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Trolling Craigslist… Kansas City!



I went to Kansas City on my CL troll this week based on many requests and I have to say, besides a few gems, it wasn’t really full of good stuff. If my brain were working better today I’d probably come up with some sort of Wizard of Oz pun, but every time I think of one that could work I realize that its the worst thing I’ve ever written in my life. So lets just move on …

KC CL setee and lamps

1. $250 Pair of Vintage Hanging Lamps I feel like these should be $175 for the pair, but if you have the perfect spot, these bad boys could go over night stands or flank a sofa. Make sure that you aren’t going too retro, though, and keep some other furnishings in the room more modern.

2.$125  Vintage Settee This is one of the only scores here. It’s adorable and classic and just all around awesome. And upholstering that won’t be too much – maybe like $400, and you may not even need to. That stripe is pretty darn cute.

KC CL MCM lamp & sleeper sofa

3. $20 Mid Century Floor Lamp Floor lamps are a tricky and expensive thing to buy. I’m ALWAYS on the look out for them. This one is totally mediocre but put a new shade on that and you have a pretty decent inexpensive floor lamp.

4. $25 Vintage Sleeper Sofa Now I’ve spoken about vintage sleeper sofas before but I’ll remind y’all – you can have all the innards changed for $700 + cost of the mattress, and then recovered. So it is an investment but if you really like the lines of a piece it can be worth it. I think this guy is pretty darn cute and for $25 I’m into it.

KC CL vintage chairs

5. $35/e Mid Century Dining Chairs Decent. Not amazing and definitely going a bit retro, but for $35 it ain’t bad.

6. $20 Vintage Rolling Chair With some help this could be pretty darn cute.

7.  $20 Mid Century Chair I think I’m getting desperate. It’s Friday.

KC CL Kids sofa

8. $70 Brass Coffee Table Offer $20 – this guy is overpriced. Not a bad table, but not special enough to be $70.

9. $200 Set of Vintage Children’s furniture Now this set is AMAZING and it’s almost worth shipping to LA. How adorable are these????? In Charlie’s little play corner? Just recover them in grown up fabrics so they look all sophisticated and smart. Dress Charlie like Don Draper. Buy a mini bar cart and a typewriter??? So cute.

It’s funny how some towns just hit and some are a total miss. It has nothing to do with how good the place is obviously, just timing. So where to next?

( … and come back at noon for some other exciting news)

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“$20 Midcentury chair. I think I’m getting desperate. It’s Friday.” Ha,ha! Love it! I really like these posts even if there isn’t alot to choose from (which is so often how CL works for most of us) I really like your commentary on the pieces and what you might use them for, or what you would do with them. Very helpful to someone like me who often sees interesting things but has limited view on what to do with them. Hey, how do I send pics to you of projects I’ve done but were inspired by you? Is there a good email address? Have a great weekend!


ooh it would be so fun to see what projects other readers do that are Emily inspired!!

Paul H.

Why can’t we get $20 floor lamps here in LA!? I want to travel the country taking everyone’s awesome furniture pieces that are too expensive here.


San Diego please!!!! I think it would be quite a challenge for you… But maybe I just really suck at craigslist.

Sarah D

Yes to San Diego!!

have you done salt lake yet? if not, do salt lake next. 🙂 pretty please.

Katie Purnell

Ok I live in Kansas City and this post makes me feel SO much better. I can never find anything on CL.. I’ve always just thought it was the fact that maybe I suck at trolling craigslist.. But if Emily Henderson can’t find anything good in this city, then there’s no hope for the rest of us.

I agree with Katie above. When I lived in Kansas it was so hard to find stylish secondhand stuff. Probably because people in the area aren’t as quick to jump on trendy bandwagons– not back then and not now! It’s what makes finding something aweomse even EXTRA satisfying 🙂

I seem to be good at selling things on CL but am not very good at finding great stuff. Kelly from View Along The Way did a great post a while back about how to get the feed straight to your inbox whenever something is listed that you are looking for (i.e. settee; mid-century). I think your next city should be somewhere really old and historic because I always think really cool old stuff probably comes out in those places. Maybe Charleston, SC?


KC Native here! I’ve been waiting for the KC edition of these posts, but now I’m disappointed we didn’t have more for sale.


Please do Tampa Bay area in Florida! It changes so often but there’s a lot of random stuff here, some real treasures!


I second the Tampa Bay area! I see the treasures on Craigslist, so I know they are there, but I always second guess myself. We have so many elderly people in nearby counties waiting to get rid of their stuff, I just know it. Tampa please!


Let’s see what you can find in Tulsa! 🙂


I’d say Maine but yikes(!) on the Maine Craigslist front lately… so maybe somewhere else in New England. I bet Vermont CL could pull through for your country house 😉

I’m going to request Tucson again, because I’m selfish.


omg emily please buy those charlie-sized don draper chairs.


Thank you for creating a KC edition! I have been looking forward to the week that you pick KC and I would hurry and buy all the things. But I feel your pain, we’re not a vintage goldmine.


Chicago please!!!

Stephanie T



A mini bar cart and a typewriter! Hilarious! Fill it with his favorite drinks and snacks and he’d think he landed in some kind of baby heaven! Type writers do make fabulous toys and I highly recommend one. Next Craigslist – maybe tri-cities Washington? I have seen some curiously good stuff there.


Baltimore! Will you do some Craigslist tips? Do you search furniture? Antiques? I feel like I never find any good stuff!!

New Orleans (again)!


Washington, DC area please!

Phoenix! It drives me bonkers what people are over charging on Craigslist in Phoenix for furniture. Sometimes I even want to email the person and say, “ARE YOU KIDDING?” Or I make up stories in my head like, “Oh her husband hates that dinning set and made her put it on Craigslist but she priced it too high so it won’t sell.” Like there has to be a reason some people charge such ridiculous prices.


Nashville! I bet music city has some pretty great finds!


sad! Last time you trolled KC we had some treasures…. Maybe we are a bunch of hoarders these days?!

Not an incredibly haul, but I love that white desk chair – it could definitely use some sprucing up, but it’s got good bones.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


I thought that floor lamp was AMAZING at that price!


I am so happy to see you doing more of these Trolling CL posts recently! They’re my favorite.

I have to request Connecticut please! (Fairfield County – under NYC)

patty blaettler



I can’t believe we’re even TALKING about changing the shade on the floor lamp. What an amazing vintage fiberglass shade, and it appears to be in good condition! Buy the lamp! Keep the shade!

That’s my hometown!!! I didn’t find any of this on my troll of Craigslist!!!


This is a great post segment. I’m always hoping to find CL deals. What are the keywords you use when searching for items? I know a lot of it is timing as well.


San Diego!

Love these Trolling Craigslist posts. I’m putting in a request for Denver!



So funny to scroll through this post and see those dining chairs! I’ve been eyeing them for about week, but at $35/chair I wasn’t sure if the project was worth the time and energy! Kansas City Craigslist is definitely hit or miss!

Tulsa! Tulsa! Tulsa!!!!

Salt Lake City should be a gold mine!


Selfishly I want Cincinnati OH or Columbus OH. HOwever whoever said Charleston SC may be onto something. I LOVE that city!


South Florida CL next please!

I have to say, I’ve found some amazing things here in KC but it takes a long time to search. The gems are hidden in the “chairs” or “rugs” search. You can’t be specific with “mid century” or anything because most people have no idea what they have. Rugs are kind of my craigslist specialty, but like I said, I have a “rug” alert set and spend quite a bit of time skimming through total crap. 🙂

Sorry it was a bit underwhelming for you!


Canadian girl here and I vote for Vancouver, BC as your next trolling spot! 🙂

Just dropping a note to request Baltimore. Please, please, pretty please!!


I’m with Wendy!

Emily and crew – What would you do to spruce up the white rolling chair???

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