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To a very unlaborious labor day.

Well, folks. I’m off to New York for Fashion Week tomorrow with my friends at Brizo, Jason Wu and 18 other bloggers and ‘tastemakers’ from around the country.  It involves fashion shows, parties and a quick education on high end faucets and hardware, which is going to be extremely helpful for me. Jason is kinda amazing, and yes, i do hope to ‘Wu’ him.  And i also promise to never say that again.  This is from his fall line, and i’m not gonna lie, its totally dope.  

I had the best surprise birthday beach house weekend that ended today, involving The Little Mermaid (I know EVERY single word in that movie, sing it often and this hobby is shared with my two best girlfriends here, too, which is NOT pleasing to our significant others.) dancing for hours and hours to a 90’s mix of one hit wonders that Brian made (involving Alanis, Hootie, 4 non-blondes and Dishwalla), and many an only-white-clothing labor day pictures were taken, which i can’t wait to post.  We partied like we were 25 and my god,  this little chicken is tired.  I think we are doing the whole ‘gotta get the partying out of our systems because kids are coming soon’ thing, and i’m wondering if you ever ever, ever get it all out of your system.  Do you? 


I’ll post pics from the last episodes tomorrow, i promise.  But for now, Brian and I are eating pizza and watching back to back episodes of Friday Night Lights, which is incredible, by the way.  

See you tomorrow, folks. 

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