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Trolling Craigslist… Chicago

Well, hello CHICAGO, your garbage is look VERY good to me today. Sure you are a big city, but you are still in the mid-west and therefore full of vintage finds … and architecture and deep dish pizza. Let’s dive in …

Vintage Rocking Chair

Vintage Wingback Chair: OK, this chair can obviously go very granny, but what if you did it in either A. a large scale modern colored floral and put it in your walk-in closet or B. did it in a peacock blue linen, threw a pouf in front of it and stuck it in an oh-so-chic reading corner? Strip the wood raw so it’s all pretty — and whatever you do, don’t stain it with anything that has shine. This lady needs to be toned down, not shined up.

Midcentury shelving unit: This is a pretty great price for such a substantial piece. It’s not BLOWING me away, but it’s very, very pretty for the size, price, and function. Grab this deal, folks.

Retro Rocking Chair: $350 is kinda too much for Craigslist, I admit, but I do love this chair. It’s a classic with such pretty lines. Like Angelica Huston.

Vintage Club Chair: You know how I feel about a scallop backed chair … I love them very much. I’m dying to do each scallop on the back in a different fabric — not stripes, more like a rainbow effect or an ombre if you have slightly less balls. Go for velvet, bright colors. Nothing too safe on this bold lady.

Vintage Table

Dining Table: That’s a pretty beautiful dining table for $250. The lines are so nice and the finish is rich and dark. Go for it.

Campaign Style Desk:  $300 is a lot, but I love this desk and it’s still cheaper than most new desks.  Often when I find these they need to be refinished which normally adds like $300 to the price of the piece. So at least this piece seems in really good condition with beautiful wood.

Side Chairs

Vintage Vanity: I love this vanity. I love the angle of the wood on the front of the dresser. I love the detail on the bottom of the mirror. And just generally anything from the 1930’s I have a thing for. Vanities are decadent and ornate, so when they are pulled back a little bit then I find them even more accessible and easy to mix with modern styles.

Midcentury Side Chair:  You are cute. Oil that sucker and shove him in a corner of Charlie’s room …

Vintage Desk Chair:  This hideous chair just needs some new bright aqua fabric or an awesome bold pattern. The white is great, the wood is pretty, and the shape is totally fun and happy. Such a great desk chair once the fabric is redone.

Pair of Chairs: This pair for $50? Sure. It can handle a bold pattern or do it in a solid with different color tufts … such cute office chairs.

Vintage Sofas


Simple Velvet Sofa: I love that the back and the arms are the same height, but since this sofa needs to be re-upholstered, which could be around $1000, so try to get it for like $125. I know the difference is only $75 but it makes a mental difference to me. And you know me — do it in a bright solid, like coral, peacock, aqua, emerald … yes, Yes YES!!!!

Wingback Chair: Same as the one above — vintage, scallop, cheap and could be either hideous or awesome.

Vintage Tufted Sofa: Now this sofa is more worth the $275 because of the amount of style it has. The alternate piping definitely says, “Hey buddy boy, I’m swanky. Come sit on my lap and drink a Pimms Cup, ” but if it’s too stylized for you then keep the piping the same color as the sofa and it will still be super stylish, though maybe less of a ‘piece.’

Where to next, folks? And yes, something is up with my comments. If you don’t see yours immediately don’t worry, they are showing up. It’s just taking a while for some reason …


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