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Trolling Craigslist … Seattle, Washington

Oh, the hours I can waste trolling Craigslist in towns that I have no intention of buying in. If Brian knew about this he would pack up The Bear and run. He’s already baffled by my ‘need to touch everything’ when I shop anywhere, so the need to see these things in far away lands that I’ll never even touch is inconceivable to him. But for the record he also spends 5-6 hours a week looking for the perfect sandwich all over Los Angeles, so that’s weird.

Some of these are awesome, some are weird, and some are just steals. Enjoy, Seattle friends. I love how that font makes Seattle look all ‘Real World’ circa ‘Reality Bites’ era. Ah, the ’90s.

Seattle Craigslist Finds

Leather Safari Chair: This chair is dope but at the top of its price range. I wish it were $40, then it would be an actual great deal, but regardless it’s very pretty and a good price.

Two Piece Mid-Century Sofa: It’s the chunkiest, fattest, and widest sofa ever — and for this I love it. Sure, it needs some new clothes, but put it in a loft or a really modern house and you’ve got yourself a conversation piece on which to sit and have said conversation.

Vintage Mint Green Desk: How very on trend of you, little mint desk. $40 isn’t a steal, but it would just be so gosh darn cute in a kid’s room.

Wood and Glass Table: Not bad at all. Pretty wood, modern shape … overall just so simple and pretty. If you buy both just don’t put them in the same room — these guys need to be modernized and keeping them in the set will make them feel too retro.

Craigslist Seattle Finds Part 2

Set of Vintage Chairs: $100 for the lot. I’m not the biggest fan of the one on the left, but the other two are pretty cute for that cheap. Part of me even likes them those two different colors, but in newer fabric. And you know I want to do those scallops  in different colors …

Set of Brass Tables: These are either disgusting yellow 80’s cheap brass or dope solid beautiful brass. I’m totally intrigued by them and VERY curious. If you are interested, ask the owner to weigh them or describe how heavy they are. If they are cheap brass they’ll be like 3-6 pounds without the glass, but if they are good quality they’ll be MUCH heavier.

Seattle Craigslist Finds Part 3

Set of Upholstered Chairs: I know what you are thinking, These chairs are HIDEOUS, and you aren’t wrong. But there is something about them that I like. Maybe it’s their round back that is graphic and ’80s. Maybe it’s their upholstered legs. Don’t forget that you can get rid of that seam on the top and do a tight back — hell you can add four button tufts if you want.  I’d do it in a linen and put them in a modern house. If you try to put these (re-upholstered or not) in a house with carpeting and shiny maple cabinetry you are doomed to late ’80s failure, but if your space is modern and your style is risky then you could totally pull these off (if you redid them). God, that is a lot of ifs, but that’s where the masterpieces come from.

Modern Chairs:  I know these seem expensive but I love these chairs and I’ve seen them WAY more expensive (like $400 a piece). These aren’t really that bad, I promise. Put them outside or if you have a modern loft-style house, they can kinda float anywhere. I bought two for a client once and they loved them, but never wanted to sit on them — I guess they aren’t terribly comfortable. So don’t expect La-Z-Boy comfort from these wire bad boys.

Seattle Craigslist Finds Part 4

Tulip Chairs: So cute. So cheap. Get these.

Chinoiserie Pair of Chairs: A pair of these flanking a credenza in an entry? Forget about it. I love Asian-inspired ANYTHING. Especially since I’ve been pregnant because it’s all I can eat (besides delicious frozen yogurt, sliced mango, grapes, grapefruit, etc.). So maybe my love for the Asian flavor is influencing my love for these chairs. I don’t think so, though, they are awesome.

Vintage Mirrors: Not knocking my socks off, but $15 for all of these mirrors is a pretty great deal. Obviously hanging them together could be great  — and yes, I’m still into this idea if there is enough of them that they really command a whole wall. Don’t just buy these four. Go nuts and go floor to ceiling and wall to wall and then yes, that’s awesome.

There you have it, folks. I done trolled Seattle. Thanks, Abby, for helping me with this post!

So, my obsessive vintage/thrift loving friends, which pieces would you have bought and more importantly, where should I troll next? Suggest your city and I’ll put ’em on the list.


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