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by Emily Henderson
Trolling Craigslist Portland

Maybe I’m feeling homesick, or maybe its just one of the best cities in the world but it seemed time to go to Portland. And much like your expectations for the rain, Portland doesn’t disappoint. Lets get shopping.



Trolling Craigslist portland vintage desk chairs mirror rocker

1. $50/pair 80s Rolling Chairs I think it’s because office chairs are usually so expensive IF they are comfortable that every time I see a vintage upholstered rolling chair with good bones, I want it. Yes this will be $150 at least to reupholster but then you have two matching dope office chairs for WAY cheaper than new.

2. $125 Art Deco vanity My love for Art Deco is not waning. You need the right house and the right styling, but this is a sweet little vanity.

3. $50 Brass Mirror I mean … this guys is the Liberace of mirrors. SOOOOOO gaudy. But also crazy cheap and makes such a statement. Just make sure its a statement you want to make.

4. $100 Bentwood Rocking Chair  Grab this guy. I love a bent wood rocker. So classic, sculptural and timeless.

trolling Criagslist portland vintage sofa and chair

5. $95 Wonderful Vintage Sofa I like how they titled it ‘wonderful’. Like, are you sure? It does have VERY good bones and lots of fun diamond tufting and chesterfieldian qualities, for sure. This bad boy would be at least 1K to reupholster, needing at least 15 yards of fabric, but if you are in the mood for that project then you are going to yield a fabulous result. Gray linen?

6. $15 Awesome Vintage Chair Oh you are at once hideous and awesome. So 80’s in a Kelly Wearstler style way. This chair needs a serious update with an awesome fabric. Could be a crazy floral pattern, or tone it down with a solid emerald-green linen. So comfortable, so stylish, just needs  A LOT of love and a good vision. And some dough. Thats all.

trolling craigslist portland set of rolling chairs and mcm chair

7. $25 Mid Century Side Chair Cute little office chair. Nothing fancy but cute.

8. $30 Set of Three Rolling Chairs Again with my office chair obsession. These aren’t bad as is, but if you freshened up the fabric (even just black) that could look good. Be wary of how beat up the plastic arms are. But for $10 a piece you kinda can’t go wrong.

trolling craigslist portland brass bed bamboo rockign horse


9. $50 Brass Headboard This headboard is either disgusting cheap brass or a super fun cheap way to dress up your guest room. Those lines are wacky, certainly but i could see them working in an Anthropologie style room. Curtains with ball fringe, a floral throw at the end of the bed, a mid-century style nightstand and a white hyde rug. You can do it.

10. $20 Mid Century Side Table Not sure if this is a Saarinen or just an Ikea knock off. Obviously one is worth WAY more than another. Either way I can’t seem to get enough small round modern side tables. They instantly make my eclectic rooms look more modern and pulled together.

11. $80 Bamboo Rocking Horse $80 is a bit steep for this guy, but if your nursery is lacking that sculptural element that screams ‘playful vintage’ then snag this. I’m picturing little Charlie looking up at me with sadness in his eyes, saying, ‘Mommy where’s my playful sculptural element?’. You mustn’t neglect ones gratuitous childhood vintage nursery fantasies. Nay.

Where to next, folks?

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