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Trolling Craigslist… Eugene!


We are BACK trolling Craigslist. I’ve always had someone (Thank you Abby!) helping me with these posts (she does the first round of picking for me – she sends me a list, I say ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘find more’ etc, then she puts the photos together and add the links and I write). She was out of the country but now she’s BACK and we are trolling again. In my college town, Eugene, OR. GO DUCKS!!!!!

I have to say I missed these posts. It’s always sooooo interesting to see where in the country you can find good steals and Eugene, Or is apparently one of them. I went to college there. My college education was a bit of a steal ($3500 tuition for the year back in 1997). So maybe Oregon is just an affordable place in general.

Trolling Craigslist eugene

1. $285 Vintage Kilim I went to check on this size to make sure that $285 is indeed a good deal and this has already sold so say goodbye to your powder blue kilim fantasies. The colorway was really interesting but it’s gone, y’all.

2. $50 Burl Wood Side Table YES YES YES. I don’t know if this thing is solid, but it is a good kinda side table that can go anywhere – next to a sofa, under a console, as a stool, as an occasional table. And for $50? Not bad, Craig.

3. $120 Bamboo Desk This should be $80. And then paint that thing – unless the natural bamboo works in your space. It could be any color really – powder blue? mint green? heather gray? White will make it go a bit Palm Beach-y but that isn’t always a bad thing.

4.  $85 Industrial Side Table – Good lines, functional shape. I wish it were $60 but it looks useful in a lot of different capacities.

Eugene CL Chairs

5. $35 Mid Century Shell Chair YES. Buy this one. That bright pop of blue could look incredibly cute in so many different spaces. And $35 isn’t a lot of pay for that kind of happiness.

6. $125 Scandinavian Sling Chair A steal. Get this. If there were a pair I would be shipping them home.

7. $250 Mid Century Chair I just bought two exact chairs for a client for $600 so this is even cheaper than those. One is more challenging to deal with certainly, but if you have a smallish living room it could be a nice little addition.

8.  $150 Pair of Mid Century Bamboo Bar Stools These can go Tiki real fast, so I think that painting them a color (navy? hunter green?) will help. Recover that seat in a solid since there is so much going on with the lines of the chair – unless you are insane and just want to embrace the tiki-ness and get a nutty pattern on them. It’s your funeral/party.

Eugene CL brass tables

9.  $60 80’s Deco Couch I love when sellers call things ‘Deco’ when they are really just 80’s and disgusting. YES, if you invested $1500 into this sofa and you have the perfect space, then it could be awesome, but I’d say pass unless you are that person. It needs new fabric and foam ($300) + labor ($800) and transportation to and from ($200). I just don’t think that this is the piece to invest in, but when I first saw it I was like ‘ooh … The Fig House ….’.

10.  $85 Set of Brass Tables Can go 80’s really fast, but  if you have really simple furniture and a pulled together room these can look more elevated and less ‘cheap brass and glass’. If you have a thrift store style space, then skip these.

11. $140 Vintage Floorlamp Oh hell no this should not be $140. I like it, don’t get me wrong. In a more masculine kinda bachelor library-style space this could look so chic, but I think on CL it should be $65.

Eugene CL Eames lounge chair

12. $50 Pair of Club Chairs I LOVE these. And that is a great price. Perfect for an office on the other side of the desk or in your dressing room. Those slim little arms are pretty darn adorable. Something like that should be between $200 – $350 to recover.

13. $300 Eames Style Lounge Chair Always a classic. Never a bad thing to hoard these suckers. The color of that leather (or vinyl) is pretty great.

Eugene Cl sofa and chairs

14. $80 Hans Wegner Style Folding Chair YES. I have one of these that I will probably never part with – they are just so easy to throw around.

15. $40 Campaign Style Desk – This is on the little side so it could be the perfect nightstand next to a bed as opposed to a desk in an office. Paint it white or keep it wood – its cute either way.

16. $25 Vintage Sofa Now these lines are a bit more approachable, certainly, but it’s still an expensive risk once you calculate in all the labor, fabric and delivery. I think I really like this sofa, though.The cute little curve of the arm, the slimmer lines of the frame – it has wayyy more character than most sofas you are going to find at a furniture store (see this post for details on what to avoid) but it will take more work on your part. I would budget in $1200 worth of expenses, although you might be able to get cheaper fabric and cheaper labor depending on where you live.

Where to next, folks?

P.S. How to shop Craigslist,  How to shop the flea market and Everything you need to know about recovering vintage furniture

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This always sends me to my local CL page and then I’m so so disappointed.


Ha! That makes two of us.



Make that 3.


One vote for Kansas City, MO!


2nd that!


Third that!



Des Moines!!! I’ve gotten some great stuff ($250 leather couch & ottoman that are GORGEOUS and needed nothing); would love to see what you can find.


Yes, I second that – Des Moines, Iowa! It’s a hidden gem with lots of awesome vintage steals.
Emily, love your blog. I’m pretty sure we’re long lost sisters (in a non-creepy way, although now it sounds creepy). Can we get some Midwest love?


Yay! I missed this!


I was nervous you were done with the trolling CL posts based on the split survey results, so happy to see that they are back! Up here in Maine our CL is lumped into one state instead of divided by city so it can be a bit defeating when you finally find something great that just so happens to be 8 hours away but thanks to your post I’m off to re-troll my Craigslist with more inspired eyes.


I second that feeling, Jody. I swear whenever there’s something good on CL in Maine, it’s in Van Buren or someplace equally remote.

I live in Eugene, and seeing it on your blog this morning makes me feel famous by proxy! I’ve found some pretty great stuff on our CL (a $20 Herman Miller shell chair; a velvet roll arm sofa), though like anywhere it takes some diligent searching and lucky timing. I’ve been eyeing that burl wood table – guess I better get on it! Always love these posts!

I’ve been Craigslist hunting lately (Portland!) and was actually referring back to some of your old posts for some perspective, wondering if the series would come back…and here it is! Ah, Eugene, so close, but so far away.


Yay! I missed these and I’m glad you included a couple pieces that first grabbed your eye but then detailed the work that would be needed because it’s a nice reminder to not hoard unless you really want to commit to a project and all it’s associated costs. Please troll Sacramento!




So glad this is back!




Second vote for Kansas City, MO!! I always look forward to these posts!


O man, CL can be so awesome. We just scored an original, one-owner, 1963 Broyhill sofa in a Paul McCobb style this past weekend in the Boston area. We had been trolling CL for awhile for a cool, vintage sofa and at times it got frustrating because numerous times we just missed something noteworthy because it sold ‘last night’, or ‘last weekend’ etc. As in so many things in life, perseverance is key, right? Love this post! How about a northeast CL spot? Portland, ME? Boston, MA?


Yes. Portland, Me. Yes.


Hooray trolling CL is back! I love these posts. I vote you do Tucson next, please!!

Amanda U.


How about Cleveland, OH. I lived there for a little while and it’s CL is a weird/fun scene.


Yay! Thanks for bringing it back!!! How about Vancouver Washington? Just across the river. 🙂

Hannah Rose

Glad to see these posts aren’t ending! Some of my favorites!

I was worried you wouldn’t continue the Trolling Craigslist series after the survey. I, for one, am a strong YES for them!

It would be great if you trolled Tucson, AZ’s Craigslist, because try as I might I never seem to find anything that’s any good!


I love love love the Trolling Craigslist posts!! Enjoy seeing not only what you cull from all the junk out there, but your writing style and point of view are so fresh, original, fun and thought provoking, not to mention addictively readable.

South Bend, Indiana perhaps? Daughter is moving there for school and holy cow, from my So Cal perspective it is foreign territory.


Honest o goodness, I think that burl wood side table used to be my grandmother’s. Swear!

Next up… Cleveland!! 🙂


OMG YAY. this made my friday. i LOVE, love trolling craigslist posts. i think you should go to hawaii! or peninsula california since that’s where i live.

Reno/Tahoe! My girlfriend found a pair of Jenny Lind beds for $15 each in the area. I feel like there is a lot of “old” second home stuff that people get rid of not knowing the value. But it can be REALLY hit or miss!

Alicia Haas

Huge fan of your blog!!!! Any interest in doing a Trolling Craigslist – St. Louis, MO??? We don’t have the best reputation right now, but our city is still pretty fab.


Thank you!! I just asked about this and poof, you did it. That’s magic. So happy to see these CL posts brought back. I’m not always sure about buying certain vintage pieces but when I see you give an endorsement to something similar I know I’m good. 🙂

I found a similar campaign dresser at our local thrift and plan to make it a changing table for my nursery project!


Yay! Glad to have CL Trolling back!

Craigslist is my crack and your posts are my favorite!


I had a pair of #14 folding chairs but mine were the Costplus import version. Very 70s macrame era vibe. Sorry I gave them away/left them behind when I got divorced. And #17 the hideous couch. Someone would pay actual real money for that? Looks like they should be paying someone to haul it to the dump.
Fun read. Some steals. Some way overpriced gems.Some junk.

I love number 7 but the angle that you would sit in the chair looks a bit strange. I would buy number 13 in a heart beat.

Stephanie Funk


St. Louis!


The lamp whose price you are complaining about can often go for upwards of $750. It’s by some important mid century industrialist designer. They aren’t often marked, so they fly under the radar. But that price is actually good. Vintage is more expensive everywhere. Dealers are having a harder time getting it and are less open to offers but the coast seems better than anywhere else. I attribute that to pickers coming from the coast to the interior for the last decade to get things cheaper than they were in California and New York. Owners seem to know values now and are holding on to things. There isn’t anything after the late 70’s to pick up in vast quantities (spotted oak anyone) for people to move into once mid century gets scarce. Yes, there is some hypermodern stuff, but it was made in smaller quantities and is expensive already. You can go back to antiques that are reproductions of antiques-stuff from the 40’s made to look like it was from the 1800’s can be a bargain. Art Deco is expensive and the good pieces are in museums. But that’s essentially the shabby chic look. Vintage industrial stuff is not a… Read more »


How about Charleston, SC? Its an absolutely magical city but our Craigslist can be very sad and Id love to see what you can find!


Yay !!! Glad these posts are back

If Eugene is anything like it was when I graduated from the U of O (2001, which I think might be the same year as you) I would skip craigslist and troll the alleys around campus in June. I left so much great stuff in the alley that wouldn’t fit in my car when I moved to LA. It literally made me cry.

#3 and #8 look like they belong in a cozy mancave. No need to paint them, really 🙂

#13! I love, love that chair.

Lemme know when you get around to doing a Louisville list 😉

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


Yes! Louisville or Lexington please!


I would paint 3 the color of 5. Want to do a post on how to paint wicker furniture? I have a game table I am dying to change.

My bamboo desk, found right here in Chicago, with a glass top, no drawers was $12 at an estate sale. Yep, I painted it the Palm Beachy white but I adore it! I think it might be a sofa table actually but I use it as a desk. Your #16 is way too scary, looks like too many animals might’ve peed on it. Some things must be trashed, I am sorry to say. Thanks for sharing.


Glad these are back. I’d say Vancouver, Canada, but I bet you won’t find a thing.

Rae Ann

I loved the Hell No regarding the floor lamp. I live in Phoenix and we get people in Scottsdale that can get real snooty about the value of there stuff.

Makes me very happy to see the craigslist post again


St.Louis, MO





PHOENIX Please!!! and soon before I move away! ha!

Maryanne W.



Yay, LOVE Trolling Craigslist and so pleased it’s back, thank you!!! X


Richmond, VA!

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