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by Emily Henderson


Trolling CL Providence

Brian and I went on vacation once to Rhode Island where we wore sweaters on our shoulders and sipped pimms cups. That part of the East Coast is just so pretty and old and everything feels like Great Gatsby all the time. So I was a bit disappointed in the Craigslist there this week, but it could just be a bad week there or maybe there are enough savvy buyers buying everything up. Either way, we found some gems.

trolling CL providence leather chair marble and campaign dresser

1. $25 Brass & Marble Side Table I don’t LOVE you but I do really like you and I can’t seem to get enough small round tables, so this one could go in my collection.

2. $75 Vintage Leather Chair Yeah, this is a score. Give it a pouf as an ottoman, pair it with your midccentury style sofa and call it a day.

3. $180 Campaign Dresser I have yet to find a campaign dresser that I didn’t like. This one is great because it looks like it doesn’t need to be refinished, but if you find one that does calculate in $300 for refinishing (its strangely more expensive than upholstery even though it is easier to DIY).

4. $50 Brass Dipped Side Table You should be $40, but I like your feet enough to include you. If this is a DIY’d table, though, then i’m on the fence. Its still cute, but its better (obviously) if its actually brass.

Trolling CL providence desk rocker and chairs

5. $50 Pair of Mid Century Chairs I can’t tell, but i’m interested, certainly for $25 a piece. Are you real leather? What does your back look like? Would you be cute flanking a credenza in a hallway or dining room?

6. $35 Thonet Bentwood Rocker I’ve never met a bentwood rocker that i haven’t liked. Ask Allen Stone, he even had that one shipped to his house in Seattle.

7. $25 Mid Century Desk: You need a makeover but your lines are simple and your price is low.

Trolling CL providence milo baughman and bamboo dressers

8. $150 Pair of Bamboo Dressers This would only work in the right house (coastal or boho) but two nightstands with storage for $50 is not bad, folks.

9. $250 Milo Baughman Chair I have two of these in ultrasuede (secret: white ultrasuede just looks like white fabric) I got mine for $450 for the pair. So $250 isn’t bad – especially if they are really Milo’s.

Trolling CL providence settee and patio chairs

10. $95 Set of 4 Wire Patio Chairs I think these are pretty adorable. I bought a bunch of these once at the flea market for $10 each and I wish that these were less, but they are still pretty cute and more original/unique than Ikea.

11. $200 Vintage Settee This is a project. It needs reupholstery (gray linen? green velvet?) and refinishing (less shiny? raw finish?) but once done it would be so cute and unique. I love the scale, shape and the woodwork on the back.

Ok… I’m in New York shooting the Cattery today, and then hanging out with Brian and Sir. Charles in Central Park. Traveling with family is WILDLY more fun than traveling alone. And thanks to everyone who came last night to the meet and greet. Y’all made me feel very special. xx

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