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Una posta sobre Jose, the Mexican.


I worked with The Bearded Mexican gang last week, i didn’t name them, just passing it along.  To be technical, only one of them was Mexican, and the other two were Brooklynites and a Bostonion, but man, were they bearded – claiming no irony, bt-dubs. This included the photographer, Jose Martinez (the mexican, hola) and Eric, Pat and Anton his helpful posse.  It was pretty much un pleasure en total.

Jose shot this anthropologie catalogue last year.  Do you even know what that means? I am one step closer to an anthro (yes i call it anthro, i also call urban outfitters ‘urban’, deal) catalogue job.  My years of rubbing the photo genie lamp, throwing coins in the wishing well, and sticking pins in the homemade (i’m crafty) voodoo doll of the stylist who has been lucky (and ok, very talented) enough to book the job are coming to an end.  Sure, i still have no contacts there, they don’t know I exist, they haven’t looked at my book or passed around my name, and frankly i’m probably not ready for the kind of risk taking that they need from a stylist.  BUT, i have hugged someone that has worked with them.  I rode in his truck even, where I covertly collected his hair particles and skin cells, prior to having him autograph a bunch of copies of the catalogue.
Not to dis anyone who is into ‘the secret’ or anything,  i’m into positivity too, but sometimes you have to go back to good old fashion witchcraft to really get what you want.  I mean, put your money where you mouth is; grow a pair. Spells, chants, potions, etc, there is a reason why it’s been around for millions of years (bad with number concepts, could be 500 years, whatevs).  We all work within our own comfort levels, i suppose.
Regardless, Jose is super super awesome to work with and his pictures are really pretty. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.  i’ll post them when the catalogue comes out.
y Te amo tu trabaja, Jose. you are le bomba.


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