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Valentine Gift Guide for Him, Her and your favorite friends

Just when you thought we had a little bit of a break from the holidays, check your calendar because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (just under two weeks to be exact) as today is Feb 1st. If you are anything like us, the holiday tends to creep up a lot faster than you think and then the night before you are scrambling to make a “free massage”/”do the dishes for a week” coupon which doesn’t exactly pull at their heartstrings. And while all these gifts aren’t necessarily the most sentimental and most lean more fun and feel “valentine’s-ish” we thought it would be fun to give you a few ideas if you are on the hunt for the perfect gift for her, him, or for your favorite friends.

Emily Henderson Valentines Day For Her Gift Guide1

1. ‘All About Us’ Book: It’s one of those “almost too cheesy” presents but, it is valentine’s day after all so, why not?! It could be fun and maybe you’ll learn something new about each other.

2. Sunstone Earrings: Simple enough to wear during the day but are also pretty enough to wear out for the evening. And there is no such thing as a girl who doesn’t love a nice piece of jewelry.

3. Red Pumps: Your feet might as well look festive for the holiday, we love these red pumps.

4. Knot Ring: We love this simple piece that has a bit of symbolism behind the knot while not being too in your face.

5. ‘Ride or Die’ Necklace: A classic shape with a not so classic saying. It’s fun and playful and can be worn any day of the week.

6. Blush Vase: Flowers are a wonderful Valentine’s gift and by getting a pretty vase (like this one) you are making the extra effort she will really appreciate.

7. Personalized Fold Clutch: Everyone loves a little bit of a monogram because it makes them feel special and it makes the gift more unique. This one is so cute and personal and looks easy to hold with that strap in the front. This brand has such a good selection of personalized gifts and a few different fonts and styles to choose from as well.

8. Alpaca Slippers: I have these and they are LUXURIOUS. I love how soft and fun they are, besides everyone loves house slippers.

9. ‘Strong Female Lead’ T-shirt: Shouldn’t the leading lady in your life have this awesome shirt?

10. Blush Gauze Bed Blanket: Finally there is an adult version of a baby swaddle blanket. We are all obsessed with this one and it’s so pretty in person.

11. Long Cardigan: Could be a robe, could be a cardigan, could be a wrap dress. It looks so cozy and could definitely be accompanied by breakfast in bed. Just saying.

12. Red Circle Bag: This bag comes in a few different colors, but red is making a big comeback in fashion (and interiors) and just in time for V-Day.

13. Le Labo ‘Labdanum’ Fragrance: My staff swears by this brand. It’s not cheap but I have heard so so worth it.

14. Rose Lip Mask: Kissable lips on Valentine’s is crucial. We haven’t tried these personally but have heard good things about them – we might need to get some of them and see if they work.

15. Signet Dog Tag Necklace: We love this personalized necklace. It’s timeless but still feels very on trend.

16. Champagne Flutes: These are so fun and will make drinking a little bubbly with your lady a little more special. Only thing missing is her favorite bottle.

17. ‘Things I Really Want’ card: Simple and perfect. Do yourself a favor and get her a nice card.

18. ‘I’m Keeping You’ card: Again, so simple but the design feels special and fun for the holiday.

19. ‘Are You A Parking Ticket’ Card: Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashion pick up line from the guy you love?! If you live in LA then the “parking ticket” joke will be well recieved.

Next up: a few of our favorites for the men in your life.

Emily Henderson Valentines Day For Him Gift Guide

1. Pocket Square: There is nothing that can dress up a suit quicker than a special pocket square. It’s that little accessory that makes the night (and the man) feel a little more special.

2. Watch: This brand has so many simple options and comes with a great warranty. We love the white face, the accents of rose gold and the leather band – a very classic combo.

3. Red Chambray Tie: Every guy needs a new tie in his life. Give him this one in the morning before your special night out and request that he wear it for you 🙂

4. Leather Card Wallet: Gone are the days of needing to carry around a massive wallet filled with cash, so give your man an upgrade to his back pocket with this simple little card holder that has enough spots for all the essentials that he uses everyday.

5. Record Player: Everyone needs an awesome record player in their life. Get him one that feels a little more special than the ones that all the teens are buying these days. He may even have a few of his old records laying around that are begging for a play.

6. Record Subscription: Can we all agree that those records are just about the most beautiful records you’ve ever seen?! Turntable Kitchen is a montly subscription service that sends out a selection of records that are so beautiful anyone will love them, and on top of that they feature covers of some of the most famous albums so you’ll recognize all of the tunes you get in the mail every month.

7. Vintage Mixtape Greeting Card: This is a major flashback to when we used to make mixtapes for that special someone we were crushing on in our life. Give him a throwback with this one by recording him a mixtape of some of your favorites on the tape (which also comes with a giftcard).

8. Tune In Bluetooth Cassette Boombox: This is seriously cool. You can record a mixtape via your bluetooth connection or auxilliry cord and then use it like a regular cassette player. It is the perfect companion to the previous gift.

9. Personalized Wash Bag: Does he have a toiletry kit? If not then he needs this one. Simple and beautiful and will last forever.

10. Comme des Garçons Converse Sneaker: There is something about a guy wearing anything from ‘Comme des Garçons’ that instantly makes him feel very stylish and very cool. These sneakers might have slight v-day theme with them what with that heart, but are simple and classic enough for him to wear them everyday.

11. ‘BAE’ Keychain: Pop quiz, do you know what BAE actually stands for? Cus if you don’t it means “Before Anyone Else” which instantly makes this keychain feel a lot sweeter and sentimental, right?! While not every guy may be into having this on his keychain, it’s a sweet and affordable gift let’s him know who your bae is.

12. Tent: Extra points for this one if you put it up in the living room and have a sleepover in it the night of v-day. But if not then let him take it out with his friends as it fits four and every guy likes an excuse to go camping.

13. Yeti Cooler: By far the most incredible cooler out there. You can put drinks and ice in here and no joke it will stay frozen for a good 24 hours if not longer. It’s pretty incredible and perfect for those campouts, nights on the beach, or just about anything else.

14. Duvet and Sheet Set: Because everyone’s bed needs a little bit of an upgrade to the sheets….

15. Pasta Making Kit: This could be a fun v-day date night with your man and we have been told making pasta is very easy and all the rage right now. Excuse me while we go put on our chef hats.

16. Rare Beer Club: Brian got a beer subscription for Christmas and loves it. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a beer lover on their hands.

17. ‘Today’s Agenda’ card: Is there anything else you need to really do on the day of love?

18. ‘Mighty Good Man’ card: Sometimes they need to hear it:)

19. ‘Are You A Campfire’ card: Especially if you are planning to go the tent in the living room route this card is perfect for you.

20. Leather Briefcase: I have recommended this before but it is such a good bag and from an awesome company. I gave it to Brian last year and he uses it everyday. We love this brand and it has such great accessories for everyone.

21. Leather Wrapper Stone: Ok so maybe not the most necessary item but I have one and it is so cool. This would look awesome on a guy’s desk.

22. KeepCup: As far as reusable coffee cups go this is a great one that doesn’t feel too flashy or bright. It’s stylish, neutral and comes in three different sizes.

23. Intelligentsia Coffee: Delicious coffee and would be a perfect match to the KeepCup:)

Emily Henderson Valentines Day For Friends Gift Guide1

1. Exfoliating Sugar Cube Set: We all could use a little exfoliating and with these cubes you will be giving your friend’s better skin and cute bathroom decor.

2. Rose Lip Polish: Whether your friend’s are in a relationship or single everyone wants smooth lips, right?! We haven’t tried this ourselves but if a ‘French Girl’ recommends it then we are definitely listening.

3. Lace Face Mask: If any of you follow my friend Jen Gotch, then you may have seen her rock this lace face mask on her instastory. They are affordable and I know I would love to get one.

4. Carryall Duo: Speaking of Jen, her company has so many fun Valentine’s day theme gifts that are definitely ‘Galantine approved’ like this very cute bag duo.

5. Shapes Statement Earrings:  Who doesn’t love a statement earring! These are so cute and come in other colors if you aren’t feeling the festive pink:)

6. Pink Velvet Socks: These would be so cute with booties and cropped jeans.

7. Babetown USA Pin: We love the idea of giving these super fun and cute pins out to our friends for a Galantine/Palentine’s day.

8. GRL PWR Shirt: The more we see it the more we know it and we might as well look good at the same time.

9. Feminist Keychain: I have this on my keychain and it’s the best. It’s big and makes me feel good every time I look at it.

10. Tiny Personalized Name Necklace: Pretty sure everyone secretly or maybe not so secretly wants their own ‘Carrie’ necklace and this one is very affordable.

11. Planter: Plants bring happiness and life to a room but they need cute planters for optimal enjoyment. This one would be a happy addition to any friend’s home.

12. ‘Gold Lion’ Nail Polish: This color is very on trend right now and would be very sweet gift for a friend.

13. Balm Dotcom Gloss Trio: The ladies at the office love Glossier and this trio set is so fun! You can choose from 6 flavors to make the perfect set for your very lucky friend!

14. Multi Colored Glass Straws: These were too good not to include on the roundup. This would be a perfect gift for your design-obsessed valentine. Pretty sure we need some as well.

15. Glass Tumbler Set: These glasses would be a perfect pairing to those glass straws. Simple, modern and let the straws be the focus:)

16. Brow and Lash Kit: Everyone always seems to be looking for or replacing their makeup tools so this lash and brow kit is something that would always be appreciated by just about everyone.

17. Brass Candle:  Everyone loves a pretty new candle. This one is simple and would work in almost any home.

18. White Matches in Glass Jar: What’s a candle without cute matches? We love the white tips on these but the shop has a bunch of other colors to choose from.

19. Silk Pillow: All of my friends swear by silk pillows in the fight against wrinkles. It’s not a gift you really want from your partner but I would be pumped to get it from a friend.

20. Silk Sleep Mask: Much like a pillow this silk sleep mask is a perfect gift to encourage a good nights sleeps and less wrinkles in the morning.

21. Grid Blanket: Can you ever have enough blankets? This one from target is neutral, graphic and totally affordable.

22. Marble Candle Holder: If you’re going to get a friend taper candles (like the ones we have next on the roundup) a way to make it complete is to include a holder. The simple shape and marble material make this a winner for us. Any of your friends would love this.

23. Pink Taper Candles: Paired with the marble holders these pink beeswax taper candles are beautiful and festive and are sure to be a hit.

Let us know if any of you have tried any of the products above, and if you have any awesome finds recently that would fit as a gift for the girls, guys, or friends in your life for v-day be sure to link it up below. We would love to hear about some of your new favorite products.

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6 years ago

All my favorite women are getting a bottle of SISTR! It’s organic perfume with ethically sourced ingredients formulated with women’s health issues in mind. There’s a blend for insomnia, postpartum depression, migraines and cramps, fatigue, allergies and a detox blend!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lindsey

Love that idea! Thanks for sharing the link with us. xx

6 years ago

This is way off subject so please forgive. I have gone back though your blog to find the answer but alas have not. Can you tell me where the extra long black curtain rods in so many posts come from?
Your blog is one of the best. I am a follower and admirer. Thank you.

6 years ago
Reply to  Nena

Thank you 🙂 All of the rods done in our house were directly through calico corners who custom make the rod for the size of the window. You should be able to reach out to them and they can direct you in the right direction or get something ordered for you. xx

Julie R.
6 years ago

I think my husband would send me to the hospital to get my head checked if I gave him a leather wrapped stone. Thanks for the good laugh. I did order myself a bunch of stuff so thank you for all the recommendations.

6 years ago
Reply to  Julie R.

The leather stone definitely isn’t for everyone 😉 but so glad you found a few other items you liked. xx

6 years ago

Pretty gift guide, so many fun things to choose from!! I was hoping to send my husband a little hint for V-day, and really want those little gold circle earrings you wore/talked about in an instastory recently. The ones you said you’d been wearing all the time and even sleeping in. I am really sensitive to earrings so need a good quality pair. Would it be possible to let me know where those are from, or a link? Thanks!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Karly
6 years ago

My two cents: I would have loved the scrolling widget for this post, in order to be able to see the description with the picture without having to scroll up and down tens of time! The widget makes this kind of posts more fun, enjoyable and usable. 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Gee

Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely start include that in any of the roundups that have quite a few items to them. xx

Rehana Malik
6 years ago

Great Job, your post content Too short but Very well define and much effective.
Kala Jadu for Husband and Wife Cast Names

6 years ago

So I totally spaced, and thought the clutch in the “for her” section was being sassy, saying “eh”. It took that extra second to realize those are your initials… But I’m also into the sassy sentiment 🙂

6 years ago

I love this gift guide!! Thank you for sharing!! I guess I will buy that #8 and #12 for me, and the #11 for my friend.

6 years ago

This was THE BEST roundup gift post! So excited to get lots of the items on this list!