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‘The New Bohemians’ Book; By Justina Blakeney

As someone who is still finishing up her book, I look at other people’s (namely friends) books longingly, like a puppy in a pet store window, staring at happy dog owners strolling by with their happy pups, thinking ‘Will that ever happen to me? Will I, too, someday have an actual hard copy of my book to hold, cuddle and make every single person I know buy?” (Oh, speaking of which, you can pre-order my book here , just sayin’.) It’s such a long arduous process, that when you reach the end you kinda can’t believe it’s done.

Well, my friend Justina’s book is done and out and it’s soo good. Its 300 pages of crazy bohemian interiors that somehow feels fresh and different each page. You can buy it here. 


What’s so great about boho style is that a lot of it is attainable without being really expensive. It’s thrifted, DIY’d or repurposed and its full of ideas, rather than just perfect furniture. So it’s not like her tips are – save $8500 for your perfect credenza, its more like – quilt together vintage fabric for a unique throw or use a vintage tablecloth as a bedroom curtain. And if you do it right and use the right tablecloth, you get wildly more personality in your home for no more money.

Click through to see more sneak peeks of the book.

This one, above and below, is one of my favorite apartments/lofts that I’ve ever seen on the internet. I’ve pinned it so many times that my Pinterest has stopped with the polite reminder is instead like ‘LADY, YOU’VE PINNED THIS 37 TIMES ALREADY’. But it’s magical isn’t it?


Brian, Charlie and I could never live like this – I would go absolutely bonkers trying to control that beautiful chaos not to mention keeping those the plants alive, etc, but I love it so much. It’s just so artful.


Then there is this lady who is crazy but I’d like to party with her.


And then Justina contrasts it with these quieter, more pulled back vignettes that are more striking and simple:


Also bohemian people love boobs on their pillows. They crazy.


What I love is how Justina styled it but also let each interior totally do its own thing, as the person who lived there would have wanted. For this shot, below, the magazine stylist in me would have added a lamp or a piece of art – something with height on the nightstand, but I love how quiet it is. I like how all the frames create this horizontal line and then it just stops – it creates weird tension, in a good way.


And then this bathroom makes me wanna scrap all my perfectly laid out bathroom plans and just go crazy. It belongs to Emily Katz and her boyfriend up in Portland (a house that we coincidentally shot for my book, although we shot it totally differently). I can witness myself that its’ awesome.


So nice job, Justina. From one stylist/blogger to another, you done me proud and I think your book will be a wild success.



The New Bohemians written by Justina Blakeney (The Jungalow Blog) and shot by the pretty amazing Dabito. Dabito is awesome by the way – I met him last week at her book launch party and he cracked me up like 4 times. He is an artist that shoots, designs interiors and websites, and blogs about it all. Plus he is a man. With real man parts (I’m assuming), and you all know that in the blog world that is like real rare. You can see his blog here.

I know its hard to pull triggers on books these days when you get so much for free online, but how then will you style your bookshelves, coffee tables and credenzas? One needs books to read but also to place on surfaces to make sure people think you are interested and cultured!!!

Plus if you read her blog you’ll get so much extra information in there (we are only allowed to put 20% of what is in the book on the internet, typically). So it’s no all going to be on Pinterest, we promise.


* First Photo Credit Nicole LaMotte

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9 years ago

This is not at all my style, but the photos are visually arresting. I couldn’t live like this either, but I love to look at the photos. The rooms feel so kinetic. She really did a lovely job styling and the photographer did amazing work shooting it.

9 years ago

Love it! Ordered it, and it arrived the next day … spent much of the weekend reading, studying, loving it — multiple times. It is beautiful and inspiring!

9 years ago

I got goosebumps reading this post. And tears of joy, Emily. I will hop the bus immediately and go buy this book!!! thx for your continued inspiration. And by the way, THINK PINK!!! Soooo happy for all of you!!!

9 years ago

I have this in my prime, I think I’ll look at lovely ideas before I go to sleep, book spot and have spent several hours drooling at the photos which are wonderful. Now I’m ready to read the text while I drool. Although parts of me would love to be Boho I can’t quite pull it off.
Can’t wait for you book, which I pre-ordered what seems ages ago. For me books breathe added life into a space. From stories that take you to far away places to books like yours and Justina that let your eyes feast on rooms most of us would never see without you. Perhaps giving one the nudge to make a little change or try something unexpected.

Aaa, these are my spirit interiors. Pausing house lust for pre-ordering, then resuming.

9 years ago

I got it and love it! It feels like Anthropologie in a book of houses. She has DIY projects in the book too, so it’s not just interiors.

9 years ago

rumor has it that Erica Tanov’s house is featured in the book…
I will be buying it! 🙂

9 years ago

SO buying this book. Any book that encourages me to hang things from my ceiling is on my list, for sure.

9 years ago

Just bought Justina’s book, and just pre-ordered yours, Emily. Thanks so much for being so awesome. I love your blog, your thoughts, your style and your wit, and can’t wait to have your book on my coffee table this fall!

9 years ago

The shoes!!! Must have them, and where did they come from, Justina????

9 years ago
Reply to  Justina

Seattle will never be the same!!! Thx so much for the color(s)!!!

9 years ago

I love this book. It totally gives you ideas without making you want to go spend tons of money. It’s definitely one of my favorite coffee table books of all time

9 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

so great to hear Rachel!! Thanks so much!!

9 years ago

Ever since you introduced her to us several months ago, I’ve been visiting her blog…I love that free-spirit, color-filled, nature doesn’t have rigid rules & attitude or following (annoying) trends.

9 years ago

Ha! I bought Justina’s book last week and yours just now. WOOHOO! So psyched to rock some new interiors! My house is a work in progress, so I’m digging all this inspiration. Thanks to Justina, I bought a new (giant) palm tree last week for the living room and put it in a woven basket. Hopefully that’s the first of many ideas I’ll pull from your books. Yay!!!! So, as I stare at the palm and wait for your books to arrive in the mail, I’ll stare at my spaces-in-progress and dream about a book of my own someday… A book about other people’s books that I oogle or something. 🙂 XOXO

9 years ago
Reply to  Poppy

love to hear you bought a giant palm! sounds amazing!!

9 years ago

Not my taste, but totally appreciate the effort. It is visually stunning.

Judy H.
9 years ago

I have adored Justina’s sense of syle for a long time. That girl can put it all together and make it happen, can’t she. I devoured this book and probably will at least a couple of more times and then keep it as one of my favorite picture books! Thanks Em!

9 years ago
Reply to  Judy H.

awww thanks Judy!!

Sarah Middleton
9 years ago

I bought this book, based upon Dabito’s recommendation at his blog, “old brand new”, he photographed the book. It is generous and sweet, generous that those profiled opened their homes up for strangers to see, and I can feel the care and delight of the stylist and photographer, to capture “best light” magic moments in these colorful, relatable environments. . Quickly added Justina’s blog to my favorites, along with Emily’s and Dabitos. Pretty interiors are my happy place, that and thrift stores. If you like these things too, you will enjoy this book!

9 years ago

awww loved reading this comment. Thank you Sarah!

9 years ago

I just bought boob pillowcases! What?! My husband is going to FREAK. Can’t wait to boob-pillow my next houseguest…

9 years ago

You have no idea how fast i googled ‘boob fabric’. That book looks gorgeous.

9 years ago

Looks wonderful! I wish i could go boho.

How does one go boho without going thrift store??

9 years ago

Of course I immediately searched for those pillowcases. Not sure I can pull the trigger–a little expensive for a gag gift!

The book looks beautiful. Maybe I’ll ask for a copy for Mother’s Day.

9 years ago

Just ordered it! Can’t wait to receive it. I thought I ordered it a few days ago, but I guess there was a glitch with my Amazon purchase. Yay to this book!

9 years ago

I really love it that you posted about Justina’s book 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Jihane


9 years ago

Thanks so much for the generous post mama. can’t wait to read yours when it comes out! <3

9 years ago

I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I’ve been anticipating it for a while – yay!