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by EHD Staff
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image via The Design Files | design by Emma and Tom Lane

Hello friends and welcome back (from yesterday’s fall boot post). If you follow us on Instagram (which we hope you do and if you don’t for some reason…click here QUICK), you may have noticed we’ve been celebrating birthdays A LOT around here. This is evidently what happens when the majority of the team are Virgos and Libras who love a reason to celebrate. Hence why our office looks like a unicorn threw up balloons, streamers, and glitter EVERYWHERE, not to mention it’s also workaversary season, so we have Deskorations® (decorations…for the desk) going up left and right (*term trademarked by Bowser). It’s very fun, but pretty soon Sara’s going to run out of things to bake and we won’t have any more restaurants to go to for our birthday happy hours, but it’s a tradition now so we’ll always find a way. But birthday season aside, we still have lots to recommend so let’s get into this week’s rendition of The Link Up:

Today’s featured home tour is courtesy of The Design Files and will have you dreaming of neutrals. And yes, it will convert you to into an all-brown home enthusiast. You have been warned.

Emily is pumped to start watching Modern Love on Amazon Prime. Anyone out there get through it yet? Should we start a “watch club” (instead of a book club)?

From Arlyn: “I’d rather spend my money on home and kitchen things instead of fashion, and I have an affinity for slowly growing my Staub collection. This might be my favorite piece I own. It’s HUGE (fits a whole chicken), the glass top lets you see what’s happening in there, and it works both in the oven and on the stove. Plus, it’s SO pretty.” 

For anyone who doesn’t want to drop $200+ on cookware but likes to put their money where their face is, Arlyn also recently fell in love with this $14 highlighter and this $8 mascara. “I’ve always struggled to find a highlighter that works on tan skin. It’s either too white, too powdery, too glittery. This one is JUST right and makes me look like I’m glowy. As for the mascara, I’m super impressed with L’Oreal Lash Paradise as a dupe to Toofaced Better Than Sex mascara, which is basically the best thing on the market I’ve tried. No raccoon eyes, no spider lashes, just lots of volume and length.”

Jess doesn’t need this incredibly cool salad bowl from cb2…or does she???

Sara has three sauces she always keeps in her fridge and this one has just been added to the list.

Over the long weekend this month, Julie, Jess and Sara went on a road trip and stayed at one the best glamping “hotels” right outside of Zion. The company is called Under Canvas and they have locations all over the US typically near a national park. From Julie: “When we drove onto the property I was instantly so excited to be camping in some form again. Then I was just downright impressed. When we checked in, the woman gave us a full tour of the property, she brought up a golf cart to take us and our bags to our tent and then continued to do a tour of the tent and show us how everything works including tips on how to build the fire in one of the cutest stoves! The food was great and they offer free s’mores at night. I am sold and will be visiting another location very soon.”

Veronica bought this candle from Bath & Body Works last weekend and now she catches herself burning it all day, everyday. “It smells like Christmas and fall wrapped into one, and makes everything feel so cozy.”

Mallory finally decided to get some trendy clips and she went with these from Nordstrom rack. She’s worn them into the office every day since she bought them, so it’s safe to say it was a great purchase. 

Caitlin’s really annoyed because no one in the office watches Succession and it’s been like, two weeks since the finale and she NEEDS to talk about it with someone. “Can y’all chime in and convince the other members of Team EHD to START WATCHING?! (And if you haven’t started watching, you have missed out on the best-written show in recent memory. It’s SUPER easy to get in to and Greg the Egg is a gosh dang angel.)”

Baking season is almost upon us, and Sara has a great yet simple cookie recipe for you. From Sara: “I’ve been making this recipe recently— and it’s just the Nestle Tollhouse recipe! But with a few key changes: 1. I replace 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract with 1/2 a teaspoon of almond extract. 2. I use block chocolate that I rough chop with a knife to get bigger chunks and little flakes throughout that give a more elevated feel. 3. I make the dough and let it sit in the fridge overnight/24 hours to allow the sugars to caramelize and the flour to moisten (a tip from Food52’s baking book). 4. Finally, I sprinkle Maldon salt flakes on top of each cookie before they bake. The salt just brings a nice contrast to the sweet, and makes your cookies feel extra fancy. These are office approved.”

And a quick “in case you missed it” from this week: Emily’s ridiculously good styling class on Skillshare can be watched for free with a special promo code found in this post, Nisolo (our favorite ethically made shoe brand) is offering EHD readers 20% off all styles in this post, and if you’re wondering who all those names up there are, head here to put some faces to those names.

Alright, that is all for now. We hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow. xx


  1. Watch Succession right now!

  2. I’m going to try the mascara rec! I’ve found most drug store dupes dry out and get flaky after a couple weeks of use, so I have kept going back to my $30 mascaras (Clinique or Smashbox). But for the drug store price it’s always worth a try! I loved the Loreal Voluminous original, for 2 weeks, until it seemed to get dry and start flaking, so I’m curious to see how this formula stacks up.

    1. I started using Lash Paradise about a year ago (based on a magazine review), and mid-year decided to get fancy with some Marc Jacobs mascara, but didn’t even get through the tube before I switched back. It makes my lashes look nice, stays in place, and is mostly easy to wash off.

      1. Yes! Agreed. I don’t have to do four passes of makeup remover to get it off, but it also doesn’t give me raccoon eyes during the day. It’s so great!

    2. I’ve gotten through two tubes so far and I didn’t find it to dry out easily (I know exactly what you mean, too). Give it a go! If you don’t like it, you’re only out $8 (instead of $30).

  3. Arlyn I’m with you! Would rather have home/kitchen stuff anyway. That cookie recipe sounds amazing!

  4. I do think you should watch Succession! Just know, the first season starts slow. Don’t give up on it. It is great! And, if you are following @billhaderdancin on Instagram, there is one to the Succession theme song that is the best of all of them!!!

    1. Modern Love is charming and well done. I enjoyed each episode!
      What a fabulous, talented team you have. Such a gifted group of young women!

    2. Agree 100%. At first the characters just seem a bit hateful, but they become really layered as the show goes on. It’s definitely my favorite show on television right now.

  5. My sister got me and my brother hooked on the show, Succession. Luckily, I was able to access the 1st season and start it. WOW!!! What a well written show – quite riveting and casting was well done. Such great characters!!! What more can I say but to watch it now.

  6. Yes, yes, yes to “Succession!” My husband and I came to it after season one had aired, so we got to watch seasons one and two in quick succession. 🙂 Now we’re bummed we have to wait.

  7. I have a few Staub pieces and we love cooking with them so much. As mentioned they can be used on the stove top and in the oven. Happy Sunday! XO Elizabeth

    1. Right?? They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

  8. If you are like me and sometimes screw up cooking – then just a heads up that Staub isn’t as forgiving as Le Crueset. I have pieces from both lines and one of my Staub pots looks awful since I cooked rice in it and accidentally had it boil over. It was only my second time using it and it got a horrible white haze on it that I have tried everything to remove. The Staub people said this was to be expected with their cookware. It still cooks fine, obviously – just doesn’t look pretty anymore. All my Le Crueset, on the other hand, have been through burnings and boil overs and assorted mishaps and still look great.

    1. Interesting. I feel like my Staubs have held up super well. That rice starch though is brutal. I like that the interior of the Staub is black because it stays pristine, while the inside of the Le Creuset stains so easily. Do you do anything special to keep them looking good?

  9. Arlyn- one of my best yard sale finds (ever) was a box of Le Creuset cookware (skillets, a pot, 2 dutch ovens). They were selling it for $8 for the whole box. EIGHT DOLLARS. Sure some of the enamel was cracked and all of it needed a very, very deep clean. But well worth it. I use one of the two skillets nearly everyday. I highly recommend checking yard sales, etc. to help grow your collection, especially because you can buy new handles and other parts for minor repairs.

    1. I mean…I barely made it through reading this comment without a fit of burning jealousy running through my heart. (kidding) That’s AMAZING. Do you know if the cracked enamel affects the performance of the cookware at all? Or if Le Creuset would fix something like that? (you know…in case I ever come across something similar).

  10. Caitlin…..LOVE Succession!!! Need more seasons!
    Rest of the gang…..get on the ball and start watching 🤑

  11. What are Sara’s other sauces? Thanks!

    1. One is a fried shallot and chile oil which I make and keep the fridge to use for vegetable stir frys, frying eggs, or drizzling over literally everything: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chile-crisp

      The second is just a mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil, gochujang, and brown sugar that I keep on hand in a squeeze bottle for use in stir fry, tofu marinade, omelets, and rice.

      This with the peanut sauce makes three! And they keep all my food real flavorful, really easily 🙂

  12. on Modern Love… what about a post recreating or discussing the apartment that is on anne hathaway’s episode? it’s lovely! it almost gives a nancy meyers movies vibe

  13. Love this! One question: do you know of a gluten-free flour that would work with those cookies? I know the texture won’t be quite the same, but…

    1. I haven’t tried a gluten free flour before, but I will happily investigate!

      1. Thanks! I’ll have to as well. 🙂

  14. HI! The candle flavor isn’t pulling up? Which one is it? Thanks!

  15. It’s funny, I don’t love my Le Creuset – they always seems to have hot spots that burn food on the stove top… But Dansk pots- they are just works of art! The think I worry about with enamelware is that they are supposedly not safe to use if they chip? Has anyone else heard this..?

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