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by EHD Staff
Emily Henderson Link Up 5 12 Opener
photo source | design by sarah lavoine

Our little team might be on both coasts (Los Angeles and Atlanta) but fear not because we are still all together in spirit on today’s Link Up. Let’s just get to it, shall we?

Em and the Atlanta team listened to a Goop podcast episode while on one of their daily commutes on how to minimize stress and avoid burnout. Emily Nagoski, the woman who is Goop’s expert, calls out three secrets and two include a 20-second hug or a 6-second kiss. Honestly, that makes all of our hearts so happy. Ultimately, we need each other to truly become de-stressed. Simple and beautiful.

Modern Parisian design still makes our heart skip a beat and this house tour, designed by Sarah Lavoine, is no exception. We spotted it on Coco Kelly’s instagram and immediately had to know more. Here is the original article on Vogue Australia.

Arlyn is OBSESSED with these new, super easy-to-wear (not itchy) linen jogger pants from H&M (“ha, I don’t jog”). They come in a ton of colors. (She got black, but those are sold out in a lot of sizes online right now) and go up to a size 18. They’re just the right length for her 5’3” frame, and she knows she’ll be wearing these ALL summer.

Jess thinks most of us probably have a love-hate relationship with the term “self-care.” The concept can be easily clouded by the immense amount of products and treatments being shoved into our faces on a daily. But it is also SO important because if we aren’t good to ourselves and setting us up for success, how can we truly be of service to anyone else? She loved this article from ManRepeller because it gives six very simple, practical ways in which we can take care of our future self. Doing little (somewhat annoying) things in the present will make your future self feel supported and loved (by you) aka real self-care.

Veronica is coming at you guys with another eyeshadow palette that she adores! This one, Juvia’s Place The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette, has both matte and sparkly neutrals that can be for a bold look out on the town or an everyday office look.

This past week, Grace was reminded of one of her favorite podcast episodes of “This American Life” that involved a telephone booth. This one’s about a phone booth in Japan that people flock to in order to “call” their dead loved ones and it’s a tear-jerker. While kind of melancholy, it’s a feel-good kind of tear-jerker. There’s something about just talking things out that is very therapeutic (even if deep down you know there might not be anyone listening, but it feels like there is or you hope someone somehow is).

Michael loves this roll-on cologne, Imperial Crown One. It smells so good! He says he legit has one in his car right now and he puts some on before he goes anywhere. It’s also his secret weapon before dates. Ha.

As if we could link to any other Met Gala Recap

Ryann got this jumpsuit for Christmas last year and it quickly became a staple in her wardrobe. She wears it once a week because it’s just so easy to wear and pairs with all of her shoes. 🙂 “I can wear it with sneakers or heels and still feel put together. I LOVE IT.” 

This news was music to Jess’s ears! The creators of Black-ish and Grown-ish are coming out with another spinoff called Mixed-ish. It’s the story of Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross/the mother in Black-ish) and her experience growing up in a mixed-race family in the ’80s. She loves both shows and the important conversations they tackle. She has learned so much from them so getting another show that will do the same from another point of view is the best news. Also, if you haven’t seen Black-ish and/or Grown-ish GO NOW. They are streaming on Hulu. 

Sara loves this toner from The Ordinary. It’s a gentle acid toner, works well with her other products, and is super affordable.

ATTN: EHD favorite, Block Shop Textiles just restocked their bright and beautiful runners! Not only are their products truly gorgeous and so well made but they might be one of the nicest group of people in the world.

Not sure if this is a new thing (it is to Grace), but pre-glued lashes exist! She got the Eylure Pre-Glued Accents No. 003 and loves them (will get No. 117 soon). No more fussing or messing around with glue, thank goodness! 

Julie has a STUNNING hotel to let you all in on. It’s the Sister City Hotel in New York City and we promise you will love it.

Velinda just ordered a second one of these reusable lunch bags to avoid stealing her wife’s. Now they can both pack chicken salads or batched Ninja Pot meals on school/work days where they don’t have quick access to a refrigerator.

Michael says this is his “wear it every single day, go-to face lotion with sunscreen,” Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer. It never lets him down. 

Velinda got these chic containers to make a condiments bar for a family BBQ (or cookout if you’re a fellow midwesterner). Just add labels and various toppings for a fun ketchup/mustard upgrade. Or use them for decanting sugar (as intended). All things look sexier in a container…Decant!

Well, now we’ve gotten to a point where we clearly can’t help ourselves. There are just TOO MANY good things to share. Happy Sunday, Happy Mother’s Day to all the momma and momma figures, and see you tomorrow!

  1. Great Links! My invitation to the Met Gala apparently got lost in the mail, but it was fun to catch up on what everyone was wearing and secretly still knowing I could have done better. However, some outfits were total duds. Julianne Moore’s and Hari Nef’s dresses were hideous and Ezra Miller’s outfit left me cross-eyed. And I wouldn’t even have recognized Priyanka Chopra. But Janelle Monae, Alexa Chung, Serena Williams and J Lo killed it (AC’s was my favorite). Thanks!

  2. When my husband is having a stressful day, he tells me he needs “recovery cuddles”. We climb into bed and just snuggle for a few minutes, and suddenly everything is better!

    1. that is the sweetest thing!!

  3. TBH I don’t love that you guys keep recommending GOOP stuff…. It’s modern day snake oil and like, you seem too smart to fall for that so what gives?

    1. I have to agree – GOOP is such fake wellness.

      1. Agree as well–it’s so upsetting to see GOOP referenced here.

    2. Yeah Goop is weird as shit and Gwyneth is the most out of touch person. The most. #nomoregoopplz

  4. I love that episode of “This American Life” too. Did you hear the most recent episode “No Fair” with the pre-school tattle phone. Very different storyline but also using a phone to express their feelings- it’s adorable!

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