall Color | Sconce | Switch Plates

I don’t know!!! Brian loves it. Kaitlin loves it. At times of the day, I love it. But other times and in certain areas it feels too blue, too much. So we did this update shoot (which is genuinely so helpful) to show you and honestly to help me see it more objectively. The color itself is very beautiful, but is it right? Should I have left the ceiling white? Is it the wrong vibe/too dark for a spacious room full of so much natural light?

Mirror | Sconce (unavailable)

When we painted the family/TV room the dark SW 6223 Still Water, it felt an instant “so much better” but I was nervous for a few hours. It took bringing back in the sectional and the rug to be like, “Oh yes, this is it” and now I’m 100% in love with it. But when the recessed lights are on I don’t like it as much because the pigment of the paint pops and it reads as a really bright dark teal – which is fine because this room is meant to be enjoyed with lamp light. So if I were to recommend it to someone I would say it’s so great for a room like ours, with very little natural light and meant to be very dark and moody.

So I guess what I’m saying is that A. Not all color choices are an immediate “yes,” some colors need the context of the other design elements to make the color make sense. And B. Even if this is the perfect color, perhaps it’s not the perfect color for this scale/size of the room.

My biggest pet peeve of it all is how prominent the recessed lights are. No thank you. I’m not sure what to do about it but they can’t stay like that. It’s all I can see.

So my options are:

  1. Shop for brass or black canned lights and switch them out.
  2. Paint the ceiling light or white.
  3. We’ve joked that we are going to put the paint stickers over them and just pretend that they aren’t there – this is obviously a very bad idea, but it sure is easy!
  4. Paint the square part but leave the round light inside white. This is not advisable in any way, but it is a not ideal option we’ve thrown out there.

I’m wondering if I should change the trim color – make it lighter or darker? Should I paint back the ceiling?

What Am I Going To Do?

For now, I’m definitely going to keep working with it and see if we can get to a point of it being right. It’s not overwhelming but if I had a clear idea of how I would change it, I would do it. But it might be that I just need to get used to it and that it needs more powerful furniture to contrast against it. I went from a boring white box to this. Maybe I went too far too fast? I don’t know. I have ordered a new bed, in camel velvet (this one) and I’m excited to see how it is. The bed we have here is from Maiden Home and is so simple and pretty, but it’s too wide and covers the light switches, and is too low for the room (the mattress, not the back). I also wish I had chosen more of a statement bed (I was in Scandi mountain house mode when I ordered it) So I regret to say that this will be heading to another great home soon (maybe the river house guest room!). The piece of art is from the OG Portland project, by MaryAnn Puls, the nightstands are from Made Goods, the table lamps are from Rejuvenation (that I’m likely keeping but with a different shade), and that incredibly cozy chair and ottoman are from Crate and Barrel. I LOVE how the chair contrasts with the wall – so I’m leaning into those tones. Re the bedding – I just bought this duvet cover from Parachute and I love the color, but I’m open to exploring other tones, too. It’s all up in the air and I’m really really happy we painted and can move with a design direction. I would genuinely love your thoughts, though. Not a “do you love it or hate it” but more, what would you do in here? Do you see a clear answer? Or do you, like most people around me, think that it’s so awesome and think that I’m not used to having such a saturated color in my bedroom??

Let’s chat! xx

Wood Flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Flooring
Windows: White Oak, Aspen Casement by Sierra Pacific Windows

Roman Shades: Decorview
Fireplace: Slimline 7X with Tranquil Greige Refractory Brick by Heat & Glo

Blue Wall Color: Debonair by Sherwin-Williams
Current Fireplace Color: Smoky Blue by Sherwin-Williams
Skylights: Skylights with Room Darkening Shades by Velux Skylight

Lights and Switch Plates: Rejuvenation

*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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272 thoughts on “We Painted Our Bedroom Blue And Here’s How I Feel About It…

  1. The walls and fireplace look great- so pretty. The new bed will help a lot and I think a different duvet color would help a lot too. Maybe a patterned duvet… the walls are an awesome color!

    1. I agree. I live in Maine (low light in the winter) and I love the moodiness of my blue/gray painted bedroom and I lean into it in the winter months by changing out my bedding to darker colors (LLBean flannels and cozy Sherpa throws). In the summer months (brighter light), I change the bedding to white and add colorful quilts (mixed colors and patterns).

  2. Our guest room has a similar paint color; ours is an older color that Restoration Hardware used to sell. Swap out the bedding would be one idea. We have textured white bedding and patterned decorative pillows with browns/blues/greys/whites. It looks cozy and has become one of my favorite rooms in the house. Good luck!

  3. Ouuuuh pretty! I love that you let us follow along through diverent evolutions of your rooms 🙂 The colour is gorgeous and I can see how ties back to the other blues in your home without copying them. I am super excited about your new bed – I love blues with coppery-browns and I think it’ll tie in the wood of the windowframes nicely too. Since you’ve now painted it I would tinker around with it and see how it’d look properly styled and outfitted I do agree it’s maybe not quite there yet. I would love some art to engage more of the width of the wall above your bed – maybe one large horizontal piece or even a gallery wall? the current paintin while lovely makes everything look a little narrow I feel. I actually think using the paint stickers as covers for the plastic parts of the canned lights could work – worth a try at least? 😉 I do agree this is rather much darker than all of your past bedrooms have been where it seems your have enjoyed lighter and brighter bedrooms and maybe this room is a little to large and bright to fully play into the cave-like cozy feel a darker all enveloping colour can give you? Maybe a slightly lighter more mid-tone blue would be the way to go to give you still that enveloping feeling but have it be bit brigher? If it was MY room I would paint the ceiling white and the walls a cheery, buttery yellow (like the pantry in this beautiful Meta Coleman design and have a really happy, cheery, bright bedroom with cottage-y accents because that is what I enjoy, but that would probably not go with your beautiful blue house, so I’m looking forward to what you come up with for what you enjoy 😀

    1. thank you for your thoughtful suggestions! that’s interesting about the art. At times I wish I hadn’t put the sconces in because it has really limited the art space availability (and we only read on kindles now). I love how they look though. I’ve thought about putting my now epic collection of seascapes on this wall, too. But I think you are right about the narrowness of the art in the room …. something to think about for sure. xx

  4. It’s a stunning color, for sure! I’d love to see the room in the evening: is it cozy to tuck into? A few ideas:
    1. I know you have built-in window treatments but I think light-diffusing curtains in a shade similar to the chair would return some airiness to the room.
    2. A side table and reading lamp to make the new chair area more of a moment. Perhaps a mini gallery wall above (of silhouettes? animal portraits?) would hearken sweetly to the seascape gallery wall in the den.
    3. Add some subtly printed bedding into the room, perhaps in a print similar to some wallpapers you’ve added in other parts of the house. (My partner was ardently opposed to printed bedding. I decided to wade in so as not to disgruntle him too much and ordered light pink, ikat-style sheets from Anthro. His immediate take was a begrudgingly muttered “You were right.”)
    4. A styled-out dresser where the mirror is leaning. I dearly loved the dresser-chair-ladder area of your LA home!

    I am not a designer- just a gal with an iPhone and insomnia! 😉 As always, thank you for inviting us in! I’m already looking forward to your Real Simple reveal!

    1. all good ideas! yes to lamp/side table in the chair corner. And i am definitely looking at printed bedding (for the first time in years maybe). Oh and re nighttime? ITS AWESOME. I LOVE the color at night. And I agree about the shades/curtains! Part of me wants to buy some readymade for one window and see how that feels just holding them up. Maybe a warm flax color (I love the color of the chair). Oddly the wood of the windows really pops more than I want it to, so I need to make it make sense!

      1. I didn’t follow the future bed link, but I think a wooden bed would be warm, bright, and tie in the windows to make them make sense .

        Can recessed lighting be converted to light fixtures of some kind? I have no idea. but maybe switch out for some small fixtures. Or go black.

  5. I would paint the ceiling white! I agree the blue feels off, but I think it would look beautiful with a white contrast!

    1. I agree. Usually I love an all encompassing color, but it does seem too stifling for some reason with it all one color. The color is great, can you have someone photoshop using your old white ceiling and see if that seems better. But I love the styling of the room now, it seems so simple/high end/interesting.

      1. YES. that’s exactly what we are going to do – photoshop the ceiling. And maybe its an ivory or taupe? we’ll do some options. I LOVE The color, but yes it feels just like a lot.

        1. Love the idea of an ivory vs a white – but I think the white would be the final icing on the cake of this room! I absolutely LOVE the blue though, it feels like a real sigh of calm at the end of the day, but something about the ceiling isn’t 100% sitting right for me. I think because of the texture of the ceiling, it feels like it needs a colour/tonal contrast…

          I love watching the process of living in a home and how it changes the design as you settle into a place!

      2. Totally agree about too stifling and would def paint the ceiling white or ivory.

  6. Hi Emily! I think it’s a very pretty shade of blue, but even as someone who adores deep colors, I think you’re right that this is a little gloomy and overwhelming for a bedroom, and this big, bright bedroom in particular. Because painting woodwork is so expensive and time-consuming, perhaps you leave the ceiling and trim, but paint the walls white again? That contrast of painted wood and white walls would fit with the famhouse feel. Or — what I think would look really lovely — leave the trim and ceiling, but paper the walls with a paper that has a white/light background but a delicate, small pattern — from Soane or Robert Kime or somewhere like that — in a shade of blue that’s similar to the existing blue trim and ceiling. That would, I think, make the woodwork recede and just look like a complement to the walls.

    1. Oh I REALLY REALLY like this idea! Keep all the trim and ceilings that lovely blue and just repaint the walls back to a creamy white … or light wallpaper with subtle print, texture, grasscloth?

      1. Amy, re the grasscloth – i have this incredible fabric textured paper from Ashley Stark that we all agreed might be too gray, but now that i’m seeing something so ‘blue’ i’m thinking that it won’t be. Its sooo pretty. so i’m right there with you.

    2. This is a very cool idea. I was thinking to paint the ceiling back to white, but keeping a blue ceiling with white walls could be so fun. I could go either way on whether to make the trim white or leave it blue. Both could work great with blue ceiling/white walls so just personal preference there.

      I think using paint stickers over the lights is a great option. Maybe you’ll find you don’t even miss having ceiling lights if you don’t use them for a while. Or if you do miss them, then you’ll know it is worth having them changed out. Just put a piece of tape over the switch so no one accidentally turns them on while they are covered.

      I love the color but agree that maybe it’s just too much or too large of a room to go so bold. But there are lots of fixes if you leave it all painted, such as patterned side panels on windows or patterned bedding or rug. You’ll make it great.

      Play around with photo shop to see if taking ceiling back to white improves it for you or if this new idea of leaving ceiling blue with white walls works.

    3. OOOOOOH. maybe i’ll photoshop that, too! I do have this simple stripe that now i’m wondering if should be in here all along?? the color is definitely not gloomy nor dark, its just ‘too much’ is the only phrase that I keep coming back to. I love the idea of a small low contrast print wallpaper, but maybe that would also be too much? I don’t know Robert Kime so i’m going to research those right now. thank you so much for this – its actually really helpful.

    4. I like this idea! To be honest I liked the white better, but I am team white walls always. This is more creative and could re-introduce some brightness.

  7. I really like it, Emily! The medium tones are very lovely together and the new bed will look amazing. A mix of lovely patterns when you style it out will pull everything together; mini geometric florals, pleated patterned shades on those cool lamps, and your artful mix of pillows will look great to me. I’m not usually a fan of painting the ceiling and trim the same color but with those gorgeous windows and skylights it doesn’t look like light is a problem.

    1. I am shopping for pleated pattern shades!!! curious if I can get them custom made in time. thank you thank you

      1. Great sources for beautiful lampshades – @newportlampandshadecompany
        @lumenlampsnash @cvillehadeshop @hollywoodathome @cruelmountaindesigns

  8. I think the color is wonderful! I know you’ve mentioned in previous posts trying to keep your rug, but even with envisioning the new bed coming and some of the changes you’ve mentioned, my eye still wants to see more of a statement rug to anchor the room and draw the eye down. I think this room is a great spot to bring in a vintage or vintage inspired rug.
    Your place is stunning and you are doing an amazing job.

    1. thank you Renee 🙂 And I know. everyone wants me to change out the rug. its also VERY stained actually. I’m going to look. Also we might have some rugs we have to promote in the fall (hint hint) so i was kinda waiting for that 🙂

  9. Wow – the dogs look GREAT surrounded by the new paint color and isn’t that the most important thing! Of course, just kidding. I’m for leaving the painted ceiling but I’m wondering if you need to soften the walls by hanging drapes where possible; maybe a small print incorporating the paint color among other colors. The wood trim looks beautiful by the way. Keep going with this new color, especially if so many others think it’s a wonderful choice.

    1. thank you 🙂 yes a printed drape could look so pretty!!! and I agreed that the dogs look good in here 🙂

  10. Wow, yay- I am on Team Awesome. I think the painted ceiling makes it! It feels cozy and I think swapping out for black can lights (and maybe a crisp white duvet cover, to brighten things up and help light from the skylights reflect into the room) will help. Plus wider/less “petite” nightstands, and paint the fireplace a soft contrasting color (mauve, peach, rose??). Just sharing what I would do – I’m sure you’ll make this space great, it’s already nearly there!! (Selfishly I would love to see it with the ceiling painted white, too, to compare options- but I say trust your guy and it’s more fun/interesting (er, for us readers) to see how you work with what you have!

    1. OMG. I have TOTALLY dreamed of paitning the fireplace a rose color, too!!!! maybe i’ll photoshop it in. And agreed that I need to try like 5 different duvet colors/patterns in here……

    2. Yes— try it in photoshop!! (And important correction—I meant “trust your gut,” not “trust your guy.” Both good sentiments, but different…)

    1. that was my instinct, too. But others whose taste I trust say its the coolest part…..

  11. It looks very blue grey to me, but maybe the grey bed is contributing to that. It doesn’t look warm at all, though of course it’s impossible to really tell on a screen. It does seem like a vast space to be all this color.

    I liked the white bc it’s a very bright and airy space especially with all of the skylights. It seems like you designed all of these bright and airy high ceiling’d sunlight flooded spaces and then you are trying to make them smaller, warmer, and cozier afterwards. Maybe you designed them for Los Ángeles light but now here you are in the Portland light (or lack thereof) so it’s just not feeling right? That’s also hard to see over a screen.

    But as you said, you haven’t styled it yet. Maybe the camel velvet bed will change things.

    1. Ha. i have had the exact thoughts re LA versus Portland. I mean, the natural light in this house is incredible. I honestly wasn’t trying to make this room feel warmer – I love a big white bright box, I just wanted it to have a design point of view – and to create more of a vibe. The TV room? Yes, dark and cozy but for this room I just didn’t want it soooo boring. I probably should have gone a little lighter but I was afraid of baby blue!!! I genuinely love this color and if it doesn’t stay here i’m happy to report that I now have another color in my repetoire that I can recommend. But I fear that this room is too big for this powerful of a color (as of this moment – do not quote me on anything right now :))

      1. Two options come to mind here. 1) A warm white a la BM White Dove on the ceiling or 2) You need a lighter blue with some green in it to avoid baby blue territory. Something like BM Palladian Blue or BM Wythe Blue. It might be the way it’s photographing, but this looks very similar to your den. And is shockingly dark given how light the room was before. I love the painted trim BTW, much more modern.

    2. This was my thought as well – It seems to cold a color for Portland (I live here too and have had my color battles due to lighting). It might work now going into spring/summer, but I’m afraid in the dead of winter it would feel to closed in.

  12. I love the color! Seems very restful whether you’re unwinding or watching tv. With the new bed would love to see you bring in some deep and colorful plaids. Something to contrast w the art to bring in strong lines and patterns.

    1. I just remembered about how you had wanted to upholster a living room sectional in your vintage plaids but then you were concerned it wouldn’t be comfortable/wouldn’t hold up. Could you upholster a bed with those instead?

      1. Oh yes. I’ve thought about that SO MUCH. Maybe a bench at the end of the bed?????? I have thrown the plaids over the headboard a few times but that was before we painted the walls. I’ll try again and see how that looks (but our bed is on its way :)) But i kinda forgot about all of this, so thanks for the reminder (also spoiler but we just reupholstered Charlie’s headboard in one of the plaids this week which i’ll show you soon).

          1. I was also going to post that you might be able to use your plaids in here! Perhaps make pillows or a quilt or throw at the end of the bed. Or a long framed piece above the bed, to build on an earlier comment. The corner chair is amazing and you could layer warmth and texture with that vibe. You’ve got this, and thanks for always including the doubts along with the triumphs. It is truly inspiring.

  13. Thank you for this post. I love your designs, and appreciate hearing about your initial concerns/reactions to something like paint color. It’s reassuring to know how you process through these decisions, and it’s not just me,

    Live with that beautiful blue for a while, the layers will make all the difference. Your designs are always amazing.

    1. thank you 🙂 I like exploring these with you guys because you all honestly have great ideas and an outside perspective is just so needed when you are in it so deep. it also just makes it more fun 🙂

    2. I agree … the bedding and drapes would be the same whether you paint the ceiling or wallpaper the walls, right? So bring in the bed, bedding, drapes, art., etc. and reassess. Also re: the sconces–it does seem like bedside tables OR sconces make sense, but not both? I wonder if taking them out would make this more functional/flexible in terms of art placement. Personally I love the blue on both walls and ceiling, although I get how it could seem to dark. But having an all-white room seems with vaulted ceilings too similar to the mountain house (to me).

  14. You have so much good light in that room. Maybe sit with it for a while. Get your new bed in there and play around with your bedding. Maybe the original white made it look to stark, and a warmer white like BM Swiss Coffee would provide that feel you want, but without such a saturated color.

  15. I know once you put your EHD spin on this room, it’s going to be amazing! I think this is a normal part of the process of making a big change and as you yourself point out the room is not designed yet. I loved the bright airy room before and I love the cozy moody vibe it has now. Definitely you made the right call to paint the ceiling for the vibe you are going for. Also while it might have worked before in the white, this seems to fit what is happening with the rest of the house and especially coming off of the tv room. Once you get that amazing headboard and your bedding and art and everything very intentional in there, it is all going to come together fabulously. Can’t wait to see! Thank you for sharing your whole design process and thinking with us, really learn a lot from seeing that.

  16. Hi Emily! This is a gorgeous colour, but for the usual Portland grey rainy weather it just feels a tad saturated? I also live in an area that is predominantly rainy, and snowy, and grey for most of the year. Paint colour can go a really long way to brightening mood when living in climates that are less sunny. This may be why Brits tend to love fun patterned wallpaper? Does the colour bring you joy on the grey days? That would be the question I’d ask myself. Thank you for the honest update!

    1. we’ve talked so much about this internally – re how a weather/climate affects the amount of color/pattern. I’ve needed so much more here than I did/do at the mountain house. its definitely used as a mood booster. This blue does make me feel very happy. every time I walk in thats my first feeling – ‘ooh so pretty’. the color is just so wonderful. I think that living with it through the winter is going to be key (I actually think i’ll like it MORE in the winter as I like it MORE at night than during the day).

      1. I would argue that since your bedroom is utilized mostly at night, the fact that you love this color then is a good argument for keeping it. Any strong color will look different from day to night and you’re likely going to prefer one look over the other. it would be really silly if you chose a bedroom color you liked more in daytime.

  17. I would keep the ceiling the same color as the walls. I would try a white or cream duvet with the new camel bed. The mauve or rose one is lovely but I think it would be too dark with camel. I understand how you feel about the can lights, but I love the ceiling anyway. Thank you for sharing this.

  18. I LOVE IT!!! My first thought was, I need to copy every element of this room for my bedroom. But to your question, I just don’t think there is “a perfect paint color” for a room. Yes, some shades look better in a room but you will get that right. Ultimately, I think the question is. Do you want a light bright bedroom that may be a bit more simple? Or do you want a moody saturated room?

  19. I’m really loving the blog posts recently – anything that gets into the wherefore’s and why’s of design is just so engaging. Love it.

    When I look to your kitchen (similar in colour scheme – blue tile, white ceiling, wood tones) I wonder maybe if this room could benefit from a white ceiling too? I’d probably have painted it a neutral white so that more natural light is reflected in the room (Debonair has quite a low LRV). But that’s just personal preference because I do better in lighter spaces. I’ve used ‘Shell Cove’ by Colourtrend with Valspar ‘Prairie Blue’, it’s a great neutral. And I really love the duvet cover too, however, I think I’d lean neutral again with bedding and bring in a hit of pattern in the lampshades/throw cushions to lend some movement to the room.

    Can’t wait to see where you go with it though!

    1. Agree! I usually love the monochrome moody color look, but after experimenting with a similar color in a bedroom that gets a lot of light like yours, I’m more inclined to incorporating some white paint. I think it just compliments great light really well. I vote white ceiling (and maybe white trim)!

    2. Oh this is so much better! I was honestly thinking I’d repaint it white, but with the white ceiling and bedding I think the blue could work. All blue felt a little depressing to me.

      1. I love it.
        It does not read moody to me- it reads like a soft blue cloud with depth and dimensionality. I do think the white ceiling would be lovelier…..fresher and brighter and softer. Blue is such a gorgeous color and really healing- very good for the nervous system…..
        I do not see it looking or feeling like anything particular style as in too contemporary…and it does not read smurflike to me at all… goodness. Hang out with it awhile…

    3. I honestly think the white ceiling makes the room look dated. And if, as you said in Stories, that the blue looks Smurfy, well the white ceiling makes it even Smurfier. I say no Smurfing way to the white ceiling. 😉

    4. oh wow. thank you so much. I honestly think I have a lot to learn about paint color. I’ve talked about it with my team up here – how I want to take a class to understand undertones more (after having to repaint too much here). I love how you photoshopped that – THANK YOU. It does look good with the white ceiling!!!! oh dear i’m going to be so annoyed with myself if I have to repaint this room….. thanks for your support 🙂

    5. I honestly feel that the white ceiling makes the room look dated. And, if like you said in Stories, that you are afraid the blue looks Smurfy, well painting the ceiling will make it way Smurfier. I say no Smurfing way to the white ceiling. 😉

  20. Hi hi, thank you for sharing! I loooove the color (full transparency I am someone that loves a rich deep saturated color, so my ideas below stem from that). I think that with the new bed you could add a duvet that is a similar saturated color like on the fireplace, and to keep things neutral have the bedding be all in that same color with your classic long bolster—drape a throw similar to the mountain house at the bottom (or something graphic). I also remember reading you loved the rug, if you were so inclined to change that and found a dusty mauve/rose vintage one I could see it bringing out the warmth of the wood floors. Always love seeing what you come up with, and sharing your journey with us 😊

  21. Cans with paintable housing are definitely a thing….. if you’re going to swap them out then I would do that over a gold/brass to really make them go away.

  22. You’re just getting used to the saturated color. I would probably have left the ceiling white but then I’m a white ceilings kind of gal. I know white ceilings aren’t “trendy” but they are trending in my house. 🙂 I think the new bed you ordered is going to look terrific. The only thing throwing me off in this room is that mauve (lilac?) duvet. The color looks so somber against the warm blue. Maybe it looks different in person?

    1. the duvt is def not working. i LOVE the color, but not in here now that its painted 🙂 And yes part of me knows i’m just getting used to it!

      1. I really like the lilac with the ochre and blue tones. It feels really Danish-cool to me, the triad of colors. I think you should mockup a pale rose-lilac or greyed-rose ceiling with the blue walls.

  23. I think it looks really pretty, and I would definitely paint the ceiling (and maybe the trim?) white.

  24. I think it could work with some brass canned lighting and by paining the fireplace a lighter color… really wish you could do a whitewashed brick, but since it’s already painted, maybe white?

    1. I just hate TV’s and gas fireboxes on white fireplaces. but I don’t love this color yet either. I kinda want it limewashed….

  25. I have read that a room doesn’t feel finished until drapes are hung. And I have found that to be true in my own home. I see that you currently have shades now. But you could layer drapery panels over them.
    As for the paint color you chose…I love it! If the ceiling bothers you maybe paint it a couple of shades lighter. But not white.
    I also think the lack of patterns in your fabrics is making the room feel more modern. Layer some patterned bedding. Get some quilts. Pattern drapes. That should help to cozy up your room.

    1. Definetely something that I have thought about (drapes) and as I stare at these photos I totally agree (again) 🙂

  26. For me, it’s just too much of that color in the room. You have some really lovely elements that were carefully and purposefully chosen that seem overwhelmed now. The room has so much natural light with the skylights and windows but the color now seems to absorb it and make it look rather muted. That is fine, but you mentioned in the early planning stages needing all these windows because you wanted the primary bedroom to be awash in natural light. You don’t get that now. The planked ceiling also doesn’t standout anymore, as well as the pretty trim. There’s just no contrast anywhere. Again, this is all fine, but you don’t seem happy with it and I don’t think just switching out the recessed lights is going to get you to the 100% mark.
    I would paint the ceiling white, paint the trim white, get a different rug and larger scale stuff. It’s a giant room and needs a better sense of scale.
    good luck Emily! We’re in the middle of our own whole house renovation and the decision fatigue is REAL. I cannot imagine having to make choices to put out for general public comment. 😂

    1. I agree with all of what you said. 🙂 no contrast anywhere, specifically….

  27. My first thought is that the room needs to be finished in order to fully decide. The new headboard will look great with the wall color. For me, I’m focused on what I would change with the furnishings to complete the room. One thing I would consider is bigger nightstands and bigger lamps. To your point, the bed wall is tall and to me that wall needs to be the focus. Perhaps wallpaper?

    1. I’m going to keep moving forward, whilst monitoring how I feel and not make too many decisions that won’t work if we were to repaint. To love a color but not love so much of it in a specific room is a tricky mental state to be in.

      1. It was very nice of you to respond to my note. You have a beautiful home and I very much enjoy following you.

  28. I like it! Great job!
    I think the bedding should be patterned -like something from garnet hill. Older vibe with more depth.

  29. At first, I was thinking just paint the ceiling. But I love the way it currently looks with the dark fireplace. New bed will make a world of difference. I think I would change the light fixtures instead and am leaning towards brass. I love the art!

  30. I would paint the ceiling lighter or white and use the same color on the doors and trim. I think the contrast would help and keep the color from looking dreary or overpowering. It will be beautiful!

  31. I do think a white or very light blue would be a nice contrast on the ceiling and potentially the trim as well. Jess’s post on pattern was coming to mind while looking at your room. I understand wanting to keep things simple in a bedroom, but that could be an easy styling path to play with and swap in and out. Also – I’ve been admiring your growing collection of cool houseplants. Having 2-3 various sized plants in your room in cool vessels would take things next level very quickly…words from a person who truly loves horticulture. Plus they’re great for improving your air quality!

  32. You need textiles to bring all these colors (teal, almost black of the fireplace and browns/creams of the furniture and windows) together. Right now, everything feels to color-blocked, and it’s creating a lack of balance. The room is screaming for curtains, IMO. Yes, change the colors of the recessed lights to brass, too.

    1. 100% this! Emily I’d love to see you embrace your eccentric vibe in this room. A vintage rug, a beautiful quilt in the bed, some plants and a bookshelf for life and personality. It’s got nothing in here to give a sense of who you are – the colour is so you but obviously there is much more to 40-something Emily than “my favourite colour is blue”!!

  33. OH MY GOD THOSE HINGES! (The brass door hinges/hardware are divine). I think what you may be responding to is the fact that they tone of the wall is very MID. Like it’s not dark blue, it’s not light blue, it’s MID HUE blue gray. I tend to find midtones (like meaning in the middle of light to dark) a bit blah, especially when they’re on the gray spectrum. So if this were my house I’d keep the fireplace the same color (it looks amazing), go a tone lighter on the walls, keep the trim its current color, and paint the ceiling white. The monochrome vibe is def cool but kinda feels too contemporary for the room and too minimalist for the amount of architectural detail there is. Also ask Sherwin Williams if they’ll send you a peel-n-stick paint sample big enough to cover that TV over your fireplace JUST KIDDING I LOVE YOU BYE!

    1. “too minimalist for the amount of architectural detail” nails it – the beautiful details retreat in this monochrome

    2. I think you are right – especially, the ‘monochrome vibe is too contemporary for the room and too minimalist for the amount of architectural details’. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH that makes so much sense. Its like why put this all in and then not highlight it at all???!!!

    3. Love this suggestion Orlando. I also agree with others that the color is good. It just seems too much as it is. My first thought when I saw the room was that the color is a fine color but some “softening” is needed with it being everywhere. I agree with all the comments about drapes. I think the bed will be a wonderful addition too. The lines and color of the bed seem like they will be great in here. I also think the bed wall is too empty. Maybe larger nightstands or a gallery wall or tall plant or something. And, I feel like the rug is now appearing too stark. Maybe after the other furniture and drapes are in, try a rug with several colors that’s not quite so light to pull it all together.

  34. Have you considered repainting the same color but in eggshell? To me, the flat paint in absorbing all the nice light and reading dull.

  35. I like the color. Its soft and relaxing. I wouldn’t touch the trim at all, the wood is lovely. A huge fiddle leaf fig tree and softer styling all around and it will sing. As you said, I feel like you are moving from a Shaker style to a more maximalist style here and these are growing pains. For me it’s as much the shapes and textures as the colors. I’m not feeling glossy, contrasty, rectangles and squares, I crave funkier, rounded shapes and soft matte textures in this room. The new bed will help a ton, the color will give so much punch, and the headboard will echo the rounded mirror and chair. I would not make any big decisions until the new bed is in. In that vein I personally would do a horizontal painting with a softening frame. I am also not a fan of the glossy black lamps with white shades, personally would lean into the funk and use more organic / thrifted wooden lamps to pick up the trim- perhaps the tramp art lamp can live here. A Pooky lamp mood. I would also layer a stronger rug under the bed, a navy Nichols would be fire. As for the recessed lights can they somehow get unlacquered brass covers to match the switchplates? Like perforated brass covers so the light shines through? I couldn’t find anything , but these are intriguing: If you do that you may have to modify them so you don’t have 3 brass textures in the room. Its almost there , this is just an awkward phase!

    1. OH yes, so many good ideas here. I love how specific these suggestions are. Pondering all of them 🙂

  36. Oh, I love it. It’s warm enough for winter and cool enough for summer. The window casings look amazing with this, and I would use more of those wood tones. Didn’t even notice the recessed lights! The paint job is so modern, you could totally pull off a vintage quilt at the foot of the bed or a richly patterned rug, or both! Would the blimp drawing work in here? Love the camel velvet bed choice.

  37. I really like the Debonair, and I love how the house as a whole is kaleidoscope of rich but muted colors. My instinct would be to use different, visually weightier nightstands. Also, not trying to be ornery, but genuinely confused as to why you need/want table lamps when you have sconces by the bed? In general, my advice would be to live with the color for a bit and see if you come around to loving it. If not, no biggie, that’s why they make paint! Looking forward to your eventual choice, and as always, the insights about how you arrive there. Thanks for your openness and for asking for our input!!!

    1. I was thinking this too. I love negative space as a graphic designer, but there seems to be a lot here. I also love simple bedrooms so lots to consider to find a happy medium. But I would live with the current paint color awhile if it were me! I think there are fun opportunities in accessories that work with the color as is…and styling is your jam!

    2. ha. i know the sconce + lamps feel redundant, but they aren’t really (and i love lamp). But we don’t really use the sconces because (well, A. the light switch is behind the headboard, hahah and b. i read on a kindle). So i kinda wish they weren’t there in order to free up wall art space. But for people who read books I think have a sconce like that (directional) is better than a lamp because the other person (assuming) can go to sleep. Dunno. thats the thought process anyway.

  38. The color really is beautiful, but I think the sky lights make things a little more complex. The natural light from the skylights makes the blue look brighter in half of the room, which makes the corners with the shadows look murky in comparison to me. -So half of the room feels calm and half feels moody, which are both great, but it’s just the stark contrast between the two that keeps it from creating a cohesive feeling. I wonder if painting the ceiling white would help?

    1. AGREED. i like the color more when the skylights are closed, but then you see four white squares of blackout fabric!

  39. I’m not usually into monochromatic schemes, though I definitely light up with appreciation of rooms done by EHD Alumni – but my view is that the amount of natural light in the room make it a design point of difference!
    I’m genuinely surprised by just how much I like it.
    It reads “relaxing” in this light-filled room … just what you want for a bedroom!🤗

    Yes, the can lights are very prominent. Are the square housings paintable?? Down lights aren’t great. Full stop. Not sure why they’re in a bedroom? Can you remove them and patch??

    Buttercup & Oscar!!!! 🐾🐾 Well, ANY room looks better with those two in it!

    I hope you’ll be great friends with your newly painted bedroom.
    It’s restful and callllllllm.
    Once you get some texture involved, like the fab-u- lous chair and pouf, it’ll settle in.
    Biiiig improvement, Emily. Huge move forward! Kudos! 🥰xx

  40. I love how much you dive into your decision making and gut feelings on how things turn out! Big decisions are rarely 100% certain. I absolutely LOVE this color but there’s something about the architecture and vibe of this room that wants bright – the arched ceilings, the skylights, the light so I think the color just “doesn’t feel right.” Especially on the ceiling with how bright and stark the skylight boxes are. I’d start with painting ceiling and trim white to lighten it up, then get the new bed and decor in to decide. I really do think it’s a beautiful color though! Good luck!

  41. First, I love this color! I love a dusty blue, and the color you picked is so rich and beautiful. Definitely going to keep it in mind the next time I paint.

    Initially, I had similar thoughts to what you wrote here: that maybe the color is too dark for how much light floods this room. I feel like there’s a way to make it work if you want to though! If this were my room, I feel like I would approach this in one of two ways. 

    First: keep the paint color, but make the furniture and accents moodier. I think the headboard and duvet you ordered will help a lot! Maybe a couple darker toned throw pillows or a lumbar pillow on the bed could be interesting? I see the dark fireplace, and in my mind I’m trying to balance it more. Maybe the ottoman/bench could be swapped for something in a richer color. I think it could be interesting to swap the white lamp shades for a black/navy, or swap the lamps for something in a solid navy/black. I would also swap the light gray rug for something darker. I feel like something in a navy or black range could be really pretty, maybe a Persian rug or subtler texture to add some depth. I wonder if adding some cozier curtains on the windows could help as well: I don’t know if a regular curtain would look odd with the vaulted ceiling. Maybe the roman shades could be swapped for something in a thicker material and/or a color that matches the headboard/duvet. I could also picture putting some sheer navy/dark curtains up and tying them in a knot.

    The second route I would go is to repaint. I like the color, but I think something lighter would play well with the natural light. I would just do a lighter version of this color, like a paler blue. I think, in this instance, that it could be interesting to paint the ceiling and fireplace white. I feel like a lot of what’s in here already would then make a little more sense: more light and airy overall. Things would probably still need to be tweaked: like maybe a white duvet would look better, or the side tables swapped for something lighter, etc.

  42. I love it! Very warm and enveloping and cozy. I think if you painted the ceiling and/or trim white, it would really chop up the room. I vote for black or brass can lights. Maybe a little more decor and a little more quirk, for lack of a better word, would help, though I get that you like simplicity. I’m also not sure about the mauve bedding. But honestly, I think with a few tweaks you’ll be there.

  43. I really love the color – it’s beautiful and very you. I would just swap the recessed lights for brass. The skylights don’t bother me a bit. Love the new bed and like the idea of some leather and brass accents and lush soft fabrics.

  44. My bedroom is a similar color. I’ve added textures (repurposed, gold silk draperies, darker blues velvet chair and bench) plus I found a great colorful velvet animal print for pillow shams. If you keep the color, I’m sure your styling magic will kick in!

  45. Hi Em! This is a beautiful colour. However when I saw the post, I was sure the byline was wrong – it had to be a MOTO or something. I didn’t believe it was your room because the colour absorbs SO much of the natural light that used to get bounced around.

    A dark moody vibe in a bedroom can be sexy, soothing, and interesting. Is that what your heart wants? Maybe!

    But you already have a moody den. Maybe you want your room to be more “airy, soothing, personal, and easy to live in” like some of your past rooms.

    Both vibes are great, it just depends what will best serve the room’s purpose. (For me, our room’s purpose is to support our sleep, mental health, and marriage.)

    Since you’ve painted, maybe try to lean into the moody one and then after a while compare its effect on you & Brian with the mountain room.

    To lean in, I would:
    – Add a lot more warmth with woods, rattan, etc. to balance so much cool blue. (Your new bed will be great for this!)
    – Add big happy green plants. (As Lea has written for EHD, “if you can’t add light, add LIFE”)

    Thanks for the update, it was really fun!

  46. I LOVE the color and think painting it all the same shade really works in this room. The ceiling is very busy with all the different heights and wood paneling and painting it the same as the walls calms it down. I would NOT paint it white. The only thing I don’t understand is why one door was not painted. I also really like how the fireplace paint color works with the tonal moody room. I did not like the fireplace color against the all white room. If the cans really bother you, I would try black for less contrast. I don’t mind the current bed but do not like the solid mauve bedding. I think you need a delicate print here- especially if you are getting the new bed. I would look for something to tie into the camel velvet and wall color. I would add texture to the bedding as well.

  47. I love the color. It’s exactly as you said- not too gray and not too blue, and it does wonders to make the fireplace color feel right. Definitely go with the camel bed, the contrast will be arresting as [heck]. And agreed that more patterns would liven things up- patterned quilt for sure. Anything against the blue will look awesome. But there’s just too much blue here- the space is too big for this much of it. Keep the walls, re-paint the ceilings, though I wouldn’t go bright white on the ceilings, because it would interfere with the moodiness of the room. I would put in soft brass (not too bright and shiny, but soft metallic) light cans and paint the ceiling a soft beige (a drop cloth or some SW equivalent). In general, I feel like the walls in the house could use more beige/cream to balance out all of the white. The white keeps things modern and clean, but greige/cream would warm and soften things up. I had to combine a lot of white and greige/cream/neutral in my house due to budget constraints around repainting a ton of beige trim, and I ended up absolutely loving the results.

  48. I think the color is beautiful, too. And if Brian loves it, it’s worth keeping. I don’t know how it feels to be in the room, but in the photos, it looks like a lot of blue. What about:
    —Painting the trim one shade darker, in a gloss?
    —Painting the ceiling two shades lighter, in flat?
    That might add more texture and depth while keeping the original design intent.

    1. interesting … and i’ve thoguht about just a lighter ceiling, too! it is a lot of blue. def needs to be broken up. hoping that furniture/decor help but I think i know in my heart that what the biggest problem is the moody vibe doesn’t make sense with the amount of natural light we have (which is why i like it more at night than in the middle of the day).

      1. Yes, the architecture of the room with the windows and natural light are at odds with the moody color. Is it a den-like TV room or a soaring airy lovely bedroom? The architecture says one thing and the paint color says something else. The conflict is what makes it not work. It’s not that either are wrong. They just arent married to each other. I’m not sure any amount of styling or accessorizing will remove the conflict so much as mask it. Also as someone else said, the contemporary paint job is at odds with all the detail you put in. Why add all the detail only to flatten it with paint? If anyone can figure it out, you can. I think the color is pretty but not right for this specific space.

  49. Hi!
    I absolutely love these posts about the progress of your design and the questions/concerns that arise after decisions are made. First impression was “wow!” Beautiful color with a dramatic change in how the room “feels”. But as I continued to scroll through pictures of different angles, the feeling I had was discomfort. In comparison to other replies, this seems to be an unpopular opinion😐. For me, maybe too bold/dramatic for a bedroom? Too much color saturation on too many surfaces? Color evokes feeling other than calm? I don’t know. But after finishing article, a picture and link to the mountain house bedroom (article about canned vs. recessed lights) made me exhale, even smile. I know you wanted opinions about what to add. I’m sorry I do t have any🫤. But good luck on the process…really looking forward to future posts about this space!

  50. Hi Emily! I am a designer down in LA and wanted to jump in to say – your gut here is right. The blue is not working. Abort mission. And here’s my advice – the warmth of the floors and the windows is fighting against the coolness of the blue here, causing visual discord. I would suggest painting this whole room – walls, ceiling, trim, fireplace – in a warm, pale creamy taupe. It will feel like a hug, feel calm and minimal, and still be a great backdrop to mustards and camels etc. I know you like a dark fireplace to hide the black TV and firebox, but it’s going to be too jarring here. Frame TV with a wood frame. Good luck!

    1. I agree and wasn’t the first color in the den a pinkish taupe but Emily thought that needed more sunlight to work? I know you are suggesting a paler and less pink taupe than what was in there. Another thought if you are wanting blue but want to avoid baby blue, Emily, is a a lighter but also warmer blue/green. We live in Portland and painted our living/dining rooms Benjamin Moore Picnic Basket (walls matte and all trim/windows/built-in in satin). It’s a beautiful blue/green, lighter than the SW Debonair but still a rich color (but that also goes more gray at certain times). Feels cozy not cold on gray Portland days. And works with our 1924 oak floors that are a bit more orange than I’d prefer.

  51. I think these were great points: So I guess what I’m saying is that A. Not all color choices are an immediate “yes,” some colors need the context of the other design elements to make the color make sense. And B. Even if this is the perfect color, perhaps it’s not the perfect color for this scale/size of the room. But – even though a room helps guide you toward a vibe – you also get a choice. If what you wanted in a blue (warm, moody, happy) is what you want for this room, I think you just need to add a bit more happy.

  52. Good morning everyone! First, this is a gorgeous color. And I absolutely love a saturated room. I follow a lot of English designers and adore Farrow and Ball’s Instagram feed so maybe this explains my instant reaction – which was, where is the ceiling and why isn’t it flat and a little less high and why are there skylights and why isn’t the room even darker and more cosy/cocooning? 🙂 So I think I agree with the other commenters who suggested maybe this just isn’t the room for this kind of treatment. Maybe lean into the vaulted ceiling and skylights by going back to a lighter color overall, and save the darker saturated treatment for a darker more traditional looking room? I absolutely love your pantry, for example – I was Team Dark and Saturated all the way there. Here I think I would lean into brighter and airier. Just my two cents. But it’s a beautiful color and I agree with others that perhaps you should live with it awhile and play with the decor/styling. And thanks for the post – once again, love these in-process, decision-making ones!

  53. For me the pinkish, solid duvet isn’t working. It looks a bit sad. Would love to see the bed made up in organic shades of white and cream with natural textures to warm things up. Painting the ceiling your original cool, pure white doesn’t seem a good idea, since the blue is such a complex one — those two things don’t seem compatible. But I think some kind of cream or off-white on the ceiling might be good. I wouldn’t repaint the trim or doors because then things could get busy. The natural wood in this room and the blue really work together in a magical way, so I’d take cues from that. For art over the bed, I’d love to see a large, old-school landscape with some warm hues in it.

    1. I just painted the main section of my house in SW Westhighland white. I’d never heard of the color before, but it was a good match for my new stock kitchen cabinets. I really like the color – it looks white, but it is not stark at all and the undertones are neutral. If you are looking for a good creamy (but not yellow) white this may be worth a try.

  54. If you’re really asking what we think you should do, my answer is bring in a color consultant and a fellow designer to help you with the room. If that’s not an option for you, live with it and work with it by bringing in the camel color and cognacs, mustard, ivory. Drapes will go a long way in warming and finishing the room. I think the blinds are too cool and industrial looking for a bedroom; try warm woven blinds. If you are sure about the rug, get it cleaned (you’ve mentioned staining), but then really stand back and assess if it works after you get the other elements in the room installed. If you really can’t live with the blue, go warm white, but then I think you’ll need to probably change the fireplace, too. The ceiling is very busy with angles and lines and fixtures. However you can soften or detract from some of that is what I’d suggest. Good luck! It’s a pretty color, but you have to love it.

  55. The solution is to get more dogs. <3
    If this were my room, I would do white trim and white ceiling, and then go to down with a boldly colorful rug – probably a Persian. The monochrome feeling makes the beautiful room feel more cavernous than it is: white trim and a white ceiling will help break it up and feel more like delineated. I agree with the comment that the skylights would make the room feel kinder if the ceiling were white. If possible, I would strip the doors back to their wood tone because the wood tones in the windows and exterior door look LOVELY against the blue.
    You are on your way!

  56. I think your answer is literally in the first line of your post, “This room is not designed yet”. Your feelings about the blue will likely change as the room gets more layers.

    1. Exactly, until there are all the layers of complimentary colors, textures, furniture pieces etc you won’t be sure. Keep going with the bed, bedding, drapes, and then decide on the rug and art and accessories.

  57. I think it looks awesome. For what it’s worth, I have a similar, saturated, mid-tone green in my BR – didn’t paint the ceiling and always wonder if I should have. I think it’s one of those grass could be greener things that can haunt us. I think you need a big, bold rug, bigger night stands and lamps, a statement bed, and big artwork. More color! The wall color is beautiful but it’s the only striking element in a big room, and it’s not a color I’d use if I wanted to go in a minimalist direction. I think it needs a few more big, striking elements to balance it out. I’d try that before I messed with the paint again. Oh and my vote is for brass for the recessed lighting. I love your touches of brass in other rooms, and in this case, I think breaking up the wall color with something other than stark white could be a good thing. Especially if you can work in brass hardware in other areas of the room.

  58. I think it needs PATTERN. on the rug, on the Roman shades, on the bedding. Adding curtains may help as well. Right now, it’s ONLY blue and styling it out with pattern will definitely help. I also think the (beautiful) white oak on the windows and door is jarring in here. It’s not all of the trim and it makes the room feel off. Painting it, as painful as that is, might bring a bit more visual harmony

    1. I was thinking the same thing about pattern of some sort, something like on the chaise that was reupholstered would be nice even dragging it in the bedroom to see how it looks. I think the blue is nice but it needs prominent styling not minimalist

  59. I think the walls match the fireplace now, before the fireplace felt too bold with the white walls. Curtains might add another layer to the room and I say keep the ceiling painted for now, live with it for a while. Once the new bed comes in and you add some more finishing touches (pillows for the bed, a throw at the foot of the bed, curtains) the whole room will come together!

  60. Paint the ceiling white! Love the color especially with the wood of the window frames but it feels odd to have the skylights blocked in by color somehow.

  61. The blue is beautiful and absolutely on trend for you! When I first moved to Oregon, I painted my guest room a deep gray blue (darker than you have done here). It was the middle of summer and the light streaming in through the windows was delightful. It was so good. I loved it…. (I’m guessing you know where this is going…) Then came WINTER. The days where the sky was so dark it seemed like twilight? Where every room had a blue glow because there was literally no sunlight? Those days (so many days) made that room into a depressing cave. Now, I don’t have skylights, so your room may get enough so this doesn’t happen to you. I hope that’s the case. I LOVE Oregon (so much) so I’ve learned to deal with those dark days by bringing light into the rooms that need it.

  62. While the saturated, all-over paint look in the den feels cozy and calming, in this room (at least on screen) it leans dreary. It’s a lovely color, but to me this room feels heavy with it on the ceiling. I don’t think pattern and texture will be enough to overcome the heaviness – even though your styling is alway amazing!. I say go for the white ceiling..

  63. I’d suggest a darker moody vintage rug to ground the space. Also a lighter duvet (even white / off white linen ) and some light colored art on the walls to brighten things a bit. But the paint color is really pretty and do like it on the ceiling as well.

  64. Bring the awesome dark (floral?) chaise lounge in here! Or maybe a statement rug to help ground the room? Love the paint color!

  65. Another vote that while I generally love the duvet, think it is the problem here. A pattern with blues in it would feel more cohesive.

  66. I think the color is really pretty, but it made such a big sunny bedroom feel a bit heavy and dark. I would paint the ceiling white and also play with contrast more. I think things are reading a bit flat because everything is fairly mid-tone, which in turn reads as one-note (especially in our often-grey, flat lighting in Portland). Rusty/terra cotta colors would be so pretty! Can’t wait to see what solutions you sort out 🙂

  67. I love it! SO much! I see so many white and bright bedrooms and it just doesn’t make sense to me. Most people spend more time in their bedrooms at night so I would want it to feel dark/cozy/calm/romantic. I say lean into the “tv room” vibe, making it a bit darker with a dark rug and dark duvet, maybe darker window treatments (darker than the walls but same color family). And since all your outlets and switch covers are brass, just switch the recessed lights to brass and it will look great. I’m personally not a huge fan of the nightstands but if you love them, they work. Just a couple ideas. ; ) Don’t repaint…its so different than 99% of the designer bedrooms out there and it’s so pretty and calm and can be really moody and sexy!

  68. I’d paint the ceiling and trim white!! This house is so much more traditional than what you’ve done in the past and I think it would benefit from the white to highlight the architecture of the room and to make it feel so much happier. When I saw on your stories the white trim I thought it looked so good.

  69. If this were me, I’d love the paint color enough to proceed down the path of furnishing the room. I juuuuuuuuuust might paint the trim in a slightly lighter very glossy paint? For the kind of subtle variance you usually land on? The light cans don’t bother me at all. The bedding, however, to my eye takes the room into Too Many Muddy Colors territory.

  70. Think the room needs a printed fabric with wall color embedded In pattern

  71. Bing, bing, bing…that is my eyes bouncing all around the room. I think the new color of bed will bring the tones of wood windows to center. Bringing touch of blue to the bedding will help with grounding and centering. Painting the ceiling white is asking my eyes to bounce once more. I would leave the ceiling blue. It must be very cozy at night. The artwork, imho, does not seem right- I can not put my finger on it- it seems off with the teeny tiny shiny sconces and then the two dark lamps. Maybe the pieces in the room are not speaking to each other and therefore, each is it’s own moment and why my eye is bouncing around the room as they did in your living room.

  72. Balance the saturated color with pretty textiles of different scales. We are fortunate to have talented textile designers in Portland.

  73. We just painted our too big, too cavernous bedroom Ben Moore Wythe Blue, going from a super light blush that was almost white. Ceiling is till white. I was confident when I did it, but after I finished, I wasn’t sure. It was gorgeous and perfect most times of day but BRIGHT in the evening— when we’re actually in there! But it was just that it wasn’t dressed. Once the windows were dressed (woven wood shades plus a small embroidered patterned curtain) and we found the right rug etc, the bright color looked how I’d hoped it would— cheering and soothing. I’d stick w it.

  74. I love it!! I could see you doing a subtle mural wallpaper or just a mural painted on the bed wall. Perhaps Orlando could come help you do that and then we would get to have you guys together again!!

  75. I think the color can be nice and moody with all the right things (colors, textures) in the room. I think a white ceiling might be too jarring with that blue. I agree that maybe lights with black trim would be less noticeable. Possibly just a TINY bit darker trim would be good. I like your paint color with the wood windows. Maybe a dark rug with pattern and some blues, especially darker blues? But also some other colors. Lean into the moodiness! And, I hate to say this because I love a clean-lined window and I don’t have any drapes in my house, but maybe some rich-looking drapes on brass rods would soften the room. The luxurious kind like they often have in House Beautiful! 🙂

  76. I love how you share your thought process with us! It helps me think about all the different choices I should consider in my home that I never thought of before! I think the blue color looks super cozy. : ) Since you wanted this to be quite different from the Mountain House, I’d recommend not painting the ceiling white, at least for now, to see how the color grows on you once the room is more styled. I’d recommend getting new lamp shades and a patterned rug as I’m not sure so much white works….maybe just the white chairs and bench ottoman are enough white? Then add in a larger, darker wood antique? The nightstands do feel a bit small for the wall so maybe that’s where you lean a little darker wood and larger nightstands?

  77. I love saturated, moody colors, but this just reads “drab” to me. To be fair, I am not a fan of blue, but I typically like what you do with blue in your rooms. But this? Sorry, no. I think your gut is uncomfortable with this for a reason.

  78. I have a canned light aversion (severe allergy might be more accurate!) so “It’s all I can see.” is how I feel about nearly all canned/recessed lights! Nonetheless, I can see they have a role to play in a room as vertically spacious as your lovely bedroom. I would start by switching to the black version but hold off on changing the ceiling for now. It sounds as though the color isn’t making your heart sing yet, so I’d revisit paint once all the new elements are installed (I am in Portland too and a lifetime devotee of #PaintedCeilings : ).
    My favorite element thus far..?
    It sounds and feels like You, are ENJOYING the process again -Yay!

  79. It is a gorgeous, calm color. But what if you left ceiling blue, but finished the beams in the same wood tone as the windows and the floor? I think that would break it up and tie it all in nicely.

    1. I agree on changing the beams! If matching the windows/floor isn’t an option because its already been painted, maybe the beams could be painted to match the fireplace for just a bit of contrast? I’d also consider adding a wood mantle to match the windows and to break up all of the blue.

      And while I know its a no-no to paint the recessed lights, if they are going to be scrapped anyway, it seems worth a try to just make them blend in.

  80. This room needs layered lighting. Maybe a perforated brass lamp from article or even cost plus has nice ones that throw off some really cozy nice light. It just feels under lighter me in general. I’m sure rejuvenation has some options as well.

    With this much color linen curtains seem like such a natural choice and would be a nice way to break up the color without committing to painting the trim. However, they would cover the nice wood trim. Which I think is the ultimate thing that might be throwing you—the color is lovely but it does nothing to highlight the nice trim and other features you put in. It would work great in a more basic room that lacked any detail, but here it has the effect of the clothes wearing the person if that makes sense. That doesn’t mean the color doesn’t work—it just means lean in harder on the fact that the color is the star and make decisions for what works with the color itself even if it means covering details that otherwise might take the emphasis.

    Maybe it’s the renter in me but I feel like styling this out is actually the solution (with the caveat that you are already committed to changing out the bed). I personally like to rearrange and refresh and don’t worry about having to commit to something forever. If you like the blue embrace it (maybe a striped linen duvet, some vintage paintings, etc) and have fun with it. Maybe it ends up being everything you want and maybe it is a transitional room. You are allowed to have some of those—especially since you mailed the kitchen and pantry and so many other areas of the house that truly would be an expensive nightmare to be second guessing.

  81. I love the color! My lofted bedroom ceiling is almost the exact same color and it took a bit to get used to but after I decorated I love it. Your bedroom reminds me of Chris and Julia’s upstairs living room, very moody. I used navy, a beigy cream and brass as my accents with my blue ceiling which turned out pretty, I think. So I think more brass and maybe darker or bolder toned (mustard? rust?) accessories would really make it pop.

  82. I just remembered that the primary suite is next to the TV room. So a big question is: How much contrast do you want between the two rooms? The TV room teal is so similar to the bedroom Still Water that my tired old brain would have trouble processing them early in the morning, but I definitely wouldn’t want white walls or ceiling adjacent to the TV room teal—would be jarring, I think. Perhaps curtains will help distinguish the bedroom from the TV room. I agree you should use black can lights.

  83. I think the blue is really pretty but having everything blue is too much in this room. I understand the angles of the ceiling are a bit weird but I think the ceiling would be better light especially since the skylights will always be bright. I also think white trim would be really pretty with the wood trim and doors as they look a bit unfinished and a bit orange against the blue (please don’t paint the wood though.)

  84. I love the mood. It’s magical and seems very restful. I used to have a dark bedroom with a sloped ceiling and I painted the sloped areas a lighter shade of the same color instead of white. That made the room lighter (I used a much darker shade on the vertical areas too. I just didn’t like the stark contrast between white and the dark vertical areas. I’m not suggesting you should paint the ceiling a lighter shade, but if you want to do that, consider the lighter shade instead of white (something right in-between dark and white). I like the way it is now, because of how unique it is.

    My theory is that the wall color doesn’t matter as much when there’s a lot of art on the walls. Not necessarily to make it cluttered or busy but to cover up some of the blues with calming art. So you could do a calm big gallery wall of drawings or delicate botanical art (plants from the area or your garden), or monochrome family pictures, or a big tapestry, quilt, etc. Shelving and curtains can also take out some of the blue for you. While the color is important, often times it needs other things coming into the room.

    Creams, browns and blues work together well if you care to test it. Surely other colors work too. I’m generally in the fix it mode when I feel something doesn’t work. So in this case, I’d be quick to researching other blue rooms for inspiration to see if I like how others made it work.

  85. I think your gut is saying scrap the blue! (I agree.) your comment about wanting a design point of view (versus a big white box) is telling – I think you’re afraid you won’t be able to make a white box look differentiated from a million other white bedrooms, while maintaining the simplicity and calm you desire. But you can! I think hanging a quilt, finding some more interesting nightstands, an architecturally Interesting floor lamp will be some nice, unexpected moments.

  86. Love the new wall colour! And with the new bed it’ll look snazzy. I also think bringing in a new patterned darker rug would ground the space and tie it all together. Then decide on the bedding. I agree that the space falls flat right now but with a few changes, and following your gut, you’ll absolutely love it. Decide on the recessed lights after 😉 when the rest of the space feels complete maybe it’ll be less noticeable.

  87. I’m not an expert but I tend to feel that “color needs color.” The new bed will be super. Lean into the EHD post earlier this week about adding patterns (rug, drapes, lampshades, and bedding, for sure! And your art stash.) And, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it needs a little softness? Maybe that’ll come more with the pattern and definitely with the warm tones layered in. So eager to see!
    I keep thinking, too, of your “Smurf” comment on your Insta Story… would adding more white feel more Smurfy? Or is that what’s needed? GAH! Tough!

  88. Paint the ceiling white. It will make the lights disappear, and the lovely color on the walls will stand out more

  89. Its the pink bedding….walls are lovely, matbe add some terracotta rather than pink

  90. I really love the color, I just think the dark ceiling and super dark fireplace overpower it. If it were my room, I would:
    A) Paint the ceiling warm white;
    B) Paint or stain the ceiling beams to be the same color as the warm wood window casings and door;
    C) Ignore the recessed lights for awhile. I assure you, nobody notices them except you;
    D) Find an alternate treatment for the fireplace. Something lighter and brighter. You could reface with marble, tile or stone, and do a wood mantel;
    E) Choose an alternate bedding color. The pink with the blue reads nursery;
    F) Add a cool print, either in window treatments, bedding and/or throw pillows;
    G) Brass nightstand lamps all the way, baby!

  91. It looks really, really beautiful! Having lived in Portland for 15 years, I am sensitive to grey/moody atmospheres indoors but I think this captures everything I love about a cozy day without any of the gloominess. Another expanse of white (ceiling? duvet?) would create a little more airiness but I wouldn’t rush into it. You haven’t even lived in the house during sunny season yet. But gosh that color is gorgeous and it creates a very elegant space for relaxing.

  92. I like the blue, and love it with the big creamy chair and ottoman. For me, the pink comforter throws things off. I think the blue paint needs to be the star. If your comforter blended in, this room would be lovely with lots of blues and cream, plus your camel bed- restful and dreamy. No punches of color (which I normally love).

  93. paint the ceiling white. I think the blue will pop but not overwhelm the room. It will reduce the scale of the color in such a large room and the canned lights will disappear. It will keep the room moody but bright.

  94. This is a lovely color and you say it makes you happy. The room needs styling! It needs a different duvet – the color and lack of texture aren’t doing the room any favors but it does not make sense to decide on bedding until the bed comes in. The room needs pattern (could be with art or textures rather than printed fabric), texture, lots of textures, and more layers. A vintage rug could ground the space beautifully and include wall color, browns (to relate to wood tones) and any other colors that make you happy. Drapes could soften the windows and be another layer, even if a solid color, or textured, rather than a print (but they could be a print which would set the color scheme for accessories). Repeat variations of the wood tones like with the new bed, pillows, throws, lamps. And if the can light face plates bother you, why can’t they be painted ceiling color? I think the room needs to be finished with accessories etc before you make any other decisions about paint!

  95. the color is GORGEOUS! I personally think this is a case of imposter syndrome/decision fatigue (which even experts like yourself feel all the time). If the cans kill you, change them. No one else will notice 🙂 give yourself a month for any other major decisions. I promise, you’ll see it the way we see it soon enough…

  96. So, I’m also not the talented EH, but I would paint the ceiling back white or light and the window wall white or light so the room expands more – like your own fancy lean-to. Agree with the person who suggested a mauve fireplace to go with the mauve color in the modern painting. And pillows!

  97. I think the color is really pretty and I love it with the rose duvet, but I agree with you in that I don’t think it goes. The room went from light and airy to sort of claustrophobic. I also don’t think the color goes well with the beautiful wood window frames and door, and honestly that bothers me.

    I think you might want to do a lighter color that isn’t so saturated, then your window frames / door would work as well as lights.

    I’d also take the scones out. They look kind of odd but maybe that’s the bed. But I think lamps and scones looks like too much lighting in a small spot.

    Would a much taller bed look better too? I’m thinking like four poster (just in terms of size maybe not style) to take up more room?

    I think the art isn’t right either (though I really like it), it just doesn’t seem the right size for the space.

  98. This may not have helped avoid this issue, but unless I’m mistaken, it seems like you only use the sample stickers for the paint colors instead of actually painting a sample on the walls. I don’t think those stickers do the color justice the same as painting a sample, especially in terms of the light bouncing off during different times of day. I’ve always found it helpful to paint a big square of my top few choices next to each other and ponder them for several days. Just a thought!

  99. I agree with others to play around with the bedspread (perhaps a white or pale brown) and add some art, maybe some different window treatments. If it still doesn’t feel right to you then I could see a white or very pale blue ceiling. I do think it looks lovely but all that ultimately matters is how it FEELS for you when you walk into the room.

    Mostly I’m commenting just to say thank you, bc posts like this where you admit to second guessing or changing design choices have been so incredibly helpful for giving me confidence to try things out that may not work in my own home. Inspired by some of your past posts, I taught myself to paint and have slowly painted my whole apartment (including some rooms multiple times when that color I was sure I’d love just didn’t work on the walls). I absolutely love my apartment now and would never have had the courage to try without your encouragement and posts showing interior design isn’t just for people who have it all figured out day one!

  100. Emily, please paint the ceiling white again (or off white? Or pale mauve?) and maybe the doors also. I think you’re just overwhelmed with a sea of blue, and it makes total sense. All that blue is just not exciting the eyes because that ceiling is so tall.

  101. Could you do the ceiling in the same color but at 20% strength? That way it would be brighter, but still the same color…

  102. I love love love the color! I think I would prefer the ceiling white but I know it’s so hard to know for sure! I think the white ceiling would bring back some of the brightness. I love your new bed choice too (but also really like the current bed).

  103. I think that new bed will look so much better with that color. It’s a beautiful color, but the room doesn’t sing [yet] like your rooms usually do. To me the color isn’t overwhelming, more like it’s too flat.. but maybe the new bed and bedding will help, or a lighter ceiling, or some paneling along the bottom of the walls?

  104. I love the color! What if you added red accent pieces or red in the rug? We have bold moody dark turquoise blue accent walls in our bedroom and it looks so good with white curtains and red pops of
    color in the art above the bed and in the rug. I love the color combo of blue and red. A bold red accent pillow on the bed would look great!

  105. I wonder what it would look like if you kept the ceiling & trim the blue, and re-painted the walls white? That might be a pretty contrast that gives the room some depth.

  106. On my ceiling, I actually used the lightest shade of the wall color on a paint swatch… reads off white in daytime, but same color as the walls at dusk or night. It’s cheery in daylight, so cozy at night.

  107. There’s so much good advice here and great ideas! Reading your thoughts about the color, I kept thinking one of the tenets of choosing color, which is you can’t make a bright room dark nor can you make a dark room light. If you’re getting light from the south or west, warm whites and colors with red/orange undertones would be lovely. Maybe you can mix those tones in your
    bedding and other decor. Whatever you do it will be beautiful- it always is. Trust your gut!!

  108. Hi, Emily. Congrats on going bold! I loved your post on the difficulty of designing for your own home. I recently painted a few rooms in my home and of course, I spent hours debating and deciding until I finally made a decision. Honestly, I was disappointed in the result and wished that I had chosen a deeper tone in one of the rooms. You seem to be feeling the opposite. Keep what you have and make it work. Have fun and throw in some great color and pattern and art and styling that will make it sing. Have those “secrets from a stylist” take over. Your blimp picture would probably look fabulous in there. Visit your prop room and get it done! You are a brave, talented, and fabulous designer and thank you for all your posts and reflection.

  109. It’s a really nice color. Would it be possible to paint the ceiling white and have wood beams that matched the woodwork you already have in the room?

  110. I think the color could work if you lean into the moodiness of it. The room reads a little flat right now, I think it’s missing coziness and dimension. If it were me, I’d change the bedspread to a print or a warmer tone and layer more texture with prints and fabric. A nice patterned lamp shade next to the chair, or for the lamps next to the bed, etc. If you want to change the paint, I agree with others. Try a different color or paper on the walls but leave the ceiling this blue color.

  111. I love the color, but what is throwing me is the light rug. Maybe if the rug were blue it would relate better to the wall color.
    Gosh I feel justified in my overthinking on everything I do on my own house! Thank you for your honesty, Emily!

  112. I personally like the blue wrapped around the room! I think it’s just looking a bit empty in the furnishings, art etc. The new camel velvet bed is gorgeous and it will look really great w the blue and also tie in the the floor and window trim. The nightstands could be more substantial – wider and maybe closed w drawers to fill the space and a pleated lampshade (as other have mentioned) in a linen, a stripe or even a print would add some bulk and texture. I like white on white layered bedding but maybe use one print around the room – what about a faded block print fabric maybe in a blue but dif than the room color (a pale blue or even a navy). I would also add a little black to the room and treat the furniture under the windows on either side of the fireplace the same (I like symmetry) – maybe add a black bench w a fluffy cushion in same pattern as the bed pattern (use that pattern for the lampshades too). But that would mean giving up the pretty chair you love. That corner would look good w a tall plant. Add some plants to your mantle. Paint the inside of the can lights. Add more art – maybe in groupings of 3 etc. Repeat the camel color at least 3 times w decor, pillows. throws, etc. I love drapes but IMHO you will be cutting off a lot of light from your windows. Maybe add cornices to add interest and bring softness to all the wood/walls/blue? It’s such a beautiful room that just needs more furnishings IMHO:-)

  113. I love the color! I think furniture and light fixture elements, art, etc will make the vibe just right. What’s missing is that the elements are a bit eclectic/contrasting. In that vein, I love the chair, but maybe you should switch it out for a color/design that is more moody and less contrasting? Maybe even leather? You’re doing such a beautiful job with this house, and converting me to the color blue. Beautiful!

  114. Love the color, but totally see what you mean about it feeling a little dark for the scale of the room. I wonder about painting the ceiling a lighter color in the same family? If you do that, it might be too much to have the fireplace be an additional color, so it might have to be repainted the same color as the wall. A small tree or two will help break up some of the big walls, especially next to the mirror. Think curtains/bedding/new rug/more art aka the styling part that you are so dang good at will bring it home no matter what bigger changes you end up making or not making. Still love those nightstands and seeing them in different homes!

  115. the bed and bedding seems out of step with the wall color. the possible new bed would be more cohesive with the nightstands, then use white bedding, move the art above the fireplace, not a fan of tv in the bedroom and isn’t the tv room close anyway? a small mostly low (away from the changing roof line) gallery wall above bed/nightstand area.

  116. Love the color; I don’t understand big, white rooms for a place to sleep! My vote is to keep the ceiling and trim and wallpaper the walls. Lighten up the bedding and it’ll sing. 🙂

  117. I would find that the colour/room as is would really pull my mood down, even on the sunniest day of the year, but I think the caramel bed will definitely lift it. I love blues and browns together. I would probadly add some pattern to cheer me up (I think a fabric which might really suit the bed and wall colour is Cowan & Tout Hollyhocks in teal and slate) and I would add some more white (like the chair eg white sheets). I would add one other contrasting item like a blind wood or pale rattan chair (actually your footstool is the perfect piece) or something in acid yellow to wake it up. It’s a bit cold. But really, it sounds like you are trying to talk yourself into liking it. Back to white might be the way to go. Some things can’t be forced. You’ve still got the beautiful fireplace for colour. PS love the pink doona set.

  118. Looks VERY grey on my computer screen. Too grey for me, anyway. I like the way the fireplace looks — really nice. For me, I’d go with the fireplace color on the walls and have natural wood on the ceiling. That’s probably too dark for you though.

  119. P.S. Do the dogs insist on being involved in all the photo shoots? Because all the dogs I’ve had HAVE insisted. 😉

  120. I know this suggestion will cost a lot…but what about removing the paint from the wood around the windows and potentially from the ceiling as well to give the room a more craftsman-style look? And leave the paint as is on the walls and fire place.

  121. I love using Photoshop to reimagine spaces. I know you should pay your person to do this for you and you probably will, but here is one interpretation of the white ceiling.

  122. I like the color well enough, but it’s too much for me personally to have it everywhere. Perhaps this is not doable, but perhaps the ceiling could be the same color as the window trim? Natural wood look like the mountain house? Not sure how to achieve, but it would give the eye a break. Or a lighter shade of the blue might work too.

  123. I also agree with whoever said the gray shades throughout the house are a bit institutional looking. And, the Debonair is def looking a bit Smurfy on today’s Story!

  124. I think you will feel better about the blue walls if you move away from the mauve bedding. You mention that you love the “pop” of the off-white boucle chair against the blue, so perhaps either white/cream or a print with a lot of white would make a big difference? I know you were very young in the 80’s, so you may not have the negative memories of gray-blue and mauve from “country” decor that older people have!

  125. The paint color is beautiful, and while I think it’s lovely, I see how it might feel a tad too much. Have you considered painting the ceiling a lighter version of the blue? That would look better to me than white. Also, paint the squares around the can lights the ceiling color, whichever color you settle on. Also, I think the pink duvet is making the blue walls look too sweet…with the new bed, and neutral or small patterned bedding in warmer tones, will do a lot to balance the blue paint.

  126. The first photo is a bit deceiving, as there is nothing on the walls (art, headboard) so it looks very white and empty. My first reaction was “wow, the blue is gorgeous”, but the more I look at it I feel that maybe it is too gloomy for Portland weather, and a bit too modern for a farmhouse. I would consider leaving the ceiling blue and paint the walls with a soft, warm white (SW White Duck, for instance).
    This amazing art, colorful accessories and maybe larger light fixtures and nightstands can bring this room to life regardless of the paint color.

  127. I love the color! But, I’m wondering if the rug and bed, being cool, along with the walls, also cool, is somehow weirdly competing between cool and warm (sconces, window frames and door, floor, GORGEOUS chair, etc.) colors. I think I read in a previous post that you were trying to hang on to that rug but it’s stained so you could get a new one? Maybe once you get the new bed, if you get a new rug you’ll like the wall color a lot better. Also, since all the other hardware is brass I think you should change out the recessed lights for brass.

  128. The white oak trim is reading greyed out to me with the new trim and wall color, rather than the touch of warmth it seemed to add when the walls were white. Not sure what to do about that, but it’s something I notice.

  129. I love the colour so much but, it feels cool now, when it was white it was so much warmer . I think if you bough in more warm elements through the soft furnishings & bed it would change it completely.

  130. I love the color, but having the entire room, including the ceiling that color is a lot. In the pics it looks like you need more lighting throughout that room. Maybe a contrasting color on another wall, or on the ceiling. That color looks good with the floor and trim though.

  131. I think it’s really beautiful. The main problem- to my eye- is the duvet color. Though pretty on its own, i think it’s fighting with the calm, tonal energy that wants to come out! The camel bed, brass sconces, maybe brass overhead lights (do those exist? They should)…it will be beautiful.

  132. As a designer that loves your work I was prepared to love the master bedroom color, but I don’t. It is a nice color but so underwhelming for this room. It seems like the safe color choice was selected. For a quick fix I like your idea of painting the ceiling white to give some contrast to the blue and tie in your rug. The rug does not seem to relate to anything in the space and the nightstands while great seem lost because them are too small for your beautiful but large room. Finally your duvet cover while beautiful should be switched out for something else. A dark rich color or patterned duvet. Even white would be better with darker colors in the accessories.

    I know you will make the right changes for your wonderful master bedroom, just a few changes and it will draw one in.

  133. This is reminding me of the late aughts when it seemed like this steely blue and light wood tone combo was everywhere (usually in spaces trying to achieve a more industrial look). That’s what’s making it feel off to me. I think the camel bed and other design elements will help a lot, and I have no doubt you’ll make it pretty. But it’s not hitting the right note (to me, anyways).

  134. If it were my room, I’d make the ceiling white and also do the window coverings white to give a little contrast. The blue is gorgeous. But there is no contrast in here and maybe that’s what you are craving? Then a gallery wall of sorts that can work with your sconces. It is (and would be) so lovely!!

  135. Also wanted to add, texture would be good in here although I think you should keep the trim color in blue. It’s just gorgeous. But maybe texture on the bed, pillows, some other things (I was gonna congratulate you on that fab throw on your bed then realized it was the dogs laying exactly tail to tail!!).

  136. Maybe some plaid classic curtains to give back warmth and movement 😉
    the camel color in the bed will look great

  137. I love the color – so pretty. But I agree with you- it feels too dark. Maybe it’s because the ceiling is also painted. Curious what it would like with a lighter blue shade.

  138. Yes, it IS too much blue. The blue itself is great-but in feng shui ( which I practice) you should never have blue over your head on the ceiling especially in a bedroom-it’s indicitive of wanter, and you will be symbolically “underwater” when you sleep in that room. Emotionally blue is a claming color, but when used too much it crosses over into depression and meloncholia-the last things you need in the gray skies of the PNW.
    Paint the ceiling white-this takes care of the can lights and lifts the vibe of the room. Paint the fireplace white too-and you have a cottage-core start to a great room!

  139. I would “paint ” the beams to match your window frame wood tones. Also do that to the part of the ceiling only where the lights are

  140. It’s a lovely paint color, but it doesn’t do with the wood trim of the windows. We had the same problem on our last house- I love natural wood windows, but they become another obstacle when choosing wall paint colors.

  141. Ceiling and trim are gorgeous. Maybe walls have a wallpaper? . . . Or white with hints of gray and blue so not such a stark contrast?

  142. I am usually the first one to say yes to color and I really love this color but I think in this case it’s a bit too much? Painting the ceiling white again would probably be what I would do here.

  143. On further reflection I am loving the color even more, just as I appreciated the bright white too, that was okay too, but this color is more my speed….serene and interesting.
    I think folks have great suggestions re. the use of certain color and pattern/texture/plants and I see a need for different side tables- .and art- I would add warmer mid-tone muted colors myself with the art if this was my room …I think that it will come together and as you tweak it over time it is going to be stunning and fresh… the chair in the corner, the fireplace looks better too.
    The only thing I would not do myself, is lean into more moodiness ( you have that next door in your other room)- maybe just create a whole new category of design and tone- I think you are original, does not have to look like other rooms by other folks!
    Thank you for sharing- this blog is my ” happy hour” every day and I come here to look and to think- a fun little break in my very serious life as a therapist. Design and color really impact my mood.
    I am excited to see you proceed. Another adventure….

  144. Yes, it does look like a sea of blue in there. I would paint the ceiling a light color and would change the woodwork too. Maybe darker, and in a gloss? With everything the same flat color, it looks like someone went crazy with the paint sprayer and was too lazy to tape off anything. I know in the end, you will make it look great though!

  145. Sorry if it’s already been mentioned but trimming out the skylights in the same wood as the other windows could look cool.

  146. That bed is gorgeous and will help balance out the overwhelming blue. I think a less neutral rug – advocating for a Persian with gold tones – would really help as would curtains, different bedding and more warm woods. Same formula I think would really help in the living room.

    1. I agree that’s the formula for working with all the cool blues in the house. I know it’s a colossal hassle, but stripping the beams to a stained wood would help, too. Stripping the entire ceilings, especially in the bedroom, would be awesome, but that’s an undertaking for sure.

  147. I don’t know what the solution is, but given the number of windows and skylights, the bedroom does indeed come off as way too dark. If the house was on the market and we were at an open house, it would give me major pause.

    My wild idea if you paint the ceiling a lighter color is to bring that color down the wall behind the bed as well. I’d Photoshop it first as it may be too weird, but my gut says it has potential depending on the color.

  148. I have a similar color in my bedroom in my little Cliff May. I have kept the ceiling white with the beam in a gloss white. I have windows on three walls. One entire wall is French doors and floor to ceiling windows. The headboard wall has celestory windows in a glass gable formation. Love the color and all the light.

  149. Girl, I love you but your obsession with blue just isn’t working with the Oregon light. You need to warm things up in that house!

  150. It is a lot of blue, had the fire place been a light reclaimed brick, it might not feel so heavy.

    1. Agreed on the fireplace. I think both fireplaces need a bit of a re-think, and EH had mentioned they aren’t happy with the living room one. I’d personally start by sheet-rocking them both and adding wood mantles. Then maybe coming up with a pretty tile or stone solution for the living room fp. The painted brick doesn’t seem to be working in either space. There’s only so much paint can do.

    2. Yes, that fireplace is very heavy, with its black insert and black TV, doesn’t help the vibe of the room.

  151. I haven’t read all the comments so maybe someone has already mentioned this, but my first reaction to seeing photos of the room were: the colour’s gorgeous but something’s off with the windows. The trim! I feel that if the trim weren’t painted it would lighten the room significantly, and the combination of the blue and the sandy/camel colour of the window are lovely together. Add in the camel coloured bed that’s coming and you can make it a beautiful mixture of yellows, sandy and dark browns, blues and a hit of pink, lilac or a bright orange for contrast. Yum yum!

  152. Just wanted to add; I think that it would look lighter with the doors and trim wood tone too. It’ll really bring out the colour on the walls and make it look homey and even more inviting than it already does. 🙂

  153. I think the deep moody blues work in the pantry and the tv room but here it appears to hide the architecture of the bedroom, which is far grander. Our bedroom is F&B dimity and it’s like a warm, complex hug. Also, is the new headboard taller? I’m surprised to hear it will be narrower bc the width seems to work in the space but a taller headboard may also work – you might have more options near the nightstands with a narrower bed like a fiddle leaf fig. Is the fireplace pushing you towards the blues? Fwiw, I have moody blue cabinets in my study and paired them with a Persian rug and Benjamin Moore paprika to create some old world texture and soulfulness in the space. Love that you’re being honest and soliciting feedback!

  154. I think the color is too dark. Having white trim and a white ceiling would jazz it up so much!

  155. Maybe it is a bit blah for an interior designer, but I love the white walls and ceiling, married with the gorgeous blond wood in the first picture…So pretty, fresh and serene.

  156. I agree that it feels slightly off, but it’s hard to know why. I think it is the lack of contrast and pattern. I think the idea of finding a simple wallpaper that has some of the blue and has lighter tones is a good idea to explore. Will add some movement and lightness while also keeping the serene feeling of the blue. Plus wallpaper is so fun! Add some beautiful curtains and some styling and you’re golden.

    The more I think about it I really think pattern will help…bc it will add the movement that is lacking.

  157. PS I also think right now it feels more scandi (mountain house) than farmhouse. A sweet wallpaper will help make it feel more farmhouse but still in a refined way 🙂

  158. Love the blue and all one color. If the ceiling were a different color, it would feel choppy. The blue feels calming and cohesive.

  159. I’d paint the shiplap parts of the ceiling, and the window/baseboard trim back to white, and leave the beams on the ceiling the current blue color. That way the wood and white create a nice transition to the blue, you don’t have to switch out the can lights, and overall you will reduce the shadows which seem more prominent with the new color.

  160. Thank you for sharing your design process and giving your readers the chance to weigh in. As some others have mentioned, your bedroom is in the same wing as the dark moody family room. The single color wall, trim and ceiling design in the bedroom feels repetitive of your family room and the pantry. Also the two colors in the primary bedroom wing, which would both be visible through open doors in the connector hallway, don’t seem to flow/relate (at least not in the photos). I would find a wallpaper for the connector space which would serve as a good transition between the family room green-blue to whatever color you ultimately decide on for your bedroom, but I would make sure your bedroom color looks good with/relates to the family room color. I would not keep the connector hallway white as transitioning from a dark room to a white space can be harsh and visa versa. In your bedroom, with the skylights and windows, you have committed to a bright space. If it were me, I would not do another darkish blue-enveloped room. You have already done that. But I would also not do a stark white. There are many, many lovely colors and neutrals to choose among if you repaint. As far as scale goes, this is a very large room with a very high ceiling. In the decor, I think the room needs some large scale elements — a large pattern on rug or a large scale pattern in fabric or large scale light fixtures.

  161. So lovely! I think I would like a lighter ceiling, but how you have it now is so so pretty. You have such big beautiful skylights so maybe the light coming in from them would feel less moody if it was lighter and brighter above you? However, there’s nothing wrong with a moody bedroom! Also, the ceiling lights…are they really necessary? I know it would be a lot to remove them and repair the ceiling, but how often are they used? I ask because I rarely turn on the overhead lighting in my bedroom. I have a dimmer switch (maybe you do too), but it always just seems like too much light in a bedroom.

  162. This has probably been discussed (so many comments! thank you for sharing and soliciting opinions!) but I think the ceiling should be white. I painted my bedroom an almost exact blue just this weekend so I was thrilled to see your bedroom this morning – it’s confirmation of my choice! I was trying to decide whether to paint the ceiling as well. I thought painting it the same color as the walls would look more modern, more moody, more designed, more like Julia Marcum’s beautiful bedroom – but I left the ceiling white just to test it out and I’m so glad I did because the contrast is very pleasing to my eye. I will probably paint it Swiss Coffee for even greater contrast. Good luck with your room!

  163. Personally… there is a lot of color blocking… no patterns present across the floor, bedding, bed, or walls. I think it feels flat and high contrast for that reason. From a color theory perspective, pink is the worst choice for the bedding. It makes the blue more purple than green. The fireplace shot feels the best… what happens if you layer greens and dark blues with the neutral coming from the chair? A grand Persian rug to amp up some warmth and interest and vintage? Also, the cans are honestly not a big deal and I wouldn’t stress it. Yes, it’s probably the wrong color overall but life is compromise.

  164. It’s too much blue, and too blue. The ceiling would be much better painted white, and removing the skylights and recessed lights. They are just not desirable in a bedroom in my opinion. In the winter, you hear the rain all the time, and in the summer, you have light blasting in until 10 or 11 pm. With a clean white ceiling, use half or less of the paint formula for the walls, and add draperies with a lot of fullness and possibly some pattern, to visually fill up that big empty space.

  165. The color is beautiful but I agree something doesn’t feel right. Maybe paint the ceilling white, add a white duvet and swap the art for a bigger and brighter one? Am loving the whole house so far!

  166. I like the color, but painted on almost all the surfaces it feels a bit to serious for the space. Maybe some more playful but lighter blues on the doors? ceiling? woodwork? I guess you need your photoshop wizard to do some experimenting….

  167. Wow, what a wonderful exercise and great discussion below! I can see the conundrum. The modern vibe of the ceiling in the same color is lovely and it is a great blue. On the other hand is the architecture and what it might want. So interesting! the scale and light, which you would think would be a great balance to a darker color in one way, are also pulling against the moodiness. I think that’s it. The ceiling architecture wants to soar and the blue is trying to pull back against it and contract the room. So there’s a tension there. I wonder if you have to lean hard into moody? Or is there a way to still be midway moody and still modern? Could linking the ceiling plane to the floor by floor-to-ceiling curtains help? Or could painting the ceiling several shades lighter blue help? It’s almost an exercise in physics and light. So interesting! I can see how you want to “feel into it” and live in it and experiment to see what works best feels right for you. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about what you learn!

  168. I love the blue, but it definitely leans more “Heidi Callier neo traditional” than scandi modern. In my opinion you need a patterned rug. The room needs an anchor and focal point and you have no pattern anywhere that helps you add that layer of grounding and interest. You tend to not use much pattern (like me!), but that’s what this room is screaming for with those blue walls. I think rug would be more effective than bedding, though you could do a rug and then a great patterned throw on the bed. I also think the bed shouldn’t be monotone – break it up with some layers of color, texture, and/or pattern. I also think the nightstands are too small and too art-deco-y. I would switch them out for something more substantial. Then some styling and you’ve got a wonderful cozy oasis!

  169. I think the color is beautiful. I also think that the bedside tables are too small for the scale of the room. I would like to see a true quilt or a pattern on you duvet. I think this color will work. Good luck!

  170. i think a lighter blue on the ceiling would help this and curtains/styling

  171. As I looked at the pictures I was agreeing with you, something just isn’t right. As I looked at the pictures I realized that the room was reading too cool/cold. If you add in some warm tones throughout you may start to feel better about this. I like the persons suggestion about artwork. I also feel that the room needs more, it is too empty and will warm up with more stuff. As far as the lights go we paint the trim rings for LED lights all the time to match built in wall units and such and see no reason you couldn’t do so with these,

  172. Keep the color! I love it – a perfect gray blue is so hard to find. I also think moody colored bedrooms always look best at night in lamplight thats just how it is. Darn those lights – I would try to paint the square part.
    Once you have your new bed you can go from there and it will probably lead to different bedding and a rug that unifies things.
    I agree with the comment about the art work. Its a super cool piece but the space wants something more horizontal or maybe nothing.

  173. For me, the wall color can definitely work and feels very “Emily blue,” but the big dissonance is the pink bedding and the colors in the art piece. I would lean into whites, yellows, mustards, brasses, etc. instead.

  174. I think you need to pick apart why you painted the room a saturated color and what role the paint plays in the room. I am not at all suggesting that you paint over the beautiful natural wood windows/door, but they are problem right now. The natural wood windows/door break up the monochromatic look of the paint too much. If I take my fingers and block out the natural wood door/windows in each photo, then the room instantly comes together. A saturated color on all of the walls, millwork, and ceilings in a room works to modernize and simplify the backdrop to everything else. Leaving the natural wood windows/door prevents the painted room from looking sleek and modern (in that fun, ironic way that painted detailed millwork can look sleek and modern). You just didn’t take the blue paint far enough. So, since the wood windows and door are beautIful and you don’t want to paint them, I guess the question is, how can you make the paint in the room work WITH the natural wood? The architecture of the room is so cool. I think you need to be clear on what part it will play in the fully designed room. Painting the walls a darker blue or a lighter neutral would bring the room back to modern shaker farmhouse and I think the natural wood could work with it. Thank you for all of your invaluable design advice over the years!!!

  175. The fireplace doesn’t help! So heavy, with the black TV and black fire screen…Lighting up that area would help with the general vibe 🙂

  176. What if you did cream on the top half of the wall and ceiling and kept the blue on the bottom. It would brighten everything up and have a period appropriate vibe too. I was just reading Daniel Kanter’s old kitchen post (since Caitlin mentioned his kitchen mirror in her comments, and the original paint had a different top cream and bottom blue color that was actually kind of similar to your blue. I also liked this look in the original paint Scott and Kim’s two flat.

  177. I’m a few days late on this, but wanted to drop my experience here. My bedroom is a very similar midtone blue and I’ve realized that it’s the darker and lighter tones that really make it sing: darker wood dresser, white trim+ceiling, black iron bed, light bedding. Just like you’ve found that the white chairs make the blue walls extra lovely.

    So I vote for white ceiling (and maybe even trim), plus other lighter and darker tones throughout.

  178. I don’t have a clear answer but I would be curious to see the room with more pattern and textiles. Drapes. A different duvet (I don’t the current color works with the wall color, at least not as 2 solids). Patterned or textured rug. And when making these selections, I would lean into the blue at least a bit. Good luck. I hope you end up loving it.

  179. Recently went darker and moodier in the bedroom too. It’s not my fav during the day but that’s not when I’m in there. I love(!) it at night or when I lie down to relax a little in there. It definitely works for that! I love the tones you have and would just swap out that bench (too stark). I think the new bed is going to be *beautiful* in there.

  180. I had to come look at this post on my computer to see the photos larger, but now I really REALLY LOVE the new color and what it does to the room: brings cohesion to the whole space as it de-emphasizes the asymmetrical angles of the ceiling, especially how the ceiling meets the bed wall; highlights the skylights and beautiful wood windows by providing contrast and DEPTH; creates a calm rich background to bring in some complimentary color accents (and hopefully some pattern too); elevates the formerly box-o-white bringing quiet grandeur to the primary bedroom suite. I can’t wait to see the new rich-toned bed, drapes for softness (I’m so glad you’re adding them in the living room too), maybe a richer-colored rug? and more pillows, art, accessories…love the new cozy chair! It needs more layers but it’s getting there!

  181. First of all, what a lovely space! Let’s acknowledge that your room is going to be beautiful no matter what because of its great bones.
    I think you’re on the right path with the bed in the warmer camel color. Currently, all the gray/neutral midtones are just a little *too* much like the gray drizzly skies. I like the pink duvet but could see some lovely patterned shams or a throw breaking up some of the color blocking and making the room a bit cozier. You have some lovely foundational pieces in here, so I’d say you’re on the right track—just style and play, baby!
    FWIW, I love sleeping in my dark green bedroom (that also has tons of natural light during the day). It feels so relaxing and cozy to snuggle into every night. Once I figured out how to balance it with patterns and contrasting tones, it made the whole room click. I hope that comes for you soon!

  182. I did something very similar in BM Aegean Teal! I wanted to paint the ceiling because the room actually only has high ceilings on one side, and when the walls and ceiling were a different color, the white across both spaces just looked really choppy and distracting. And also this room is massive and I read (probably here) a rich darker color would make it feel cozier. It’s interesting because our room actually gets a ton of light but we’re not in here much during the day. I’m not sure I’ve noticed much of a day/night difference but I also am not so so attuned to these things I guess. And while it did kind of feel like a lot at first I’ve stopped noticing how much blue there is. I definitely think if the ceiling were white I would continue to be annoyed by it.

    We also spray painted our eyeball lights black which you do obviously notice but I feel like almost adds to the vibe. We kept all the trim white, which I think I like, but that includes massive closet doors opposite the bed, which I don’t love but am not sure what to do besides go FULL BLUE. Is there a happy medium btw ‘Hi! We are CLOSETS’ and ‘everything was blue’?

  183. i Love the blue. So pretty and calming. Maybe with new bedding and some really amazing bedside lights you’ll love it more.

  184. The new blue is a great color but it somehow feels a bit oppressive. i also find if my initial thought is that something is great, I later waiver. But if my reaction is unsure, I often love it later. Which makes it hard to make a decision. If the ceiling were white, it might go coastal though. Maybe a pale camel ceiling or cream? Or maybe just needs to go a few shades lighter on the paint card. You could consider painting the headboard wall lighter. Your art seems to get lost on the blue. But then you would miss the camel bed against the blue which would look so pretty. So maybe the darker blue should only be on te headboard wall. Too many thoughts. Sorry.

  185. I really like the color. We are people who frequently lean towards white walls and then adding our color through art. In our current living room and dining room, we picked a pretty saturated color and then all of our art and accessories are shades of cream, white, wood and natural materials with just a few real statement pops of color. It feels pretty great.

    1. Paint the housing of the recessed lights the same color as the surrounding area.
    2. Get more light-colored art/textiles/family photos to hang on the walls.

    I think this will help a lot. I get what you’re saying about the blue on the ceiling being a lot of blue, but I think if you bring in lighter colors through artwork on the walls it will help mitigate that feeling. And it is a place for sleeping, after all — I think the blue ceiling is cozy for that.

  186. I was thinking about this room and something hit me – so here it is. I had a similar issue with a bathroom paint color….. I initially painted it a blue-gray but because it faces north-east it was reading way too cool/icy. I needed a blue-gray with some green in it to warm it up, after much internet research about how the orientation of a room really affects paint color. Which totally makes sense, but was not on my radar before painting this room (and having to paint it again!). I imagine that could be at play here too! Not just how much light the room gets, but whether it’s northern (cooler) or southern (warmer) facing. Perhaps someone late had mentioned it but I thought it may be worth sharing.

    Regardless, I think the color is beautiful. Paint is so hard!

  187. According to the stats, I will be comment poster #269 … Yippee ;-).
    As a photog, I know that living in spaces is very (subtly) different than photographing spaces (… to look good). So, I like your ceiling blue… and if you continue to like it and want to keep it that way…. I do think something should change with the recessed lighting sitch. You could make them disappear like, you said, by painting the white bits blue. Then maybe go for old Edison style LED lightbulbs with a gold or silver mirror bottom to them? OR, you could put “surface projecting sconces” ie OUTIE not INNIE lights on the ceiling. photo imagery to follow 😉

  188. Here’s what I want to replace my interior recessed lights circa 1982 with….

  189. And, here is a pink one… as you were thinking of going pink with some decor items anyway… just fun 😉 from your sconce roundup the other day

  190. Oh I love a dark room, ceiling and all, but here it feels… dare I say … depressing? Gloomy and grey. It has great style, so I get why those around you like it, but is this the mood you want to wake up to? You’re second guessing it so your intuition is telling you something. Perhaps a tad lighter shade blue all over? Or paint the ceiling light to give it breathing room? If it were me I’d go back to lighter walls. It would help keep the mood bright on those rainy days. I’d mix up the bedding in varying deep blues to compliment the fireplace and make it the focal point. Add in an antique wood side table by the cozy chair for contrast. Just a thought.
    Love the way your home is looking! And your mud room is so wonderful! That red door too!

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