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The Link Up: Our Summer Perfume, A Transformative Podcast + A Secret Vintage Shopping Source

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Fewer things feel more exciting than knowing you don’t have to go to work on Monday. Sunday Scaries be GONE. But obviously, tomorrow is much more than just a day off from work. We are all extremely grateful for those who have served, some even in our own families. So we hope that you all have a beautiful extra day (for those that are lucky enough not to have to work) and enjoy all the things we were gabbing about this week.

Emily has been absolutely loving Joelle Somero’s work and Instagram. Her neutral, moody paintings are what Em wants for the mountain house. 🙂

When Jess got her hair done last week to her very happy surprise her hairdresser used the new Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner. She and the rest of the world already LOVE Olaplex’s Hair Protector #3 so she had been dying to try their new products. Needless to say, she will be purchasing as soon as her current products run out. 

Bowser says she can’t sleep without this sound machine. She used to use an app on her phone but she’s trying to get away from sleeping near a phone or a device that receives any type of signal. She highly recommends.

This Sydney home perfectly blends the neutral airy-ness and the ever cool postmodern trend that is potentially taking over. Do we smell a new trend breakdown?

Arlyn said she was in a bit of a funk on last week, until she turned her day (life?) around with a Super Soul Conversation with Paulo Coehlo, author of The Alchemist. “Paulo’s message about the universe conspiring in your favor as well as finding and living your ‘personal legend’ punched me in the gut. If you’re feeling even the tiniest bit lost in life (who isn’t?), listen to Part 1 and Part 2. It might just change your day/life.”  

Ryann wanted to share my favorite book, The Secret History by Donna Tart, because it is wonderful and I want everyone in the office (and otherwise) to read it so we can all talk about it 🙂

Veronica LOVES AE jeans but now she’s coming at us with these ultra wonderful corduroy crop pants! She says they are sooo comfy and have the perfect amount of stretch that you can wear them all day. 10/10 in her book. 

Sara, Jess and now Ryann bought this REPLLICA Under the Lemon Trees Eau de Toilette because it’s perfect for summer. Bright, light, and Sara’s boyfriend, Mac, loves it too. 

Julie says this cat will make your heart melt. 

PopUp Home is one of Michael’s (and Emily’s) favorite secret vintage furniture sources in LA. And good news…you don’t have to be in LA, you can shop online. PopUp Home has all kinds of styles of vintage home decor (lots of Mid Century). You can make your own offer on items too, which is fun. Also, when Michael, who has become fast friends with the owner Tricia, said he was linking her up in this post she wanted to do a little something special for Emily readers (you guys!) and offer a 20% discount. Just use code: EMILY at checkout. Happy vintage shopping:)

Grace is obsessed with this Japanese miniature art photography account, Tanaka Tatsuya. Japanese anything is always so on point and she loves the use of everyday things in this person’s compositions.  

Also, IF you can please donate to our Feel Good Flash Makeover we would be forever grateful. Emily and our team are teaming up again with Pen + Napkin to help a single mom and her four children who have survived domestic violence and homelessness create a home they feel safe in and love. The goal is $7k and we NEED help. Anything that isn’t used here will go to future projects with Pen + Napkin (i.e. other flash makeovers). Please donate whatever you can HERE.

Ok everyone, have a great rest of your hopefully long weekend and see you Tuesday. xx

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Tina Schrader
4 years ago

Great Link-Up, as always. Appreciate the low price point on those darling cordoury pants. This budget-challenged gal who works with special-needs adults (work that engenders me a bizarre schedule in which I have Mondays off anyway — but don’t hi-five me; I work Thu-Sat nights and my days off aren’t together) loves that. And that cat account!!! Love it all.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tina Schrader

I loved The SecretHistory! What a great mention. Donna Tart’s writing is lyrical and the story was well crafted and suspenseful!

4 years ago

Love love love Joelle Somero! Can’t wait to pull the trigger on a commission.

4 years ago

I LOVE The Secret History. I loved it so much that I have not read any of her follow up work for fear of it letting me down and not being as beautifully written. How weird is that?! Think I’ll head to the library this week!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

OMG yes. I love it so much I have read it multiple times!! I just starting reading “The Little Friend” by Donna Tart and it is very good so far <3

Pura Vida Carpets
4 years ago

Thanks for this wonderful list,

This is really something great link up

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

Love the Sydney house and Tanaka Katsuya links!

4 years ago

It’s funny that i never think of Australia as having a clearly unique modern aesthetic but since you’re link ups started, i’ve immediately picked the house photos as Being from here every time they are. So thanks for letting me see my environment through new eyes!

Kristal Smith
4 years ago

I second the sound machine. I bought it a few months ago to drown out road noise, and not only does it cover the noise but it has a light sound, almost like the central air is on all the time.