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‘The Fort’ Mancave

You might remember me finishing ‘The Fort’ last year at The Fig House and even blogging about it, but the ‘after’ photos only showed a little bit and weren’t styled and un-styled spaces hurt my soul. So we went back in and shot it properly.


This space is crazy hard to shoot – with just one natural light source, bare bulb lights and a huge mirror at the end – that is so pretty and is perfect design wise because it bounces the natural light back, but makes it hard to shoot unless you are a vampire.


In case you missed the first post about it – it was done pretty run ‘n gun. My contract was over on the project when this building was built but I couldn’t just let it get done without me because everyone would think that I did it and what if, well, they did a really bad job at it. Soooo, I agreed to design it as long as we do it fast and furious, without a lot of debating or back and forth – where I get to make most of the decisions. This situation is obviously the most fun and takes up the least amount of resources.


That paint color is ‘Chelsea Gray’ by Benjamin Moore. It’s pretty darn great.





As most of you remember that octogon motif runs throughout The Fig House on all the ‘millwork’. I would say that that wraps up The Fig House but we have the landscaping to talk about. So stay tuned for an exterior post that we’ve been working on for, say, 2 years. It’s real in depth journalism over here, apparently, and yes, some of our posts take years to pull together. It’s rather hilarious.


This particular ‘Get the look/look for less’ I feel like is pretty close in style and quality. The sconces are a big difference but the rest of the pieces are pretty comparable.


Get the Look_Masculine_Fig House_Fort_Dark_Moody_Wood_Metal

Get the Look:

1. Copper Mugs  | 2. Wall Sconces | 3. Red Patchwork Rug | 4. Leather Club Chairs | 5. Wood Slab Side Table | 6. Bar Stools | 7. Brass Candelabra | 8. Kilim Pillow

Look for Less:

1. Copper Mugs  | 2. Wall Sconces | 3. Red Patchwork Rug | 4. Leather Club Chairs | 5. Wood Slab Side Table | 6. Bar Stools  | 7. Brass Candelabra | 8. Kilim Pillow

All the lovely after photos by, Jessica Isaac.

To check out the progress and construction of the fort click HERE, and to check out the rest of the fig house click HERE.

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9 years ago

I love this! Definitely doable for someones backyard shed revamp or even a garage conversion into a man cave 🙂
Always lovely as usual Emily!

9 years ago

I have to ask about the geometric liquor decanter…I just love it. The round one is nice too- looks like it may be a set? Where these flea market finds? 🙂

9 years ago

It’s really a terrific room..relaxing, classy, cozy. That geometric candelabra is so cool.

9 years ago

Man cave? I would happily spend time in that space! Lucky guy!

9 years ago

Hi Emily, I know its not related, but please help: I have a long bare wall in my living room and no idea what to put there? Please give me some inspiration, please please please! Love ya

9 years ago

I love the bar stools that you used. Do you have a resource? I prefer them to both the Get The Look versions. Always inspired by your blog.

9 years ago

Emily this is great, I love the paint color. Do you think a scheme like this would work in a larger basement that still doesn’t have much natural light? I’m worried about creating a stereotypical dark or dank basement but I like how this room creates a comfortable environment to relax and have fun with friends. Okay, with whiskey and friends. Okay, just me, whiskey, and House of Cards on Netflix.

9 years ago

Love the colors and feel in this room! Great job as usual 🙂


9 years ago

Having a back yard big enough for this “fort” is reason enough to move to the suburbs. Maybe I’ll add a “kid fort” on the other side of the yard. Then we’ll only have to go inside to use the toilet and fetch the mail. Alcoholic backyard hermits for the win! No, but seriously, this is amazing!

9 years ago

I’m definitely not a “man-cave” kind of guy, but this is a man-cave I could totally get done with. Love that live edge side table and all the finishings!

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

9 years ago

Any sources for the mirrors? Or were these flea market finds 🙁

9 years ago
Reply to  mariela

Flea market 🙂 actually one was from Shopclass but it was vintage, too.xx

9 years ago

Love, love this space. So much amazing design happening.

9 years ago

Great job! I love the brass candelabra, but the link doesn’t seem to work.

9 years ago
Reply to  Katerina

Its the Gabriel candle holder from Crate & Barrel, $59.95

9 years ago

This is masculine moodiness at its BEST. You are a freaking genius.

9 years ago

Do you have a source for the bars tools? I’m in love

Loving everything except rugs. From my personal experience, they are totally impractical when it comes to mancaves.

9 years ago

I absolutely love everything you’ve done at the Fig House and this space is no exception! The design is great, and I agree with the above…man cave, schman cave – I’d love to spend time here!

Alicia h.
9 years ago

If ever there were a nuclear bomb, this is what I would want my bunker to look like! I am obsessed!
I recently purchased my first house — a 100-year-old brick foursquare — and I’m having trouble figuring out “my style.” I find myself gravitating toward your male-oriented projects like this one and Ian Brennan’s living room ( that bookshelf styling is beyond) and I LOVED the Rustic Spanish House and farmhouse style stuff. So, short story long: What the heck do you call that it?

judith h.
9 years ago

The hubs would move into this place lock, stock and barrel!

9 years ago

Fantastic interior insights! Thanks for sharing with the world