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by Emily Henderson


Remember when i was like, ‘I’m thinking about getting the random hanging light from DWR’? as if, ‘Oh, if i have the time i’ll swing by and grab it’,  or, ‘Perfect, i happen to have $1200 extra dollars in my piggy jar (is that the right word, piggy jar? hmmm), or, ‘Sure, since i’m in the neighborhood i’ll give it a whirl’.  Well, reality has set in, (I hate you reality, take a f-ing hike). So while Mr. amex is tempting me and Mrs. I-can-rationalize-anything is whispering in my ear all the reasons why i deserve it, Sir. Reason has now won.  Yes, Sir Reason, you are quite correct, I can not afford this light right now.  La di da. Way to ruin the party.  This is the blessing and the curse of being raised by super practical high school teacher parents.

i won’t be buying today.


But I still need something.  My dining room is the main source of light in my apartment, wall to wall windows, so i don’t want something too obtrusive.  I want something that is a huge statement, but quiet and not too distracting. I love the random light so much because it is organic (the string is totally random and different on each one) while still being graphic (a perfect sphere); and it’s a huge statement while being super quiet and not needing a lot of attention – one of my favorite combinations in things and people, bt-dubs, take note.  But I need to get over it.  It’s in the past.   It didn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be, it is a sad parting, but both of us will move on.  So, I went to Ikea to look at this one, the Ikea Maskros:

ikea-maskros-chandelier ikea-maskros-chandelier
It’s great in a huge space where you don’t actually get too close to it. But it is uh-normous – like over 2 1/2 feet in diameter.  I love the pattern that it reflects on the walls though.  And it’s only a hundy, which is a lot of bang for your buck.  But it’s too big for my space.
So back to the drawing board.  A reader (I heart you Natalie, from Ban-do) reminded me of the diy version on Etsy which looks like this:

Unfortunately I can’t do it, not for such a big moment over the dining table, it’s too diy for a serious room. Although it is only $15.00.  I think it could be cute like in a kids room or somewhere where the DIY-ness of it will be embraced.
So here is my newest idea:

It’s from Clayton Gray Home.  Not exactly the first time we’ve seen this, I know. But here are the plusses – it has some drama, but it’s not distracting at all – the sunlight will filter through easily.  It is modern, kind of has the industrial thing going on, but there is a looseness about it that works for me.  And lastly, its $280. Not nothing, but certainly not $1200.  And lastly I just found this on-line, a diy blog called Small notebook, which i think is super pretty, although I would use white chord/bulb thingys instead of black.  might be worth trying, they give the step by step, and it under $50.

What do you think Sir. Reason? oh and by the way how did you get knighted? by being the biggest buzz kill in all of England?
But seriously, is the Clayton Gray chandy too played out?  is saying the word ‘chandy’ super douchey?  is the word ‘douchey’ played out?  do i ask too many stupid questions?


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