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Trolling Craigslist: Dallas



Dallas, it’s the home of cowboys, the first frozen margarita, and some pretty epic craigslist finds. Now get into it folks, have fun perusing some of my recent findings in Dallas.

Trolling Dallas Tulip table Metal shelf Thonet


1. $40 Marcel Breuer Cesca Chair

Who is to say if this is actually authentic or not, but if it is then I’m driving myself down to Dallas right now to scoop this up. These chairs continue to be classic and one of my favorites.

2.  $95 Tulip Side Table

If only my curves were as slender as these beauties. I don’t think one can ever have too many side tables. Grab this one before someone else does, because for this price, in this condition, it’s something you wont regret.

3. $25 Handmade Side Table
It’s cheap, its minimal, and it has so many possibilities. Paint the legs out a fun color and lacquer the top, dip the base in brass and paint the top white, or leave it as is for the perfect place to throw your TV guide when you forget what night the Bachelor airs (oh wait, that would never happen, just throw your coffee there).

4. $40 Vintage Metal Shelf

I may not be a fan of the multi-colored shelves but I am a fan of the lines on this piece and the price point. It screams “make me your next DIY project” and then fill me up with all the random brass miniatures that wont fit on my other bookcase.


Trolling Dallas Brass Side Tables

5. $200 Mid Century Coffee  & Console Tables

I wouldn’t place these in the same room, but that teak table with its rounded corners, beautiful wood finish and timeless lines might have to be my next coffee table. It’s totally kid friendly and mother (of almost 2) approved.

6. $150 Pair of Brass Side Tables

They could get tacky real quick, but styled out in the right room next to the right couch and you have a pair of amazing brass side tables.


Trolling Dallas Milo Baughman


7. $150 Vintage King Sized Headboard

This bed just makes me want to cancel all my plans, give it a coat of white paint and pretend that I live on a deserted island where the breeze wafts through my gauzy linen curtains, the waves roll in, and my milky white skin gets just the kiss of the sun it needs before I burn like a hot pocket left in the microwave oven one to many seconds.

8. $100/each Milo Baughman Chair

If you are reading this and they are no longer available, it’s because I have bought all of these already. I have never met a piece of Milo Baughman that I didn’t love and this rings true for these chairs. $100 a piece for a little bit of Milo in my life is money well spent.

Trolling Dallas Vintage chairs

9. $60 Pair of Rolling Desk Chairs

In my other life I would sit back in these chairs, yell out numbers in regards to a hedgefund, stockmarket or some other important financial situation and smoke cigars with my feet up on the desk and the New York Times in my hand. Talk about a transformative pair of chairs.

10. $30 Pair of Vintage Chairs

These are in bad shape but have some great possibilities. Paint them out, throw some new fabric on them and you have your self a great new pair of side chairs.

Trolling Dallas MCM desk and rugs

11. $90 Mid Century Desk

I am not quite sure what that blue on the bottom of the desk is, but nothing that a little bit of paint and some new hardware can’t fix. A simple clean desk at a great price.

12. $30 Vintage Kilim Rug

It is in need of a good cleaning, but this rug could be cleaned ten times with that price and still be more affordable than any other rug of its kind. Snatch it up folks, and throw it down on your floors.

13. $300 Moroccan Boucherouite Runner

It’s bright, it’s crazy and it has got a lot going on, but it is one magical runner.


Trolling Dallas Brass Shelf

14. $100 Set of Platner Style Barstools

I NEED these in my life, but yet I don’t live in Dallas and I already have three sets of barstools in my garage so someone please let me live vicariously through them and purchase these.

15. $150 Vintage Milo Baughman Style Etagere

You already know how I feel about Milo (see above) and you already know how I feel about brass. Enough said, this bookcase is the perfect amount of glam to update your space.

16. $60 Pair of Vintage Chairs

These are the shorter little brothers of my current barstools. I love the shape, the style and the price.


Trolling Dallas Brass Table

17. $50 Set of Vintage Office Chairs

They need a good nip and tuck, but then again who doesn’t. Reupholster these puppies and you have some pretty new chairs to get your work done from.

18. $250 Brass Table & Chairs

Not quite sure why they decided to take the picture of these outside, in the driveway, with some styled out bowls on the top, but it doesn’t distract from those curving lines and that beautiful brass. I would probably ditch the smoked glass table top but that base would serve as a great home for a new table top and some great dinner gossip.

Now get to it, go craigslist your little hearts out. What are your favorite pieces, where would you guys place them, and how would you make them your own?

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Loved the post! Great finds!

Susie Q.

My favorite…I think the headboard, mainly because it’s something I haven’t really seen before. Least favorite: #17–eww! Those look too filthy to come back from the grave.

I’m loving all the brass in this post! That comment about the TV Guide really made me laugh. I had totally forgotten that those existed lol 🙂


Sitting on our driveways/porches with indoor furniture styled with empty bowls is how we roll around these parts, Ms. Henderson. The heat provokes us to strange ways…

I might have sent an all-caps e-mail to the owner of (3). Thanks for having my back down here!

Whatadahello! I live in Dallas. I’ve been looking around on there for the last 2 days and saw none of this stuff! Well, maybe the Milo’s but I didn’t even register them as a possibility. I’m obviously not using my noggin or search terms correctly. Good stuff.

I love all the wood pieces! They would be really easy to paint and make them your own!



These are some great finds! Do you have any advice for how to approach searching Craigslist? Specifically how you narrow things down and decide if the price is worth it? I’d love to hear!

I’m on board for all put certain of the brass. But the Craigslist bug might even talk me into them too!


First off, I have not been to your blog for some time, and I love the new design! Of course, I love your CL finds too. The brass table and chairs is calling my name. I would also want to ditch the smoked glass, but what to put in its place? I picked up a Milo-esque etagere, similar to the one here from my local CL, and I love it. I also have the side table that goes with that coffee table and sofa table in #5, so I would take those too, but, of course not put them in the same room. I love that you still love brass! You got me hooked, and thankfully, people in my area generally don’t like it, so there are plenty of cool finds.

Interesting pics! And this colorful, crazy Moroccan runner. All Moroccan textiles are whimsical and intriguing:

sophie gulbranson

i bought the barstools! <3



Fun! I dare you to troll Craigslist (or Kijiji) for Toronto, Canada. It’s brutal. As in I rarely find anything interesting or with potential. And I kind of want you to prove me wrong otherwise I’ll be depressed every time I read through one of your American city trolls.

She did this about a year ago.

There’s tons of great stuff, but it’s not always a good deal. Though I did get all my midcentury furniture that way and it was a bargain!

These are the best yet. Actually, you should troll Tampa’s craigslist. Today I bought a 5 ft. tall 1930’s oak rack by Beaver Dam Rack Company for $40. It has original steel casters, the shelves are numbered, and remnants of the label are readable. Can’t believe I was the first one to it!

Jamie Rowe

Please do Dayton, OH next. I know, you are thinking “Ohio? What am I gonna find? Corn and soybean farming equipment.” Haha. It will be a good challenge for you. 🙂


I love your trolling craigslist posts! Please do Sacramento next!


Emily, thank you thank you thank you for trolling Dallas. I bought 10 of the Milo Baughman chairs!


I’m picking up the other two tonight! He mentioned the others (yours) had tags on them, but not the two I’m picking up tonight… He said they were made by Monarch furniture circa 1978 and attributed to Milo Baughman. does this ring true to you? Love the chairs, but wanting to verify simply because of the price he’s asking… thanks in advance!


I love when you do these posts! Could you include some of your favorite keyword searches?


Emily, please troll Craigslist in Austin, TX soon! 🙂 xoxo

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