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by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Electic Apartment New Girl Set With Logo

I’ve been historically known as a TV binger. I once watched 18 episodes of a TV show in a row – in one day. It wasn’t this one, but back in my day (pre-kids) I could really do it. That is how I watched the first couple seasons of New Girl. I discovered it a year after it came out, and decided to give it a go. I just pressed play and watched until I had no more to watch. It used to be a dream of mine to decorate Zooey Deschanel’s house, and Lord knows I love Max Greenfield (previously from Veronica Mars). It was relatable, funny and charming and had a love story that I looked forward to following.

Last December, I was invited to tour the new set of New Girl to help promote their final season and you bet I carved out a few hours to head over. Visiting a Hollywood set is exciting, even for those of us who have experience on set. But I was especially excited to see this set in person. The actors wouldn’t be there – this visit was more about the set, the furniture, and getting a fun behind the scenes tour of one of my favorite shows and sets.

The New Girl Set Behind The Scenes

The set has always been iconic for it’s distinct style, but for their 7th and final season, they have jumped 3 years in the future and made some updates to the set. In the final season premiere, we see Jess and Nick returning from a European book tour, as Nick has become a successful writer. Schmidt and Cece have a daughter, Ruth. And, Winston and Aly are pregnant. Due to the time jump and the different places these characters are in their lives now, the designers were tasked with making it feel a bit more grown up. It was less ‘thrifted early 20’s’ and more ‘vintage inspired early 30’s. Both of which I can relate to, obviously. So many iconic pieces remained (the shelves, and the sectional, her bedspread) and it still had the same thrifty vibe, but there is more cohesion and it is a bit more pulled together.

New Girl Behind The Scenes Set Visit Interview

However this post isn’t about the set itself, but more about the people who pull it together, on a daily basis – The production designer, set decorator and set dressers. Otherwise known as the hardest working (and least thanked people) in Hollywood (and every photo/video shoot). When I moved to LA there was way less editorial photography happening here (I trained as a prop stylist) and I was encouraged to get into production design for commercials (which would have led to TV, etc). It’s one of those positions where if no one notices you, it means you did a great job. But the sheer fact that your work goes so unnoticed is insane, because being in charge of the look and feel of a show’s environment, let alone the schlepping and inventorying of the props and furniture is an extraordinary amount of work.

The New Girl Yarn Room

Well, this is my ‘I NOTICE YOU’ to all of those out there who have ever responded to the call of ‘Art Department!’ to move a pillow 2 inches. Working on commercials is different than a TV show where you get really into the characters. You choose what a character would have put on their walls, for a reason, and while it may never be called out in the show, it’s something that informs our experience as a TV viewer, without us even noticing.

So with the season premiere of New Girl tonight I thought it would be fun to go behind the scenes and show you not only the set that they created for the new season but give you some fun insight on what the production designers do and how they design a space that is different for TV than us interior designers.

The New Girl Jess Bedroom Fun Facts Text Overlay2

The ‘city’ is a fabric backdrop, the plants are often fake and that concrete floor was painted by a faux finisher. I can’t get enough of these fun facts.

Emily Henderson Zoe Deschanel The New Girl

That blanket is iconic and I wanted it SO BAD when the first season came out. For the new set, they upgraded to the bed and higher end nightstands, but it still has a lot of bohemian flavor.

The New Girl Fox Zoeys Faorite Set Pieces The New Girl Bright Blue Bedroom

The main loft space is full of this vintage, bohemian, industrial and very thrifted vibe. The new set did upgrade a few pieces, but again it still remains the same feeling, and still feels very “Jess”.

Emily Henderson The New Girl Set Behind The Scenes The New Girl Fox Set Visit Fun Facts Text Overlay

The backdrops really do look like a city, and are painted with the right effect to ensure that it looks like an out of focus ‘blurry’ city view. It’s LA – we have smog here, so painting a perfect blue sky is not exactly accurate, and this again is all part of the illusion that they create behind the scenes to make it appear as realistic on your TV when you view in every single week.

The New Girl Set Behind The Scenes Fun Facts Text Overlay

That bookshelf is totally iconic and it was fought over at the end of the show. It’s unique, visually interesting and makes styling a breeze what with the interest coming from the shelves versus the stuff that you have to put in them, no wonder they all wanted it. These are the types of pieces that make set styling and this set in specific so special. They give the space and the “loft” character and put a human decision and emotion behind every single piece that is in there.

The New Girl Emilys Favorite Pieces Fun Facts Text Overlay

On to the kitchen whereas you can imagine the food isn’t necessarily real, but it would definitely fool you.

The New Girl Set Kitchen Fun Facts Text Overlay1 Emily Henderson New Girl Set Visit 8 The New Girl Bar Area Emily Henderson New Girl Set Visit 7

The booze is normally just a brown liquid – and often in photo shoots we just use watered down coffee or a caffeinated soda for ‘whiskey’. And if you are wondering if ice cubes are ever real in TV shows or shoots, they are not. They are acrylic clear blocks and some of them are CRAZY expensive, but when you are shooting someone drinking you can’t stop the entire production to constantly refresh their drink and make it match the last take.

Interview With A Set Decorator Fun Facts Text Overlay 1

What you are about to see below is propriety and VERY SECRET. Consider yourself one of the few people who get to see the completely new rooms of the 7th season The New Girl set.

Below is Jess’ NEW sewing and crafting room. Obviously something that I could get very into and had quite a bit of fun in.


It is FULL of bohemian and vintage color and magic. My former self, the crafty, better version of me, would have LOVED a room like this. That brick is just a facade but it looks so real!! The production designer and set dressers added so much detail to really tell the story of what she does in here.

The New Girl Sneak Peek Yarn Room Fun Facts Text Overlay2 Emily Henderson New Girl Set Visit 5

The boomerangs we created that day are really cracking me up today. The knitting boomerang screams ‘unsuspecting murderous housewife…’

Another new part of the set is Nick’s office, now that he is a successful author. If you aren’t up on what is happening – his first novel (full of ‘Jess’ but not) became a hit success.

The New Girl Nicks Office Set Fun Facts Text Overlay1

It’s a fantasy writers’ space, with a serious desk and a lot of vintage fun paraphernalia.

Emily Henderson The Pepperwood Chronicals Fun Facts Tect Overlay1

So that is the new set. If you are wondering why there are new sets, why all of a sudden we have these new rooms it’s because – SPOILER ALERT EVEN THOUGH IT’S ALREADY PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE – We are jumping ahead in time and our friends are grown up. They are older. Children might be involved and the sets reflect their new lives.

Emily Henderson Visits The New Girl Set

So I don’t know what you are doing tonight, but I’d suggest planting your bum in your sofa at 9:30/8:30c and watch the premiere of the 7th and final season of a show that makes me feel happy inside and laugh out loud.

WILL NICK AND JESS GET BACK TOGETHER????????? I think we know the answer but it certainly doesn’t hurt to watch and witness it tonight. You know that’s what I’ll be doing.

Emily Henderson New Girl Set

Our friends at New Girl also gave me one very iconic piece from the set that I am giving away here, which you can spot below in the kitchen shot. It is the clock that hung above the little bar area for all 7 seasons and is quite adorable if I do say so myself. To enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment below where you would put it in your own house.

The New Girl Sneak Peek Yarn Room Fun Facts Giveway Clock

Thanks again for having me, ‘New Girl’.

Emily Henderson New Girl Set Visit 1testtest

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    It’s a kitchen clock because it has a sweep second hand, oh so useful for timing, er, things (according to my husband who does all the cooking).
    It feels like New Girl has only been on a short while, yet it’s been there forever. How can that be?

    1. I know. its sad!! but we have one more season and WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AKA HOW GREAT WILL THEIR WEDDING BE?? (I know nothing and i have no facts, i just assume that networks are nice to fans and we all want it).

  4. As much as I would want it for myself, I would give it to my sister. She is moving out of my parent’s place (again) and I know she would love to put this in her soon-to-be-found new apartment!

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    Also, as a costumer/swing art dept person, I salute you! Thanks for drawing attention to the unsung heroes of the film/tv/commercial industry.

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    If I won the clock, I would hang it in my office.

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  48. I’d put the clock in my work office, because even though there are plenty of working clocks on the walls nearby, someone keeps setting them to 5 minutes fast (I think because they want to leave at 4:55 p.m.), so having accurate time would be very nice. 🙂

    As far as the show itself, I always kind of hoped that Jess would find someone romantically long-term that was more Jess-like than Nick. The opposites attract thing doesn’t usually bear out well in real life, and I feel like I’ve had six seasons of lead-up as to why Jess and Nick ultimately do not work together well as a couple and team long-term. Or maybe she just winds up single and happy? That’d be fine with me too.

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  62. “I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person. That’s just weird, and it freaks me out. And I’m sorry I don’t talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it just slightly cuter. And that doesn’t mean I’m not smart and tough and strong.”

    Jess will forever be my spirit animal.

    (and I would put the clock in my bedroom bc it’s cute and I’m selfish like that.)

  63. This would go into the kitchen that my husband and I just remodeled ourselves! We’ve actually been remodeling our entire home. During every work break, we have been rewatching New Girl in anticipation of the final season. We only have about ten episodes left in season 6 and the house is 95% done so the timing is working out perfectly 🙂
    The show has made us laugh out loud so many times and relieves a ton of stress during our first time home-owners DIY rehab. I have dreamed of rehabbing my own home since I was a kid. Buying this house a few months ago, shortly after our wedding, and remodeling it with my husband has been such an amazing experience. I’m actually tearing up thinking about the past few months and how we are almost at the finish line. It sounds so silly because this is just a clock but it would be the most amazing keepsake to have to remind us of both our favorite show and the busiest but most rewarding time in our lives so far.

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  85. Oh my gosh!! This is the best possible set you could have gotten to visit – I’m obsessed with the decor. It really helped me (in my mid-20s) solidify my style! I’m so jealous. Can’t wait to watch the season premiere tonight!

    I would LOVE the clock and I’d hang it – duh – over my vintage Cessna (as in, the plane manufacturer!) dresser-turned-buffet/bar in my dining room!

  86. When I’m in my daughter’s nursery, I often look up to catch the time (what time is this nap starting, how long did she eat, etc.). But… I don’t have a clock. I keep thinking one will magically appear. How fun it would be to have a memory of Nick and Jess (and Schmidt – my favorite!) and how their lives have expanded and changed over time, as mine has, with a glance at that clock.

    Her room is a little retro/vintage already, so it would fit right in!

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  94. Grrrrrr!!!!!! Please put SPOILER at the BEGINNING before you spilled the entire deetz of the season. Love the show but not the spoilers. I am so. so. so bummed right now. Maybe this is all apparent the first few minutes anyway.

  95. I’d put it in the garage, but that sounds bad..let me explain, My husband loves hearing a ticking clock while he works … It causes him to ponder life, the passing of time, life keeps moving, etc. But the one he had in there broke. :(. Also, I probably don’t deserve to win bc I haven’t watched the show, I only knew the of it bc friends told me the lead was Jess. But I’d like to see it! Since my name is Jess I kinda feel like it should be mandatory.

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  138. I’m moving cities to go to law school and would bring this iconic piece with me to remind myself that change is inevitable but home is always there.

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  142. Great article and thanks for the opportunity. I’d say I would let my boyfriend decide as a gift. I made him binge watch the entire series, which he fell in love with, and his bday happens to be today!

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  145. Love this post and can’t wait for the final season!

    would put the clock in my kitchen. I’m renting a home currently – its a classic mid century rambler with a combination of updates + vintage charm, so it needs lots of unique personal items to make it really feel like home. I’ve loved the show since season 1 and the clock has the same vintage vibes as my kitchen.

  146. This clock would hang above the chalkboard in my kitchen, strategically located outside the master bedroom door, and it might be a subtle reminder to my household that our own personal timezone doesn’t always match up with the actual time in the world 🙂 Thanks for this fun tour! I’m inspired to go source my own fight-over-able bookcase!

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  150. As the biggest New Girl fan of all time (I’ve converted HOARDS of my friends into fans as well) I would absolutely display this clock with the UTMOST pride. I would love to harbor it away in my room so only I could fawn over it but in the end, it would most definitely be going where the most foot traffic is so it can revel in being the amazing talking piece it is: our esteemed media room. Filled with other movie and tv show relics and posters alike, this clock would be the perfect addition to this room as it’s where I always end up binge watching seasons 1-6 for the hundredth time. My family would also adore the clock because like the lovable loft mates, we are eccentric and tight knit and love our home to be full of character and well loved pieces.

  151. What a great giveaway! I would do just what they did on set – put it in the bar area. It’s exactly the piece needed to define the space above the bar. Thanks!

  152. I would put it in my bedroom, so I can see it every day & be reminded of what a huge impact this amazing show has had on my life. ❤️
    I started watching New Girl when I was 17 and a senior in high school, and will now watch the final season as a 23-year-old college graduate. I’ve watched this show with my sisters on our living room couch, in my dorm’s lounge with my roommate (laughing a little too loud during finals time), at Christmastime with my relatives. I always loved looking forward to new episodes every week. It’s honestly felt like a friend to me throughout the years. 🤗
    It’ll be sad to say goodbye, but I’m so glad we get a final season to spend with these amazing characters!
    Thank you for sharing your experience visiting the set! 😊

  153. In the master bathroom of our 1904 brick Chicago 2-flat – when the windows are open it’ll be able to hear the organ from Wrigley Field!

  154. I’d hang the clock in the nursery I’m designing right now for my first(!) baby due in September. I was told you can’t have too many clocks/timepieces around when you have a baby, so this giveaway is perfect!

  155. My bedroom, above my dresser!

  156. above the bar where it belongs!

  157. I’d put it in my kitchen. Oh, time to eat again, is it? Perfect.

  158. I would put it in our kitchen!

  159. I would put it on the mantle in my living room!

  160. I would put it in our dining room!

  161. It would go so perfectly in our soon-to-be remodeled kitchen!!

  162. Our kitchen is too small/doesn’t have any more wall space for a clock, but this would go perfectly over the bookshelf we have which separates the kitchen area from our bedroom door. (Plus our cats like to sleep on top of the bookshelf from time to time, and they could enjoy it too!)

    thank you for sharing your photos and knowledge!


    I want that clock everywhere! As a constant reminder of my pretend bbf’s. But I’ll say it will go in my hallway. *Fanning self.*

    This was SUCH a cool thing to do…you must have loved it.

  164. I love this show! I’m glad it’s getting a final season to wrap things up, even though the season 6 finale would have been a great ending. I would definitely put this clock in my living room so I could see it all the time!

  165. I feel like I’ve grown up with the characters of this show and totally fall into the ‘vintage inspired early 30s’ category. The clock has to go in the kitchen as a nod to its former home!

  166. This was so interesting and fun! I love behind the scenes stuff. I’d put that clock above my bar cart in the living room.

  167. I would put in my living room so I can see how many hours I’ve been watching tv. 😬

  168. In my post-war dining room next to the corner windows.

  169. I would hang it right above my little bar area just like the gang!!

  170. Gaaaah, I love this show. Definitely would hang the clock in my kitchen!

  171. I would give it to my sister because she is moving into a new house with her boyfriend, and she introduced me to New Girl so it would be a nice reminder of that!

  172. Oh this clock wouldn’t go in my home but would be for my dear friend Emily who I started watching New Girl with! She is an ultimate fan and would just love to have this! She would highlight it in her beautiful apartment in downtown Memphis! She is definitely in need of a pick me up and this would do the trick!

  173. That clock is so amazing! I would put it in my kitchen. Our apartment complex was built in the 70s, and I have been trying to find vintage pieces to put in since most things past the 90s don’t feel right.

  174. Yay…So fun! I would put it in my kitchen by the desk/computer area!

    Also, I am currently killing myself to try and find a good combo of dresser and nightstands that go together without matching. Then I thought how great if Emily had a good roundup of that???!!! Just an idea 😉 I’m looking for a painted gray or blue dresser to work with walnut nightstands, my bed is upholstered light gray…ugh!

  175. In my own kitchen!! This show started before I had kids, and now I have kids old enough to ask why we don’t have a clock. Holy COW.

  176. Such a cool post-I don’t watch all that much tv, but this was fascinating and I’d love to see more.

    That clock is so sweet-I’ve been waiting to find the right one and that fits into the kitchen color scheme strangely perfectly!

  177. I would put it in my office. 🙂

  178. Awesome! I love that show! I didnt even know it was renewed for another season, I thought it was cancelled, this is the best news! Oh and I would put the clock in the kitchen area 😉

  179. I would put it in my kitchen! This is super cool that you got to tour the set.

  180. Oh probably in my kitchen too! So cool!

  181. We actually have no clocks in our house, so I could put it just about anywhere. Probably the living room though, since we spend the most time there and I ‘d want to look at it all the freakin’ time.

  182. Love this…I have the perfect spot in my kitchen! 🙂

  183. In my kitchen next to my Ikea cabinets!

  184. id put it in our office it would be a nice fit in there

  185. I would put that cutie in my main hall bath! Cute retro clock for a cute 50’s ranch!

  186. In our living room. The hubby really wants to be friends with “coach”.

  187. I would put the clock in my son’s room. He is just learning how to tell time and is obsessed with clocks

  188. I Would put it next to my fridge in my kitchen.

  189. It would probably go in the front hall because I am always wondering what time it is (how late I am) as I am rushing to get everyone saddled up and out the door. Thanks for the giveaway.

  190. My kitchen! I’ve been a New Girl fan since day 1 and it only seems right.

  191. I love your style. I’m trying to learn through your posts how to have a gallery wall. I would love to hang the clock in my cat room! Yes I have a room for my cats.

  192. I would put it in our vintage-inspired kitchen!

  193. Bedroom!

  194. My painting studio!

  195. In the kitchen above my coffee shelf! love the diner vibes

  196. Our kitchen! I love the vintage look! And I love New Girl!

  197. In my kitchen of course!

  198. right in my kitchen

  199. in our kitchen – right above the coffee cart 🙂

  200. For sure the the kitchen! Soooo cool!

  201. My kitchen wall clock is broken, so that’s where I’d put it.

  202. I can’ imagine a better place than in my own kitchen. 😉

  203. I’m torn between the floating shelves in my kitchen and the media room. The clock would look great in either room. Final answer, the kitchen!

  204. in my tiny time-warp manhattan kitchen – time for this clock to take a trip east

  205. I’d love to hang the clock in my office! I’m sure everyone would enjoy it!

  206. That is so rad! I’d put it in our dining / family room!

  207. I’d hang that sweet clock above my own bar cart because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 🙂

    xx Hannah

  208. In our kitschy kitchen right next to the I Love Lucy print!

  209. Oh how FUN! I loooooove New Girl! I’d put the clock in our living room. It’s a conversation piece!

  210. I would put it in my game room!

  211. After living with my parents all through college and for four years after I started working, I am finally getting my own apartment this summer! I probably won’t have much to decorate with but I think this clock would be perfect by my desk or in my kitchen 🙂

    PS: I one time watched 14 hours of The X-files while pulling an all-nighter working on an art project in college, so I can relate 🙂

  212. I love the show and the clock! I’m in the process of re-doing our home office and it would be perfect!

  213. In the kitchen!!

  214. It would go in my hot pink, retro inspired sewing room. What place could be more perfect for a “Jess” clock?

  215. I would find a place of honor in my kitchen to match this one!

  216. Oh my gosh, I’m a huge New Girl fan, I would be SO excited to win that clock! Looks like such a cool vintage clock too. I’d add it to our gallery wall in the living room so I could see it all the time!

  217. Hearth room for sure! 😍

  218. I have a clock in my kitchen. It’s nice, but it’s just from Target. I would pop that sucker right off the wall and hang the adorable New Girl clock! Loved that show <3 and am prepared to watch tonight! Or maybe tomorrow on Hulu. Either way, I'll watch!

  219. The kitchen, of course! It reminds me of the clock we had in our kitchen when I was a kid. Happy memories. 🙂

  220. Either my kitchen or our bar area. I love vintage pieces!

  221. I love this set, and this show! I would put the clock in my entryway!

  222. Part of my gallery wall in my living area!

  223. I’d hang it above my bar and have it turned to 5:00 for all eternity :).

  224. I would put it in my parents kitchen as a gift to my father because he introduced me to the show and we love it so much!!

  225. Definitely the kitchen.

  226. My kitchen!

  227. In my dining room! It would be a great conversation piece plus have the added bonus of making my friends jealous!

  228. It would go right next to the window in my kitchen!! 🙂

  229. I’d hang it up in my bathroom!!

  230. I’d love it in my kitchen!

  231. It would go perfectly in my new kitchen!!

  232. I have a sunroom that I call the Girls Lounge and it would definitely go in there with my pink Nate Berkus lounge chairs, furry ottomans and fiddle leaf fig tree.

  233. Moved into our new house over a year ago and I still don’t have a clock in the kitchen or bathroom. We keep saying we’ll get some, but then don’t. So it’ll end up in one of those two places. One thing to cross off my to-do list.

  234. Ah! I’ve watched all seasons of New Girl and this was such a fun look behind the scenes. I’ve always loved their apartment. I’d be honored to put the clock in my own home office, to inspire me as I write my Pepperwood Chronicles fan fic. 🙂

  235. I would put it in my own craft room! Love the New Girl!

  236. !!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nick’s reaction to seeing Prince)

    I would put it on the exposed brick in my living room. That way I could see it everyday and giggle. I would looooove this! I’m having a premiere party tonight! It’s been planned since January!

  237. That cute clock would look great in our remodeled kitchen!

  238. In love love love with all the color along with neutral larger pieces! Don’t need clock but would love a tip on where to get a jute or sisal rug that is not so thick.

  239. Fun!! I’d put it in my office – it needs some sprucing!

  240. My daughter’s room. She loves to watch and rewatch. Episodes.

  241. On my gallery wall that surrounds my TV!

  242. Definitely in the office!

  243. What a FASCINATING post! Love it! And I’d love the clock–would hang it in my laundry room or possibly replace my janky one in the family room. 🙂

  244. In my own sewing and craft room!!

  245. In my kitchen, of course!

  246. I would put it in my kitchen!

  247. Living room above a jelly cabinet which is one of my favorite thrift pieces

  248. In my kitchen, of course!

  249. I would put it above my husbands desk who is also a writer!:-). I have probably watched each episode at least 3x!!!

  250. in the kitchen for sure! above the kitchen sink.

  251. Obsessed with this post! I am simultaneously so excited and so sad for the final season. I’ve been on the hunt for a kitchen clock in my new home but haven’t been able to find the perfect one. I think this is it!

  252. It would start out in my office, before going on a year’s tour of every room in the house! Great look at the set, Emily…. thanks!

  253. Love New Girl!!! I think I would put it in my kitchen so everyone could see.

  254. I would put it in our kitchen!

  255. On my livingroom shelf full of vintage finds!

  256. Love this tour! It’s always interesting to see which are the fakes in a set, and it’s surprising how many real items there are. Is that awesome blanket made with a Josef Frank fabric? Fabric LUST. Overall, a great re-imagining, and the place has the same vibe with a more polished air. I have never thought I could live in a loft, but I think I could live in this one.

    Thanks, Emily!

  257. In my bar area because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

  258. I love this post, and would LOVE the clock! I’d put it in our kitchen <3

  259. I would give this to my daughter who is away at college for her upcoming 20th Birthday. We watch the show obsessively and we have whole scenes memorized and use them as an analogy for our lives – like “you know, its sort of like when Jess and CeCe had that fight over the purse….you know!” Anyway – I would give my pinky finger to see the look on her face when she opened a clock from our favorite show!!! Bucket List. OMG!

  260. In my daughter’s room. She has been asking for a wall clock and loves blue.

  261. Kitchen for the win!

  262. In my newly renovated kitchen!

  263. Ah I love this show!! I’d definitely put it in the kitchen. Such a perfect place for it.

  264. My kitchen! I’m so excited about the show coming back!

  265. I LOVE NEW GIRL I’m so happy you got to visit the set!!

    I would put the clock above my TV so every time I watch New Girl I could also look at the clock and do a little happy dance.

  266. My kitchen!

  267. I would put it in my kitchen!!

  268. Oh my gosh, I love New Girl! Winnie the Bish forever. I would put it in my kitchen 🙂

    1. So obsessed with this, Emily! How fun! I would put it on the small wall in between my kitchen and dining room!!

  269. In my kitchen, obvi

  270. I’m moving cities in just a couple of months and moving in with my first roommates in 5 years! I’d put it in my living room for good luck that my new apartment and roommates would be as awesome as the Loft.

  271. In my own kitchen!

  272. I adore New Girl and can’t wait to see how it ends! I’d put that awesome clock in my kitchen.

  273. In my own recently revived kitchen!

  274. I honestly don’t know. I can think of so many places it would look great. I will say my TV room, but do not hold me to that.

  275. I would put the clock in my kitchen!

  276. Emily- if you haven’t already- binge watch Offspring (a wonderful Australian show). Gorgeous set design and the main character even looks a little, just in some moments, like you.

  277. Oh man, I haven’t wanted to win anything as much as this clock! My husband and I both LOVE the show and I would put the clock in our kitchen very similar to where is is on the set!

  278. Moving soon, and this would be a perfect new/old addition. I would put it in my new kitchen. How fun to look at it every day knowing it came from ‘New Girl’s loft!

  279. Kids’ bathroom!

  280. Definitely the kitchen, where it would still look cute while failing to help me leave for work on time.

  281. I would put it in my LA clock collection, thanks for the behind the scenes tour, will definitely be tuning in
    a fellow binger

  282. I’d put it in my kitchen!

  283. Above our bar area or in my husband’s office <3

  284. Would put this in my kitchen, where it would immediately become my favorite thing I own.

  285. I’d put the clock in my room. 😁

  286. A restored horse stable, we call Tom’s Folly.

  287. Oh man! I would put that bad boy in my office!

  288. In my kitchen. I have been looking for a vintage clock to balance out the more modern aspects of my house. What a fun giveaway. Absolutely love the show!

  289. Oh my! In my studio FER SURE.

  290. I would put it in the kitchen. Since we are about to buy a new house and I have no idea what that kitchen will look like, that’s all I’ve got. Also, I love new girl and I’m so glad we get this last season to tie things up.

  291. Thank you so much for this post and your Instagram stories it was really neat to see some behind the scenes. I would have to put this clock above my bar, of course!!

  292. In the kitchen! What a fun way to remember this show.

  293. Loved this post! Love New Girl! Love the click that would hang in my MCM family room. 😊

  294. Definitely my kitchen! This show got me through some difficult times, so sad to see it end.

  295. Mi kitchen! It would be perfect! 🙂

  296. It NEEDS to be in my newly renovated old retro kitchen…It would be perfectly at home with my 1955 cabinets, and new retro laminate countertop. I have a bulkhead above my sink…and it really needs that Vintage Telechron Art Deco style clock…LOVE IT!! My walls are going to be that blue/gray color of the inside face of the clock too…Perfection! Thanks for considering me. ;). Love New Girl…will watch tonight.

  297. I’d put it in my kitchen, for the sake of authenticity ya know.

  298. My room!! I’m obsessed with New Girl- Jess & Nick & Cece & Schmidt. 💕💕 Also, Jess is basically me! 💕💕 I’m going to loose it when this show ends. 😭

  299. I would hang it in my classroom!

  300. I would hang the clock above my tv (where I binge-watch New Girl). Thank you for posting this sneak peek! My apartment’s decor is insipired by the loft and Jessica Day’s style 🙂

  301. In my kitchen! Such a fun post!

  302. In my room near my desk! LOVE THIS SHOW.

  303. Over the sofa in our living room! Would be nice with our other art pieces 😍

  304. Thanks for the tour! Such a beautiful space. I’d put that clock in my kitchen, it would be perfect!

  305. So fun!! Love the behind-the-scenes look! I’d put it in my office!

  306. The clock is great! I would love it in my kitchen.

  307. Above my night stand and night light

  308. What a fun departure from your usual and also wonderful posts!

  309. I would put the clock on my Ikea open square bookshelves that I painted gold… (I totally SingleWhiteFemaled you). I LOVE New Girl…it makes me so happy!

  310. Thanks for the tour! Such a beautiful space. My apartment is a small studio, and I would hang it right above my bar cart!

  311. In my home office!!!

  312. Above our coat hooks, next to our front door. With our open layout, we could see it from every vantage point in our main living space. (Handy, too, since currently only our range clock tells us when we’re running late.)

    LOVED this set tour, adore this show. So glad we have a few more episodes with Zooey & Co. to tie things up!

  313. I would surprise my boyfriend with it. We are major new girl fans and watch it in bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! It would be perfect in his living room or above his little bar area.

  314. Great show and a fun post. I think I would put the clock in my mud room so I can leave on time to get to my friend’s house for a game of True American. 😉

  315. I’m moving to a brand new apartment in 2 weeks and learning to adult with new roommates just like Jess did! New Girl has inspired me and also has made me laugh so much. It has been my favorite show from the very beginning. It would mean so much to me to hang this in my future kitchen just like they have in their loft! (:

  316. My kitchen counter! I love to lean clocks instead of hang them! Adds a bit of character and I’ve watched the show since the beginning! ♥️

  317. This would look amazing in my living room! I am such a new girl fan!

  318. I would put the clock in my bathroom!

  319. I would put it in my bedroom!!

  320. In my kitchen!

  321. Ekkkkkkkkk! I am the BIGGEST New Girl fan EVER (and also a HUGE fan of you, Emily — so, hello — two worlds colliding!), and would absolutely DIE to have this clock! I would hang it in my office and treasure it forever (and ever). <3 This is the best post!

  322. I’m moving from my PNW home in Portland, Oregon to a sweet little island off the coast of Portland, Maine. This clock would look lovely in my new in-home design studio.

  323. I would just bring it everywhere with me. I wouldn’t even hang it on a wall. I’ll put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace because my love of this show is INSANE!

  324. Would love to have this for a gallery wall I’m working on in my living room!

  325. Of course I’d put it right above the t.v. so I know what time to watch New Girl! Duh! Jk 🙂

  326. I would hang it in my kitchen!

  327. In my kitchen! And replace the clock the previous owner’s left. We tried to take it down, but it’s covering a hole in the wood work we haven’t gotten around to fixing.

  328. in my bathroom! I spend way too long in there getting ready for work and I am therefore always late. Hah!

  329. I would proudly adorn it on my living room wall!

  330. In my fiancé and my new kitchen that we are
    moving to in Madison Wisconsin! We watch New Girl everybody Tuesday!

  331. I’d hang the clock in my kitchen, too! Then I’d stare at it wistfully as I eat pie for breakfast. Like a grownup.

  332. In our kitchen! Love this show!!!

  333. My dorm room ! I’m moving off to college this fall and it would make for a great decoration!

  334. I’d put it in my make up room… because I’m always running late haha

  335. My ceiling. So that every night before falling asleep I can look up and think of the greatest show ever, New Girl (obv)! But seriously would most likely put it in my living room/ kitchen 🙂

  336. Best show ever! I love when Schmidt has to wear the fat suit for flashbacks 😂. I’d love to hang the clock in my kitchen!

  337. This was such an awesome post! This is my very favorite show, and you’re my very favorite designer. So this was a treat for me! If I had that clock it would have to go somewhere pretty prominent in my home because I would be very proud of it. Probably in my living room somewhere. This is so cool!!

  338. Right above my desk in my bedroom, could look at it all times.

  339. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing. And I wouldn’t probably put it in the office or my daughter’s room!

  340. My kitchen!

  341. Our family room!

  342. Excited for the premiere! We’d put it in our open living/kitchen area.

  343. Right above my bed, so it could help me to wake up like Jess, thinking ‘this could be the best day of my life’!

  344. I’m the vintage age of the clock. I would place it above the tool cart (storage for pots and pans) in my tiny new home kitchen.


  345. It would make the perfect addition to my art studio. Swoon 🙂 🙂 🙂

  346. It would go into my living room so every time I watch TV in it, I can be reminded of my favorite show as well.

  347. I would put it in the hallway of the apartment I’m currently renovating. I love the show and it would be an amazing accent piece!

  348. I need a clock for my dorm room so I would bring it with me to college and hang it in my dorm room! My roommate and I love New Girl (after I made her watch it 😋) and we would freak out if we got it!

  349. You’re so lucky it’s so beautiful!! 😍 Can’t wait for tonight 💕
    I’ll put it in my desk or in my kitchen 😉
    Sorry for my English I’m French 😊

  350. In my kitchen. With lots of arrows pointing to it.

  351. I would put it in my bedroom over my bed so it can fall on me and be my new alarm clock.

  352. I’ve been looking for a clock for my kids room, and this would be perfect!

  353. I would feel obligated to put it in my kitchen. Right next to Martha and Snoop’s mugshots.

  354. In our living room for sure! How cool!

  355. I would put it in my bedroom because I am a student and I spend a lot of time in there revising. Also I’m a huge fan of the show

  356. My living room!

  357. Oh for sure in my kitchen – I have the perfect spot!

  358. In my kitchen!! With a sign that says “Welcome to our Home”.

  359. Kitchen! I have the perfect spot for it!

  360. I would put the clock in my dining/kitchen area! It would be a focal point from the living room area. I have an open concept condo similar to on the show (definitely not as amazing though), but the clock could help!

  361. I just got a brand new room!! I would love to have this piece! Best show of all time 😍

  362. I don’t have my own house but I’d put it in my room because I hate electric clocks!

  363. I would put it in my kitchen! I’m so excited to watch season 7…it’s just sad that it’s almost the end.

  364. I’d put it in my small garden shed – which is my favourite nook for studying!

  365. Definitely hang it up in my art room next to my New Girl shrine because the New Girl clock will bring mad inspiration!

  366. I would put it in my office to get the inspiration to, just like Nick, write my own book that I’ve been thinking about for years!

  367. On my BLUE kitchen wall so it will feel at home :)!!
    I’m so sad this show is ending. It has always made me laugh, on good days and bad days!

  368. The main bath because everyone will see it there, plus it matches the style but updates it a little from our current “thrifty 20s” to more “put together – mature.”

  369. Love the show and the set has definitely been an inspiration in decorating my home.
    I would put that clock above my entertainment center to replace the one that gets knocked over 70000 times a day by the dogs.

  370. That clock is perfect for my entryway!

  371. My kitchen!

  372. I would put this clock in my living room so I NEVER missed a new episode of new girl and i would remember that it’s always time for true American!

  373. If I win the clock, I would put it in my kitchen so that every guest in my house could enjoy it!

  374. Oh Emily I need Jess’ spirit in my bathroom sink area. I just turned 40. I still can’t getg this punctual thing. I am late everyday to my appts., den meetings, and church on Sundays! Help me become like a New Girl and be on time for once! Loves XOXOXOXO, janet m

  375. I would put that nostalgic clock in the kitchen, of course! It says 1950’s, maybe even 1940’s, and therefore assures dinner guests that they are about to savor some true comfort food. From a time when the time was available ONLY on clocks!

  376. I would put it above my lizards tank, I named him Bear as a little homage to the show. Clever, right?

  377. I would put it over my lizards tank, his name is bear. I thought it would be a clever homage to New Girl 😄

  378. What a great post, this makes me so excited for the premier tonight!! I would hang the clock in my kitchen!

  379. Above my desk in my home office!

  380. Definitely in our family room!! It’d be the perfect place because it’s where we all hang out and binge on shows like this one!! Love it!

  381. Kitchen! Right above the spices.

  382. I’d hang it in my kitchen (which is in need of a good clock)!
    So cool to see how the set came together and all the details that reference the different characters 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing how the show wraps up–I’ve been watching since it started and am obsessed!!

  383. I’d give it to my brother! My guess is in his kitchen or living room.

  384. I would definetely have to hang this iconic piece in my bedroom in my new house because new (beginnings) and new (girl) are both great ideas.

  385. I’m a real life twenty-something with a thrifty new apartment! I’d put that clock on one of the several empty walls in my new place.

    Loved this tour! Can’t believe the final season is here :'(

  386. I would put it in my living room so I can see it when I watch New Girl!!!!!!

  387. My Kitchen!

  388. I would put it in my kitchen just like them! 🙂

  389. In the kitchen!

  390. I would put it in the dining room by the little bar area we have!!

  391. Ah! My craft space needs a clock! Love love love that show.

  392. My office, my bedroom, my kitchen…. so many choices!

  393. Great article and behind-the-scenes tour! It’s always fun seeing how the magic is made. I think I’d have to put the clock in the kitchen just the same as it is on set!

  394. I’ll put it in my room 🙂

  395. This article gave me so much life! I’m so sad that it’s ending, but I’m honored that my college/learning to adult years were coached by these amazing characters.

    I would put this clock near my front door so when I see it I would always be reminded, What Would Jess Do?!

    Thank you!

  396. Totally display it in my home , I love new girl so much and sad to know this is the last season I’ve rewatched the season so many times and I would love to have something from them that brings back good memories.

  397. Kitchen or laundry room. Love the vintage feel of it and love the show!

  398. I watched the first season premiere with my mom, on the tv that sat in the shelved entertainment center that I took over when she passed a few months after. I now use the shelves to display some of my favorite items of hers, mixed with some new things of mine. I think the clock would be the perfect addition to my collection!

  399. Above the archway leading from my living room to entry.

  400. Ooh… I think that cutie would be shared by the kitchen and MY yarn (and sewing and painting) room! (Because I’m indecisive a little bit but we will just say I keep things fresh!)

  401. The kitchen above my real, non-soda booze!

  402. So cool! I would put it in my kitchen – so it can help me time things while cooking!

  403. I would put it in my room on my gallery wall! Inspired to be an actress, I would love to see it everyday as I move from city to city as a reminder that dreams do come true, and if I work hard I could become as lucky as that clock and get to work on a show that’s as inspiring as New Girl is.

  404. On our finally finished family room!

  405. I would put it in my bedroom! I’ve been a huge fan of New Girl for the longest time and I love having momentos from TV shows in my room that I love! (For example I have the guest book from Bates Motel!) It would be so cool to get this!!! Can’t wait to watch tonight. X

  406. I have the perfect spot for that clock in my kitchen. It will hide a giant wall plug outlet. Your tour was too cute! I can see how much you enjoyed it.

  407. I would put it in my office nook.

  408. My kitchen! I adore New Girl! Where did Winston’s cat Ferguson get too? Lol!

  409. Right over the bar, that’s where it belongs!!

  410. I would hang that great clock in my kitchen! Lovin’ it!

  411. In my vintage kitchen

  412. I would put this in my kitchen, or possibly in my media room

    1. In my kitchen or possibly in my media room next to my movie/ tv memorabilia.

  413. I would put it in my room so that I wake up to see the time every morning and before I sleep or living space area for everyone to enjoy!

  414. My roommates and I (Three’s Company!!) love New Girl and when we watch it say we’re “hanging with the gang”. We would display this clock in the kitchen on our 1948 rental.

  415. I’d probably put it above my computer so I can keep track of how much time is passing as I edit photos and adjust my eyes every now and then :p

  416. New Girl is my favorite!!I have always loved their set design. I would put the clock in my library/family room.

  417. I’m absolutely in love with this show! i’d hang it right next to my bed so i can always see it!

  418. i’m absolutely in love with this show! i’d hang it right next to my bed so i can always see it first thing in the morning!

  419. I would put it above my vintage 😉 desk in my newly built office nook!

  420. I would totally put it in my room and replace it with my old clock! The kitchen was one of my favorite rooms in the loft I thought it was sooo cool and original!!

  421. well my kitchen of course!

  422. Love this!!! And I love New Girl. I’d put the clock in my kitchen!

  423. obviously, above the little bar area for at least 7 years! 😉 VERY cool experience for you!!

  424. I would put it in my living room! It would look perfect on my gallery wall!

  425. I would definitely keep it as a kitchen item, to honor the show, and because it’d look awesome with my bright red accents 🙂 It just belongs there! YAAY NEW GIRL <3

    1. Typed my e-mail addy wrong, but corrected it 😛

  426. MY kids playroom. I love New Girl!!! Can’t wait to watch the new season!

  427. I would put it in the living room so when I’d look at it I would think, “it’s New Girl Time!” And that would explain why it’s always playing on my tv 🙂

  428. Also my daughter’s room…cute clocks are not easy to find, especially from a movie set!

  429. On our bar cart!

  430. I would put it in my laundry room

  431. My daughter’s room. She’s 6 and is learning how to tell time.

  432. In my bathroom! Some of my favorite New Girl moments are conversations between the roommates in their dorm style bathroom. Plus, everyone has a little time to be thoughtful and appreciative while they are passing time in there 😉

  433. I would put it in my room and then my college dorm and then wherever i move after that. I am absolutely in love with this show and to have a piece of it with me would be amazing. This has been a show that has always made me smile and to have that clock from the original set would seriously be an honor to have in my home. I’m tearing up thinking about how this is New Girl’s last season. I would cherish this so so much. Thank you for the opportunity, this is so sweet.

  434. I Love New Girl, such a fun giveaway! I would put it in my bathroom.

  435. Most likely put it above my TV or in my living room somewhere so I can see how long I’ve been watching episodes that I’ve already seen 4 times over….and then continue watching.

  436. Ah! What an awesome post, thank you for sharing! My husband and I LOVE “New Girl.” As much as I love our house, I’m obsessed with everything about that loft and those new sets are stunning! If I won the clock it would get prime real estate in our kitchen!!

  437. I would love this clock placed right over kitchen sink window which is flanked by white cabinets with glass pane doors.

  438. I would put the clock in my kitchen where everyone could see it! I think I’d also frame a picture of the cast in the kitchen with the clock in the background! That must surely exist at least once in all 7 seasons!

  439. In my bathroom, so I could keep track of how long I’ve been scrolling EHD while I’m in there! 😆

  440. I would give it to my sister to put in her college dorm room @skyllerschmidt. She loves new girl! Her favorite character is Winston !!!

  441. I”M OBSESSED WITH NEW GIRL!!!!! it would look so cool in my kitchen 🙂

  442. It would look so great in my kids’ playroom!

  443. Obvisouly in the same spot in my kitchen, obviously.

  444. I love it! I’d put it in my kitchen to go with my hand-me-down butcher block table.

  445. Definitely in my kitchen!!!

  446. I have the perfect spot in my kitchen!

  447. I would put it in my bedroom!

  448. Fun post! I always geek out about behind the scenes stuff like that. If I won the clock, I’d put it in my dining room next to the back door and visible from the kitchen.

  449. New Girl is the BEST! I would put it in my kitchen(and treasure it always) This was such a fun post!

  450. I would put it in my living room where I will binge New Girl over and over again! (Like I have been for months!) Love this show and so sad it’s the final season.

  451. I would have to put it in my kitchen too!

  452. Id put it in our basement family room over our low chill out sectional.

  453. If I won… I would give that adorable clock a new life. It would be transported to my kitchen which… if it weren’t for my teenagers …would feel like any other kitchen…. but no… it isn’t…because my kitchen is Hell’s Kitchen…made so by people who don’t like mornings….
    it’s purpose would change from a rudimentary gadget to a lifeline… one that I would look to each morning to signal when those teenagers….
    My teenagers are both …. impossible to wake up and demanding of my every a.m. moment! I would look to this clock for guidance to see who’s going to have time for breakfast, who’s late and who needs to be yelled at before ushering them out the door…… And when they finally leave me….
    exhausted and haggard…
    I will look at that clock…….

  454. I would hang it in my sons room above his TV since we both love the show & he likes watching the show together in his room because it makes him feel older lol

  455. I’d put it right back in the kitchen! My husband is an even bigger fan of this show than I am, and he’d love this!

  456. We love New Girl, so we’d put it in our room to make us laugh.

  457. Bedside table so it’s the last thing I gaze at before falling asleep.

  458. Thanks for the bts scoop..love it!! I would keep it in the kitchen/dining area in my apartment just to pay tribute to its original home!

  459. I would incorporate it into our entry gallery wall. New Girl is the first TV series we binge watched as a couple!

  460. I’d definitely put that clock above my thrifted console close to my kitchen! Love the show and this post. Very jealous!

  461. Above the bar, or course! So excited for the premiere!!!

  462. I would put it in my husband’s office!

  463. My kitchen!! Obviously!! 😍

  464. In our kitchen!!! I’d put it next our Regis Philbin crepe pan, Jebecca! Thanks for the fun and informative post to get us ready for the show tonight!

  465. The laundry. It’s funky and functional and would make laundry seem less of a chore!

  466. This is my favorite show! Thanks for the inside look at the new set!
    I’m moving to a new house in a couple months and I think it would look great in my craft room.

  467. In my office for sure!

  468. I’d put it in my kitchen!

  469. In my office!!!

  470. The kitchen, of course!

  471. My kitchen!!

  472. Definitely in the kitchen where I could see it each day and give a little chuckle of delight. New Girl is one of the few shows both my husband and I love.

  473. I would put it above my little bar area in the kitchen just like the New Girl clan. Why fix what isn’t broken 😉

  474. I love New Girl! I would put the clock in our kitchen to add a little magic!

  475. I would put it in my room!

  476. I would definitely put it in my college dorm, my roommate and I love New Girl!!!

  477. My front room! So I can tell everyone it’s from the set of NEW GIRL!!

  478. Kitchen!

  479. I live in a dorm right now, so in my current room it would fit in between my two leaf print posters next to my bed. When I bring it home with me over the summer, I’d put it over my night stand in my bedroom, and in my apartment next year it will go in the kitchen, where it is meant to be!

  480. I’d put it in my living room where I watch New girl on Netflix all the time! I’d love this prize !!

  481. I absolutely love this show!! New Girl started the year (2011) when I had my 1st baby and is ending the year I had my last baby who’s name is Winston 😊 This clock would mean so much to me! I would definitely put it in my kitchen where I’d see it all the time!

  482. I would put that clock in my office above my role-top desk where I write. It’s so cute! This was a super fun behind the scenes glance. I love New Girl. Thanks, Emily!

  483. I would put it in my bedroom! Love the show!

  484. I would love to win that clock!! I would hang it above my pantry door!

  485. My home office; it’s the perfect shade of blue.

  486. In the kitchen! Keeping up the gang’s tradition!

  487. I would absolutely put it in my bedroom over my writing desk! It’s where I keep all my special tv/book items. Lorelai Gilmore is looking at me right now 😀

  488. How fun! I would put this bad boy in my kitchen. It would go great with our vintage oven!

  489. I would put this on an alcove that we have that somehow you can see from the front door, kitchen and living room. Love it! Thank you for this amazing walk through the loft

  490. The kitchen, of course!

  491. I would put this in my man cave!!! -Wyatt

  492. Love it! Definitely in the kitchen!

  493. I would put it in the art studio / office loft!

  494. After I finished freaking out (a la Jess & Nick meeting Prince), I’d be completely unoriginal & hang it in my kitchen. Such a wonderful giveaway – I’m giving this one a big, fat A!

  495. My baby’s room (ha ha she’s a jr in college) – she absolutely loves this show! Totally a binge watcher 🙂

  496. I loved this recap! And also I definitely need this clock! My husband and I have been deciding (or not deciding…oops) on a clock for our living room for 2 years. We need a clock! This one would be perfect in style AND because we are New Girl superfans. Thanks for the chance to win!

  497. What an amazing, up-close look at the set! I love New Girl, I’ve been watching it since its premiere, and I would LOVE that clock. As a student, I move around a lot, but that would definitely become a select piece I’d always bring with me. For now, I’d put it above my desk. Thanks for this, Emily!

  498. My room!!

  499. Agh! LOVE New Girl and so sad it’s wrapping up. IMO it’s this decade’s Friends— another favorite!

    (I’d put the clock in my kitchen!)

  500. This post is the best! I’m watching the premiere now, after art directing a photoshoot today that came alive through the magic of the prop stylist!! I would hang this clock in my kitchen to remind me of its original location on New Girl!!!

  501. this is insanely cool!!

  502. Definitely in my art / office / inspiration room! Soooo cool!

  503. So fun!!! It would be look fantastic in our home office!

  504. I’d move it every day….just to confuse people

  505. I think I would have to give it to my best friend in her new apartment. She would treasure this clock more than anyone I know.

  506. I would have to put it in my living room above the tv! It’d be the perfect place for a clock!

  507. Love the loft design look! Everything just fits in perfectly. The Tuscan look is amazing, with the wood, brick, and stone. AccentFurniturePro.com offers a diverse range of accent furniture so you can design your ultimate home. Our extensive collection caters to all tastes and budgets. GREAT JOB!

  508. In my kitchen!

  509. I would hang it in the living room, and look at it while watching the show!! I’ve been waiting for the premiere for so long!!

  510. In my kitchen. 😉 Also very chuffed as I spotted my professor’s book amongst the bookshelves.

  511. I would put in my room o. The wall above my desk and I would probably stare at it all the time because I absolutely love new girl I’ve been binging new girl for the past year and I’m just so ready for nick and jess because let’s be honest there everyone’s otp and I’m so ready for Schmidt an Cece’s daughter because let’s be honest she’s so cuteeee and Winston with Ally is hella cute and the best would be furgeson

  512. My kitchen.

  513. KITCHEN!!! I like watching Zooey in whatever she does. She’s fantastic. Of course hoping for Nick and Jess to be happy ever after.

  514. Definitely in my office!!! 🙂

  515. I would put the clock in the TV room, dancing when it strikes 9:30- New Girl time!

  516. That would be perfect above my bed! Perfect since I’m a huuuuge new girl fan.

  517. The playroom!

  518. So fun! I love New Girl! I would it in our playroom.

  519. Love this show! I’d put the clock in my kitchen too!

  520. I love this show so much it is definintly my favorite show!! and I would put it in my room

  521. This is a GREAT post from a GREAT design gal about a GREAT show with so. much. style! What’s NOT to love?!
    That clock is quite cool and I’ve noticed it on the show before: if I won this giveaway I’d hang it in our kitchen (like it was in their loft) right near the garage door. One of our favorite lines from the show is from Schmidt about the Rules Of Parking when they were battling for the last available parking spot in their building. We would love that silly reminder of one of our favorite shows and favorite characters!!!
    Thanks, Emily and the New Girl crew!!!

  522. In my corner office. . and by that I mean the corner of my living room where my desk sits. 🙂

  523. I would love to put that clock in my kitchen! New Girl was my go-to show while nursing my newborn (now three!) and I watched all available seasons over and over and over again. It made me happy when my baby was decidedly unhappy. Acid reflux. Awe. Memories! (For the record, he’s happy now! And still nursing… nobody tells you they will never want to stop!!)

  524. I’d put it above my mini bar of course.

  525. Since it’s from my favorite show I’d put it in the living room- one of the first things you see when you enter the house!

  526. In my kitchen! Above the cupboards.

  527. Above the kitchen bar.. where it belongs 😉

  528. Kitchen, for sure! So excited for the new season but sad it’s the last.

  529. Perfect for my kitchen! Thanks!

  530. I always grew up with a wall clock in my kitchen, so to keep tradition I would put it up in my kitchen!

  531. In my craft studio!

  532. I love this post, Emily!! I would put the clock in my family room where I’ve watched and enjoyed New Girl all of these years!

  533. In the office space so my husband and I could always see it and laugh!

  534. That amazing clock would fit perfectly in the slideout with my sofa, behind the drivers seat. I’m a fulltime RV’er with limited space for decor but would certainly make room for a piece this cool!

  535. In my breakfast nook!

  536. I would put it in my kitchen for all to see!

  537. My daughter is the one that got me hooked on New Girl so I think she deserves it.

  538. My adventure wall! I have all kinds of pictures of every country I’ve been to and it would be so perf there!! #loveNewGirl

  539. Oh I ate up every sentence! Been waiting on season 7 with great anticipation!!! I’d give the clock to my baby sister for her apartment. She introduced me to New Girl forever ago.

  540. I would put it in my kitchen.

  541. Right at my front door so when people enter even if they haven’t asked I will say “why yes that is the clock from the set of new girl, thanks for noticing!” And they will be amazed.

  542. Our school room 🙂

  543. So cute! I would definitely hang it in my kitchen. It would go well in my mid-century California ranch.

  544. I would put in my Kitchen.

  545. In the laundry room above a little nook by the cabinetry… or included in a vignette with a new plant on my thrifted dresser! Create such movement. I love the clock!! My sister is the biggest new girl fan and loves this show. It helps her through a lot and as much as I’d love to put this in our new mid century modern laundry room, it would go great with the style of the new apartment for when she moves out. Would make an awesome graduation gift!!!!

  546. I would definitely hang this above a jewelry dresser that my great grandmother gave me. I have a small room in my house packed with the things that mean most to me and to add that clock would not only be the cherry on top but a great style choice. If I were to get it, it would be close to my heart and meaningful

  547. the kitchen! 🙂

  548. My kitchen, I’M OBSESSED WITH NEW GIRL! So sad I have to work for the season premiere 😭

  549. This would be the thing that I take with me if the house was burning down… it means so much to me to even watch new girl and to have a momento would be so close to my heart. I would put it across the room from a flea market old schoolhouse desk. The two styles match and would subtly play off one another!

  550. Me and my husbands room, it’s the first show we watched together when we started dating! We both have laughed and cried (mostly me crying) and felt a true connection to the show.

  551. On the wall in my dining/family/kitchen area where I would fondly remember that the right thing happened, Nick and Jess ended up together. 🙂

  552. Oh my gosh, I need this clock for my husband! We bonded over New Girl when we were dating, and since we recently remodeled our home, this would be the perfect surprise/housewarming/ thank-you-for-letting-me-gut-our-house gift! I have just the spot for it in our kitchen.

  553. In the kitchen!emma

  554. I would give it to my daughter’s. Teacher… she’d flip 😃

  555. My home office! I’m a student studying interior design and I would LOVE to add this clock to my wall with some golden yellow flowers chaotically organized around it!

  556. I would want it in my bedroom so I know how long exactly I binged the show for.

  557. This cute clock would look great in my kitchen with all my vintage pottery and fiestaware!

  558. My kitchen-because it will look good in it!

  559. I would put it …in our kitchen! Loved the premiere! ❤️

  560. I’m trying to do something as cool and lofty as this dream apartment (I swear it’s my modern day “Friends” apartment) so – if I get the clock, I think I’d make it a center piece of a wall of clocks!

  561. I’d put it in my kitchen and love it every day. I currently use the microwave to tell the time in there and when I’m in a rush and look up to see the time and my husband hasn’t pressed cancel and it just says ‘0.02 secs’ it annoys me SO much momentarily until I press cancel myself! But this would save all that daily heartache and also be a reminder of a show that I’ve loved for years

  562. I would put that clock in my T.V. room/Rec room! I love clocks and have one in every room except there. Seems fitting as well because that’s obviously where I’ve watched all the seasons of New Girl 😉 Thanks for the tour!!

  563. I would put that cute clock right in my apartment’s living room. I don’t have much of a budget towards decorating my living space because school and the cost of just surviving is so expensive, but this piece, I believe, would jump start my collection of decorations in my own place. New Girl has been such a special show for the past 6 seasons, and will remain so for the new season, too. I always go back to it on days when I want to watch something simple but genuinely wholesome. Or even when the stress and exhaustion clouds my mind, the shenanigans of New Girl and the gang just brighten my day for 22 minutes at a time (and usually for much longer than I originally intended). I’m so happy you wrote this piece. It just reminded me of all the special memories that the cast shot in the set and how much I’ve wanted my life to mimic the natural good times the characters seemed to have in every episode. I’m really going to miss this show when it’s over, but I know I’ll go back and rewatch every episode for a 5th, 6th, 7th time and many more after that.

  564. On my ceiling above my bed. I’d want to stare at my trophy from my favoite show for years while I fell asleep. Is that creepy? Maybe. Would I really do it? Absolutely.

  565. IT would have to go in my kitchen!

  566. In my kitchen! It would be perfect!
    Also I love the show so much and it would be the most amazing thing if I could hang that clock into my own home! 😀

  567. My kitchen! So sad that the New Girl is coming to a close. I never watched it, and then in it’s fourth season, I binge watched it like crazy, and wondered where it had been all of my life. I’m in love with all those characters.

  568. LIVING ROOM! An item from the New Girl set – no matter how big or small – deserves recognition from everyone that enters the house!!

  569. I’ll put it probably in my living room because it’s the place where I spend most of my time

  570. The kitchen, where I make my devils water and cook my bacon in butter.

  571. In my room! I’ve watched the show over and over again, so excited for the final season ❤️

  572. So fun! Two of my favorites colliding! But so sad to say goodbye to the loft! 😭 that clock would look amaze in my living room and make this New Girl and Emily fan’s life complete.

  573. In my kitchen! LOVE New Girl so much! Loved all the fun facts from behind the scenes!

  574. I’d put it in MY craft room!!

  575. I would put it in our kitchen over our peninsula/bar. It would fit right in with our late 1950’s vibe!

  576. Above my piano in the living room so everyone that comes over can see it 😊

  577. I would put it in my bag that I always carry so that I’m always ready for time measuring, just like Coach in ”Clavado en un bar”! 🙂

  578. In my living room so I can brag that I have it when guests come over! I love this show and I’m so bummed it’s ending!! I’m currently binge watching it for the 10th time(I think. I’ve lost track)

  579. What an exciting adventure for you! The clock would be welcomed in the game room in our nest because my boys don’t realize how much time they’re playing electronic games…this will certainly
    show them. Happy managing time!

  580. Wish this post named the production designer/s and set decorator.

  581. I would make it a focal point in my living so I could brag about it to every. single. person. I see.

    1. **Living room!

  582. Love New Girl! So excited to see what happens this season!!! I would put that on the Photo wall I am planning in the kitchen nook!!!!!

  583. In our office! My husband and I LOVE New Girl

  584. My office because it needs some awesome Jess vintage.

  585. In my kitchen. I LOVE New Girl!

  586. Clearly it belongs in the kitchen 🙂

  587. Definitely my kitchen! My parents always had a clock over their sink and that carried over when I moved out on my own! I’m so incredibly sad this is the last season, I wish it could go on forever!!

  588. Definitely in my dining room, where it would match the decor & the ticking wouldn’t bother any sleeping guests! 🙂

  589. I loved getting a backstage pass via your fun post!!! I would put that clock on the tricky wall at the top of my stairs! So fun!

  590. That clock is a kitchen piece, for sure!

  591. How fun!! I would put it in my kitchen!

  592. I have a lonh hallway that needs some love and this piece would be perfect!

  593. Can’t get enough of those boomerangs! hahaha. This post is so fun and makes me wish I was a set designer…

    I’d put it in my kitchen/dining room in my Philly rowhome! 🙂

  594. I would gift it to my hubby as surprise. We have been watching the show since we were engaged!

  595. In my kitchen, of course!

  596. It would be perfectly displayed in our kitchen!!!! It totally matches our current decor!

  597. I’m going back to school for an MA in Production Design in August, and this would be so great to have in my new (tiny) place! It would be so inspiring whenever I look at it (for time and motivation)!

  598. How generous of you to offer the clock as a giveaway! I’d put the clock in my foyer.

  599. In my kitchen…so my kids know exactly how many minutes late they are going to be to school;-) I love that clock and I love that show!!

  600. I would hang this in our home office so that when I’m up working late after our toddler is in bed, I’ll look at the time and at least be happy that I’m reading the time off my New Girl clock!

  601. Very cool! I’d put that cute little clock in my entryway 🙂

  602. In my office – the place where I binge watch this and many other series. 😀

  603. I would put this clock on the wall next to my dining table 😍 you can see that wall from everywhere in my apartment and I’m ALWAYS running late! If I get this clock I no longer have an excuse 😋

  604. New job! (I’m a teacher; call me Ms. Day) New city! New apartment! New clock? That little guy has a home waiting right above my tiny kitchen table!

  605. In my yarn/craft room!

  606. Honoring Jess, it would go in my craft room! 😀

  607. I´m moving house soon. This would be the first piece I´d have for it. Me and my brother are buying an old house and renovating it. The clock would definitely be perfect for the kitchen!

  608. In our office/homeschool room! What a fun piece!

  609. FOR SURE in my kitchen where I do not even have a clock except the one on my oven. I need a clock. Duh. HAHA!!!

  610. I’d hang it in our kitchen. I am so ready replace our current clock!

  611. I love this show! Would put it in the family room

  612. I’d put it over my dining table. It’s so cute!

  613. I have a perfect spot in my kitchen. I’ve watched the show from episode 1. Schmidt has given me countless hours of laughter!

  614. I would put in my room! I love this show

  615. Omg!! I would definitely put it in my cake studio 🙂 I love new girl soooo much. I run my cake business from home and basically just watch new girl on Netflix over and over again ha ha. I’ve seen the series in full like 100 times and I’m not kidding (It plays while I work I don’t sit and watch tv all day ha ha) even my son knows the theme song 😂 Please choose me to mend my broken heart that I have because the series is finishing 🙁

  616. I love this show so much! I would put it in my room on the wall across of my bed so that I can look at it right before I fall asleep.

  617. Replacing the clock above our mail area!

  618. Ah! It would go above my 1960’s era wet-bar!

  619. Eek! Ahhh! I am thrilled a NG item is up for grabs and I’m obsessed with clocks to begin with! I’d put it next to my childhood “signed” photos of the Harry Potter trio hanging in my room. Brb day dreaming about this clock.

  620. I would hang it in the kitchen in my dorm room 😊 and when I get my first house it will hang in my kitchen, I lovvveee new girl!

  621. In my kitchen! ✨

  622. I’d have to give it to my son who’s in college. He is a huge New Girl fan. So are his friends, so that would be a great conversation piece. And since conversation is not the forte of my introverted son, that would help this Mama’s heart!

  623. Over the window above our kitchen sink

  624. Our newly-remodeled kitchen. I’ve been searching for the right clock for the space 🙂

  625. I’m sad this show is ending:(

  626. Cant you guys do one last season after this one :*(

  627. I World put it in me and my boyfriends soon to be new apartment (in the kitchen or living room). I have watched the show since season 1, and my boyfriend have watched it with be since season 4. We would love nothing more than being able to put it on our wall.

  628. When my college aged daughter was diagnosed with lupus I was devestated. I would stay awake at night while she slept in case she needed me. This is when I discovered New Girl. I would watch it on her iPad laughing so hard I thought my sides were going to split. This show was my source of strength in dark times. I would mount on a gigantic canvas as the centerpiece of my new apartment in Arizona. California’ has been my home for 45 years. This clock will remind me of everything we have overcome. She has graduated she moving on to her PHD program. I’m now spreading my wings. Thank you for considering me. Xoxo

  629. This post was SO FUN! I love New Girl! I tuned it weekly when it was on TV and have been binge-watching it again with my husband at night while nursing our baby.

    I would put the clock in my kitchen…right above my vintage storage cabinet (sadly, mine’s not from a factory in France, though).

    Can’t wait to tune in tonight!

  630. Absolutely my kitchen!

  631. When my college aged daughter was diagnosed with lupus I was devestated. I would stay awake at night while she slept in case she needed me. This is when I discovered New Girl. I would watch it on her iPad laughing so hard I thought my sides were going to split. This show was my source of strength in dark times. I would mount the clock on a gigantic canvas as the centerpiece of my new apartment in Arizona. California’ has been my home for 45 years. This clock will remind me of everything we have overcome. She has graduated and moving on to her PHD program. I’m now spreading my wings. Thank you for considering me. Xoxo

  632. Kitchen for sure. My IKEA clock recently fell off the wall, it still works but there is no glass anymore 🙂

  633. In our office! We are renovating a 1963 mid-century time capsule and this would be a perfect addition!

  634. 100% that clock would go on my entertainment unit. I’m in love with the old clock my parents have on their’s (which was above our TV *my entire childhood*) and it is very similar to that one! Plus, it would be appropriate considering I’ve watched all of New Girl in front of that very unit! 🙂

  635. Wow this was a very interesting read!! As I just redid my bedroom and am in desperate need of a nice clock, I’d probably put it above my desk!

  636. I would definitely hang it above my tv so I don’t miss any episodes of the final season of New Girl!!

  637. Emily Henderson!!!! That’s what I tell my guests when they come into my small 2 bedroom home in Tucson, AZ . Emily Henderson inspired me to decorate with color and prints. Knew about you from a blog for West Elm in 2013, but I finished my own in 2015 it took me 2 years to accomplished . I love the set of My Girl. Looks like you had fun.

  638. Definitely in the kitchen! I’m living together with two flatmates and sometimes it’s like having our own ‘New Girls’ moments! – Of course the boys are missing. Girls overload. Ans it’s Berlin and not L-A-! But that’s fine! 🙂

  639. The kitchen where I could see it every day!

  640. I would put this in my living room.

  641. Love this! I would def put it in the kitchen as well. Unoriginal, maybe, but don’t mess with something that works!

  642. I would replace the boring clock above a doorway in our kitchen with this one!! My entire family LOVES new girl!

  643. I’d hang it in my own kitchen, in the empty spot where my broken clock used to be! 🙂

  644. I would give it to my daughter for her new apartment… she loves this show and got me watching it too !!

  645. I would definitely put it in my bedroom – I love New Girl!!!

  646. I’d put it in my craft room! It would be great motivation for new projects, and just make me smile 🙂

  647. In our den. Where we watch this show! 🙂

  648. If I were gifted the New Girl/Emily clock
    It would hang in my home in a very prominent spot
    Above my desk where I write and create
    In an area where I spend a lot of TIME so I would never be late
    Thank you for sharing your New Girl loft behind the scenes view
    I loved the tour just as much as I look forward to your designs too!
    Here is to each SECOND and the 525,949 MINUTES in a year
    It will be a special piece in my home which I will treasure if you decide to send it here : )

  649. My boyfriend LOVES New Girl so I’d put it in the kitchen of our new house so he can see it every morning before work… when we are finally able to get a house in this crazy market! 5th offer’s a charm?

  650. Definitely in my breakfast nook with my kids art work. I’m so sad it’s the last season!! Really cool post.

  651. Oh my gosh, Emily, what a fun post and a fun opportunity to tour the set! I binged the heck out of New Girl when I was pregnant…and then nursing…and tonight I used the Season 7 premiere as a reward for making it through a week of potty training — so it’s been kind of my guilty pleasure since having my daughter. (My own New Girl, if you will…) We just moved into a new home in Half Moon Bay, and I’m putting together a small home office/prop studio for food photography — this little gem would be such a fun addition to that space! Thanks for the tour!

  652. For my bae’s galley kitchen, currently no clock, but I think it’d compliment the O’Keefe & Merritt stove that stays forever warm.

  653. I would love to put that clock in my home, probably in my living room! New Girl is my favorite!

  654. I would put it in my bedroom! I need a clock there!

  655. I would put it our living room or shared “loft” space for everyone to appreciate! Maybe use it as inspiration for a night of True American. 😉
    LOVED all your inside facts about the set; amazing! This show has been my escape for so many years now, I’m really going to miss it!

    1. I really wish True American was a real drinking game and that I could play it, like, always.

      1. And… I just googled it, and apparently it is a game that I could play? http://www.trueamericanrules.com/

  656. Kitchen!!

  657. In the kitchen! My husband and I have loved New Girl (or “newg” as we call it) since it premiered. We recently started rewatching it to ready ourselves for the final season!

  658. Our office, we love the show

  659. I’d put the clock in my home office!

  660. In the kitchen!

  661. kitchen, for sure!

  662. Holy cow! I would display that sucker proudly on one of my many still-empty-from-recently-moving walls in the kitchen/living room. It would be an amazing nod to our own beloved loft in Philly, which we fell for 100% because of its New Girl Loft vibes. We lived there for the first year and a half of our marriage before recently moving back to the Midwest to be closer to Nick’s family. I mean, husband’s family 😉

  663. Ahh New Girl!!! The clock would definitely go in my own sewing/yarn room. 🙂

  664. In the kitchen, of course!!!

  665. I would put it in my kitchen. Love that show!

  666. I would put it in my living room! So cool!

  667. hmm I would prop it on my bookcase 😀

  668. Oh my gosh, I cried (when I wasn’t laughing) most of the way through this first episode of the last season. I’d missed these characters so much (!!!) and am sad at the thought of them going away again, this time for good, so soon!

    That clock is darling and I would love to hang it in my kitchen – it would blend so nicely with the large orange (to be clear, a painting of an orange) painting I took out of someone’s trash and my vintage fruit bowl lamp.

    Fingers crossed!


  669. In my kitchen. Of course. I’m afraid to even type this as it might nix my chances of winning, but I have never watched this show. HOWEVER, I have been looking for new shows to watch and this has moved to the top of my list. Starting it tonight!

  670. OMG I would LOVE to have a clock from the New Girl set! I’d hang it in my living room!

  671. I would put the clock in my kitchen which is open plan to my dining room and lounge. I live in a converted boat shed (that is nowhere by the sea). I reinvented myself as a potter when this show came on in New Zealand. GO NEW GIRLS!

  672. I’d love to put this clock in my kitchen!

  673. My husband loves New Girl and I am obsessed with Schmidt. OBSESSED. I would put it in our kitchen and think of Max Greenfield every time I saw it!

  674. I think I would hang it in the kitchen because the old clock almost fell on my head a couple of months ago and the frame is now broken. But if I must be honest, and selfish as well, I would keep it for my self and hang it in my bedroom because I’m the only one in my family who would appreciate it for real since I’m a huge fan of this show! I can’t believe this is the last season!
    Btw I loved your post, it made me feel like I was in the loft <3

  675. As a tv/commercial set decorator here in Los Angeles I appreciate your shout out to all the hard work and thought the we put into our sets. ❤️👍🏻👍🏻

  676. This is so fun!!! I would put it in the kitchen to remember all the times Schmidt yelled at everyone when they tried cooking and were doing it wrong so he’d take over. 🙂

  677. My bathroom! I’m always losing track of time and running late for work!

  678. My son’s room….it fits his decor and he always likes to know what time it is!

  679. I would place that in my kitchen/bar area, somewhere where everyone can see! I rewatch the crap out of this show!!

  680. What a fun tour!
    I’d love to scoop up that clock, it’s adorable and I’ve always loved that show.
    I’d put it in my kitchen!!

  681. My living room…so I could look at it while I’m watching the show! I’m really going to miss all those guys, but especially Schmidt and Winston. They’re my favorite!

  682. Is it too obvious to hang it over a little bar cabinet?…
    I just binge watched all 6 seasons (2nd viewing) to prepare for season 7. I love all the characters so much!

  683. It would go in my kitchen, of course! We watch the show, in order, all the way through, at least three times a year and quote it constantly!

  684. I’d love to gift it to a special friend of mine 🙂

  685. Like you, I’ve been in LOVE with that bedspread!!! Just love it!!!! So fun that you got to go on set. My family thinks I’m a lot like Jess. 🙂

  686. Kitchen!!!!

    Or our new bar in Colorado if all things work out!

  687. Your visit seems like it was so much fun! I love the show and would love that clock in my kitchen. 🙂

  688. In my dining room above my antique Victrola.

  689. What an awesome giveaway! If I won, it would go in my kitchen above a shelf (a lot like they had it on the show).

  690. I would put it in my kitchen of course!!

  691. In my kitchen!

  692. Above a new vintage dresser I got. It would mean the world, this show has been a source of such joy for me!!

  693. I’d put it in my kitchen to follow suit with the show! 🙂

  694. I’d put it over my doorway in my kitchen leading to the dining area!

  695. I have the perfect spot in my kitchen!

  696. Ahhh I need this clock! It would go right above my bed on a display shelf that I bought from a prop shop. My room needs a clock and as a loyal NG fan for all 7 seasons, this one would be absolutely perfect!

  697. Oh man, all my loves of design, bingeing and “Winnie the Bish” in one place! I’d definitely hang the clock in our living room- useful and a great conversation piece!

  698. in our kitchen! would be so helpful b/c my daughter is learning how to tell time at school, and we only have digital clocks in our home!

  699. My kitchen of course!

  700. I would put it in the living room where i could watch it all the time!!

  701. I would definitely honor my kitchen with this baby. I have some artwork in shades of blue — plus I can use any reminder to get a move on out the door!

  702. And P.S., pretty please, where can I find that floral bed blanket with the black background? It looks a little Josef Frank, doesn’t It? And what’s that perfect aqua paint color? Thanks a bunch.

  703. I’d put in my entry way–so that I could feel everyone who comes to visit where it’s from!

    1. *tell 😉

  704. I would put this in my bathroom because I am ALWAYS running late in the morning getting ready for work and I love the heck out of that show and Jess/Zooey!

  705. NEW GIRL ROCKS! I love the decor, the accent furniture, and her ideas!
    http://www.AccentFurniturePro.com can help with the Accent Furniture for all your rooms.

  706. I’d probably hang it in my kitchen! We’ve been fans since the beginning and I can’t even count how many references we use from the show. 😉

  707. I would probably put it in my bedroom. LOVE that you were able to visit the set and thank you for sharing it with us!

  708. This clock would look awesome in my kitchen! Have been needing an awesome statement piece and absolutely ADORE New Girl!!

  709. My kitchen! We are planning on doing some remodeling this summer and I would make sure there was a perfect place for it!

  710. yarn room.

  711. I would put it in my kitchen, or my hallway. I’m always running late I need a clock.

  712. My TV room of course! How cool, always loved Jess’s style

  713. I’d put that clock in my kitchen, too! I have subconsciously decorated just like their loft. I love New Girl.

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