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The Hendersons are expanding …

Its true. 12 weeks true. Happy 12 weeks little stranger in my belly. Despite Brian’s apparent hysterical pregnancy, I am, in fact, the one carrying this little bean and I couldn’t be happier. I might start crying just typing this. We’ve been trying for a year, had a miscarriage last year, and finally started seeing a fertility specialist in January to make sure everything was OK. Before we got too far into talking about options, Brian done knocked me up. It’s so crazy that once you want it you WANT IT and then every month is so long.

Every morning I wake up and remember the fact that I have our future family in my belly and I get all Tom-Cruise-on-Oprah’s-couch kinda excited. It’s been stupidly difficult to keep it a secret since I’m probably the least private person that I know, but Brian was comfortable waiting ’til our 12-week scan, which we had last week, so after the scan we came home, he put on a dress, stuck a bowl on his belly, and one of my assistants, Tessa, took this photo — as you do.

We are pretty much the happiest we’ve ever been. I haven’t really started preparing anything yet, or really even reading anything — just eating crazy healthy, doing a lot of yoga, and sleeping 15 hours a night. So any and all book/parenting recommendations/advice send along my way.

It’s on, friends. After being together for 13 years and turning 33 last year it was time to give Mimi and Bearcat a less furry little sibling … or two and I’m so excited I could cry, and might … because I’m also VERY hormonal. 🙂

The Henderson’s are expanding and we are officially having a baby around December 17th.

Bring on the advice, moms, I could use EVERY single bit of help possible.



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