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Trolling Craigslist… Cincinnati!


Yo Ohio, I’m coming at you in a couple weeks. Sure, I’m headed to Columbus for my Sunrise Makeover, but just trolling Ohio is getting me excited. Here’s what I found, Midwesterners:

trolling cl campaign dresser rolling desk chair and side table

1. $195 Campaign dresser Not a steal, but pretty good since you don’t have to refinish it. I like this scale, too – it’s not a typical chest of drawers or tall boy – its kinda in between which is easier to use and decorate.

2. $60 Rolling desk chair You know how I feel about attractive desk chairs – i love to sit on them so hard. They are the only chairs that you normally only need one of and can be really expensive.

3. $ 35 Bright school desk These retro things aren’t hard to come by but this poppy green color is way more fun, indeed.

4.  $60 Blonde wood side table Oh hey little man. You are just so cute with streamlined legs. Could be the perfect guest bedroom side table or kids room nightstand.

trolling cl cincinatti hutch rocker chairs

5. $100 Vintage cabinet There is a huge part of me that can’t wait til I get a country house so I can go all traditional on your face. I love antiques very much and something like this has a lot of character and history – like Betty White. You need to watch the finish and make sure its not too shiny, but otherwise this is a solid little piece that can add a lot of depth and interest to your space.

6. $100 Retro Chair It conjures up thoughts of PeeWee’s playhouse, certainly, but maybe that’s why I like it. It needs  a certain space with the right furniture near it (I’m picturing a large loft, a wood clad modern den, a reading corning with a weird hanging industrial pendant). Its ridiculous but it’s also a statement.

7. $35 Rolling side chair There is something so cute and charming about this guy. He’s not going to make your living room but he might be the perfect side chair in your kitchen desk area.

8. $ 150 Thonet style rocking chair . I’ve always loved a Thonet and have used them as often as I can get my hands on them. This price isn’t ridiculous but it sure ain’t bad …

trolling cl cincinatti tifted sofa and eames chairs

9. $200 Tufted sofa Calm down there, sofa. That is A LOT of tufts. Perhaps too many, but I’m still interested in sitting on you and looking at you. You belong in their right space, sure. You need to be next to some caramel leather, teak wood, a Saarinen or two … You alone, are a bit freaky but with some more respectable friends you just might hit the big leagues.

10. $65/pair Eames style chairs Nothing amazing, but cute on a porch, for sure. They are a bright poppy color and a super playful shape. I’m into you.
trolling cl cincinatti vintage sectional and chair


11. $60 Vintage desk chair Comfortable, cute shape, good price – get thee.

12. $195 Floor length mirrors If I had a more traditional house this would be something that I would love to own. It has so much character and age and just sophisticated glamour. Like Meryl.

13. $350  Mid Century sectional set I don’t know … this is very specific and boxy and almost silly looking, but in the right space it could make it. It’s a place you want to hang out and drink and throw your keys in a bucket. Or else its hideous, I’m not sure …

Oh, Craigslist. You never do disappoint.

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