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The Really Good Home Decor Stuff At Target Right Now (Including Stools I’m Considering For The River House)

The other day we popped into Target and once again we were so impressed with their home stuff. I don’t really need anything right now (and I suggest if you don’t need, don’t go) but found so many things I wanted. We were there shopping for clothes for our team Mexico trip (next week!) but of course snapped a few photos of just solidly excellent affordable home stuff (and no, I’m 100% not sponsored by Target anymore, but my love runs deep and our relationship remains so lovely).

Accent Chair | Round Pillow | Square Ottoman

Y’all that green pillow is the perfect punch of “I’m on trend” while also being soft and cute. 10/10. The chair is a great scale – larger than a lot of affordable chairs you usually find for this price point.

Tall Plastic Ribbed Tumbler | Short Plastic Ribbed Tumbler

I’ve entered my acrylic cup era because now that we have a pool (mini or not, you can’t have glass near it) and these are SO GOOD. They look like glass, but are not (and I find that colorful acrylic/lucite glasses look better longer whereas clear can start to look scratched and kinda icky after a few seasons).

Framed Wall Art

I was trying to find a place for this piece of art as it looks so real and vintage-y in person. I don’t need but really loved.

Withania Cabinet | Fluted Accent Cabinet

Two really good cabinets that have so much design detail that there is no way that these could be as affordable as they are. Mixed materials always say more work went into a design (and thus tend to be more expensive). These are awesome.

Woven Upholstered Arm Accent Chair | Rounded Swivel Accent Chair

OOF. That mustard chair is SO GOOD. I might need it!! The rounded swivel chair looks definitely like it could be sold at CB2 for $800, but it’s not 🙂

Square Woven Pouf Ottoman | Storage Bench

That’s a great green pouf – they are really nailing these colors and fabrics.

Faux Marble Accent Table | Nesting Accent Table | Castalia Coffee Table

For all you post-modern lovers, that marble table is GOOD.

Upholstered Barrel Boucle Counter Height Barstool | Ceylon Woven Counter Height Barstool

I’m shopping for the River House counter stools right now and y’all, I did not expect to find two at Target that are real contenders. SO GOOD!!!! I want to see that black one in person to see if it can work!

15oz Goblet | Wooden Mini Round Serve Board with Handle

For those wanting more tabletop love, a good big water (or margarita, duh) goblet in a thicker glass like this brings the Mexican summer vibes.

Kessler Bed | 2 Drawer Nightstand

What a lovely wing-back bed at such an affordable price! I appreciate that they bring the headboard down to the base, something that often is skipped in cheaper beds and there is a gap that I hate. Those nightstands are awesome. Storage, but not boring.

Modern Geo Woven Dec Pillow | Boho Velvet Contrast Fringe Dec Pillow Square

As you know we are getting into really decorative fabric details over here lately and BOY, is that velvet one looking cool and lush.

Rattan Kids’ Daybed | Velvet Kids’ Floor Pillow

A good daybed is one of the more underrated/hard-to-find pieces of furniture, especially for kids’ beds. You tend to want kids’ beds to be against the wall (to free up space to play) but shoving a twin bed in a corner looks dumb. This daybed is soooo good (and can obviously transition into other rooms should you want to move it around). The floor pillow has this dope stripe on the edge and contrast piping – GREAT JOB DESIGNERS!!

Slat Metal Outdoor Patio Dining Chairs (Set of 2) | Portable Indoor/Outdoor LED Tabletop Lamp

These slatted chairs are the outdoor chairs of the summer (the style doesn’t work as well at the farm, but for a more contemporary vibe it’s a YES). And you know I love mood lighting and that, of course, goes for these outdoors too! Target is NAILING these outdoor portable lights. The details are so good.

Great job, Target. I will continue to go back over and over to see what they have while chanting psychotically to myself “No, you DON’T need that – SO GOOD, no you DON’T need that – SO GOOD”. If you see me at Washington Square or BHH Targets (my two Targets within 10 minutes) please stop me, even if I’m talking to myself 🙂

*Photos of Emily by Kaitlin Green

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9 days ago

I suggest if you don’t need, don’t go” haha truer words were never spoken.

8 days ago

I will always have a deep love for Target, as I worked for a year as the visual merchandiser of our local store during the height of Covid when my design business slacked off. I love that whoever is doing the visual merchandising in that location is really on the ball. I was so proud of elevating the standards of my store, and now I am horrified when I go back. The staff is not getting the support they need to follow national standards. I will say this, the design is KILLING it right now. The quality really varies especially case goods. My suggestion is to always read the online reviews, because they are usually spot on.

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