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The nursery mirror debate …

Sometimes you do fancy renderings that take hours on fancy computers with fancy software programs and fancy measurements and sometimes you just put paper and tape on the walls and stare at it. This is that time.

Here’s the issue – my little angel, sir Charles, is just dying to pee all over my beautiful wallpapered walls. So to combat such urine we are going to put a mirror there – one that is attached on the wall. Plus I guess its good for their eye-site and brain development (or so my doula said) to have the mirror in view (so they aren’t just looking at you and are developing their left eye as well).  ANYWAY, we wanted to do a fun shape since it’s a kids room, but something graphic since there is a lot of busy-ness on the walls already:

So first we tried this circle (which we loved) with a neck (which we kinda didnt).

circle with tape

There is something playful about it, sure, but the neck didn’t give us much pee-ing real estate and widening it would look kinda chunky and heavy.


circle template

But then we remembered that we had these tent things that we customized left over from the sip ‘n see that are just ADORABLE so we decided to hang that there and then put a mirror underneath it in a simple rectangle.

We are debating two different ways:

#1 – the mirror inset about 4″ on either side like so:

Skinny Template Mirror

OR #2 the mirror the exact same size as the tent, like so:

Wide Mirror Template

Now you vote: #1 or #2 (pun intended)?????

(Amazing wallpaper by Minukani)

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