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Vintage Furniture Redo – Before and After

Nothing makes me happier than a proper before and after.  I even love those diet pill commercials where people purposefully slouch in schlubby ill-fitting clothes for the ‘befores’ just so they can stand with normal posture, fake tans and makeup for the  ‘afters.’  I’m always convinced.  It simply MUST be a good product.  I mean, did ya SEE the before and after? Miracle!

Finding something everyone else thinks is hideous and seeing its potential and then seeing it 2 weeks later completely redone is as satisfying as watching your shy bullied child get a better job and hotter chick than your neighbors ‘Ken-doll-wannabe’, doucher,  athletic kid that always dated ‘Push up bra Pamela’.  You always knew they had potential and just needed some confidence and a little cosmetic uplifting, but everyone else doubted them.

Except me.

So here are a few good old fashioned before and afters, all pieces being sold tomorrow at 6pm on my One Kings Lane Tastemakers Sale

It’s vinyl. It’s ugly, but only because of the finish, aka, the fabric. The bones are good and the proportions are great.  It’s not a huge ottoman, but more like an ottoman that is the size of a coffee table – 46″ x 28″ 14″, which is strangely hard to find and a really, really good size.

And now, he is a she, and SHE is HOT in hot pink linen:

Oh she is much prettier, and only $599.  The top of the upholstery is imperfect – some of the diamond tufts are looser than others.  But it was originally supposed to be $1000, so you are getting a deal either way and its not really noticeable.  And i want everything to be out in the open, plus i don’t mind keeping this bad boy. It could easily go at the end of a bed and my guest room is begging for it.  

Next up were TWO Identical  vintage dining table that have great lines, but were in rough shape.  

I actually like them in black, but they are super scratched up and look dirty.  I chose to give them a flat light gray paint finish.  I could have done high gloss, but that felt a bit too ‘Z Gallery’ so doing them in a flat gray felt more sophisticated and more unique than just white.  

Calling all office buildings – these two tables are perfect conference tables.  They are unique and chic, but totally big and functional. And at $1200 they are a really good price for something custom and so huge. The glass on top has some scratches but nothing too noticeable.  88L x 43D x31H  

If one of these doesn’t sell then i’m in luck and will keep it, oh yes i will.  I’ve been meaning to having a dinner party for about 33 years now, so keeping this table may motivate me to actually cook for my friends.  God help them. 

Below is this walnut or teak coffee table that was AWESOME….in theory.  Someone carved and painted an homage to America on the top, and as much as i love the creativity and passion behind it, it also sat in my garage for a year because i couldn’t convince anybody to buy it.  

But the lines are sooo good, and the scale is amazing. It’s big and wide and low.  Brian actually really wants this in our living room because we fostered it for a while and it is really easy to put your feet on and to eat off of – Brian’s two requisites for coffee tables,  but we have that awesome huge brass trunk-y thing now that has dominated my heart for a while, so my heart wins and Brian loses.

I had him refinished (the table, not Brian) completely to look like this:

It’s restored to the original parquet top, in an almost- matte finish that is still protective.  It’s 60″L x31″W x 13.25″H for $799, which is crazy because it cost $300 just to refinish it, not including the original purchase price of $60 and the delivery to and from the refinisher.  See? I told you i’m not good at this up-charging thing. Someone best buy and appreciate this beautiful table.  

The piece below is hard to see but its a 70’s chrome sling chair and ottoman, in weird tan fabric.  

But not no more.  Nu uh. 

Now he is VERY, VERY handsome, not to mention comfortable.  Its upholstered in a dark gray linen, tufted properly (whereas the piece before had weird stitching where the tufts should be) and is crazy comfortable.  It’s the perfect combo of stylish and comfortable, me and Brian.   $949

For other sneak peeks into the sale and more before and afters, click HERE, HERE and HERE. Also, for the official OKL Preview, complete with styling tips, check this out.

You’ll see more sneaks tomorrow (thursday) with even more before and after’s. Because they are just so satisfying to see.

Its A ‘One-kings-lane-a-palooza’.  Or more like ‘One-kings-lane-affair’, except less Sara MacClaughlin and more Milo Baughman.  That was the first, last and worst Lillithfaire reference I’ve ever used. 

Awesome. Now ‘Your love, is better than ice cream’ is now stuck in my head. 

And now yours. You are welcome.  


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