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The Essentials We Needed At The Farmhouse – All From Target (+ An Exciting Announcement!)

We moved into the farmhouse a couple of weeks ago and while we are still organizing and decorating (obviously), I am so incredibly happy to show you some sneak peeks into the house along with some of our new essentials that we needed styled out for all of our viewing pleasure. After moving, you realize that you don’t have all the little things that help you complete your space – like bath mats, sponges, candles and bringing in your old gross ones feels sacrilegious. So I went to Target and shopped for the things that we really need to function (things I typically don’t want to splurge on) and when I got home I was like, “Oh this stuff looks so good and needs to be shot”. This post is sponsored by Target, and I’m thrilled to say my new partnership with them will look different from years past. I’ll be shopping Target for stuff we need, and shooting it organically in our house rather than having larger shoots that are 100% Target. It’s such an incredibly lovely shift that just makes so much sense for both of us. While I still really want to buy vintage and locally made when possible, there are many things that you must buy new (towels, bathmats, butter dishes :)) and I will forever feel good about spending money with and promoting Target because it’s such a good company that is striving to do the right thing at every turn and making pretty things for all budgets. I am THRILLED about being part of their family in a new way 🙂

So today you are going to see some of my Target essentials (all linked up in my new Target Store Front) that we needed after moving in and how we styled them in the new house (along with pieces I already had). I can’t TELL you how satisfying and easy it was to be able to shoot here. All my obsessing over making the rooms full of natural light really paid off and it was such a fulfilling day finally shooting in our new home. Here are some sneak peeks.

Basics That Make Your Kitchen Look Better

There are some things that never made it into our rental, left at the mountain house and I didn’t feel like replacing them last year because I didn’t want to bring in more stuff that we would just have to move. A spoon rest and butter dish are two of those things and it sounds so dumb, but having them makes the kitchen feel just so much more pulled together (and practically speaking I use them every day).

Cutting Board | Butter Dish | Spoon Rest | Wooden Spoon

We are “room temp butter people” (for eggs and toast) and have been using an upside-down bowl covering the butter on a plate for the last year. YAY to having a proper butter storage situation again (I usually face the “butter” labeled side against the wall, BTW because I like it simpler). There is also a matching spoon rest but I went for the marble one because it looks more high-end and just works really well in the kitchen. I’ve had that cutting board forever from Target and use it more as a tray in here, rather than a board (it’s too heavy to use on a daily basis, but good for charcuterie for sure).

Paper Towel Holder (In Our Moody Pantry!!)

I already had this paper towel holder and can vouch for how solid it is (and if you like sets it goes with the cutting board and spoon rest – and there is also a utensil holder and tray that match). I snagged more of my Target dish towels (which are great – just wash them to make them more absorbent which isn’t uncommon). I also snagged that bowl because it’s just so pretty (no, I didn’t need need it but look how pretty it is in here?), and inside are some of the apples from our orchard (I cheated and supplemented some from the store but you can see the “real” ones with the leaves and bird holes 🙂

Paper Towel Holder | Dish Towel | Ceramic Bowl | Spatula | Slotted Wooden Spoon

I know that many kitchens are integrating a built-in paper towel holder slot into the cabinetry, but I try to do as little of that as possible because I fear that in 15 years that might somehow date the cabinetry or say we stop using paper towels altogether (ideally). But having a roll of paper towels just on the counter is a bummer so if you don’t have one of these, I promise it seems like a non-essential but it just helps everything feel more pulled together.

Soap Dispenser | Wood Tray | Dish Brush | Sponges

Lastly in the kitchen, I wanted a pretty refillable soap dispenser (I can’t handle looking at a cheap plastic one) and sponges. The head of that bottle washer also pops off and can be replaced if needed.

Dinnerware and Drinkware that are Simple and Very Durable

The glassware is also something I’ve talked about for a while now – modern and straight, but thick enough that they are still durable (Brian doesn’t let me buy those thin ones that stylists love so much anymore because they ALWAYS break and he’s totally right).


Dinner Plates | Side Plates | Soup Bowls | Cereal Bowls

Once again I’m singing the praises of our crazy affordable and long-lasting glass plates and bowls. I only needed to buy one set (so we have 12 of each) because we had 8 already, but here’s my pitch if you haven’t heard it yet. These plates are extremely flat, lightweight, and durable which means that the kids can easily set the table, do their own dishes, and easily load them into the dishwasher (it’s so satisfying, I’ll be doing a reel about it soon). While I love handmade pottery plates, those are more like the modern-day “fine china” – great for special occasions. But for day-to-day, I will only use these – little bowls for cereal in the morning, side plates for lunches for them, and dinner plates for everything else. They also have a large pasta bowl (not shown) and you’ll see the Threshold soup bowls in there (not glass, porcelain) as well that we’ve had forever (soup bowls have to be deep IMHO to keep the soup warm and thick so they don’t heat up too much).

Laundry Room Essentials

Glass Canister | White Canister | Ceramic Bowl

I needed a few things for in here (I can’t wait to show you this room). That lamp is vintage (and the tray and planter are old), but everything else helps pull this area together. The big canister is for our dryer balls, the little canister is for lint, the bowl for lipsticks and change from pockets, and the wicker tray for mismatched socks. P.S. The lamp has to be wired for American outlets so we just clipped the cord off so we didn’t have a huge rolled-up coil). Our washer and dryer has built-in detergent, btw 🙂 and not shown is this new laundry basket I got for the kid’s room (I didn’t want to give too much of the mudroom away yet, so we couldn’t do pulled-back shots).

In Our Bathroom…

Tray | Candle | Loofah Bath Brush

One of the first things I did when we moved in was take a year-long awaited bath (our rental didn’t have a usable tub and I AM A BATHER). But without a tray, I couldn’t do my full set up (which involves that candle). I even bought the same candle that I had at the mountain house because the smell is so incredible and it makes me feel so nostalgic for that year living there. They were out of the larger version, but I’m going to buy it the next time I see it as it lasted two years of using it 3-4 times a week and smells so great.

Bath Mat | Bath Sheets | Trash Bin

I needed bathmats and towels for all three bathrooms (I’ll show you the other two soon) and Target’s colors are so good. I bought 10 of these bath sheets in that pale gray because I’m currently boycotting white towels (do they ever stay white?). We opted for the large bath sheets but I’m going to go back for the smaller size towel for the kids, too (the sheets are almost too big for the kids and take up more space in the laundry). I’m using the vintage rug near the vanity but needed a mat for stepping out of the bath and love how this blue worked with the floor (and again, I’m nervous about buying white anything, especially until the construction/dust is down outside).

Denim Buttom Up | Striped Shorts

The little square garbage can is a really heavy faux marble that looks great (and is not something I wanted to spend real money on). And if you are staring at those huge knobs on the vanity know that once again I ordered the wrong size of something and these (while super cute) are going to be returned for the smaller versions. Whoops 🙂 The denim shirt and shorts are also Target by the way (I’m wearing a medium shirt and sized up to an 8 in shorts so that they were roomy).

Everything is linked up in this storefront (amongst other things I love but didn’t buy yet). Check it out!

This post was sponsored by Target but all words and opinions are all mine🙂 #targetpartner #targetfam

*Styled by Emily Henderson (me:))
**Photos by Kaitlin Green


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51 thoughts on “The Essentials We Needed At The Farmhouse – All From Target (+ An Exciting Announcement!)

  1. What a great adjustment to your partnership – for so many reasons but right up there with being less wasteful/more conscious… i bet us readers will benefit the most (if this post is any indication)!! These items are great and make me so sad that target didn’t survive in Canada. Such a great sneak peek of your home too – the light looks incredible!!!

  2. This house will be so georgious, and your sneak pre-views are highly appreciated. Looking forward to any pic or process post. I deleted instagram from my phone, too addictive… So i miss out your stories and reels.
    The change in sponsored Target post is a great solution to actually get thing needed, and not unnecessary stuff you keep in storage or have to handle donations, sales, etc.
    I looove the window tiles craftmen´s work in the kitchen! So pretty and well executed. And I actually like the big knobs of your vanity, so special and gives a 70´s vibe. But I assume that is not what you had in your mind. 

    1. I agree! I enjoyed the sneak peaks as a non-social media lady. The window tile caught my eye too. So special. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. I like the oversize knobs! And all hail not-white towels, for exactly the reasons you said. I also never buy white bed linen (always cream – or ‘parchment’, or ‘putty’, or whatever the shop wants to call cream!) for exactly the same reasons. White sheets that have gone grey but have plenty of life left in the make me cross.

  4. I love these shots of your house, and I can’t wait for the full reveals! That kitchen and bathroom are already going to be amazing, I can tell. I love that bathroom vanity and floor tile so much. I love the big knobs on the vanity actually!

    1. I use clean cloth towels (NOT rags 🙃) as much as possible but still use a couple of rolls of paper towels per year. Mostly to keep oily spills out of my finicky plumbing. As long as you make it much easier to reach the cloth towels than the paper, you’re on the right track. I’m less disturbed by my modest use of recycled paper than I am about the distressing amount of plastic packaging and other items.

      1. Definitely agree with you! A couple rolls a year is a massive reduction from what you would otherwise toss without a reusable option (cloth towels or rags — to each his own, lol). The reason I switched out in the first place actually had a lot to do with the plastic packaging that the paper towels come in.

        1. For your paper towels that you do use (in our case we use them for cat puke ha! and same, oil spills), check out Who Gives a Crap….no plastic packaging at all! They aren’t thick like Bounty paper towels but they get the job done. We also love their toilet paper, the paper packaging is cute and fun.

          1. @Kara – yep, I get my paper towels and TP from Who Gives a Crap, too. The TP is totally fine. Not wild about the paper towels but my whole thing is trying to use less of them so, like you said, they get the job done and are actually quite sturdy

      2. I also only use mostly cloth towels, but have to keep a couple rolls on hand for pet messes, both front and back end.

    2. What do you do with the used/wet/dirty cloth rags? I want to store them somehow so I can wash them when I have a large batch in my washing machine. I tried hanging them up to dry but they really stink up my laundry room. Interested in how others solved this!

      1. Maybe thinner rags would solve the problem? I’m guessing you mean that a mildewy smell is what’s stinking up your laundry room. I live in fairly humid NYC, but my basement is quite dry, so I just let my thin rags dry out on my metal hamper—when they are dry I drop them inside the hamper, and when it’s full I’ve got a large load. I cut up the BF’s trashed undershirts and boxers, if that’s not TMI — just trying to give you a full picture of what works well for me!

  5. Ahhhhh this was so fun! Like Christmas Eve!! I too am not on social media so I have been very excitedly waiting for sneak peeks. Every shot is gorgeous.
    Love the new partnership model too.
    P.S. Please tell Target to come back to Canada!

  6. Love the updated partnership plan! I’m also surprised how much I like those grey towels – I LOVE white towels but mine, too, are getting pretty dull after like 15 years!
    Everything looks so so nice. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  7. I loved this post! Thank you! The Target Storefront only has 11 items listed, and there are so many more mentioned in this post. Love the new partnership with Target too!

    1. Came here to ask the same thing! They seem like they’d be cute in any size, though I like the oversized ones. Please share details! ❤️

  8. O. M. G. ! 😃🤩😍
    Sooooo fantabulous to get some sneaky peakies! Not on Instagram and miss out (interesting to see how many of ‘us’ are not on it).

    Seriously grrreat things, not all plasticy.
    I’d love most everything in my house, um … except:
    🙉 the paper towel holder, because…whyyyyy paper towels!?!?!; and
    🙈 not the dryer balls, because whyyyyy dryer balls!?!?!

    The colours are so moody, yet cozy at the same time. I’m desperately in love with your bathroom tiles.
    All. The. Little. Sweet. Details.💗

    I’m hugely excited to see each reveal, room-by-room, so we can digest every tiny detail.

    Niiiice eyelash detail too, Emily! 😉

    1. Rusty, can you explain the problem with the dryer balls? It looks like Emily has wool balls (I have the same) and as far as I know they are environmentally friendly and help reduce drying time – therefore using less energy. Maybe I’m missing something!

      1. Good question, Loux2. 🐏 🐑

        Sheep are baaaaad for the environment, even if you don’t eat them.

        A) While wool is not as bad as fabrics from the petro-chemical industry (hello fast fashion!), wool production is cruel, degrades thd land in addition to massive removal of trees and eco-systems, creates methsne, etc.:

        B) Foil balls separate the clothes so they dry faster and fix any static created by the clothes rubbing againsf each other:

        1. Appreciate this info also Rusty. However, I would say that sometimes change happens incrementally. I was taught to do laundry using dryer sheets. It wasn’t until my daughter started having eye irritation at night that I found out the byproducts released from dryer sheets could be causing it. I switched to wool dryer balls (incremental change away from synthetic dryer sheets) and am very happy. I hardly use my dryer anyway as I hang most clothes to dry, so the 6 balls I have will last me a very long time. I agree with the poster that commented about leaving them in the dryer. Even though I have a basket on my laundry shelf where they could live, I always just leave them in the dryer!

  9. My butter dish is vintage. LOL. the older I get, the more I like old, vintage things instead of new.

  10. What an exciting change to your partnership! I’m much more likely to buy Target recommendations based on things you actually use vs a shoot of Target-only products. Win-win for everyone! Also when I saw the vanity picture my first thought was wow, I LOVE those big knobs! They bring such great quirk. I totally understand though if you really wanted the smaller size that you would want to switch them out.

  11. sneak peaks are so, SO, sooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Emily, seeing you all cozily settled into your gorgeous new home makes me irrationally happy. (Maybe it’s a universal mom thing, but I feel weirdly maternal toward you even though I only have 10 years on you!) Thanks for the gorgeous peeks, cannot wait to see more. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

  13. How exciting to see it all coming together! Everything looks so beautiful…Please share the source for the big knobs!!

  14. Many many thanks for the Newsletter I like your post very much. I am very happy that women have so much dedication commitment love for their profession with respect to Interior decor, architecture, fashion designer, enterprenuer etc which is very encourahing they have great contribution in our society by making a soft image brought closer countries to work together for making peace harmony. Learning make us progress daily and simultaneously we grow as a nation.
    Best Regards

  15. Love everything you put together! I can’t wait to see more of the house!! Just curious…you have a container for dryer lint? What do you do with it??

    1. Presumably empty it into the trash on trash day? I have seen people offer it up to Buy Nothing groups, however–I think hamsters may like it?

    2. I doubt the Hendersons do this, cause it’s kinda out there, but dryer lint makes a great fire starter (so keep your dryer cleaned out with a lint brush into the ducting, folks). If you save the cardboard tubes from toilet paper to recycle, you can instead stuff them full of dryer lint (not too tightly) to make it easy to start a fire on a camping trip or if you just need a bonfire during the holidays. But most people who don’t have their laundry room near or in the kitchen/bathroom probably just empty the laundry trash into the main trash when it’s their trash day.

  16. I know that the lamp is vintage but can you please post places I can find lamps like this or fun vintage lamps? Thanks

      1. Kj, you amaze me with your skills at sourcing things you see in these posts!!!!! Just had to say thanks for your sleuthing skills.

        1. sona, how nice of you to say … but it’s mostly just google image search and a few seconds. And I absolutely love searching for things.

  17. The styling is beautiful but those kitchen windows! How do you get such a modern/classical look if you have 6″ deep sills? Could y’all do a post about tiling around windows? Kudos if it includes common and affordable tiles.

  18. The wooden knobs on your vanity made me smile as soon as I saw them. I just wanted to second those others also commenting on how cool they are. I’m sad you’re returning them, but I get that you might not want them to be so dominant in the space. I felt a little pang of sadness when you said you’re changing them! But overall great post! Wish we still had Target here in Canada-land.

  19. Ooh I love the storefront, please continue to keep it updated! I know big box stores aren’t always the best for the environment or workers rights, unions, local businesses, etc., but for those of us on a tight budget, sometimes it’s necessary. (And I’ve had the same sturdy Target chairs and Ikea couch in my living room for 8+ years and still love them, so… anything can be sustainable if you just, you know, don’t throw it away?) And I must be in the minority on this, but I am not a fan of the oversized knobs, they actually stopped me in my tracks while I was reading this post (not in a good way)—I’m glad you’re returning them. They look like they belong on a child’s dresser, not in an adult bathroom. Just my two cents 🤷🏻‍♀️ the quirkiness is fun though!

  20. Hi Emily, love the bathroom! Can you please tell me where the vintage/kelim looking rug in front of the bathroom vanity is from? Thanks!

  21. I’m going to second others and say I love the over sized knobs! I noticed them instantly and said to myself “man, I love that vanity”.
    Going to second others again and recommend who gives a crap for TP and paper towels. I love that it comes wrapped in paper vs plastic. A tip for those wanting to cut down on paper towel use is to hide them 🙂 just keeping them in a cabinet or drawer will make you (and others) think twice before grabbing one instead of a towel.

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